Alex Jones Selling Lead-Tainted Supplements

Alex Jones Selling Lead-Tainted Supplements

Noted death battler and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is being accused of selling supplements tainted with “potentially dangerous levels” of lead.

This potentially damning finding comes from a new report by Newsweek detailing how the CEH (Center for Environmental Health) recently filed a claim against Jones and InfoWars.

Independent testing commissioned by national health watchdog the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) found high levels of lead in two Alex Jones Infowars products. Tests found that two supplements sold on Alex Jones’ Infowars store contained significant levels of lead well in excess of California Proposition 65 limits. Lead is a dangerous chemical well known to have devastating developmental impacts on children. Crucial, but less well-known are its effects on men, including sperm damage, heart disease, and high blood pressure. One of the Alex Jones products tested had more than six times the daily limit under Proposition 65.

In particular, the dangerous heavy metal was found in some of Jones’ signature supplements—the InfoWars “Caveman Paleo Formula” and the InfoWars “Myco-ZX.”

At the time of the article’s posting, InfoWars has not responded to request for comment from Newsweek.

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post yfw Alex jones is a deep cover government agent whose mission is to sterilize white america so they can be replaced by immigrants

triggered ameridumb

Someone post the webm of Alex Jones justifying to his audience why him wearing a very expensive watch isn't a bad thing

Info Wars is owned by times warner


So while aut-righters were screeching about white men not being able to have kids because of the Jews/Blacks/Immigrants, one of their own guys was literally making white men infertile.
You can't make this shit up

Social darwinism

This isn't on wikipedia. When it was edited, it was edited by one person with only this edit existing on their account:
Fake News!

now to be fair most alex jones listeners were never going to have sex in the first place

I'm more surprised that Gaia is a Time Warner investment. The tentacles of the media conglomerate octopus really do reach far


Talk about fucking irony

Really makes you think 🤔

Incidentally, lead poisoning has been speculated to have been a big factor in ongoing problems in certain black communities, with large amounts of it ingested from lead-based paint in sub-standard housing leased to black families due to redlining restrictions.

Can't say I have the same kind of sympathy for people this happened to due to them going to the trouble of willingly going out of their way to buy magic beans from the total trustworthy humble water filter salesman, but I still hope he gets sued to hell and back for this.

Is there something about right-wingers and their brains which makes them the easiest marks in the world?

I've heard rumors that lots of scam artists were trying to procure the Trump campaign's email list so they could have access to all those gullible people.

Of course he is. If his viewers weren't getting brain damage they'd stop watching.

wow this is pretty FUCKING BASED my fellow kekistanis let's critically support alex jones in his struggle against the deep state globalist communist democrats

You mean any lead, period.

Fucking apple juice has been recalled monthly due to the impossible restrictions.


Silver lining tho

Alex Jones will probably blame the government for his followers being infertile.

And so will his followers

Then they'll complain about government regulation of supplements as socialism.

And Alex Jones ends up making more money because they'll believe even harder that the government is out to get them.



lead counteracts the effects of fluoride and chemtrails. only way to prevent yourself from turning into a gay Islamic communist jew frog.

It wouldn't surprise me if in some bizarre way Holla Forums was indirectly owned by some big media company.

The last set of pictures still cracks me up. 45 days later and he's slightly redder.

Well it isn't. I do collect high end watches and I'm a communist

Slightly hairier I think aswell.

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It's fascinating how conspiracy theorists are so gullible and uncritical with things like these.

The whole point of being a conspiracy theorist is that something's fucked with the critical thinking parts of your brain.

lead boosts T

So it's like a personality disorder then? Maybe it'll be in the next DSM.

it's just increased paranoia i reckon


Everyone already knew this, though. He promotes the meat and dairy industry which causes heart disease, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the united states.

Turns out this is bullshit, actually.