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How the fuck is this guy the most popular Marxist on YouTube?

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Have you ever notest how dispite him having more than 25k subscribers, his videos have so little views? Almost nobody take this fag seriously. He's just a joke pretending not be from a first world country.


His most watched video in the past two months is his response to Prager U.

Most Marxists in the internet are lazy and the hard-working ones are often elderly activists behind the times. Unruhe does a daily show, which is something no other Marxist YTer does — it really doesn’t take a genius to figure out. Because Unruhe put in the effort he built up a following despite being a brainlet. In a way his loserdom is endearing, it makes him more convincingly working class than well-spoken college kids doing 40 minute interrogations of French structuralism and post-modern theory.

Because he works part-time on minimum wage. If he were a true prole he'd have no time or energy to make daily vids.

Quality > quantity

That may be so, but doing a daily show will get more consistent viewers and that is what makes Jason popular,

if being minimum wage isn't true prole then what the fuck is.

He doesn't bust his ass. He works at a gas station as a cashier. His mom probably pays his rent.

Ya not according to the stats. And is it anywonder that Alt-Right and Alt-Light viewpoints have become popular since they have slick channels putting out content daily or near-daily.

Sounds pretty prole to me. He probably makes more off his YT videos than his shitty job anyway.

Some employers don’t even give you the choice to work full-time plus are you really saying someone who has a cushy office job and is full-time is gonna have less energy than someone busting their ass part-time in retail-hell, McJizzie’s or at a factory? He’s almost 40 now and yet Holla Forums YT kids might make a few YT videos a week.

I’m not even saying MRN is good but what he does takes effort. And the fact that there are so many socialist orgs out there with the manpower to do a daily show on YT and don’t do it actually speaks volumes about the state of the Marxist Left in the West.

So how come Alt-Right channels get tens of thousands of views for each video where Roo can't get over 2k on most vids?

This video is okay though.

again…he has 31k subscribers, his latest videos barely reach 5k views. Either those subscribers are bots, or really nobody cares about him and just hit the subscribed button because fuck it why not.

Better demographic and meta-data on their target audience. Slick graphics, teams of people who help put together content, advertisers willing to appear in their videos, a vast interlocking social media machine that supports their endeavors.

Never underestimate how far those sweet, sweet, Mercerbucks can get you.

He's losing ad revenue which is why he's ebegging (AKA participating in faggotry).

wtf does 'busting ass' have to do with being a 'true worker'? you sound like a boomer. if you put in more than the minimum effort at work you're a classcuck.

Not to mention that most of their views are from 11 year olds which are the best advertising demographic on YT other than literal toddlers.

He doesn't generate value. He doesn't build anything. He doesn't create anything. He doesn't use his muscle or his brain. He just sits behind a register for four hours a day handling cash.

WTF is this?

so what? plenty of jobs in capitalism have literally negative impact on society, at least working as a cashier is a minor positive. you are spooked my friend, you don't have to be some burly guy with a sledgehammer only wearing overalls to be a worker.

Lmao someone has never worked in a retail position before.

why am I not surprised that nazbol has literally zero theory outside of personal rhetoric

Yeah seriously I've been hauling fruit and veg for 8 hours today and let me tell you that feels like work.

That's entirely different from sitting at a register for a few hours a day.

And 5k is bigger than any Holla Forums tuber gets. I'm not saying Jason is good by any means, but that is the reason he is bigger than other leftist youtubers.

Muke gets over that easily.

Pretty much all the leftypol youtubers do it to entertain the board, fuck around, and archive stuff.

Daily reminder Jason is a very violent man.

Congrats you just described 99% of Holla Forums

I don't even watch his videos but I'm guessing he has to do other stuff like stock the shelves, clean, and so on… Well okay his job is probably easier than mine, but still, I don't see how that even matters. If you're a leftist you should know that underemployment is an intentional part of late capitalism so why would you blame the workers for it?

Yeah your mother's so fat she does make up 99% of leftypol.

It's true, I've been paying Hoochie to ghostwrite all my posts for months!

I can’t speak for wherever you’re looking based at but the vast majority of gas station registers in my area don’t have seats. The only time I ever see a gas station cashier sitting on their ass is if it’s a mom and pop place or their locked inside a plastic bullet-proof box and not expected to get up and help customers.

I work retail, I’m not a cashier but there is one unspoken rule where I work: if you sit down you’re fired. It’s basically the same for all my friends, family and acquaintances who work retail.

Shit man.

Damn that's messed up, at least I get to sit down the minority of the time I go on registers.

We need more women marxists

Are you, Hoochie, and Chaya the only females (not traps, but females/bio women) on this board?

What?No He isnt

No you fucking sperg. Stop asking this every single time a girl posts.

Who is then?

Richard Wolfe

yeah TBH


Here's Jason reading off some theory written by a man named Klaas Brown:

The chad Roo vs the vergin Muke

Make the memes Holla Forums

Roo and Muke are both spergelords with ghosts.

tankies will never be popular

He's just been around for a long time, he isn't really the most popular anymore unless you're going by subs. Some of his edgier views and stances have given him some infamy but that will only take you so far.

Agreed. Dick Wolfe, FinnBol, even old school channels like Brendan Cooney and Enaa are much better.

I'm going to be keeping my eye on J Barg/Adolf Stalin personally

Roo needs to change his hair from edgy 13-year old mohawk to skinhead.

Honestly it looks like it's about to slide off the back of his head any day now.
Looks like he chopped a large portion of it off.

Unironically fucking kill yourself

Hi Jason



I'm gonna subscribe to it.
there is a chance that OP is him btw

Jason, lose about 100 lbs, fix your fucking face and hair, and find a gf.

Marx was literally a NEET who couldn't feed his family, had to be constantly on the move because he got kicked out of every country he went to for his revolutionary LARPing, and depended on Engels' handouts.

He isn't from a first world country you simpleton. Canada is second world.

He wears suits like a capitalist

Comrades we need to make material to counteract the youtube propaganda dominated by the likes of Steven Molyenux, Paul Watson, Infowars, Sargon, and other pseuds teenagers look up to. These teenagers are misguided and angry politically and fall for the misinformation these people peddle under the guise of being "Anti-SJW'. If we can promote a charismatic Marxist-themed channel that is explicitly against idpol we could turn this crowd.

Jason is the only person on this board who successfully BTFO'd A.W. Let that sink in for a bit.

because all western marxists are gay and dumb
they think that being the "saviours of the poor" is really going to save them from us
peak afraid & gay bourgeois performance right there

Except that's a fake page



What's true is, Roo is retarded enough to think 1. dialectics and metaphysics are opposed and 2. attacking someone as "orientalist" or "First Worldist" is an adequate substitute for valid critique of ideas.

LTV is a social relationship, comrade.

Name me 1 (one) lefty youtuber who knows their theory better than Jason. I'll wait.

Enaa, FinnBol, Mexie, anarchopac (I know he's an anarcho-liberal but still), A.W., HawaiianLeftReview…

illiterate and has demonstrated this multiple times

Enaa has been around for a while and he, unlike Jason, actually makes academic-tier presentations on a variety of Marxist subjects.


FinnBol and Mexie, granted. Anarchopac probably too, I don't watch the guy because of his liberalism but he cornered Molyneux so there is that. A.W. is a fucking fraud with absolutely no substance. HawaiianLeftReview is a bit of a wildcard, he sure likes to hear himself talk intellectually. I don't know who this Enaa guy is. I would also say Comrade Hakim and Tovarishch Endymion are getting there, when they continue to educate themselves in the fast pace in which they did so far.

Other than that, Jason is actually one of the more literate YouTubers. BadMouse literally can't read. Muke reads a pamphlet and then thinks he's a wizard. The shitposters (Socialism or Barbarism, Bat'ko, PierreTruDank) don't count. Jason has not only been the only one who was consistent with his view since almost a decade now, he goes 100% through with his Third Worldism despite what people think, did never have liberal deviations and puts out one or two videos every day.

Also daily reminder that Jason absolutely DESTROYED the entire crew of r/socialism alone while eating a sandwich

Roo has ghostwriters and it's been confirmed. He refused to have a discussion on Mao's dialectics with A.W. (I saw the whole thing on Twitter), which indicates he wouldn't be able to stand his ground when pressed on the subject.

Also, I linked to Enaa's channel here:

TBH this is the equivalent of winning the Special Olympics.


I wouldn't want to debate A.W. either. Guy deliberately tries to confuse and to gaslight you, he's a conman. There is nothing to be gained from a debate with him. I don't even think he read anything except Phenomenology of the Spirit.

Everybody who lost a debate against Jason must be a literal mongoloid then. He destroyed Socialism or Barbarism too.

Come on, if Žižek did it you'd love it

So engage with him in a discussion, and expose his inconsistencies.


I'm not AW. I just think Roo is a coward for chickening out of having a discussion with the guy.

I'm not at all into leftist youtube drama so i'm not familiar with this case but a discussion is always a lot of work and effort and that is not always worth it
Saying someone is a chicken to not waste effort ist like calling us chickens for raiding pol all day

I don't deny A.W. is an outright sophist but Roo is a confirmed retard and watching him get mindfucked would be hilarious.

He works in the Iranian federal news channel

*for NOT raiding

So he gets paid by a regime which kills communists. Good to know.


I liked this video:

As someone who has been viewing people since the dawn of youtube and turdworldist has been on almost that long, the real question is why isn't he even bigger than he is and the answer is everything you listed.

He only has the subs he has because of longevity and inertia, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the meme channels from leftypol start to get bigger than him in a year or so let alone the ones with actual content.

Fellow oldfag here. I remember when most left Youtubers were either anarcho-syndicalists (chomskyan, mr1001nights long before he went MRA, buddhagem, napalmtube) or LeftComms like Brendan Cooney. What really killed the interactive/grassroots aspect of YT was when they ended video responses.

Kek I was actually in the Stickam convo that made Napalmtube become a crazy christian. You forgot LaughingmanOX which is easy to do because he sucked, and Nuclearnight, but yeah I remember all the same people.

I also remember all the old "villains" for those people back then like Mrcropper, Xomniverse, fringelements (whose unfortunately still around), etc.

I never would have thought MRN would be one of the few of those people left ten years later, his schtick was pretty lame even back then, but I guess he was just memey enough to survive modern YouTube but not enough to actually be a success.

I, too, used to come into stickam, and yes I do remember Laughingman. I also remember BrainPolice when he was an ancap.

Dish pls.

His videos suck. He really needs to learn how to present his ideas properly. He is an OK editor though.

The YouTube algorithms favor quantity.
t. You tuber

This is why.

Well on the surface he credited some christian with a bad haircut whose name I cant remember who used to debate people on Youtube, but behind the scenes he would frequent "philosophica" which was a stickam group filled with atheist libertarians. Of which I was unfortunately one of back then, he said are admitted outright nihilism scared him as he thought that was what his atheism would result in, some of his socialist and communist friends tried to save him a the time but he started to fear the big nothing and his mind started collapsing inward from there.

I knew Brainpolice well, maybe too well. His channel collapsed because of a spurned GF of his gave Fringeelements his password and they broke up because his house was an absolute mess and I guess his parents did everything for him kek, even though he was in his thirties. She said the final straw was that she saw mold all over the house and she immediately moved back to her home town. He also gave a few women an STD. I was Cali9ula back then.

I vaguely remember you from YT. Weird.

I'm still friends with BP and he's gone full apolitical now. He's just a cynic who doesn't hold to any ideology.

Hah, I haven't heard from any of them in years, I remember he was vaguely drifting left, like I eventually would. When Fringe and Spawk started to go full proto- alt-right I left the site.

I don't get why LaughingMan went that way. I liked him when he was an AnSyn. Spawk was just an arrogant asshole. Fringe held the same views for years.

Laughingman was always pretty weak socially so when they all started to become full on racists it was easy to influence him and some of the others into becoming the same. I always found it kind of funny how many subs stayed with him, considering the abrupt political turn his channel took. I expected a huge drop off but I guess not.

Doesn't surprise me. LM came off as one of those kids who just read off content from the Anarchist FAQ. What I don't get is why he would abruptly ditch the social anarchists and join the ancaps/alt-right (I was there; it happened 2011ish).