Millennials&genZ VS Boomer

Fuck man i can't do it how the fuck do they keep on getting away with it.

It's gonna get a hellova lot worse before it gets better.
Until the majority of folk in office are good-mellinials or gen zyklon we're gonna see shit policy after policy designed to expand boomer pensions and bullshit.

The boomers have basically become a meme generation completely devoid of respect from the younger generations, they're hardly getting away with it.


How will Gen Z even have hope?

Wear your insults as a badge of honor and your enemies will be demoralized.

Your generation may just be the strong men created by bad times. As a mellinial, myself, I'm working hard to help educate the future. We all have parts to do to fix the 'boomer catastrophe', in all honesty I just hope what I do is enough.

Not going to happen. The younger generation have been growing up with all this bullshit late stage capitalism provided them, smartphones, netflix, very well crafted video games, etc. They are fucked in the head, even more than millenials which when they we were growing up the internet was slow as fuck.

Don't be so defeatist. It only takes 10% of a population to truly induce change and 30% of a population (and less at times) to host a revolution.

Something of this Keynesian economy will give. Just find like-minded folk and work towards a goal where everyone can flourish.

Ol' boomer pls

"I really don’t like “generational wars” between millennials and baby boomers – it distracts from the class struggle, and baby boomers certainly didn’t “ruin the economy” as a group (that was capitalism as a system); many boomers struggle under the burdens of class society just as many millennials do.
However, I will go to my deathbed finding it so very ironic that so many boomers will call millennials “entitled” and “whiny”. Dude, I have a “top five worst customers” list at my job and all five of them were probably between the ages of 60 and 70. To be clear, boomers can be some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but the ones who aren’t are so often rude and needlessly aggressive to service industry workers. Last week I had a boomer dude call me an idiot because I tried to explain to him how the prices worked, and today I had another boomer dude get wicked pouty because his reward card points went to his sister’s purchase instead. (And go figure, there’s probably an intersection with spooks going on here too.)
Many of the boomers I deal with probably came from a background of relative stability in the Keynesian mid-century era, and it shows – on aggregate, they’re faaaar more entitled than the millennials and non "white" people they insult.
(Again, I want to emphasize that millennial vs boomer culture war is largely a distraction from class struggle, so don’t take this to mean that I hate boomers or something. I just wanted to highlight how silly and hypocritical many boomers’ millennial-hate is.)"

The problem with Boomers is that they love Regan so much.

And boomers will be the longest-lived generation ever.

The difference is in response millennials break shit while boomers vote for Trump.


My dudes, shit is going to seriously hit the fan in YOUR lifetime. The great depression isn't going to have shit on what (some of) you are going to experience. Not even close. I'd advise not wasting time bickering over which generation fucked things up the worst - my advice is to detach yourself from the existing economic and social paradigms to the greatest extent you possibly can - DO NOT go in to debt. DO try to find others who think similarly. Form resilient communities and do things that give your life meaning.

I can die peacefully now.

I've thought a lot about this too. Usually my conclusion is that I should just off myself though

It's called "global cooling" now.

No it isn't you brainlet.


Not him but still one of my favourite memes. I grew up with that shitty game and I loved that it got memed to hell and back. Too bad it died out.

The Boomers didn't create capitalism, but they DID embrace capitalism. They are more complacent to the system than any generation and they're proud of it, they see it as the end of history.

How much of gen z actually leans far right?
I always feel like this is overblown.

Too late.
I'm going to college
Can't really be bothered to care since it looks like the world's going to end. They can take their money from my corpse, I guess.

The way people my age use social media is really depressing. They're basically commodifying themselves and trying to sell their image however awful to anyone who will give them a like. I'm not a wrong generation fag, but the obsession with self image and commodities is so fucking annoying

They ask small numbers about right wing platitudes when they're in school. You'd be amazed at the results!

What results do you get?

we already know youre a faggot op

Go see if you can find the sort of questions they ask and post them if you're interested. I won't even bother attempting to imitate the shit they pull with that research.

What kind of a comrade are you, comrade?

It's a 650-year-old meme