What's Holla Forums's honest opinion about the alt-right white nationalist types...

What's Holla Forums's honest opinion about the alt-right white nationalist types? What do you think lead them to the right and made them believe what they do?

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They see less opportunities for themselves in 21st century America compared to the boomers/previous generations and are pissed. Their anger is directed at the wrong source because it escalated largely as a reaction to tumblr sjw idpol shit focusing on "diversity" and "intersectional feminism" and "toxic masculinity". So many base their worldview solely on getting back at these people as they feel they're the greatest threat to Western civilization. They are brainwashed to think the capitalists aren't the real enemy.

Well speaking from past experiences I genuinely bought in to the notion that whites, through past scientific and military achievements, deserved to rule the world and at least deserved our own ethos tate purged of non-whites (and anyone to the left of Ted Cruz)

That plus hatred for evil SJWs destroying the traditional foundations of western civ, their degenerate allies and shadowy masters (I never got in deep enough to believe antisemitism) led to my radicalization.

Watching the stupidity and overt sadism of my former blood brothers eventually turned me in the other direction

Well, why don't whites deserve an ethnostate? That's something I never understood

nice spooks

Well first of all, 'white' is a really nebulous term. If you want a state where you're surrounded entirely by white people, you can always go to russia. What do white nationalists mean when they say 'white'? Would a country filled with an equal mix of italians, irishmen, russians, frenchmen, spainiards, british, americans and australians qualify? That doesn't sound like there would be much harmony there based solely on skin color. Does 'white ethnostate' only refer to americans, and if so, why? America from the beginning has been a mixing grounds where everybody in europe staked out a lot from the land belonging to natives. Wouldn't something like Russia be a better place to set down a white ethnostate? Maybe Holla Forums already does want to do that but from my impression they just want to kick all the darkies out of america and make that the 'ethnostate' instead of moving somewhere where they already have their dream white paradise.

Thats pretty spooky.

I think they mean western Europeans for the most part, or whatever Holla Forums qualifies as "white" which generally wouldn't include italians or russians. I think the reason you see alot of people in America calling for it to be an ethnostate is because of our speech laws, there'd likely be consequences if someone were to say that in Britain for example. America wasn't always a melting pot, you know. We used to be like 90%+ white before the immigration act of 1965

hes regularly argues FOR socialism even if he doesn’t realize it. He also said that Marx was right. Maybe we can even convert him to our side.

Well, yeah. He's pretty much a Not Socialist. Keyword socialist


For starters, because you can't ever reach a consensus on who does and doesn't qualify as "White," especially in the context of the New World. Whether you attempt to use genotype or phenotype to determine "Whiteness," you still run into lots of problems.

Which one of the people pictured look "White" to you?

None of them do user


The first three are 100% European though, which just proves my point.

Thicc girl is 100% Hungarian.

I should say 4 of them are 100% European. Girl in the white shirt is Alessia Cara, an Italian.

Amerindians didn't believe in the concept of owning land.
No one wants Americans in their countries, and why should Americans give away their country?

Alt-rightists wouldn't consider Spaniards and Italians as white though. There's also massive debate on whether or not places like Hungary and Greece count. When a right-winger says "White" they mean broadly northern european

America, or rather the Americas, were colonized by a mix of the french, spanish, british, and dutch people. All of them had white skin, but if you asked any one of them if they had any kind of solidarity with any of the others, they would have either laughed in your face or beaten the everloving shit out of you. This concept of white solidarity is an extremely recent invention.

Because it's an category that exists only as a way to separate the settlers from Europe and their descendants from the indigenous people and imported labour in European colonial projects

LOL, so you're going to relocate anyone in the New World who's not of Northern European descent? How is this not an autistic delusion?

They are stupid and ugly. Like a really bad Star Trek race, just kill them.

And you say communism is farfetched

Americans should all be killed for the cultureless barbarian horde they are. Freaks of nature.

And if you asked them if they'd have more solidarity with an indian man they would have done the same

You cannot kill me. I am immortal.

No one there is white.

Greece isn't but it's rude to admit, Hungary is, the steppes they came from and the tribes they're related to use to be wholly "white" as they evolved "Aryan" colourful features, Hungary squeezed into Europe before the Mongol conquest that intermixed with their relatives along the way giving us the Turkic "-stan" country belt akin to say, Iberian conquest of South America that gave us Latinos.

but everyone in the alt right looks like the guy on the right

Ok maybe the anglo

Notoriously intelligent white supremacists

Nonetheless they got mixed in with all the others, mostly because they were there first and it was their land the others were stealing. America has never been any kind of 'ethnostate'.

What about Albanians?

Red dress girl is Rita Ora, who is of Albanian descent.

Let's go to back to the 19th century no there were asians and natives and blacks and irishmen and jews there, no let's go back to the earlier 19th century, no fuck, still non whites ok, 18th century, fuck dude still non whites, ok 16th century, fuck ok, here we go, this should be fine, 12th century, FUCK, 4th century, FUCK

If you want a white ethnostate, why would it even be in America of all places? I thought the core of Nationalism was establishing ethnostates in "racial homelands". America is by no means a white homeland.

Truly the dilemma of every reactionary. How far to set back the clock:


Rita Ora is Albanian? Wtf, and I doubt there's any unmixed Illyrians let in Albania, without a doubt the most mixed European country.

We were 90%+ white before 1965 and only people of european descent were allowed to immigrate prior to then

crocodile tears

I agree with you actually. I think the reason you hear the most talk about it in America is because of our speech laws. People would be afraid to speak out about it in other European countries out of fear of being arrested for what they say

End forced imperialistic integration.

Awww the poor rich people are getting pushed ;_;

;_; Our brave white property owners ;_;

The absolute state of autist-rightists


based Goebels. Wipe them all out ffs. The true cancer of the planet


no u

hahahahaha I really wish you people were getting ethnically cleansed. Not whites specifically, I mean you. I consider you people a separate ethnicity because I've met more tolerable whites than you. You have to be classified separately, where you deserve to experience such repression.

;_; Our brave white property owners ;_;


Cry me a river

What do you mean by "white like me"?

See this is why I'm always against banning books like Mein Kampf or whatever. It's because idpol makes you say the stupidest shit possible

These are guardsmen keeping an angry mob from lynching black school kids

Because you actually believe that a single "white" race exists

I like that he shared the grainy one where you can't see them all smiling.

They're letting the black children into school too, I was going to add but another question came up so I'm interested.

Hm? Are you speaking literally?

You realize you could say the same thing about any race? "You actually believe a single black race exists? What about australian aborigines?"

That's true.


You're only proving our point

But the only other "white" peoples are the Japanese who are clearly a separate race, Asian.

yeah that's the point

Take out the blacks but keep these fine members of the white race in

If you look at haplotype distributions there are dozens of genetically unique and distinct races in Europe alone. Italians are distinct at a genetic level from Spaniards and Greeks. Germans and Celts are in turn distinctly different from most med races. Finns and Slavs share Asiatic and Mongol lineages in certain lineages. This is notwithstanding the numerous distinct cultures which vastly outnumber the number of European states.

And idpolers want to lump all of these genetically unique peoples and cultures together on the single basis of skin colour. Same thing with Africans. West Africans have rates of lactose tolerance higher that certain so-called "white" peoples!

I'd rather have swedes and germans in the same country than have swedes with africans and germans with muslims. How is what you're doing any better?

I'd rather have you killed with a gun for being an annoying bitch addicted to spectacle sport like race

Classic lefty

so much for the tolerant left

No it's true. You are an annoying bitch who should be shot in the shins.

How can somebody get this upset over letters on a screen?

Skin colour is an 18th century gauge of cultural and political compatibility. I've met Africans that were more westernized than millions of so-called "white" people.

Why do you insist on continuing to use a third world metric in migration policy? Why are the christian extremists in, say, rural Holland or Switzerland more compatible with my culture than a secular liberal Nigerian?

I can smell your cum from here, and it smells like raccoon shit

Why? Because they're ugly? Not to blow on my own trumpet but Europeans are more attractive, myself being handsome find this simply rude. No secret America was the genetic dumping stock of Europe, character is the only thing that matters.

Those are skewed beyond belief, Arabs, a mixed race, are trying to claim the unmixed J1a haplogroup responsible for Mohammed's ginger hair and green eyes that have since come to be holy in the Quaran.



oh man you're such a faggot dude

I don't care about them. They're too weak to be any threat because they lack backing by anyone with real power, by which I mean the full-blown white nationalists. Most of them are dumb with infographic-tier knowledge, and haven't even read works that would defend their positions.

It's a reaction to diversity.


They should be shot for being weak


For that matter, what is stopping the elites that control discourse on who is and isn't "white" from blacklisting certain groups and arguing for their deportation? Many aut-righters legit believe that Sicilians and Andalusians are mulatto untermenschen. What happens when those people are able to smuggle that viewpoint into mainstream discussion on race?

What's stopping Anglo-saxons from blacklisting Irish celts?
What's stopping Germans and Poles from blacklisting Russian slavs?

I've never met someone who called themselves a believer in white ethnocide who didnt deserve to be shot in the shins for having a stank dick and a stank ass

Yawnnnn. Even you don't believe the shit you type.

It's funny because Julius Evola was Sicilian.

In an ideal world, all these "what if's" would be possible. Anglo-Saxons could stop Irish celts from coming into their country and Germans could keep Russians out of theirs. The only reason this isn't possible is because of massive third world immigration into all of these countries at once

both these were basically done in American history though, there were (failed) attempts to stop Irish and Polish people from entering the country because they were Catholic, Slavs because they were viewed as inferior, etc.

But eventually they all became viewed as "white" due to intermingling (and not being Black).

As in, more defined obviously. Why do you hate whites?


It's the logical conclusion of your own belief. What's erroneous with saying that the genetic markers celts (such as myself) carry denote an independent race?

You sound like you use that reddish eyeshadow with the wings


You sound like you don't shave or clean your own butt

I'd love that

nutsaccs considered slavs to be asiatic until they found a friend in Putin. Then *poof* slavs became white.

Most men I know don't shave their butts but I am on leftypol after all

When you mention logical in first person when speaking about me you're implying I'm right.
I beg your pardon?

If barring Slavs from entering Scandinavia also meant barring africans and Arabs it's a small and reasonable concession tbh….

If you think most people in Holla Forums seriously believes in open borders you're wrong.

Most of us want controls on immigration we just don't want those controls to be based on race.

Would you be up in arms if your country was flooded with millions of impoverished and socially-regressive white south africans?

How about we bar you from Scandinavia and call it New Egypt you dumb fucking albino thot

The virtues of immigration restriction are being played out in this very thread. Imagine if we had restricted Vietnamese immigration to the US back in the day. We would have no Hoochie. This would undoubtedly be an improvement.

Intra first world immigration for white people is already exceedingly difficult especially from outside the schengen as is yet the somalis continue to flow in like diarrhea🤔

Well, I'm probably the wrong person to ask about that honestly because I wouldn't mind taking in white south africans so long as we set up proper integration programs and made sure they didn't form "pockets" of south african neighborhoods like what's going on in Sweden with muslim refugees. What you're saying is that Holla Forums is basically a buncha civic nationalists

Absolutely correct too. The barbaric Germanic race ruined America.

So the somalis smell better than you?


Yeah when white people form "pockets" it's bad. Only muslim and African invaders are allowed the muh privilege of forming "pockets".

I'm on your side user

This is something that white people made up after taking their land and burning down their villages. The trail of tears was a land dispute. Only nomadic tribes (which lived on the plains) didn't have land ownership. The other 99% owned land and defended it with violence. That's what the Indian Wars were about, protecting land claims from white colonists.

This is the kind of shitty compromise deal a dumbass centrist democrat would come up with

The fact that hoochie continues to get under the skin of nutsaccs to this very day is proof of her value to the board

So you're willing to dump billions of dollars into programs integrating afrikaner farmers that were raised to shoot blacks on sight but will flatly refuse engineering students from bangladesh or doctors from india?


when you're so spooked you attack your own allies


In my ideal society, yeah, because for one we'd have no blacks to be shot on sight and two these integration programs would untrain them from wanting to do that in the first place.

Don't mind him, user, even alt righters hate the Nazi LARPers

Someone needs to post that "we wuz conquerors" edit that says that jews are the strongest race and shouldn't apologize for conquering whites



You sound as if you're about as culturally western as your average salafist tbh
why shouldn't we deport YOU to a country you'd probably get along better in? Perhaps Saudi Arabia?

It's not happening

I'd be happy to go somewhere else if it were all white.

No shit Hoochie, we're talking hypotheticals

Leftists laud movements by majority ethnic groups throwing off exploitative minority ethnicities. Suppose we accept the alt-right narrative on Jewish power. Are they justified in trying to remove Jewish power, or not? Certainly leftists wouldn't say that the American colonists shouldn't apologize for their conflicts with the Indians or the Mexican-American war, so what's the difference, assuming that the alt-right narrative about Jewish power is right?

So go to some hippy commune where they drink their own urine. They're typically 100% euro descent

Assuming that there's a 30% chance that when you go to sleep on the Fall Equinox, penicorns (unicorns with big, erect dicks for horns) will break into your bedroom and anally rape you, how should one protect their anus?

Some town in the middle of bumfuck nowhere isn't what I meant and you know that. I'm talking about a country that were all white and enforced it

I'm in Poland which is 100% white and its sick, its why I'm shilling it. I pity you guys, you'll never feel this brotherhood and unity.

Isn't Poland like 96% white? Either way, it's a stark contrast from America. I plan on moving there some day since I'm ethnically polish for the most part anyway, so long as you'll have me

nothing new here

typical anarchist

Oh yeah, the bortherhood is so strong that over 800,000 poles fled your austerity-ravaged hellhole for the degenerate UK:

That's not a rebuttal. And yes, I would take millions of impoverished whites over millions of Nigerians. If you had half a brain you would too.

What do black nationalists mean when they say 'black'? Would a country filled with an equal mix of Zulu, Xhosa, Samburu, Kunda, Himba, and Maasai. That doesn't sound like there would be much harmony there based solely on skin color.

These methods of deconstructing the concept of white or any other race for that matter were invented by frankfurt school porkies.

Only if you believe the new influx of Ukrainians aren't white, top kek.

Irrelevant. Are you trying to offend me? What race are you?

Reread what I wrote.

Now you see why even we hate the nazi LARPers


wrong person, no idea how I quoted you

Cowardly tbh

We're finally getting to see how useless white brits are without institutional racist handicaps. Took long enough.

The eternal Hibernian strikes again

hahahahaha you can't even get your own allies behind you

It's literally retarded to LARP as a nazi, even if you align with their beliefs all it does is cause more controversy and hold down the movement. Just call yourself NutSac and stop trying to be edgy


Better than a legit nazi. EVERYBODY hates them, even the far right

Are you still parading those stats out? Elementary school grades are not exactly g loaded so they aren't a very good indicator of Autism Level. Evevn if they were, why are you so comfortable contributing to the brain drain of Nigeria so much anyway? Igbos need to be knocking it out of the park in Nigeria where they can actually run the country instead of leaving it to rot so they can get middling white collar positions in the UK for a salary.

Importing "muh decent nigger engineers and doctors" to Europe while Africa descends into baboonery because their elite is leaving is quite literally imperialism of the neoliberal stain :^)

Guess you don't have the testes to show your true colours :^)

Who'd wanna learn in a country that has its schools catering to nigs?


Those aren't elementary school, you colossal retard. They're the UK equivalent of the SAT and very g-loaded.

the fucking STATE of idpol

GSCEs are high-school level you dip

Just superiors pushing out inferiors. Racism was just white projection, really.

Agreed, I'm Polish and the British are probably the best race in Europe, reserved, intelligent, innovative, virtuous, and creative.

Yeah either show me an g loaded Autism Level test or go away. And way to go ignoring the more poignant part of my post.

"Decent" black students are not needed at all. "Muh skilled well integrated brown people" aren't worth the trouble. They can be skilled in their homelands where they are much more irreplaceable.

I live in rural Canada, it's 98% anglo-irish-scots where I live and without immigration we wouldn't have doctors, priests or engineers

that is true tho

people who disagree with me are nationalists, and nationalists are brainlets

Really? Rural Canada didn't have doctors before Vancouver transformed into Hong Kong?

You're a joke. Your whole worldview is a meme.

Well, that explains a lot.


Over 50% of British youth are jobless, the Brits are apathetic to everything.

GCSE scores are g-loaded. This has been confirmed by academic studies:

Read it and weep, loser. Right-wing racists will always lose:


I live in Atlantic Canada you dip. Society cratered after the cod fishery collapsed here. Whites fled to the cities in droves looking for work.

I bet you're some fucking yank bastard living in a suburb. I bet you haven't experienced hardship in your entire life and can enjoy LARPing as a nazi because Dad's Subaru dealership pays the bills. Go ahead and fucking tell me 20% unemployment rates and skyrocketing substance abuse doesn't matter because everyone looks like me.

You're a fucking joke.

das it mane

How do I get out of my nationalistic tendencies? Despite trying to de-spook myself I cannot quit loving the Fatherland.

And what do you look like?

It's your duty to sacrifice for marginalized peoples. Germans are good with duty right?

p.s. I've been to Vancouver and apart from being new rich as fuck the chinese are more civilized than the average nutsacc loser who wanders into Holla Forums

I don't think we should be letting them in and contributing to the property bubble but I don't care about their race and most normal people don't either. stay spooked nerd

Canadian porkies sold all of your cities to the Indian and Chinese elite and now you're licking their boots on the off chance you end up going to a doctor trained in Bangladesh assuming you don't get stabbed by a gang of Somalis on your way to your appointment.

The left is nationalistic

only spooked idpol would believe otherwise

There's no need to…keep loving your country. Just don't be like those retards Holla Forumsypes that will claim to love nationalism while sucking american cock after drinking Coca-Cola and playing with their apple phone.

No. The left firmly rejects nationalism outside of national liberation, e.g. removing oppressor races.

He was still fucking French thots left and right though… hmmmmm,.,,,

celtic hibernian untermenschen

just identify the national values you think are desirable and detach them from the idea that values are inseparable from race

Most of the gangs where I live are european-descended bikers from quebec


You toss around porky but you'd be delighted to live in perpetual debt slavery if your creditor was certified aryan

I don't care, a brown porky and a white porky and a black porky all deserve the same gulag

Why would you want to?

Yes and when you inevitably end up moving to an enrichment zone because you need a job and you won't be defending muh based brown doctors and their families for too much longer.

Like I said your entire world view is a meme constructed by Canadian porkies and you're just parroting it, hope that visit to that based Nigerian doctor works out well for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The slogan of the communist party of my country is: "For a patriotic and leftist policy"
The left is very different on every country you know? i.e. in the UK it was the right wing parties that were pushing for the brexist. While on my country it's the the left pushing for EU withdraw and the right are the ones that love the EU.

White porkies build viable social democracies
Brown porkies practice canabalism on broadcast TV

fucking retarded.

Only because of racism.

Idea of 19th century nationalism and nation-state don`t seem to really stick anymore. With the rise of EU and Pan-Europeanism along with globalization these ideas of nation created 2 centuries ago don`t seem rational nor applyable today.

Aww the poor north vietnamese are being forced to stop being a vassal state of china and the vietcong aren't allowed to shoot their own people anymore ;-; what oppression


They didn't, and they would've deserved it anyway for being counter-revolutionary.

No, they are nothing but disgusting sociopathic cunts that should be hanged in public with a broom stick up their asshole until it comes out through the mouth to serve as an example.
They are more dangerous than one million ISIS soldeirs armed strapped in bombs

I've lived in cities and guess what? They have jobs and functioning infrastructure. Funny how I had to go to a place with less whites

So now you're just plain cucking for big business. good job

Israel gets to have an ethnostate. Why is that?

Israel isn't an ethnostate, and they're oppressing Palestinians to build Israel. It's rightful Palestinian land.

With ther pedophilic fetish and their 10k dollar armani suits, and patek philippe watches that cost more than my home? Sure they build viable social demcoracies kek

please both of you, consider sucide

oops, there goes the argument that Israel is an ethno-state and that jews only have allegiance with each other…turns out being jew is not enought, you have to be white as well ;)

Imperialist apologist detected.

Muh 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Ethiopian Jews🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Arab supremacist detected.

Zionist detected.

the absolute STATE

CTRL-F idpol, 5 results. Let's make that 6

The left tends to despise Israel and criticizes it all the time.

Israel is exactly what Hitler would have wanted, for his people "if he was evil," a walled off religious ethno-state for the chosen German people complete with blood tests for citizenship and marriage. Israel's biggest threat is other capable countries figuring it out and challenging parasitic western dominance.

can we ban tturd-wordlers mautists pls

White porkies wear funny suits and expensive watches while keeping the roads paved
Black porkies wear funny suits and expensive watches while their entire economy revolves around patron corruption and the citizens of their capital live in an open sewer



hahaha you can't even bring yourself to deny that you're defending pedos

that may be a troll post

What do you think are the last names of these 'white' pedophiles?

please end urself and take ur spooks with you

Oppressed peoples need nationalism, self-determination, and maybe even revenge,yes.

So looking the other way towards oppression? typical anarcho-nihilist

naionalism will never liberate anyone, as nationalism is nothing but private property elevated geopolitical category

which goes against the idea of nationalism, as the self cannot obey two masters, either their follow their true self-determination or the determination of the nation

totally not a fucking brainlet, try looking at the world outside your false us vs them dichotomy and maybe you'll realize your shit is just as stinky as theirs

the only oppression that exist is the oppression of the proprietor over the propertyless, nationalism is a private property claim. neither the arabs nor the jews have any right to claim property over the land, as they'd become the exploiters, and it is imperative that we stop this notion

your turd-worldism is nothing but a false dichotomy fueled by the same incoherent rage that fuels the right, it doesn't become any better just because you add red banners to it

Nationalism is caring about your nation and protect the culture. It has nothing to do with what you're saying.
Are you american? I realize more and more that are always americans who speak against nationalism on this board…and that's because they don't know what a real nation is. You should travel and learn how a real nation is. Americans are always killing each other, this kind of environment clouded your judgment.

Really? It's proven effective in many third-world countries, compared to being a colony at least.

"muh self" is an imperialist Eurocentric idea used by settlers to facilitate exploitation of colonized peoples and prevent national liberation.

Who colonized who?

You don't get it. The Arabs should take back what's rightfully theirs, in the same way that immigrants into Europe should take back what is rightfully theirs and was built with their colonial labor by parasitic Europeans.

They're the reason why the right is going to lose.

Only if we get them to fight each other.

no I am not american you fucking autist

nice liberalism faggotry, try speaking in terms of political economy next time. claiming property over a territory by labeling a nation is not any different from a bourgeois claiming property over the means of production, as if it's your nation, it is not mine, and if it's not mine I cannot make use of it.

the abolition of nationalism does not eliminate culture, as certain nations have been abolished yet the culture and traditions still remain, let's not forget, the notion of total economic emancipation comes first, if culture has to be sacrificed then so it be

tell me, what is a real nation them

no it hasn't

brainlet liberal

nice autism

the notion of the egoism does not facilitate the exploitation of people, read a fucking book

nationalism is bourgeois

the proprietor colonized the propertyless

unironically kill yourself you braindead mautists

go read a fucking book about political economy before trying to engage in any conversation

Spooked and acting against their own interests. Can be turned with proper education.

here, start with this


hopefully your third-worldism will be cured

So all national liberation movements to throw off colonial oppressors were bad? Wow, really fighting the power there, basically apologizing for colonialism.

It does, because it's typical Eurocentric propaganda meant to foist individualism on oppressed peoples which prevents them from acting as a collective against colonial oppression and structural racism

anarchists, not even once

Way to prove my point.


This meme doesn't make any sense…Israel has attacked Lebanon multiple times to destroy the Hezbollah and although they still exist they always caused a lot of destruction and death and in 1982 it even led to a genocide attempt by the christians lebnese against the muslims. No consequences for anyone there as always…it's only the DPRK, venezuela and Cuba that are evil!!

The DPRK, Venezuela, and Cuba are all good though as is Hezbollah

Hezbollah is the chad because they kicked the IDF's ass in 06.

yes, are you retarded, how does changing one proprietor for another one helps the propertyless?

stop being a dumb liberal, I am not supporting nor apologizing colonialism, you on the other hand, unconsciously, are

no it doesn't

how is the notion of individualism eurocentric when it is found all over the world, even before the enlightenment you fucking brainlet? read fucking anthropology

colonial oppression is just one of many ways proprietors exploit the propertyless, nationalist revolutions are the same, as it doesn't eliminate the proprietor - propertyless dichotomy

this is your brain on turd-wordlism

yes, because one autist wasn't enough

Also they generally look cooler as far as uniforms/gear goes

Russians and slavs were not seen as white by white nationalists last century, they were in fact seen as inferior and to be exterminated for G*rmans to have new lands to live in.
White nationalism is an anglo meme flexible to include and exclude anyone who does not conform to the main groups ideology.

Stirner is just a meme, anyone using spooks unironically in political discourse has no valid opinion

holy fuck, there is nothing but trash in this thread

I literally stumbled into an autist gathering

Because one is a racist bourgeois and the other is just a bourgeois.

Yes, you are. Here I am supporting radical decolonization in the form of literal expulsion of oppressors and expropriation of the descendants of oppressors, and you're calling me pro-colonialist. what the fuck?

This "spook" nonsense couldn't have come from anyone but a European.

There we go again, equating colonialism with bog-standard capitalism.

says the authoritarian christian even through subjugating other human beings is something super un-christian. Jesus was an Anarcho-Pacifist.

Anyone who is proud of their biological properties will die afraid.

God mercilessly slaughtered any who opposed the subjects of history (jews) for a millennia before Christ. The only right that exists is the right to create communism.

Jesus was not interested in politics. and I'm far from being authoritarian

God doesn't exist.

I disagree.

nobody cares. not even god because he doesn't exist.

oh because that is much better!!

no I am not

followed by a massive re-colonization of a new group proprietors, you do not want to eliminate the property system, you just want to change who owns property, you are a buffon.

and again, followed by the appropriation at the hands of a new proprietor class, which claims to have the moral high ground based on a subjective order, a spook.

not only should I call you a pro-colonialist, but I should also call you a fraud and a retard.

you are stupid, illiterate and heavily opinionated, just like the average Holla Forumsyp

I do not see any difference whatsoever, under colonialism, the proprietor exploits the propertyless, under your-run-of the-mill, liberal democracy with arab characteristics, the proprietor exploits the propertyless. again, please point out the differences, because I see none.

anyone who prides on that shit is weak, skill-less, mediocre irl. I should know. I was a retarded Holla Forumstard once, I used to pride on that shit.

Yes, it is… how is this not obvious

It's called "retaking what was stolen".

Yes, the difference is that the proprietor class is morally justified in appropriating their previous colonizers because they're just taking what should've been theirs in the first place. Colonizers deserve it because they did it first. Counter-colonizers are justified in getting even.

Virginity. Pure and simple.

maybe because on both cases you still get fucking exploited you dumb fucking retard? It's not any different from the "capitalism with a human face" meme


The propertyless couldn't care less if the proprietor is of one culture or another, the fact is that he gets exploited on the basis that he lacks ownership of property. Stop being a fucking retarded liberal

no such thing, the initial property claim is just as much as a theft as the second colonial one. All property is theft, not just colonial property

nope, there is no such thing as moral justification for theft. The original tribes have no justification of property claim, Property is theft. The land doesn't belong to the original tribes, such predicament is an act of theft, it was stolen. By engaging in bourgeois appropriation act, they aren't any different from colonizers

I sincerly hope you have a painful dead

Look, you can have exploitation or exploitation with racism. Which one do you want? This should be a no-brainer.

It's not theft. They're retaking property that was stolen in the first place.

Anarchists can't help but defend colonialism in the name of "individualism" and ignore the obvious racialized nature of these bourgeois appropriation acts by settler races.

For a Stirnerfag you sure indulge in moral faggotry as much as neocon, I can see that you're still a new Holla Forums convert, but please read a book and stop shitting this board with your new found ideology.

It's hilarious because Proudhon was a literal racist who supported exterminating Jews or expelling them from Europe and was an inspiration for many fascists.



Yes it is, Property is theft

Turd-worlders liberals can't help but defend the exploitation of the bourgeois over the proletarians in the name of "nationalism" and "culture" and ignore the obious material base found in the exploitation of the proprietor over the propertyless

go back to reddit liberal, your shit is all retarded

nice projection, I was never a liberal and I have probably read more than you, turd-worldism is cancer and has always been criticized in Holla Forums on the basis that it is undialectical liberalism camouflaged with red banners

nice non-argument

The way you fuse Stirner with Proudhon coupled with a 4 yeas old short temper leads me to believe otherwise.


I'd be surprised if you could even get past the preface of the phenomenology.

I'd be surprised if you stopped strawmanning and accepted the fact that you are wrong and a fag

It's a burger thing. Irrelevant for the rest of the world.

That argument might be more successful with republicans than leftists.

Drumpfy looks Portuguese/Spanish according to this image

PoC can know if someone's white the vast majority of the time
White people can know if someone's white the vast majority of the time
A person knows if they're white or not the majority of the time
The three definitions line up the vast majority of the time