How did this guy go from editing a newspaper to organizer and commander of the Red army...

How did this guy go from editing a newspaper to organizer and commander of the Red army? Where did his military prowess come from?

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Being a commander is easy as fuck. You just have to learn how to deliberate with your generals.

trotsky was the original trot. of course he got there somehow

I don't know, maybe it was all the western funding

Deutscher briefly talks about that in The Prophet Armed:

So, probably, he learned most of it by bookworming, although I do recall a later passage that said many of the Bolshevik leadership had some grasp of military issues, so maybe russian social-democracy, particularly after 1905, prepared its member for that.

Remember, socialists back then were nothing like the mess we are today. We're talking about people who became Socialists when Engels was at the height of his influence, sending letters and writing articles about how their goal in the electoral arena is to press for so many radical demands that the german ruling classes would have no option but to overthrow democratic institutions, which he hoped would mobilize the masses and the army for armed conflict. Lenin himself took these matters seriously enough to send Bolshevik agents, even before 1905, to learn how to make bombs with separatists in Bulgaria, and set up explosive factories in Russia. The idea of armed struggle, for that generation, wasn't a distant worst-case-scenario like it is today, it was central to all their politics. So assume they all had some understanding of this shit, and Trotsky, who worked mostly with literature and wasn't that busy with party affairs due to his political isolation between 1905 and 1917, was simply enough of an idle nerd to outlearn everyone else.

He was a genius with lots of education, not a brainlet like Stalin.

If he was so smart why didn't he have any friends (groupies like Kahlo don't count)?

Diego Rivera wasn't a groupie though

Reminder that Trotsky was a chad alpha who cucked his own loyal follower

Because Russians were reactionary proles who fell for Stalin's nationalist bs and anti-semitic, anti-intellectualist propaganda. Trotsky was way more intelligent (and crucially, right) that everyone else and they resented that, as it played into the "smug out of touch cosmopolitan jew" image people already had of him.

Trotsky was too smart for Russia and the Soviet Union.

True there actually is a correlation with being and introvert and smart because people tend to let their ego be threatened by intelligence.

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he really wasn't that brilliant of a leader though, the generals did most of the work and he just kept thing together

German money and support, Russian soldiers and officers.
Trotsky and the other intelligensia's war efforts are very overstated, you have to understand that it's big level decisions people at their level deal with while soldiers were doing the actual groundwork to implement them.

Soldiers are the same everywhere. It's the military organisation and tradition, and equipment of course, that wins wars. Trotsky really did create the Red Army on the smoldering corpse of the old regime, and remnants of its obsolete army, and that's no small achievement.

German Empire was directly fighting Red Russia, and provided their enemies no money and support, dear guest from Holla Forums

his journalistic activities included covering the Balkan wars

Don't forget that the Social-Democratic Worker's Party of Russia (Bolshevik) were in a state of war with the Imperial government, which meant that most members had to get a significant organiser, as well as intelligence and counterintelligence experience. If you read about some shit they did, James Bond would look like a little baby.

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