If Marxism/Communism is a science, where are the experiments?

If Marxism/Communism is a science, where are the experiments?

It's not. There's no such thing as scientific socialism.

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in literally any single economic unit, either an industry or a grocery store????

What I mean is that scientific socialism, as described by Engels, doesn't exist and couldn't fully escape its utopian roots.

Every country and every organisation and movement controlled by Marxists is a Marxist experiment.

Current Communist Countries: China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vietnam. Formerly Communist countries (by current name): Formerly part of the Soviet Union: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

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And every time the results are mass starvation, absence of political freedom, genocide and rough living conditions.

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Let's see.
was better under communism than before or after, strategically and economically. Russians are overwhelmingly in favour of the Soviet Union, despite the capitalist propaganda.
The same. Is 3-4 times ahead of India, despite the latter being better off in 1949, and better off strategically. Was 10 times behind Russia (by GDP per capita) in 1989, now ahead of it.
Better than Latin America on Average.
Much better than its' neighbours on average.
Not exactly sucessful, but functional and stable society.
Uses parts, bits and piece of Marxism, Economics and societies were set up by Marxist social democratic parties.

Now, what about Ancap experiments. Care to cite me some?


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This is the answer.

It's damn near impossible to simulate a huge economy and account for human behavior in the main, so all you can go off of is observational evidence of what is happening, such as the link between labor costs and prices of production and monitoring the tendency of the rate of profit to fall (which is a very hard thing to track because detailed information of every firm in existence is hard to find, firms go bust, etc.), and all of the other predictions the LTV makes.

I have my gripes with the LTV and the specific way it is formulated, but there is still enough observational evidence to suggest that, at the least, Marx's predictions have been true, and the
LTV is as sound a theory of value as any that has been presented thus far.

Well, for contemporary examples, I guess Rojava is a bit of an experimental in libertarian socialism. It's also kind of hard to know its future since it was born out of one of the bloodiest conflicts in modern history, and history is also full of examples of similar experiments failing not due to problems with the system itself, but outside influences seeking to destroy it (Paris Commune, ect.).

to add: "Marxist countries" are not experiments in a scientific sense. You could build a computer simulation but it would always be tainted by the accusation that the program doesn't mimic real human behavior, and it's pretty hard to get millions of people together to conduct a contained experiment.

Really though, Marx was just taking a concept from classical economics - the LTV - and drawing conclusions from his interpretation of it. Das Kapital is not a how-to for socialism or an economics textbook, it's a critique of capitalism.