Jacobin mag is REAL leftists, not Social Justice Wa-

Jacobin mag is REAL leftists, not Social Justice Wa-

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If we're gonna have a thread every time a western leftist journo writes a bad take we're not gonna have time to discuss much else.

Are they wrong

there is nothing wrong with that take user

Shinzo Abe is literally trying to reinstate the Shogunate

That is hardly even the most questionable take from a Jacobin contributor. Do you remember when one of them was pushing Navalny as the savior of Russia?

Everything is wrong with it.

There is nothing racist in having strict immigration laws.

What is particular patriarchal in Japan, apart from absence of neoliberal feminism there?

Connor Kilpatrick is very much /our guy/ and stopped using Twitter because the ID politics faggots kept bitching about him.

Abe's propaganda has done wonders for the birth rate though.



Having a strict immigration policy is one thing, but openly having US Jim Crow tier signs that say “Japanese only” is something else altogether.

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denying the existence of Korean sex slaves seems kinda racist

Correct, in only the a very dumb way. The policies are "neutral" in the sense that setting up camps to keep people is "non-political" in the purest sense. You are just restricting movement, but the whole idea of a socialist or left critique is to understand the underlying motives of a policy action. East Germany limited the movement of people to encourage economic growth and influence within the eastern block. Hungary is building a massive wall backed by a far-right government. Both are building walls, would you argue that both are equally justified and are mirror images of each other politically?
De-politicizing issues and policies is as reactionary as it gets.

That's because the attendants at those places don't speak English or anything else other than Japanese ya dummy.

It's actually not. It would be racist if they acknowledged their existence and denied there was anything wrong with it because they were Korean. It is a purely pragmatic move to avoid expenses.

Well, what's the racist motives of Japanese immigration, in your opinion?

M8, Abe is right-wing as FUCK. He's probably more jingoistic than Donald Trump in terms of what he actually believes, the main difference being that Abe is actually a competent politician, and there's a pretty substantial divide between what the hardline neo-imperialists in Japanese government actually believe and how they actually govern.

The said, he's absolutely obsessed with constitutional revision and is the main advisor for a cult-like organisation which believes Japan did literally nothing wrong during WWII.

There's nothing inaccurate in Jacobin's assessment of him.

Oh look, right-wingers embracing their inner war-monger once again:


you're right tbh, slavery was fine since the south didn't recognize blacks as people.

fucking retard.

the absolute state

So skimming over the thread I conclude that the article is correct but the title is clickbait.

I don`t think that autonomous state having its own military accounts for war-mongering.


Sunkara you bitch, reject those articles

the article is also several months old. I think OP was trying to bait us.

Why should the business owners care about the feelz (aka spooks) of creepy white dudes butthurt they can't get into bath houses?

What are Shinzo's ACTUAL political views? All I've seen is TV news networks showing him talking about North Korea with the headline "Drumpf zez "I'ma get them ebil gommies :::–DDDDD" and nothing else.

oh hi Holla Forums

Why should Europeans be denied their natural rights to utilize spaces belonging to lower societies?

They retweeted it today:


Race is a spook, you fucking racist.


shoo shoo imperialist

Take off that imperialist flag.


Imperialism is worse than social democracy. I mean, Ba'athism is in a way social democracy, and Ba'athists should be supported over Kurdish anarcho-imperialists…

most imperialism in history was done by social democracies in europe

too bad that's not acutally true. the abe government has already relaxed them and allowed in thousands of temporary workers in preparation for 2020

Abe is a neocon, the constitutional revisions are specifically designed to make foreign interventions easier

Right, but we currently have imperialist anarchists fighting social democrats, and social democrats are the correct side to support, because they are backed by Russia and not America…

I can't tell if this is supposed to be sarcasm or bait.
what have you done to me leftypol

"I can't take your money because of your incredibly thick Korean accent."

Imperialism? What are you on about? The YPG is only a US puppet in the sense that the USSR or the Viet Mihn was.

shoo shoo imperialist.

Lend-Lease ;^)

Actually it's because russian sailors are fucking idiots who show up drunk to these places and start fights.


If Rojava is an American puppet simply from coordinating and taking arms from them, so was the USSR.

Abe is a fuck. Sage this shit.


Don't feed the anti-imperialist autists.

Why is it that YPG fans never actually prove that their aims don’t serve imperialism but only being up that the VC and the USSR at one time fought with the US therefore it’s the same thing.

*bring up


The US wasn't world hegemon then. Hardly the same situation. The ideal scenario would be for Russia to conquer all of Europe.

Nationalist-fascists like you should have been put to end of sword in 1945 at Nuremberg.


Because it's not us who are supposed to prove a negative and thus pointing out that cordination does not alone imply subordination is enough.

Burden of proof, you know.

Greater Kurdish Empire? What the fuck are you on about? Rojava isn't the Barzani-run ethno-state of Iraqi Kurdistan. It is implicitly multi-ethnic, multi-religious, horizontally organized. There are many MLs and Anarchists fighting for liberation over there. It's frankly pretty disrespectful for you to lump them in with nationalist cucks over in Iraq.


Russia was Communist at the time. You can't be Communist and imperialist.

Also, Kurds are imperialists because they support the hegemon. Supporting imperial challengers to the hegemon is good.

I feel sorry for you, since you seem to think that Kurds are genionly socialists instead of sheep in wolfs clothing, waiting to create their ethnostate.

You can certainly call yourself a communist and be an imperialist.

China, for example, with thinly veiled puppets like Pol Pot who was only put in charge to serve Chinese interests.

I had a brainfart and thought you were referring to modern Russia.

that's bullshit and you know it.

Kurdistan is multiethnic and has been accepting ethnic minorities fleeing ISIS for quite some time now.

By that logic we should root for ISIS over the YPG.

That's mental

ISIS is a US proxy

so the Kurds are fighting American imperialism then?


America has its proxies fight each other all the time. They still serve America's interests either way. Support whoever Russia supports.

Basically all terrorist groups are American proxies.

hey man speaking of fascists, socdems have a weird tendency of forming governments with nazis in austria anyways

Russia supports capitalism


But they aren't the hegemon you idiot. The whole hope is to weaken America and strengthen Russia to bring about an imperial clash leading to Revolutionary Moment at which Communism is possible.

If they leave the EU then they're anti-imperialist in the sense that it would weaken American hegemony. Good enough.

It is though, the US gov has admitted to ISIS intercepting supplies allegedly intended for others. ISIS isn’t different in character from the Syrian opposition which was bankrolled to hilt by Gulf State money, which Biden admitted had made its way to ISIS to. Then Turkey was shown to have extensive dealings with the illegal oil trade from ISIS territory and to have had prior knowledge about the ISIs terrorists who carried out bombings in Turkey in advance.

The French oil giant Total was also found to have illegal dealings with ISIS. I should note that some of the accounts of ISIS terror in France are probability defying to say the least.

When you put it all together then it starts looking like a Western-Israeli psy-op designed to terrorize the region and shock the world.

Should we have supported Nazi Germany then?

strengthening one capitalist power will not defeat capitalism as a whole, The world has had competing capitalist hegemons before.
So according to you Marine Le Pen and Boris Johnson, two far right capitalist nationalists, are both more worthy of support than the YPG.

That post of theirs is entirely correct. I mean, sexism isn't nearly as bad as it used to be, but it is still a serious issue for the Japanese. Should see how hilariously bitter young Japanese men are about women online.

Also the racism is insanely bad over there. Usually white people deal with a bit less due to their image as being skilled professionals just visiting, but others, including Korean and Chinese immigrants, get treated like shit. Even white people are stopped all the time getting asked for their papers and shit.

Less refugees are displaced form Syria the fewer will die in the Kurdish lead ethnic cleansing since popular opinion would be against it.

This is why we must close our borders form Syrian refugees to stop Kurds form genociding Arabs and Turks.


History says no. Big empires crash, and crash hard. Smaller ones tend to stick around. This is the whole point if diocletians administrative reforms and the tetrarchy

No because there was a fledgling Communist empire at the time and the US wasn't the world hegemon.

If they're backed by Russia and opposed by the US then yes.

The idea is that the imperial clash leads to such a bad crash that a Communist revolution happens. This should be seen as a feature of anti-imperialism, not a bug.

Big empires crash way less often. Smaller ones do so all the time. ALSO smaller ones are much more likely to ignore or even support socialist revolutions within an opposing empire's territory whereas now America ruthlessly crushes any sort of left wing movement wherever it occurs.

Empires tend to fall due to internal contradictions rather than outside forces. Should the latter be involved it is only as a finishing strike to an already highly volatile situation

No hegemon is going to support socialism unless it's already socialist. The whole point is to hope for such a huge war that America is crippled and we get a revolution somewhere.

That's not really true.

Look at the relative stability of the Japanese and persian empires, which were much smaller in scope than say the Roman and the Mongol ones and persisted for much longer time. The Japanese and Persian empires were also remarkable for both having immense trouble with proto-socialist communalist movements such as the Mazdaki and the Ikko-Ikki.
From an anti-empiralist view, the best thing one can do is to grow the American Empire as large and unwieldy as possible, at least if we're to look at history.

America doesn't really do anything about leftist movements outside their sphere of influence/interest. They actually supported some communists/socialists in limited capacities even back during the cold war.

As a general rule they do prefer arming far-right reactionaries when their intent is to go after the nation's resources.

Fuck, I forgot my own point there;

Regardless of the troubles the Japanese and persian had with their own insurrections, they managed to successfully combat them, something the Roman empire could not do with the revolutionary movement that ultimately undermined it, that of Christianity

Roman empire died due to over-steched supply lines and reliance on mercenaries.

And more importantly, widespread ideological opposition to slavery, the traditional cornerstone of their whole economy.

Reminder that this kind of shit (posting a lot of content that differs specifically from what is/was the norm) is called "consensus cracking" by COINTELPRO.

I heard somewhere that Abe is trying to bring back old Fascist era policies and was trying to roll back the pacifist parts of the constitution. Is this true?

Not really and yes.
He supports revisionist attitudes towards WWII history and he wants to revise the constitution to make it easier for the JSDF to conduct armed missions abroad. His critics say that he's slowly inching the country back into pre-war Imperial nationalism, and there's some truth to that.
The NK rockets have really lit a fire under the push to remilitarize though. It's a bad idea but I can't really blame the Japanese for being scared.

Behead those who insult Abe!

PoC can't be racist

Those are safe spaces

Is it racist for a white person to support this Japanese movement? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Asia_Anti-Japan_Armed_Front

Considering the elementary school scandal and his close associates I definitely think he wants a return of imperial era policies even if he keeps those views private.

But they're right.

I'm glad that retard got off of twitter

Kill yourself back to Holla Forums you reactionary sack of shit. There is nothing even remotely leftist in Abe shinzo

…but they look so similar

Anglos btfo

So nice to know that "lefty"pol feels the need to defend the motherfucking LDP.

Actually they're mostly used at places that offer sexual services (for fear of STDs)


What are the chances that OP is a weeb angry that Jacobin said mean things about GLORIOUS NIPPON?

Actually we can say anything we want on the internet because nobody is going to check it anyway and people tend to believe whatever they see on the screen.

Actually they're mostly used near Tokyo's spaceport to keep Klingons away.

The anti-SJW crowd has become more cancerous than even the most obnoxious of SJWs by now. They're the cancer that is killing Holla Forums.

What's mean about it? A xenophobic patriarchal Japan is our ideal.



Does Jacobin have personal ads?

They act like sperging at any mention of racism and sexism isn't idpol in itself

How is Abe's Japan different from any other leader's Japan?

I don't know. I love Japanese culture, history, media, etc. and I would never question that it has insane sexist and racist aspects. Same way I love studying the culture and history of where I live(Alabama) I would never deny the insane racism and sexism of the past and present.

Really defending the fucking LDP of all parties is beyond me . Fairly convinced OP is a Holla Forumsyp unaware of how the Japanese right has spearheaded crackdowns on porn and only been prevented by the free speech left of Japan. I'm sure some feminist groups want push back against the more violent and generally disgusting shit being produced, but they haven't actually got anything done outside the LDP as far as I am aware. It's weird times like this I'm glad the animation, publishing, and gaming industries can lobby against increased censorship. Only comparison that comes to mind is the gun lobby in the US. I hate the industries for various reasons, but I'm glad someone is crushing the attack on freedom/rights/privileges/scraps we get.

How are those mutually exclusive? Hell, how are those not related? You think racism and sexism in Japan doesn't tie into their destructive business culture? But sure, keep patting yourself on the back about how not liberal you are for shrieking like a retard every time someone mention race or gender because "muh idpol".

Abe is trying to scrap the constitution in favor of rebuilding Japanese militarism. That's the biggest thing as far as actual rhetoric. In reality he has been caught in scandals due to his association with far-right imperialists and also denied Japanese war crimes basically every sane person in Japan recognizes.

The hilarious thing in all this is that the emperor(being the a total bro of a cultural figurehead) is totally against rearmament, reestablishment of imperial rule, and basically all the retarded shit the far-right in Japan want to do. Like I get shitting on the emperor existing, but even in commie Japan I would be 100% okay with him serving a purely symbolic cultural role.

>>>/leftyweebpol/311 has a thread about the emperor.