Fucking hell

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It's happening boys. It's time to put Marx in the trash bin and pick up Posadas because we're about to find out that he was right

I think, when Holla Forums defends the next nuclear bomb dropped on a city

That's when I'm going to off myself tbh. This world is getting too fucking stupid.

America has no idea debt that is going to have to pay for more than a century of imperialism and oppression.

I'd prefer it if a nuclear weapons exchange didn't happen during the decline. Maybe that's just me. Idk about my flesh melting off my body. Seems kinda fucked tbh fam.

Join us at Posadist Central we are located in the Wasteland Bunker in what was the United States Heartland. Where we broadcast the coming of our Alien Comrades, as we have seen the end of the world as we know it.


Why the fuck are these fucking idiots doing this?

shiggy diggy doo

They are always saying nuke this, nuke that.
Save that for the inevetable moment Holla Forumstards start calling Trump a communist in a couple of years.

Nah Trump I have an even better idea. My name's Mark Zuckerberg here me out. We're working on great, truly phenomenal AI research here in Silicon Valley, and we built this new App called SkyNet that just automates the ICBMS and bombs.

That way, there doesn't even need to be a nuclear football

We're fucked

There is no explanation. They just, decided to do it.

Elon Musk here, I'll do it for just $20,000,000,000

I'm convinced it is Trump being a literal fucking moron. His staff and some of the generals have been in the news encouraging continued efforts against any nuclear proliferation, but Trump keeps bringing up nukes and how he wants more, better nukes. How he wants to nuke the Koreans. He's a fucking moron that is acting emotionally, he thinks it's going to make him more powerful even though republican senators have apparently suggested they think the generals will tackle him if he tries to launch a nuke using the football.

fucking finally

seriously tho this is probably just more saber rattling from trump

This tbh. Just ignore him, he's full of shit.

American generals don't want a war? No way, i don't beleive that. All of those generals have never been in a real war, only mini wars like Iraq. They must be mouth watering with the possibility of leading the mighty US army againt DPRK which has an impressive army numbers and besides everyone there has been taught since day 1 to hate USA and americans, they will join the fight as well.

America is too militaristic for it to go out like Britain. Our elites are too accustomed to their profits and too attached to American institutions to let go of the empire without a massive fight.

Says who?

Says the current public debt the US has for invading Iraq and Afghanistan.


Yup, we're screwed.

1. Quite welcoming of open borders for all, and waves upon endless waves of third world economic migrants seeking free benefits and housing.

2. Doesn't want nuclear war - despite the first one being more damaging.

Nuclear war is actually more damaging I'm sorry user. You must be confused


Do you think Holla Forumstards will ever admit that they and the clueless American public got tricked yet again?

One of them just said in this thread that nuclear war is less destructive than unchecked immigration. What do you think

Kek, can't wait for Americans to get nuked to see what shit they post on the apocalynternet afterwards.

Holla Forums are you out of your mind

Oh man it would be so wonderful. 4chan and youtube would get far less cancerous immediately

Let's see Mexicans, they aren't capable of instantly detonating and generating the power of stars.

That's what you think.

Trump is going to build Metal Gear Rex.


Are Mexicans fucking radioactive and have a half life of 100 years or something?

we're all going to die because some guy on twitter said Trump has a micropenis and now he feels emasculated.

During the elections, it was Hillary who was threatening nuclear war (with Russia), so I don't think this has to do specifically with him.

>Maybe it's the calm before the storm

what did he mean by this?

this would be a hilarious black farce a la doctor strangelove if we didn't happen to be trapped in it. At least Trump has his secretary of defence, General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis, to keep a watch on him. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

The absolute state of Holla Forums

They don't want to nuke people. The generals themselves, if they aren't compromised by corporate money and influence, probably just want to use the budget for exciting and effective operations. Something to make them useful. I'm sure the elected officials and plenty of people in the Pentagon want war to give money to their contractor friends, but it doesn't really benefit that many people to drop nukes. Trump is the only retard that is salivating over his nuclear button.

The generals want wars they, apparently mistakenly, think they can win. They're very aware what a nuclear war would actually mean and I really doubt they seriously consider preemptive use beyond maybe some smaller tactical nukes.

It was a general that gave a statement on the """necessity""" of this…………………..

Even a small tactical nuke would change deterrence

Woah, eight ellipses! You really spoil us reddit!

There's a good reason the Ayatollah said that Donald Trump is mentally retarded…

Only if Australia gets taken out too.

Not reddit just not sure why you're putting your faith in the US military to not lead us to disaster

There isn't any cancer if there's not any people

At least they can be funny while they shit on the Internet.

Hillary is certainly a hawk, but I think that nuke shit was more rhetoric than anything. Understand she was trying to pull over moderate republicans that have been listening to insane war mongering candidates for years.

She wanted to set up no fly zones and implied that they'd fund pro American rebellions in eastern Europe but I don't think she ever mentioned using nukes.

The only one who mentioned nuclear weapons during the election IIRC was Trump

She talked about military action against Russia, but never mentioned nukes.
I do remember Trump talking about "bombing the shit out of them" when refering to ISIS though.

Post your posadas comrades



user you're going to die too

Unchecked immigration means more brown QTs, nukes mean a burnt dick. Do the math.

Can't lose the 2020 election if there isn't a 2020

Warsaw and NATO planners both during the cold war realized there was no way to square the circle where pyrrhic victory was the best they hope for. Both realized the other would go for total war ASAP meaning throwing at the other side and it would just a matter of how fast it would escalate to the point the theaters of operation is a toxic radioactive wasteland.
Are you telling me that nobody in the DoD today read anything NATO wrote in the 1980's?

Well I'm in a shitty country with no friends as an expat but I guess it'll be worth it now

reminder that generals adviced Kennedy to take a chance with the ruskies because of the advantage of the first strike
when military pride suffers suicide is an option for an officer
you know, seppuku and all that

Yeah, plus the older ones want to go out in a blaze of glory and not quietly in their beds which is too boring

How fucked am I? How fucked is the rest of Asia?

If Nuclear War happens you're beyond fucked sorry. You are going to be gang raped by nuclear weapons. It's not going to be a fun time.

Well if nothing else this kind of insanity should re-kindle the anti-war movement. Maybe we can direct that anger into class war.

Well I know is Seoul, South Korea is definitely fucked, and also every major Japanese city, especially ones with large military presence are going, and I'd think that pretty much most of east Asia except the Chinese countryside is probably completely fucked.

Doubtful. Most americans probably don't even think nuclear war is a possibility.

Well the USSR's plan was to drop tactical nukes on Japan to soften up JDF defenses for Soviet amphibious landings of Japan, I don't know if Russia has changed from those plans.

Doubt trump will do this thing. China and russia are ready as fuck to put an end to the american misery

Is this before or after the infrastructure gets obliterated in nuclear fire, thus making the entire point of the invasion invalid?

I don't think Trump cares. He can go to a cushy bunker in fucking Mount Weather and live through it with his cabinet.

Everybody else can die though.

The plan was to nuke the bases with tactical nukes, along with the beaches the USSR will use. The USSR thought they would establish their beachhead under the cover of the radioactive fallout with NBC units that on paper should be immune to it. From there they thought they would move out to conquer Japan with lots of armor.

It's not like this is a surprise. Still don't think North Korea will get kaplooshed but if it does there's only one nation without a central bank or a petrodollar–aside from Venezuela. Attacking through media propaganda has been the US's goto for some time now.

t. Africa, South-America, Eastern-Europe, Asia, Middle-East, a.k.a. everyone else except muh "yurp"

This isn't media propaganda, this has long standing consquences.

What if the next administration, and the administration after that, doesn't call off the 24 hour alert like we did?

If they get used to it, it will stay on forever.

That's not good

Trump is literally living in an episode of 24 we're so fucked


It'st most likely propaganda. The US really doesn't need to take action at this point, since 98 percent of Americans already have a skewed view of NK.

I hope trump gets us all killed in nuclear war, that will trigger the lefties haha

That sounds fucking insane hahah

We'll all be snowflakes

Checkmate libtards

I'm saying it doesn't matter if it's propaganda because it stays on 24 hour alert even after this administration is over. It could stay on 24 hour alert

for the rest of the fucking century

I love seeing this reasoning eat itself and it's always much needed levity. Thanks m8.

The USSR based their plan on the US invasion plan Operation Downfall, they basically modernized and changed the landings from the south to the north of Japan.


*vaporize millions of people*
Triggeret yet leftist? This isn't your safe space.

Nothing will happen you dolts. The elites will never go into a nuclear war willingly. There's just too much shit at stake.

Unless there's nothing at stake

Not yet.

If this stays on for the rest of the century, and Capitalism continues in decline, it could very well mean something does happen.

We are talking the same USA that almost nuked itself and was only saved by dub nuclear bombs when they dropped accidentally armed and dropped on the USA.

If only.

What? Can I get a source on this?

It will continue in decline. That doesn't mean it won't exist.


Couldn't be more wrong. If anything, Free Market capitalism is steadily becoming the new norm.

The DPRK has a central bank…it's just not controled by the Rothschild family. Iran's central bank isn't either.

Yeah that's the dialectic in action user.

How did civilization even get through the Cold War with the US ready to fucking do this stupid shit

Damn. I want americans to die so badly. I swear if you faggots won't start another anti war movment you deserve ecery bit of hate. And nukes

I'm going to have to disagree and say I just don't want to melt.

user if nuclear war happens we're all fucked

And that was only one nuke.


As someone who used to live around that region that freaks me the fuck out

most modern nukes are in the hundreds of kilotons range. (except for the Chinese df-5's at 5 megatons)

Ah yeah, I heard about this. Just got a bit confused with your wording. There have been a couple of instances of bombers crashing with nukes on board.

They were ten days away from invading northern Japan in WWII.

Imagine if it did go off and history was changed because some retard accidentally fucking crashed the special nuke plane that you should never crash, triggering nuclear war because the US nuked itself

That doesn't make it much better, my dude.

Honestly I think the EU/some NATO countries would cut a deal with Russia and China in the eleventh hour and all the yanks would be bombed to shit and intercepted by all sides.

You over estimate the stupidity of men



another literal nuclear take from Holla Forums

Second best case scenario

You underestimate their propensity to not being atomised.

True but this nuke was live and only didn't detonate because its detonator failed to provide a high enough voltage. In short it didn't go off because a fault in the detonator, as all the safeties failed.

Imagine if that happened in a war, and you have the international consequences of a nation learning you dropped a nuke on them but it failed.

That'd really be quite the crisis.

Skimping on safety mechanisms is pretty common with early editions of technology, but they wouldn't fuck up something like not feeding enough voltage on a detonator.

Post what you'll listen to when the bombs start exploding

Well, at the very least maybe Mattis will try and block it?

What's the name of the plan?

freedom aint free
u gotta nuke yourself sometimes to put how good you got things into perspective

I hope Maine's safe, but then again there will probably end up being a lot of radiation from Boston, Springfield, Worchester, Providence, Concord, possibly Hartford, and possibly Portland

I wonder about parts of Manitoba myself.

I think it's mostly posturing. Horrifying and totally stupid posturing, but posturing nonetheless. Maintaining old as shit B-52, as well as re-integrating them into operations, would be costly as hell without any serious added benefit. Not to mention all of the problems adding them back would introduce. Subs and Silos just make more sense.

m-my bad. sorry.


new nuclear winter. more like a nuclear autumn

*no nuclear winter

It doesn't matter where you are in the event of all out nuclear exchange, radiation will come your way.

Unless you are in orbit, meaning those in the International Space Station would be safe except for the complete lack of supplies afterwards.

if not radiation, nuclear winter

Does that mean we are going to live underground for a significant portion of our lives in a disaster like this?

I spotted the problem in your phrasing

Dying while seeing something as beautiful as Earth in orbit doesn't seem too bad in any case. It would be a fate unique.

Mankind's history will be doomed to be morlock in nature afterwards

It could be B2 bombers though, which are currently used and operated.

I hope you're joking. All of those countries depend on a strong US dollar far more than the US does. Also who among them is going to come take it? Hint: No one. Look up the world's aircraft carriers.

AFK, checkmate T.T

Two movies millennial newfigs need to watch if they can't into the effects of nuclear warfare.

The US would survive even if we got Nork'd. A couple major cities would be glassed (and even then not entirely), but it wouldn't be the end of the world. We're talking the difference between Kilotons and Megatons here. I also really really doubt Trump is dumb enough to want to use any Nukes on Korea or anyone else, despite his pre-presidency comments. They're just not all that useful.

Should the B-52s really come back, even then overall risk is *low*, despite how dangerous their 24/7 flights actually were. They've been updated and modernized in the past, and there've been plans to modernize them for awhile now:

This isn't to say that any of this is good, in fact it's fucking stupid. But I wouldn't be running for the hoxha bunkers just yet.

Also When The Wind Blows


It doesn't matter what this administration does, it's what the rest of the century with 24 hour alert on, exactly means in foreign policy. Other nations will see this as implication of a threat.

And they aren't turning it back off. This will be left on indefinitely, long past this administration.

t. increasingly deluded burger


Keep eating that wishful thinking burger, americuck.

They're already defending this shit

What if it's Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem?


That's true, but this also still hinges on whether or not it'll actually be implemented. At the moment, I don't think it will be. It's more dangerous to US security (not to mention costly) than it is beneficial. I still think it's just posturing.

Oh god, please end this EMP meme.

That is fucking horrific how big the Tzar Bomba is since the size of the Hiroshima bombs and Nagasaki bobs managed to take down two cities

Anyone else kinda scared?

I'm scared

I'm scared as fuck because I have part of the family in seoul and others in california.
Plus i'm atomosophobe (fear of atomic explosion and mushroom clouds).

I've been scared for the past six months about this shit.
At least comfort yourself with knowing that nothing will happen for at least four to five weeks, given that Trump's going on a tour in Asia in November

The only meme here is the constant lies Americans tell themselves to sleep at night.


Please stop posting.



inb4 you think nuke KT is actual physical weight

Yes, definitely scared. It will hopefully not result in anything, but the chance is significant enough that we could end up very fucked any minute now.


Neither ivy mike, castle bravo, or the tsar bomba were ever deployed.
and all nukes curretly deployed are under 5 megatons (roosky nukes go up to 800 kt and burger nukes go to about 400 kt tops)

Holla Forums really does think tha real life is an action movie with white people as the protagonist

Really splits my nuclei


what a joke
missile defense so far is a failure story
massive amounts of investment and minuscule results
if nukes fly, it will be a game of chance
the questions is, is Trump a gambler?

I can't even make heads or tails what shut down the atoms means. Atoms needs their bond in order to make up matter. Nuclear reaction is adding or subtracting to the atomic structure. Holla Forums fails at basic high school level understanding of atoms.


he keeps investing in random crap and owns casinos…

Normally I'd write this off but newsanon just posted a story on how Trump is bringing back retired aviation officers to active duty with BIG pay bonuses.

In other news anyone outside of the U.S. interested in marrying me for citizenship so I can get the fuck outta here?

In other other news, post your best draft dodging techniques below!

It's simple user, the atoms will be offline.

The absolute state of Americans. I can't even.


The plan was always to overdose and fade into the void as this plays but nuclear apocalypse will work too

I'm a dual citizen so I'll probably go south if things go horribly wrong.

What would the reaction be - globally - if the US nuked some people for the third time ever in history? How would people react when phone camera footage of the carnage inevitably went public?

Because the nuclear order comes down to the US President, and this narcissist has already started thinking about "President Trump second to ever use nukes" headlines, and during the campaign he specifically avoided saying he wouldn't use nukes.


really activated my atoms

Holla Forums is filled with globalist cocksuckers who like to pretend they're against the establishment. In reality they'd gladly welcome a NWO. Big reason why I no longer browse there. Hope Hiro eventually axes that entire shithole.

I would kill random americans in the streets tbh

If the radiation doesn't kill you, the blast(s) triggering earthquakes probably will.


You're allowed to be afraid of imminent death without making a special diagnosis for it. Otherwise I guess I'm "die of heart disease in my 60s"-phobic

In the occupied 6 counties?

The nuclear fallout kills much more than the initial blast.

No. I'm scared by photos. Is totally different.


No, I mean Mexico.


Yes but who it kills depends a lot on where the detonation was and the prevailing winds. I don't think Japan has high-priority targets, do they? Wouldn't most direct damage from the nukes be radiation from hitting Korea?

Someone then assassinates him in the crowd

He's getting his revenge for the Trump casino failure

bullshit. they stoop up clapping, chanting USA USA

Remember to tip your gunman 15% of the cost of their ammo.


Nah someone blows his brains out

top kek

Holla Forums has the Autism Level of a small rabbit

This would actually be tight as hell.

That's an insult to small rabbits everywhere.

Kim is too pure for this shit.
He would rather get bombed than betray his ideals

If only 4chins decided to force you to show your state when in the US. That way we can know which dumbfuck part of the United States should be nuked first.


and at that point every Holla Forums user simultaneously chopped off their own foreskin and converted in Judaism in honor of based donald and the based jews for saving America


This confirmation of Posadism?

for those who missed it.


oh and

And why nazbols exist suddenly makes sense



Holla Forums not even once

Fucking animals

Well…it is public that the US military tried to built a anti-gravitional plane back in the 1980's. They said they never actually managed to build it and the project was abandoned…but then i remember how in the day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld announced that trillions of dollars disappeared and were used in black book projects, so who knows really what sort of things they achieved with that kind of budgets.

Honestly using nukes could be the final nail in the coffin for US hegemony. it would destroy all credibility America has internationally and give Russia and China the perfect window to start winning allies on the global stage.


think about the land, tho

Better shit on satellites? The only current feasible orbital weapon that doesn't leave radiation are kinetic which requires massive space stations to house.



Welp, it's time for one of those compilations.


That is if Russia and China doesn't also get destroyed by the US and nations allied with us in the apocalypse killing the majority of nations on Earth.

good goy

Seems to me like this is just a smokescreen to distract people from what American imperialists are planning to exploit next.

Oh wow an american being honest about their essence. That's a surprise.
When ffs…when will the world realize that all 300 something million americans have to be exterminated ASAP

best case scenario is that Trump nukes himself by accident tbh

I'm waiting for the Bat'ko video of this thread

And in honor of the /ppl/yps being retarded, sing it with me now.

Oh Mr. Block you were born by mistake!

Fuck bat'ko


Holla Forums's second thread:

Stopped there.

I would if I could but I'm not an Aussie plus he's not gay

Even the straight people here probably want to do that to him tbh

Where did this meme come from in the first place? I've only seen rightists talk about it, no other socialist I know of has talked about it at all

I cannot wait for it forever I want to see our society reformed by it, I don`t want to be part of this eternal unchaining peaceful and worthless continent.

What is Europe that is not defined by its dominating characteristic; warfare? Do we want to sow knowingly the seeds of weakness and decay to this generation without attempting to purify it with total war?


Supposedly, a whole bunch of Antifa blocked a road with signs saying November 4th, which is vague enough that it can interpreted in anyway wants to.

Forgot your flag

Wasn't that the dumb election or so shit?


Using Occam's Razor it's probably the most likely explanation tbh

Except there is no winner in a nuclear war dude. That doesn't improve any generation, it ends it.

You're retarded.

TBH that frog is p sexy.

It ends the industrial society(for limited time), forces society into planned economy for the sake of reforging the society and puts everything into the trust worthy hands of military.

It will kill off the weak city dwellers and bring about agrarian utopia.

You don't understand. The radiation of weapons even 50 years ago could reach for miles upon miles upon miles.

The damage of nuclear exchange is permanent.

This does not solve anything for the working class. You're dumb.

No, that's actually the opposite of what nuclear war does.


I love trump just for the non-nonchalant and coolness of the way he talks. What a legend.

But he talks like he has mouth AIDS


Nuclear weapons don`t create permanent damage the same way as nuclear meltdowns do as radiation caused by them will clear out into atmosphere.

B-but… the big board!

Don't mind the million deaths in between

They cause permenant damage to people. And people down the line as well.

You underestimate how many nukes there are plus you are assuming nuclear reactors won't breach during a nuclear exchange.


I bet Holla Forums could legit get Holla Forums riled up in a fucking frenzy if we just stapled posters that said something like "9065-1 Jan 21 2018 TERMINATE" on a university campus and pretended we were antifa

There are few nuclear reactors around and they are usually not situated in centers of large populations. There are fewer nukes around than there are cities, all of industrial base will not be wiped out. Damage would not be permanent nor cause anew dark age.


The problem is not a direct hit, the problem is disruption of cooling like in Fukushima. Unless all the power plants had advanced warning to idle or shutdown the reactors they are going to be running hot and when the EMP hits all that cooling will stop.

You're underestimating the level of fallout and infrastructural damage that would occur. The inevitable mass repression by FEMA would likely mean the end of liberal democracy (and of any hope for the left) for the foreseeable future.

Do you know what nuclear war is dumbass

But he's right. The national debt is a spook to justify 'tax reforms' in the US which are really just extra benefits for Porky and ironically make the debt worse. But nobody wants to actually make a claim on that shit, because everyone is well aware it would plunge the markets into the abyss.

It's ok the aliens will save us

You`re missing my point almost completely. While what you say is true, it can also be said that there are only few nuclear reactors around the globe in first place.

Death of millions and depopulation of largest metropolitan areas. Nothing that cannot be at later stage fixed. Expect the people who were exposed to nuclear explosions.

The nuclear and North Korea experts I follow on Twitter are confused as hell about this. "Anticipate" is vague as hell. Did they get an order or implication that the Admin wanted this? Has something changed in the situation that isn't publicly known? Is the airforce trying to get more money out of war friendly Trump?

And how will it be implemented? Who are they going to hire? Where is the money going to come from? On what time frame? Does the SecDef support it? What will our allies think of it? There are too many questions that have to be clarified first. I don't think this is anything to worry about in the short term.

Does this have to do with ?
(likely not, methinks)

The ISS smells like dogshit. They can't clean anything out, so every droplet of toothpaste tube pudding that drifts over behind the computers will stay there forever, gathering new and exotic strains of space mold. Also it's ridiculously cramped and in general very unpleasant.

Radiation from one nuke could spread into four surrounding states when we had weapons from 50 years ago

Now intense amounts of radiation would spread into at least ten to fifteen surrounding states

Yeah, but the view.

You trollin, right?

There's around 500 nuclear reactors spread fairly evenly in every region of the globe. Most of those reactors are Gen II reactors that aren't equipped to deal with an EMP.

I don`t see how this is bad thing in first place, since bourgeois democracy is ineffective and anti-meritocratic in first place. Fatherland would only benefit without liberals.

It would also evaporate into atmosphere in matter of hours.

Most of those issues would be short-term, expect with populations exposed to the nuclear blast in first place(although mostly leading to genetic mutations if we are looking at long term effects)

Additionally that radiation that would spread would delude into extremely small amounts.

The 2,600 km2 exclusion zone around Chernobyl is still radioactive to the point it is not advisable for people to live there, and visitors/workers all have to ware dosimeters.

Chernobyl was cased by nuclear meltdown, not explosion. This is why Hiroshima is habitable even today, while Chernobyl is not.

chernobyl is completely different from a nuclear blast

It doesn't matter becuse the initial exposure of ionizing radiation would be so intense across such a vast area that anything in contact even in a span of hours would be damaged on a genetic level.

Your ideas are fucking retarded. Stop posting.

FEMA would have the ability to indefinitely and unilaterally take power in the event of a catastrophic nuclear strike. You'd have to be retarded to view this as a good thing.
You're a faggot who doesn't know what liberalism is. Read a book and stop being a pseudo-socialist technocratic faggot.

That does not include the whole population, since we can assume form nuclear weapon strike zones that not every square kilometer of human settlements would be targeted nor striken uppon.


And you think reactors will not get exposed in a nuclear exchange? Stop and think how it would be for workers in a nuclear reactor while the bombs fall. The reactor and control center are protected by lead shielding but the pump houses are not. Then there is the issue that shock waves from nuclear blasts could blow the shielding off reactors.

I doubt they would be used since they have not been produced en-masse like more conventional nuclear weapons(especially since the global nuclear stockpile is constantly getting older and smaller).

Do people don't understand the fact that over 2000 nuclear explosions have taken place, yet the world doesn't live in a permanent fallout zone??

people need to learn their nuculear physics

I just said the ionizing radiation can spread into 10 to 15 surrounding states at a cosquential level in consquential time, effecting everything it comes across


Wow, it's almost like test explosions are done in such a way to avoid negative effects on surrounding populations!

You're retarded then.

test explosions are done over deserts and oceans for a reason, you know


500 nuclear wastelands is not something that we could not recover form.

In inconsequential amounts and mostly to higher levels of atmosphere. and since humans usually don`t live 10km form the sea level I doubt its effects as we did see form bombing of Japan in the first place.

An aberration rather than the norm.

You're delusional.

Is radiation actually good for you?
10 suspicious facts the government is not telling you about the positive effects of radiation

I just said in consequential amounts.

After the initial blast, it can spread rapidly into surrounding states in a short amount of time before dispersing. This is what, ten or more nuclear detonations in a single time, does

You are fucking stupid and nobody since the first bomb was dropped actually agrees with your assessment of what nuclear war would look like

You are stupid and I'm glad you would die if it came down to it.

nuculear, it's spelled nuculear

because doing them in a city would be costly and retarded

nuclear bombs do not pollute the land in the same way a nuclear meltdown does

Those bombs were nothing compared to the nukes that exist today

My country is small enough to be only hit by single bomb if the war starts. I will be fine, like most of the population

except they literally tested the same nukes that are armed right now

do you think they didn't test their current weapons


I'll be ok, I'll be ok

He says, as the first 25 detonations occur

Nuclear radiation is actually good for you. I've seen the hulk


The last nuclear test done on land was in the early 1980's…

Most tests were done underground, and the weapons tested above-ground were mostly on the lighter end of the spectrum.

it ended in 95 or something

those are actually worse than above ground tests, so if most were done underground we would have tons of radiactive fallout, but we don't because most tests were done above the ground, which is where you want a nuclear bomb to explode in order to yield the highest damage

No it ended in the early 80's.

Read this you fucking retard:

watch the video, pakistan detonated nukes in 98


working on video

Pretty sure they did. It was in the interest of both parties to follow the treaty, and there's no seismological evidence to suggest they didn't (aside from a few unintentional breaches on the part of the USSR)


now we wait.



Well…i remember reading that when the USSR tested the Tsar bomb the mushroom clond could be seen in Sweden, Finalnd and Norway and even blasted some windows in those same countries. Don't think we would know if one of those modern nukes was tested?


That isn't physically possible tbh

fucking excellent

jfc. Also I'm pretty sure our laser arsenal is occupied keeping birds from landing in our toxic water and dying.

this hurts the poltard's vanity and ideology


Put me in the screencap.

it wont be until the air sirens are going off and the dark sky is only illuminated by the burning fuel of a nuclear missle headed straight for them that they might begin to wish they had spent less time on that board…

Air raid sirens don't exist anymore, they took the one for my community down decades ago in the 1990's.

Ever notice that the same districts that voted Democrat in the 2016 election are the same ones that would be targeted in a nuclear exchange??? Russian interference anyone????

We still have ours, repurposed as fire alert sirens however they're tested every first wednesday of the month - always gives me pause and think maybe it's finally happening before I remember just how dull and benign our reality is

I live close enough to the Florida capitol to see the cloud/flash but hopefully escape the radiation.

fuck me, looks like I'm gonna be ash

Virtual Endless Posadism soon, comrades

I don't get it, why do we think world-ending nuclear war is coming? Because we're reverting back to the cold war with arguably less dangerous and more friendly opponents (excluding NK)?

take your time, don't rush it

A tiny fraction of this is arsenal is enough to end human existence completely, you know.

why is the DPRK unfriendly? Because they refuse american globalism? The only thing i can point out as unfriendly was when they scretly landed in Japan and kidapped some japanese people back to the DPRK, but this was in the 1960's ffs…

Another way to frame my question: Why do we think nuclear deterrence doesn't work anymore?

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You're joking right? You really wouldn't classify the DPRK's recent provocations as unfriendly? I understand being sympathetic to to them, but saying they're not unfriendly pushes the limits of credulity

It is more dangerous then the cold war, NATO and the Warsaw Pact both understood that war between them would have to be all or nothing. Today you have the USA thinking it can have a limited war against Russia, with Hillary calling for a "limited" air war against Russia.

Kek, yep. They rather be death than have their snowflake muh privileges taken away from them.

Election's over. Get it together.

I'm phone posting because my computer is in the shop

Because tensions between Nato and SCO never have been higher?






Post your (You)s.


The car's on fire, and there is no driver at the wheel….


Here's the vid, lads.

Another instance of >who cares if the world gets nuked >the real problem is muh memegrants >:((

Oh really now…

tfw your shitposts make it into the bat'ko video

Edgy high-school pleb tier.

please put in the description bar. I want to shill it on pol. reply to me when you did

Tallahassee is such a nothing city. What a waste of a nuke.

You can take the science out of an argument, but not the argument out of the science.

It's because (outside of a few places) no one lives in Bumfuck Hillbilly country except republicans. The populated districts tend to be more democratic.

We're famous

Yea he's pretty edgy His movie was the cringiest thing ever made by human hands. I'd still listen to it though.


War never changes

You are not wrong but at least I live in a shitty small town north of it instead of the city.

someone send this to Eric Garland

While the meme has been run into the ground by Reddit already.
This thread makes me think of the stupid 4chan copy-pasta of Rick and Morty "to be fair…" except replace it and make it nuclear themed. Since some people in this thread are so fucking retarded to think that nukes are good and will only hurt us in the short term

your preaching to the deaf

the only thing right-wingers understand is a bullet

Only legitimate long-term grievances have been nuclear winter(food shortages in Europe and North America),aftermath with nuclear reactors and genetic diseases for some portions of the population.
graze danmaku till I die, bitch

can I recommend some music?
It's Canadian, so you know it's suited for top-tier shitposting

It’s times like this that I’m actually thankful to live in the rural south.



Surprised nobody posted this yet.
Myself I don't think I'll listen to anything to be perfectly honest. I live close enough to a military base that the blast from a modern warhead would kill me instantly.

God damn, I always forget how good it is.

Ok guys since Fallout:New Vegas is gonna get the IRL update soon. Legion or NCR?


Kek, this is genius.

Suddenly feels good to be living in rural Australia.

but why?

Please make this stop guys, I'm begging you. I'll admit I'm triggered, please make it stop.


Followers of the Apocalypse

We've been through this, Followers and The Kings

If you see the flash just kys to spare yourself the torment of slow death from radiation

Okay, I'm off to find god because fuck it I might as well.

Great reason to watch this gem again

Blocked in bongistan, but:

Dudes World war 1 happened becouse the rich where bored of peace

Nuclear war isn't profitable at all while there was immense profit made after WW1.

The threat of nuclear war however is very profitable.

How was WW1 profitable for the powers that pushed it? (germany, austria, ottomans), it was literally bourgeoisie being bored so they decided to mount a spectacle

At the time the central powers were looking at having a empire that could compete with the British by gobbling up the remains of the Ottoman empire. The British empire naturally wanted to defend its dominant position.

You are right, and USA is losing its position to china. It makes sense for them to defend their position right now

It would have been very profitable if they won. And they sure made a killing during the war.

The problem is MAD still exists and military theoreticians never been able to square the circle of war with a major nuclear power. Every war game has the Russians even today dropping tactical nukes like candy across Europe to clear a path for the armor divisions to race across to Paris while NATO does the same thing to try and get their armor divisions to Moscow.

Venezuelan here, will trade

just come to the canaries friend many people from Venezuela are coming here plus its a lot better than burger land

Eternal Anglo in action

Guy if nuclear war happens imagine how comfy that thread will be holy shit. Dreary music, news pouring in about aftermath, wild speculation/betting on next city. I don't want the bombs to drop and I don't think they will but if they do I'm looking forward to the thread.

Looks like it was just posturing. Makes sense, given how unnecessary and inefficient re-integrating the b-52s would be

Honestly, having to live in a nuked-out world sounds far, far worse than near-instantaneous death.

Besides, it's the only way to destry your soul.

It will be okay user. You have to have faith in Mutually Assured Destruction.

This is not about norks but for 2nd strike capability against Russia.


US maintains ~852 warheads on alert at all times anyway; re-introducing 24/7 bomber alert doesn't increase safety in any regard. People saying the report is really more about the refurbishing of the B-52, which has been reported on since Obama admin. If you're worried about Nukes, look to Trump's incoming nuclear policy and potential development of so-called "mini-nuke" (think MGS3).


MAD assumes rational actors, the mess the US made in the Middle East yet it wanting even more war suggests the USA is far from being rational.


Holy shit that is top tier.

Middle East was damn rational from US hawk perspective. Permanent war is a huge benefit to MIC and doesn't necessarily affect MAD w/r/t China & Russia. Even Trump understands MAD, even if he doesn't expand it to Iran and North Korea. Please elaborate.


The USA handed the Middle East to the Saudis and Iranians on a silver platter to the point neither have to care what the US wants in the region. Iran has Russia to protect it and Saudi Arabia openly funds terrorism against the USA in order to carve out its own empire.


So they didn't give the alert order, but rather gave an alert order for an alert order being given?

But if the US assumes that Saudi's empire can a) be contained b) be ultimately beneficial and c) not result in any nuclear race/escalation (all of these, I think, the US holds, and has reason to hold) it doesn't really result in any compromise of MAD. Everyone knows what the US is after, and knows what it is and isn't willing to sacrifice in order to maintain economic and political hegemony. I still don't see how MAD isn't being held between the great powers atm, even if we're headed towards a new era of proxy warfare.

I should clarify that none of this is in any way good, but any sort of nuclear violence is far more likely to be limited and between so-called minor nuclear powers (Pakistan and India, North Korea) than any major ones.

It's even deeper than that, it's an alert to the potential of an alert order being alerted to alert level. As stated in the US has always had nukes on alert level. It's nothing.

It still isn't what was outlined in the Project for the New American Century where the US was suppose to have pupped the entire Middle East by now, making them all as docile as Canada is to the USA. Instead when the USA got rid of Saddam it turned the Middle East into a great power grab between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia with Iran and Russia taking the lion share of the spoil of war.

Not denying that, still has proven beneficial to MIC. My main point is that proxy landgrabs don't invalidate MAD, otherwise all of our conflicts with the USSR would've escalated immediately. Even though we don't have any red telephone, I don't see any case for nuclear war with China or Russia; nobody wants one nor thinks that tensions are so poor to expect preemptive action.

LMAO nice save, bro. You mean refugees that US imperialism created?

The issue is that despite its military failing in Iraq and Afghanistan more then it did in Vietnam, the US ruling class wants more war. The DoD is so out of touch with reality it thinks war with Russia would be easier then Iraq and Afghanistan thus why Hillary said we should have an air war against Russia.

Tomorrow I'll wake up and they'll be like
"There's no more USA! There was a nuclear war!"
and I'll be like

Nuke USA

The Russia mongering is dangerous, and I can agree that the military is over confident in all regards, but the question is whether or not Hillary's belligerent statement actually reflects any current military posture. I'm not sure it does, especially in the Trump administration. War with Russia at this point seems entirely subversive via economic, political, and electronic instead of hot. If you add the US' increasing political isolation with Europe's warming up to Russia and China, I just don't think all out, let alone nuclear, war is in the mix. Of course I may just be too optimistic about this whole thing, but I just tend to think that the powers that be are more evil and calculating than dumb and blind.

Has the DoD made any real critical annalist on why it completely failed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Nope, instead think tanks dream up even larger wars with the same bloated and ineffective army that fought as badly as the Italians did in Ethiopia leading up to WWII. All they asked for Trump is more money for more of the same the same, any talk of reforming the US Army to take in account lessons from recent wars are instantly is shot down. This is the DoD we have to view as rational for MAD to work.

doesn't look like an authentic infograph tbh

Further confirmed. Bombers are not going on 24/7 alert, but alert centers, which have been in regular use since the cold war, are simply being updated.

we're more kraut than anything

Democracy Now mentioned it in their headlines report @ 2:04…
pic unrelated

nuclear war when?

As much as it is a meme I am actually becoming really worried about such an event.

I have become and unironic Posadist now and I generally believe that it be best to not nuke the world rather use that nuclear energy to become a type 1 civilization and go to the stars after we beat the fuck out of capitalism.

Then we can talk with our alien comrades for it is only when proletariat is in dire need will we be saved. But because of the mass UFO coverups world wide the countries world wide don't want us to know about our Alien comrades for they fear Full Automatic Space Communism from the Stars beyond.

Why do they fuck up Montana, North Dakota and that corner of Wyoming/Nebraska/Colorado in the 2000 nuke scenario?

May I ask?

What exactly is even the point of nukes in this day an age? Most wars in the modern era are about control over shit: territory, resources, etc. If you nuke something, it gets completely wiped out and becomes unusable, the fuck is the point of that?

It's basically a form of terror bombing, something that was common back in WW2 as a way of trying to get the enemy to surrender, the atom bomb was the ultimate "terror bomb". I don't really see the point in terror bombing these days, though. Nukes are a completely counter-productive weapon in every way.

the point is not to cause total annihilation, but to destroy industrial and military capacity of your enemy
targets are usually industrial production centers and places of concentration of the enemy military forces

after nukes have done their part you're supposed to steamroll the living shit out of your enemy
in case of soviet doctrine it was a massive airborne landing operation spanning the whole of united states, from west coast to east

holy shit, it all makes sense now. He gets all the major cities blown up, businesses and people come rushing to middle america. All the desolate old mining and oil towns start bustling again. It was always apart of the plan.

Then why in these maps are they targeting population centers?

If they actually dropped the bombs in these locations, there would literally be nothing left to capture. If bombs like in actually hit, there would be no more United States to take over. Most of the population would be dead, all business and industry would be gone along with all the government infrastructure. What's the point of capturing the dead, irradiated husk of a nation?

That's were the US has its IBM silos IIRC

5D chess people


because burger missile silos are there

Maybe he likes stalker instead?

Of course you are good sassenach.

Ground burst leaves radiation.
Airburst is more powerful and leaves no radiation.
Unless you get hit by a bunker buster or something there is no reason to worry too much about radiation