Do SJWs hate us because they think their degree in sociology or philosophy means they're entitled to lead the leftist...

Do SJWs hate us because they think their degree in sociology or philosophy means they're entitled to lead the leftist movement? I notice time and time again, so called "leftists" hostile to anything that might take away the prestige of their role in the movement. it's almost like they want the movement to remain inaccessible and fail.

A.W. trolled us for weeks because we wouldn't listen to his theories, so he set up a study group to lecture people about what Marx got wrong (it fell apart and disbanded after reading merely 16 paragraphs)

A.W is an opportunist succdem. Never trust the rose-stranglers for a damn.

exactly this. Notice literally no one with a platform before Holla Forums came along would endorse it. maybe they have some genuine disagreements, but is every one of them too stupid to realize that you can't control what gets posted on a forum with no membership?


this but unironically

tbh, even those who made they platform from Holla Forums have disavowed it. the one exception is catgirl, and we love her for that.

still damn her for fucking off after two comics because she couldn't handle Holla Forumsack criticism and her boyfriend wouldn't read her 6 panel comics.

Bingo. Idpol cannot be allowed to take form in any Leftist organization. Otherwise, it can and WILL be disrupted by these moralists.

AW is a shit Hegelian who has a shit understanding of Marx. His reading of Hegel is excruciatingly basic, and he's too euphoric from riding Hegel's dick so hard to have any self-awareness. AW is too dense to see that his positivist reading of Hegel is contradictory, and too narcissistic to ever actually listen to anyone telling him this.

this thread isn't about aw

No, they hate you because they're nationalists (okay, at least the race-idpolers are). What use does a nationalist have for universalism?

It depresses me when I see people in Rojava being close with their comrades, because it makes me think of how much I want genuine human connections in my life and how alone I am

do you think she ever ate her out?

It's a cultural thing, actually. Apparently it's totally normal to cuddle with your comrades there, both for men and women.

Must feel great to support American imperialism.

I know platonic touch is normal in most non-anglo culture, but does this apply to mixed gender relations? Most Arab women wont shake a man's hand.

also: avoiding the question

Not sure about mixed gender relations. I'd imagine not, but I have no clue really.

just to be clear, you're asking If I think she ever stuck her face in her sweaty, unwashed military muff that's been in the field for 2 weeks, in some back closet or some place and brought he to quivering orgasm after orgasm until she forgot about her broken wrist, right?

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This shit is creepy as fuck. Feel like I'm on Holla Forums or some shit.

has anyone actually been on Holla Forums since 2011?

no one goes to Holla Forums, it's always packed there.

I imagine some newfags still go there.

Their bold behavior is pure status signalling. From the outset their goal is to be in a management position. Practically all of their appeals are to whip others into doing the menial work.

I have to say, if what he's asking did take place, there is no way it could've stopped at just one orgasm. she would've had to greedily eat at her box for much longer, bringing wave after wave of pleasure while she tried to muffle her moans after each climax until she was reduced to a shivering mess sitting in a puddle of her own making.

to add to what you said, if what's been described did transpire, it's certain that the two girls could never forget what they felt together and would invariably be drawn into a long-term relationship. they would surely spend countless nights tending to each other's needs, which had been long neglected since they joined the YPJ. In whatever few spare moments they had together, they would be learning the intricacies of each others bodies , while each day dodging Islamist gunfire, not knowing if they would see tomorrow, but comforted in what they had now.

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I just ignore all namefags other than catgirl drawgirl…


Holla Forums has been awful since 2006 and has been unusable since 2009. I have no idea how anyone still posts there.

There is a point where we need to tell trust fund babies that they're too well off to be socialists and that being a socialist will not atone them from their class sins.

Don't forget bat'ko

basically "SJWs" see socialism as a springboard for racial/gender liberation first and foremost, while muh privileged white men only talk about economic liberation on their racist podcasts.

Who is A.W.?

Autistic Wombat

Yes, and it's the reason that STEM seems to be a pejorative term in some leftist circles, as if studying something that is profitable now means that you can't possibly understand socialism, something that really isn't that complicated and doesn't require a philosophy degree to learn. Also, most of them are pretty shit at math and science and this makes them extremely butthurt instead of playing to their own strengths.

That and because their precious Starbucks selling shitty coffee for 10 dollars will be terminated

I think the majority of SJW's and Alt-righters or at least the most embarrassing elements of both that aren't being paid to spout nonsense are mostly young adults who unfortunately grew up at this time in politics and have the misfortune of being prone to recording themselves saying dumb political opinions and sperging out and getting triggered over nothing.

These aren't people with college degrees and a well thought out political opinion, the majority of them are kids regurgitating meme opinions from whatever wellspring they happen to frequent. Even the ones that do have degrees like Anita tend to have them in things a lot less important than sociology and/or philosophy. She has a fucking degree in media studies somewhat pertaining to sociology but in reality she doesn't even need that degree because her channel is about a surface level analysis of the media she views. I don't even particularly mean to single her out, but she is one of the few I can think of that actually has some kind of credentials. I think you're giving too much credit to people like this to say they have actually studied anything most of the time.

A.W can suck my cock.

I oppose his Hegelianism with my Nietzscheism

forgot to drop my shitpost flag

Pic related. There is a tendency for them to abuse any organization that admits them as a means to push their own agenda, without the slightest intent of contributing to the agenda of the organization they're supposedly a member of.

Reminder she seems to have been a professional scam artist, shilling for everything from timeshare Ponzi schemes to handwriting analysis, freely associating with similar hucksters who also hocked PUA courses, in an apolitically mercenary way, before she hit it big with the feminazi crowd. The SJW "true believer" seems to have been Josh'b'Gosh, who supplied all the wacky pomo crit theory nonsense (plus, coincidentally, AV authoring experience from his AdBusters days, and interest in vidya from before his psychic break on 9/11,) while Sharky was the "brains" of the operation business-wise.