A-Assad gasses his own people!!

any good infographs to disprove this for normies?

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If they're too young to remember Saddam then ignore their political opinion. If they're not call them a retard and slap them across the face until they stop falling for the same shit

These seem legit to me though I may be wrong. Fuck imperialists anyway, Assad ftw



It's sad that you thought a literal shitpost was compelling enough to screenshot, save, and repost.

there have been enough incidents at this point, I think it's fair to say both sides of the conflict are using chemical weapons, though there is much is debate about the role of chemical weapons and what response that warrants.

I wonder who is behind this post

I don't. Provide evidence.


Obviously that one isn't to be used as proof, it simply puts the others in context

okay then.

you still were impressed enough to save some rando's Holla Forums greentext.

It's not my cap


protip: making a portmanteau of Jew and Wikipedia doesn't count as an argument on Holla Forums


Stop supporting Arabic fascism

I guess Stalin really did kill those gorillions then

You may want to look at the other images before you continue making non-arguments. They appear to support the cap.

Stop supporting US imperialism

Wikipedia is fucking trash for politics, can I get some direct sources?

Wikipedia doesn't refer to the holodomor as a genocide, and fairly reports the academic figures of Stalin's death toll, which includes many


doesn't that last video say it's a protest in Gaza?

It still puts the personal blame on Stalin, to be expected though. Anyway this is off topic.

this entire thread feels very Holla Forums, everyone seems to be grasping at straws here to definitely prove that Assad didnt't do it. Although the chances of Assad gassing his own people seems kinda low, he probably has used chemical weapons at one point.

Btw, anyone have a link to Jimmy Dore's comments on this? I wanna know what /ourguy/ has to say.






If the SDF was imperialist, Russia and Syria would attack them, but they haven't, so they can't be imperialist.

Acknowledging that Assad is probably better than many of the US sponsored "moderate" rebel groups is one thing, but pretending he isn't absolute of piece of shit is another. The only dog I have in this fight is Rojava.

Nothing wrong with gassing your own people if they're imperialist supporting fifth columnists tbh

jesus christ, stop using sexist imagery to promote your imperialist puppet state.

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worse, Maoist.


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Who cares if anyone is using chemical weapons? Weapons are weapons no matter how unplesant they may be. In a civil war anything goes, applying any other rules means you don't actually care about the future of your country.

Rojava should use chemical weapons honestly.

Who cares?

There is little doubt that Assad has used chemical weapons in the war, stop being disgusting idiots. Source: amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2016/08/syria-fresh-chemical-attack-on-aleppo-a-war-crime/

probably ISIS or Al Qaeda members.

Literally neocon logic. They used the exact same rhetoric to justify the bombing of Vietnamese villagers. Apply yourself

But I guess these where future terrorists right? Kill 'em all and let God sort them out!



Ironically, you are full of shit.