How can the right call us cucks when their entire ideology promotes submission to authority?

How can the right call us cucks when their entire ideology promotes submission to authority?

It doesn't matter if they're traditional or "libertarian"; they both advocate vesting absolute power in a small handful of people and hoping for the best.

they think communism = stalinism

They don't see it as submission to authority. They see it as the natural order. It's stupid really. Hobbes destroyed non-egalitarians hundreds of years ago.


So they're stupid? Got it.

no, they think it means getting taxed and giving black people free shit.


Also known as "the vanguard party"

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Seriously this. Op you don't realise how ironic you sound.

All communists want to do is obscure the hierarchy and pretend it's for the good of the people

Some of us want to do this, but ultimately M-Ls want to end the state and classes just like any other communists. Most of us don't want a vanguard though; we want the workers to rule directly (i.e., true democracy). We want a stateless, classless, and (if anarchist) hierarchyless society.

How else are you supposed to install the DotP if not with a vanguard?

A revolution.

Read. Lenin. Faggot.

First off I'd like to point out that Leninist party vanguards are pretty close to the Blanquist "dictatorship of the minority," which Marx critiqued and contrasted with his dictatorship of the proletariat. To answer your question, councilism. Actually give all power to the Soviets and let them keep it this time. True dictatorship of the proletariat class, not just the party.

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Difficult to believe but I'll give you benefit of the doubt. So what happens after the glorious revolution this time? What steps do you take ensure the same thing that has happened many times doesn't happen this time?

Of course. Otherwise we get to present state of things.
We need to gulags to keep the useless people away. I wish things weren't like this, but there's just too many people out there who shouldn't be allowed to live in society. It's a pity that most people on this board fails to understand that…

Take for isntances this post . If a revolution started today with the goal of doing what this post describes, there would be a ton a people who are evil, corrupted, filled with rage, hate and greed who would claim there communists their entire lifes and would use the new system to get to power positions. This is how Putin got to where he is, and Gorbachev as well, because after Stalin was dead there were no more thsi sort of people being sent to die in the gulag.

I don't want to put humans in charge of a socialist state tho, I'd rather wait until we're capable of creating an AI that could automate things for us.

Not him but if that was to happen today I'd want every government official to be kept under a strict mass surveillance program that would monitor nearly every aspect of their lives.

Simple, we make power decentralized and ultimately vested in worker's councils. Essentially, direct democracy.

The solution to the problem you mention is to make it so that all power is directly vested in the workers. The workers could elect instantly-revocable delegates if necessary, but most decisions could be made on the local level. The instant-revocability of these delegates, along with a policy of total transparency, would prevent them from abusing their power.

This is an option too, along with a mandatory policy of total governmental transparency.

Direct democracy is a meme. What we need is a centralized AI.

The two aren't by any means mutually exclusive. You could have an AI-planned economy with elected managers and a direct-democratic political system for example.

We want to obscure what doesn't exist?

To add to that, the AI would probably become mostly irrelevant once post-scarcity is reached. Marx pointed out that economic planning was only a temporary solution, and would be phased out once communism was reached. But until then an AI system would work fine for planning.

Also a meme,.

psychological projection

Have to agree with this. I think digitalism and singularity nonsense is kind of belief that Silicon Valley will save us all. That's not going to happen.



I've seen Holla Forumsacks respond to this meme saying we are real cucks because communism would a. let the Jews take control or b. let hoards of brown people in the country.

Oh and also they say some shit like "If I submit to authority for the greater good of society and it's people, I'm not cucking myself since it benefits me too". I think the argument they try to go for is similar to the anarchist one of collectivism also helps individualism too.

I don't see how "it's not cuckoldry if I enjoy it" is similar to anarchists recognising capitalism is very anti-individualistic in practice.

Rightists have low lQ

Because they're tremendously collectivist in a pathological way. The 'Volk' (People) or the State is everything, the individual means nothing. All that is relevant is how your People relates to another. If your People is being undermined from the inside by parasites and forced to submit to another, then you are forced into the position of cuckold. Restoring your People to the position of superiority by destroying those who are cuckolding your nation to the outsiders will end this. Individuals are irrelevant.

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This is correct.
Hence why we call Leninism and it's off-shoots "red fascism".

what does this have to do with communism

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