Why do most leftist women demand subordination from leftist men?

I can't for the life of me understand why most other leftist women constantly berate, make fun of, and demand things from you leftist men.

It's hardly reciprocated in user-anon spaces. And none of you complain about it where it matters.
(Although if you are to complain, don't be caustic about it, and be diplomatic)

femanon out

Can you give some examples?

I don't know, maybe 'cuz you insist we oppress you systematically?

They want to anger us so we'll hit them when we fuck them. I honestly don't know what you mean, can you give examples?

liberals arent leftists, newfag

I don't know what are you talking about…i've never seen leftist women behaving the way you are describing it and that includes my mother, who is a communist.

wish I could get a girl like that tbh

…. newfag



Because you're talking to lib boys who walk on eggshells not real lefties

When I get into power the first thing I'll do is to mandate that everyone going on dates split the bill. Womyn expecting the man to pay for everything is disgusting and it's created a new bourgeois class of parasites who just prey on men pretending to like them but in reality are just getting free food. I'll also fix marriage/divorce laws so that womyn just can't go "lol see you" one year after marriage and just take half your income half the house and custody of kids.

Read Escaping the Vampire Castle.

most don't; you just pay way too much attention to a couple extremely online and highly vocal ones

We are not your Rosas, Emmas, Simones, Leilas, or Ulrikes. Our participation in radical leftist movements isn't intended to serve as masturbation material for commie incels.

Literally what the fuck are you talking about? I was walked over more by my conspiracy theory obsessed ex than any leftists I've dated.

What the fuck are you talking about.

We know that…and none of those women are good masturbation material anyway. Way too much clothing.

Me too user.

OP here, meant non-user

It's just an online thing
It's better IRL

Because men allow it and because #UGOGRRL rags have convinced women that being a histrionic bitch is somehow being "strong and empowered".

You think feminism would be able to affect any sort of change without an army of thirsty betas?

That said, there are plenty of normal women out there, stop hanging out with the shitty ones.

Why do you oppress women user? Most men don't.

Who even talked about incels. Get the sand out of your pussy/take your meds/whatever, you are the one with a problem

On another note, am I the only one who's gotten more dominant ever since becoming a leftist?

Back when I was a rightist, there was a time when I used to fantasize about being an actual, factual cuckold. Now that anxiety's pretty much gone, and I'm finally in a decent relationship with someone I care for.

That's comment is unconscious female preselection judgements on steroids

OP here, I wasn't trying to paint leftist men as "cucks, just point out that I'm seeing a lot of other leftist women act caustically toward men just cuz, and if they are angry, with an extreme amount of contempt that I never see reciprocated

A lot of it is like

Because American women are mostly socialized to be "big children".

No, a riot in the streets submissive in the sheets gf is best gf.

Can you give some examples?

Well user this IS a Chad board after all.

"men are trash"
"men are literally trash"
"leftist men are trash"
using "fragile masculinity" in a way it wasn't intended to be used and just using it whenever a man is showing weakness

"I don't owe you x" when a person is making simple request

i could go on forever!

Because leftist men are weak willed creepy rapey betas.

that's just what I see other leftist women imply, but it's not true

for the record leftist women say the same thing about rightist men just as much

Femanon, get off twitter because nothing good will come from there.

You "respect" women and they shit all over you because you're weak and drank the gender egalitarian Kool aid.

they do it to men who disagree with them in the slightest, not their whitenight "allies"

Everyone shits on everyone. If you get hurt by women shitting on you and think its wrong, you should quit posting

Because your cunt is larger than mine.

The majority of people I spend my time with are Leftists and not a single one say any of these things unironically. Consider you're hanging out with the Bad Crowd™.

post tits


It's quite hard to wage a revolution in a bikini, even harder to wage it in a niqab.



fetish material tbh

why do you care so much about female preselection of other males

Because the leftist men want to get laid so they just accept any bullshit the leftist women say. And typically leftists are leftist first: they hang out with leftists, they talk with leftists, most of their friends are leftists.

Not having a social milieu besides political ones to attend your social needs is a recipe to disaster. So much bullshit leftist drama would be avoided if guys didn't have to nod through whatever bullshit Eve Peyser said because they're desperately trying to bang them.

You're absolutely right. To be honest i wouldn't mind if women would return to dress like Rosa did and women in her time.
All of this women wearing very short shorts and mini skirts that look like belts have become boring.

I'm still not sure these people are real. I've never seen such a creature in meatspace



t. user that isn't even a girl
What exactly would leftist women "make fun " of, "berate" or even "demand"?
Common decency and to be treated how they'd like to be treated?




Maybe once you actually got a gf you realized you didn't really wanna see other guys fuck her

Good girls don't make history, or some shit like that. For people who wish to achieve collective goals, lefties sure do like to take personal credit every step of the way.