Be a communist prole

You don't know anything about economics! you've never run a company plus you own stuff what a hypocrite!
What a hypocrite! You own a company and exploit workers! Move to north korea!
You've never even had a job so how can you speak for the proletariat! Plus you've never run a company so you don't know anything about economics!

Is there any way to win the lifestylist game?

Nope, you just got to suck it up and realize that no matter what you do capi apologists will never ever accept you as a person.



create/join coop. Bonus points for food producing coop. Extra bonus points for soviet-style food coop organization (as much as market economy allows it)

stop being such a fucking utopian

Yes. Being a communist bourgeoisie is the best, being prole is the second best. If you are a NEET, you really shouldn't be bothered having a political opinion of any sort.

Weren't some Bolsheviks practically NEETs during the underground days?


The word you're looking for is "communitarian".

But that's right, if you're leftist and you own a company, you should change it into a coop or just quit.

pic related.
on that note I used to hate Brand but then I read Fisher's praise of him and listened to some of his more engaging content like his interview with Paxman - he is a gateway to proper seditionary leftism, a bit like Jimmy Dore. A good way to beat some sense into liberals.

their clandestine operations read: bank robberies qualify them as lumpen, surely?
so more or less the same as NEETs.

marx absolutely btfo

Hmm, it's almost like they don't want you to talk about communism or wealth disparity, as an act of reassurance that their own miserable (or priviIedged) situation is unavoidable and natural

Russel Brand brings the debate down to the gutter. He's a fucking pseudo-intellectual scumbag who is as much a blight on our society as the capitalists he claims to hate.

Brand doesn't deserve the hate he's getting. Seems like people hate him mostly for the reasons OP described; coming from an uncultured prole background he can't know what he's talking about.

It's less that he's a prole and more that he's a cunt who thinks he's a lot smarter than he is.

I've listened to some of his interviews and he's a lot more intelligent than he puts on. Listen to his podcast with David Harvey and tell me he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Saddam money is still somewhere in iraq. Go get it.
Also saddam has the record for the biggest bank heist ever

We are going backwards comrade!

is there a recommended reading list for illegalism?

Read books about illegalists themselves.

No, there is no way to win that game. They're gonna deride you like that no matter what you do. If they do that, tell them to actually engage your arguments or to shut the fuck up.

Is forgery a form of illegalism?


Go read any anarchist or Marxist text, except it has to be stolen

stealing work already in the public domain

NEETs are the real revolutionary agent

Antifa are leftcoms?

Is this really the caliber of socialist America outputs?

Tell that to Engels

that's just dumb. Race is not a determinant factor of muh privilege but income is. They only use race to bait and deflect real issues. World wide issues.

Come to China and you'll find chinks manipulating real estate market for their own party. Come to south africa and you'll find whites polarized from society. Come to israel and you'll see palestinians encountering the same. Come to middle east and you'll see women required to wear hijabs.

Now, come to a third world country from a first world and you'll live like a king.