Former Holla Forumsacks of Holla Forums, unite!

anyone else went from believing in cultural marxism to reading marx and realizing he was right all along?

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I woke up when I realized the Jews weren't the problem because half the elites were the glorious "white" master race and they were still fucking us all anyway. Then I thought about what incentive elites would have to have political division, and the answer is of course it distracts the masses from targeting the real enemy and instead has them target each other or chase red herrings that make them sound like crackpots.

For me it was from podcasts and jacobins ABCs of socialism. I never wanted to worship daddy marx and his theories like other "real leftists". That hero worship just doesn't sit right with me

OP here, forgot my flag. I'm not some dogmatic marxist, but I read Marx and realize his insights are very valuable.

wow that's impressive…you went from Holla Forumstard to understanding that although important Marx isn't the last cookie int he package. Fantastic!

No I got laid in high school so I never fell for that.

I work in the service industry all my life, I don't create any value. I don't want to hear that I'm worthless. Even according to marx some electrician or pipefitter "deserves" great wealth since he's entitled to that labor power. And my job, in a salon.

How can I accept that?

I wonder about Holla Forumsacks a lot, do you goys jumped straight to Holla Forums from Holla Forums or from le reddit?

I started using Holla Forums during the election and thought "hey these guys are pretty smart and they see what's really going on" and then eventually I realized it was just brainwashing echo chamber. I always agreed with the left more except for idpol shit so it was good to find that not every leftist falls for that because Holla Forums leads you to believe they do.

As an oldfag what I saw was Holla Forums become the new Holla Forums rather than Holla Forumstards go to Holla Forums. Of course early on there was a mix of people from different boards including Holla Forums, but the population explosion I think mainly came from places like reddit.

Was a right-leaning Holla Forumstard prior to 2010, then ran into some people in ARA who introduced me to revolutionary socialism

Service work creates value just like how directly producing commodities creates value user. If you work in a hair salon, that's the reason services that require longer time (such as coloring women's hair or whatever it's called) costs more than a simple men's haircut, because it requires more socially necessary labour time, thus adding to the value of the final product.

I went from le reddit to /r9k/ then to Holla Forums.
This was before the Trump craziness. I got sucked in from Stormfront brigaders on r/worldnews

I dabbled into hating poor people, basically libertarian, then I wanted a strong welfare state to stop fun, but I couldn't get behind Hitler.
Saw a Holla Forums communism general troll thread and somebody dropped a link to here.

After seeing Holla Forums shill for Zionism (Trump) I said -fuck it-, I'm now a syndicalist who agrees with Marx on capitalism.
Still am against 'degeneracy' (polygamy, drag queens, overt sexuality) but I know those are caused by capitalism not some obscure Jewish university professor from 1954.

2bh I think if the left didn't have so many SJWs and talked more like the old left it would absolutely destroy the right.

thanks fam

Being a robot is what formed the gateway from casual hatred of women to Holla Forums. I got laid shortly after I came out as a communist.

user please

4chan Holla Forums and Holla Forumstard, went to Holla Forums around 2013, actually quit it before the elections
Holla Forums has a complete stranglehold now but wasn't that bad back then, but you could notice the changes on Holla Forums from casual "lol niggers" humor to calls for genocide.

as shitty as Holla Forums was, Holla Forums becoming the vanguard of 4chan killed it

Nibba what. If you are a waiter delivering food and taking orders you are adding to SNLT.
And let's say you have a job that doesn't actually create value (i.e. banking, copyright law some bullshit) you should be angry that you have to work a job that's completely fucking pointless.

Hence why the elites in the media etc. push idpol shit every chance they get.

capitalists user, capitalists
stop talking like a reactionary

I was a Holla Forumslack up until a couple of months ago. It didn't take much for me to learn better though, i've never been a racial supremacist, imperialist, woman hater or anything. All i ever believed, even when i was as Holla Forums as it gets, is that people in general were misguided, either by jews or the bourgeoisie, and even then i had a jewish friend who was just straight up not even capable of all the evil shit Holla Forums accuses them of. I gave it some thought, and i realized that, even if there is a high percentage of jews at the top, it's probably because those guys are supremacist too! So now i think supremacy is the enemy, even thought i still believe everyone is different and unique, so i want a system that will allow people to be different and unique without allowing any one group of people to rise to power and get rid of everyone else, because supremacy and imperialism are just plain douchery. I'm still "spooked" because i'm religious and i believe in diversity instead of equality, and i still believe that white people (and everyone else) have a right to exist as a unique people (because i don't believe in genocide, you know?), but that's better than scapegoating everyone but the elites.

Virgins are reactionaries waiting to happen.

Being spooked is fine as a leftist as long as it doesn't affect your political work. Like mixing state and church for an example

What about the worker receiving full value of thier labor power. I thought that was a big part of socialism. My point was only that my work is a lot less valuable, however you spin it

You can’t tell me what to do! You’re not even my real mom!

Alright here's my story

I took the bluepill then I took the redpill then I took the yugopill

How does those IMF loans taste cuck?

Don't worry user you will be paid exactly the same amount as a brain surgeon, just like in cuba.

Please stop listening to marksuccs who are parroting Lassalle after he got wrecked by Marx. Read Critique of the Gotha Programme, it's very short and Marx adressed this question very early on.

What the right calls cutural marxism has nothing to do with Marx himself.

I'm not going to blame you, because it's a strange term

'Cultural Marxism' is the porky frankfurt school's invention of critical theory, and applying marx's ideas on class in a completely different direction.

It was designed to push the actual worker and laborer to the side, and instead use idpol to create 'oppressed minorities' into the new 'proletariat', regardless of their class.

Cultural Marxism has nothing to do with class theory, hence why the elite push it to distract people from class consciousness

Hello. I defected from Holla Forums today because they tried to shut down any conversations about things that triggered them. How welcome is free speech here (or freedom to argue at that) and how often do people get banned for speaking out, like they do on Holla Forums all the time?

Reading political books can be hard user. Marx and Engels didn't really write many books aimed at the proletariat, instead they were aimed as an exposure towards the bourg. Take your time when reading. There's nothing wrong with having a hard time understanding a book from over a century ago. The manifesto is the most inclusive book they wrote, so try and stick to it for a few weeks and see how it goes
Good luck user!

Cultural marxism isn't real dude, you're stuck in a weird transition between Holla Forums and Holla Forums
I can't say I'm that big of a fan of critical theory of the frankfurt school but they were definitely not porkies

You can post loud and proud with the nazi flag and as long as you don't argue in bad faith (emphasis on bad faith) you don't get banned

Just don't shitpost or derail threads and you should be okay.

You can be an asshat as much as you want here, but if you're uninformed and act like an asshat you can probably expect gulag from your fellow posters
Other than that, go nuts

You'll get banned for spamming if you post "commies BTFO" but the mods are either more lenient than Holla Forums or more incompetent.

My impression is that for the most part, as long as you argue in good faith and don't break the board rules you won't get banned.

Ironically we have more free peaches than Holla Forums

This notion was abandoned in the early 1890s because it doesn't make sense.
Marx addresses this in the Critique of the Gotha Programme.

That's cool fam. We need to aim at making a world with less work.

Also not an argument, wages in Cuba are completely different for a prole in Cuba since they do not have to buy the necessities of their life (rent, medicine), so who cares?
Not like they have a shortage of doctors either. They have an abundance of them and send the most medical aid out of any country in the entire world.

I used to be an unironic NutSac, then I started watching Common Flith and thought "whites kill themselves by instinct, why help?", then I found this place and slowly realized most of what I thought was bullshit

I realised that NutSac was still capitalism plus I'm a homo so it was never really going to work out in the long run

I'm not sure if socialism is possible but it seems like the only alternative
Then again I'm a brainlet that has a hard time understanding and paying attention to books

Don't suppose any of you want to form a conversion squad and shill up Holla Forums?

I see, thanks. I got these information from YouTube videos

They had no qualms with supporting capitalist institutions because it benefited their commodification of culture.
It's a spook designed as a safety net to keep people from uniting along class lines.

The family structure was destroyed under hypercapitalism in the USA because porky knew putting women in the workplace would be more profitable.

If anything, during the cold war the USSR had a more "reactionary" social climate than the USA, because frankfurt school values thrive the best under capitalism

Also as a sidenote, I find the amount of newfags going on Holla Forums during the election to be really odd

The key to a good conversion squad is having enough people to bump each other's threads and keep a conversation (which contradicts the Holla Forums echo chamber) going. If you don't do this, your threads will get slid and go largely unnoticed.

Without the aid of books, it is pretty damn hard to imagine a stable socialist economy, when all we've seen our entire lives is the economical opposite.
Here in Sweden we're trying to make the idea and aspect of socialism appealing and understandable for the proletariat who can't grasp economics or politics. Mainly because we don't want them to be exploited by the reactionaries. Summarizing Marx in a pamphlet is damn near impossible

Nutsac is supposed to be socialism, user. You just started focusing on trying to enforce TRUE socialism.

I understand where you're coming from when you say white people destroy themselves by instinct, but i'm pretty sure commonfilth is completely insane by now. I hope you gave it some more thought, i personally believe white people (and other intelligent races with low birth rates etc.) only destroy themselves because porky doesn't want any intelligent proles in competition with him. I hope that doesnt sound too spooked, i'm still giving my theory some thought.

Nice meme

all we'd need to do is get a discord going where people can post threads they are despooking in, and others can back them up

I'm in, i want to rescue as many misguided leftists as possible from that shithole, knowing i was one of those people myself.

Can I ask how you managed to make your sexuality and Nutsac compatible in the first place?

No user, i agree it isn't true socialism (notice the qualifier "supposed to be")

Supposed to be acording to which self proclaimed nazi?


I tried to give Asser a chance, but I couldn't really much to support he was a lefty. Got any link?

That's great, I did on Holla Forums before some spergs tried to call me leftypol for being realistic, so I came here lol.

Occasional fun posting is okay though, right? it's why I left Holla Forums, we can't even speak about communism unless you want to get banned five times over and have the thread reduced to pointless shit flinging.

Yeah there is a dedicated shitposting thread active at all times, you can also make funny or saterical threads as long as it's topical to politics or economy


Also, what do you guys think about Mussolini being a communist before creating fascism, and him praising Stalin for creating a "Soviet fascism"?

It's probably pretty common. I'm a homo and i realized that the guys over at Holla Forums probably wouldn't be too nice to me after any real fascist takeover. Come to think of it though, i hope i don't get gulag'd either, i've heard a lot about gays getting killed in gulags.

No lol

I think he was only a socialist because his dad was, but he never actually read much theory himself, he was just hero worshipping daddy like fascists tend to do.

both tankies and natsuccs are repressed homos

His belief in socialism was more inherit than anything. Fascism is the polar opposite of communism. They can hardly even be compared to eachother if you have a full understanding of what fascism and communism entails and how both were ran in Italy and Russia respectevly

Apparently Himmler was a communist too before he joined sides with Hitler. Just more leftists misled by the fascist cause. They probably could've contributed quite a bit to communist theory if it wasn't for Nazism. Maybe they would've agreed with Asserism? Maybe Stalinism?

Mussolini broke with the socialists because he really liked war and wanted Italy to enter WW1. He was also always fascinated by the idea of Nietzschean ubermenschen lording over the masses.

He actually did read a lot of theory. Pretty smart guy in general. I think he went fascist because he had a massive fucking ego and other socialists were fed up with his bullshit. 100% deserved to get strung up for all the crimes he committed and in general for being an obnoxious faggot.


afaik you wouldn't be jailed into gulag purely for being gay. In socialism everyone is literally equal, you can't treat one group differently than one other, because that would go against the philosophy of socialism. Kind of like how you can't have an anarchy state, it's an oxymoron, just as much as prosecuting homosexuals under socialism or communism is one

Very spooked

Many were permaspooked on race and probably would've joined one of the other reactionary parties floating around out there. Asser might have wound up deposing Hitler when he broke from the Nazis if enough of the rank and file SA followed him instead of staying put.

Well, i guess "intelligent peoples" would apply better. Or maybe "intelligent nations". All i'm saying is that it only makes sense for porky to want to get rid of "unwanted competition", so-to-speak. Whichever country the imperialists and porky is centered and based in, he'd probably want other countries to fail. I'm trying not to be spooked though, user, honest!

Is that so? I didn't know, curious, and I take it Communists are staunch anti imperialists, yes?

Nah, he had a very conservative upbringing and was always a reactionary of some sort. Only shift he underwent was abandoning Catholicism for occultism.

Oh. Maybe i'm thinking of someone else. All i know is that one of hitler's generals was also a communist before he joined… Nevermind. I'm probably just stupid.

You're definitely on the right line of thinking, but you need some work. When Moussolini came to power, he exiled and executed many students and teachers, similar events happened in Cambodja where marxist students and teachers were bullied into exile into the jungle. Try not to fall into their identity, rather see them as both of the same. Find some answers on how the situations are related, when one state was fascist and the other communist, and continue on from there

Redpill me on what homosexuality and authoritarianism share in common

Last question, what's your opinion on the judeo (which also includes other races linked through a common abrahamic belief that have simply converted to a puritain form, which happens to be judaism) masons?

That pretty much was my exact journey. I'm just going vent in green text
I've had a bizarre journey

here you go fam

I thinks it's explained in chapter IX, XII XIX and XX

I wholeheartedly believed in trump. I still think he's better than hillary, comsidering her huge idpol voterbase, but nowadays since i'm awake to capitalism being shit, i do feel a bit bad for supporting trump, but whatever. At least hillary didn't win, even though the outcome was shit anyways.

Trump is less bad because he pretty much kills off the liberal meme and provides quality entertainment.

Trump is better user…as a non american, i thank you for avoiding world war 3 by not voting Hillary. You have no idea how scared and restless i was before Trump won…i was genuinely scared of nuclear war with Hillary rulling the globe.
Trump is just a loudmaouth and a fat fuck who never worked a day in his life and spends his time playing golf and posting on twitter.

Was Holla Forums right?


Um, are we doing that or what? I fully support trying to convert true leftists away from capitalism. All we'd have to do is explain that they can keep their spooks, all they have to do is realize capitalism is shit is all.

With Hillary we were guaranteed at the very least greater intervention in Syria and a stand-off with Russians
With Trump I'm more worried that we might just blunder into some dumb slap-fight which will escalate because that's all Trump knows how to do

It's a shame Adorno has his name on this, it's junk that's been debunked many times by now.

by whom?

You can do that if you want, but in my experience it's easier to pick up people who were previously apolitical or weakly anti-SJW than to try and convert people thick in their spooks

Well, i had a thread about converting Holla Forumslacks by explaining that capitalism is bad for everyone (Focusing on white people specifically). It makes sense that they would listen to that angle.

Pls no. No more spooked leftists.
A "communist" who's only in it for The White Race™ is only going to shit up the board.

stirnerfags everytime kek
pick one and only one you fag

how does it feel to be this retarded?

user, all i'm saying is that any ally is better than no ally. Think about this; every time someone invests in a anything, spends money which a corporation gets in profit, capitalism gets stronger. If we can pull people away from id/pol/ and liberalism, that's two support bases that capitalism loses.

Is this bait?

How is "capitalism is bad for the white race" not idpol? How is it any different than saying it's bad for women or blacks?

No, i said it's bad for everyone, but focused on its negative impact on whites. Using this as a talking point, after converting a Holla Forumslack, then we could wake them up to injustice to other people

This is actually good as long as you follow up

Explains why there are so many racists on Holla Forums

Damn i wish Holla Forums allowed us to edit posts. Whatever. I wanted to add something. I personally was always awake to injustice towards other people, i noticed how shit corporations were to people in south america and africa a long time ago. The problem is that i put these issues away in my mind because "my own people are getting fucked, i have no time for empathy". That was my mindset, not what i told myself, but that's basically what happened, and that's how i became a natsucc instead of a corporation-hating communist.

If you want anti-racism, talk to porky. He sees all the workers equally.

Well I didn't necessarily believe that cultural Marxism bullshit. I always thought it sounded fucking stupid and eventually my fellow vidya enthusiasts used it enough time that it prompted me to learn about actual Marxism.

Why doesn't it make sense?

terrible meme

judeo masons are a meme
but you can freely trash judaism as a religion and especially zionism and israel

It's funny, when Holla Forums talks about cultural marxism, they're probably either talking about a capitalist subversion of communism (idpol), or straight-up capitalism (things like bringing in refugees and immigrants to a huwite country to do cheap labor for them). If only they'd realize this.

yeah but watch out for the tankies who apologize for chinese and russian imperialism cause "atleast they oppose the US"

Says the amoral stirnerfag. You people are worst than fucking nazis.



Masons are definitely not a meme. Currently the two biggest political parties in my country(both radical centrists EU lovers) have so many members that are masons. Former peresidents, former prime-ministers, they're all masons, they all go to the Bildeberg meetings. It's not a meme ffs!


masons are literally a LARP club and have no influence whatsoever, they just get a kick out of being super secret and spooky
capitalists simply follow their interests as capitalists and politicians follow their interests as politicians (which means collaborating with capitalists)
there is no need for secret societies to explain how capitalism sustains itself

Czech? Which country, user?

If anything Trump has demonstrated that he's just as willing a stooge for the military-industrial complex as Clinton would have been.

I beg to differ.

To be fair, he always was, but at least he isn't declaring war on Russia.

This is true. Hillary complained consistently about russian hackers, which surely wasn't going to spell anything good for our relations with what was once the mighty USSR.

I used to be on 4pol but I always posted with gommunist flag.

He also made no attempt to veto Congress's sanctions on Russia.

Plenty of Holla Forums knows this but still believes the workers were treated well, they'd be wrong of course.

Not shilling for that psyop faggot.

I'm gradually realizing Holla Forums completely ignores the nature of the upper class and the corruption of wealth, plus their endless focus on bread-and-circus ameriburger politics is horrendous

addendum: so now I've found myself more interested in browsing leftypol even though I usually hate this pile of trannies, in hopes I can find some of the answers of an alternative to capitalism

T_D Burgerbots boomers ruined that board. At least you guys don't ban everyone on sight and drive yourselves to sperg fits.

You dont even have to talk about whites. Just de-emphasize idpol and contrast them against our lack of it and our resultant freedom from contradiction.

Tbh it wouldn't be the end of world if the serious posters went to bunkerchan and this place was for newfags

Just a hunch: it won't be the last time you wishy-washy waterheads completely change your worldview

Brett Keane out

You don't have to change your worldview to change board. I won't promote anything but Holla Forums isn't a place where discussions are allowed either, so who cares? Besides, how can you be sure you're right if challenging your worldview gets you banned?

I used to browse pol, now I'm browsing here looking for answers I didn't get there. Didn't say I'm leftypol

Come here for lulz and to contextualise what you've learnt elsewhere. You still need to read a book.

Hm… I suppose here would be a great place to ask questions.
1. What does Holla Forums think about religion? Not organized religion specifically. Will religious teachings be allowed under socialism/communism? What about religious teachings that have historically been ignored or wiped away?
2. What does Holla Forums think of drugs? Things like marijuana, Acid, DMT, stuff like that?
3. Where does Holla Forums cut off lgbt rights? Like, where does Holla Forums distinguish a homosexual man and an idpol fag?
4. Can someone explain how a stateless society (true communism) will function in the face of dysfunctional members? Is the law left up to everyone to collectively decide?
5. If Holla Forums ever led a revolution anywhere, how exactly would it root out idpol liberals?

Once you actually read the literature you can change easily. Holla Forumsyps don't read, they just name drop Evola and Pat buchanan and mein kampf and a few other books to sound like intellectuals. They certainly never read leftist literature. Once they read Marx, suddenly they realize the truth and join our side. It's the first step.

1: There's plenty of christcoms on here, and most of the secular people here are generally pretty neutral about religion.
2: Idk, I'd imagine that most people here are fine with people using drugs, and only really oppose drug use if it has negative externalities.
3: Holla Forums mainly has groups with opposing stances on lgbt issues. You have the edgelords who think that you have the people who think that lgbt stuff doesn't matter and who hate queers; then you have the group who thinks that the lgbt stuff that isn't idpol matters and who don't hate queers.
4: Sure. A stateless society wouldn't mean that nothing gets done. Obviously people who murder others can't be tolerated, but there's plenty of ways to prevent murder without having to force people not to. It's preferable to not force people to behave the way you'd want them to. In the case where this kind of thing can't be prevented then people would have to take action, which could entail putting them to death. The lack of laws doesn't mean that this kind of thing couldn't be dealt with; forcing people to have to use their own authority instead of having to fall back on the states authority is a very good thing imo, and it's one of the less appreciated aspects of statelessness.
5: Anti-idpol isn't a positive political goal, and ironically rooting out idpolers would be a kind of idpol. It's better to ignore that stuff and just focus on concrete political actions.

What would be your top 5 books for converting rightist?

Holla Forums (and to a lesser extent weird twitter) has been a good lesson in showing how much of a paper tiger they really are. They have zero power outside of *parts* of academia. There are zero consequences for ignoring them

This too. Git gud

I'm fine, just so long as they've moved away from Holla Forumsfaggotry

Film and short articles/pamphlets work better. I was converted by the stupidity and autism of my fellow Holla Forumsyps. The books came later

You'll convert more with a funny meme of the virgin helicopter vs. chad tank

How is Holla Forums a paper tiger? This board hardly presents itself as a serious political entity. Also, Holla Forums has no power in academia, idk what gave you this impression.

1. Capitalist Realism, Mark Fisher
2. The Communist Manifesto, Marx/Engels
3. Triumph of Evil, Austin Murphy
4. The Unique and Its Own, Max Stirner
5. Arguments for Socialism, Cockshott

I don't understand this, does this shit actually convert anyone? It's alway struck me as weak without a load of context.

heres my blog post

and now
At this point I consider myself a sorta M-L as I believe in vanguardism and that there should be a strong state to efficiently liquidate the bourgoisie and halt man-made climate change between revolution and full gommunism. (although I wont defend china like some MLs)
It'll probably change when I'm more well read tbh

/thanks for reading my blogpost

It is weak. It's only value is as agitation material for those who already basically agree with you.

didn't think it would get this long tbh, rereading it now I kinda regret not proofreading my post tbh

Cultural Marxism is a reinvention of Cultural Bolshevism, a purely fictitious term, created by actual Nazis for same intents and purposes as Cultural Marxism is used. Cultural Marxism isn't a thing at all. It is conspiratorial lumping together of many different concepts, some of them real, others not.

i only come here to shitpost when im drunk, and i only go to pol when my drive to read my sadomasochistic visual novels dries up and i need my fix

internet politics is a waste of my time at this point. few things that are said and done here mean anything, just like how most of the political discourse that takes place in the clearnet spheres are just as meaningless. ideology has blinded two whole generations of fucking faggots into thinking they can change the world by looking at a computer screen.

it exhuasts me.

Right about what? Feminism? "Negroes"? Revolution? Labor theory of value?

did any converted Holla Forumssters ever read the culture of critique

What is the SNLT of a burger? If one guy can make a burger for five minutes and another for ten minutes, what is the correct value of the burger?

The burger made in five minutes has less SNLT in it than the burger made in ten. Say the average price of burgers is $10. This now means that the capitalist who managed to increase the productivity of burger making, lowering the SNLT, can sell the burger for slightly less ($9) than his rivals (who sell it for $10), and at the same time extract more surplus value since it cost less to produce. As this happens though, the burger makers rivals will have to catch up on increasing productivity, until making a burger costs roughly as much as for their rivals. It is this constant competition that is one factor in driving automation and productivity increases, utlimately leading to competing products requiring similar amounts of SNLT and having similar prices, aka the currently correct market value of a burger.

I should add that in the end of this example, both burger making rivals sell the burger for $9, until one of them innovates yet again to lower the SNLT.

Then is the SNLT the lowest possible combination of labour and capital necessary to create the good or the predominant one? Is the SNLT lowered at the moment the first seller innovates or only when it becomes the majority?

I think SNLT is how much it costs (ultimately in labor time) to produce the commodity for a certain capitalist, but due to how the market works the SNLT for a commodity constantly changes so it's similar for all producers of the commodity.
I think Marx meant that it lowers for the first seller when he innovates, then the workings of the market makes it so that other seller will eventually lower it to the same level, making it the majority.

Anyone remember when this wasn't a term?
I do.


So you went from radical centrists that hate EU and emmigtrants to a radical centrist which is pro-EU and immigrants.

that's called cheating

Weird finally understanding why /jp/ was so shit at the time knowing a literal alt-right Holla Forums browsing child was on it.

they argued AGAINST the commodification of culture, at least Adorno of the Frank Furtschool did. He thought commodified pop-music like jazz would destroy real European culture, like the classical music he also composed himself.

St.rasser isn't really a very authoritative source on teh nazi considering he got removed, it's like describing Stalinism by reading Bukharin

1. Not relevant politically, and would be removed from politics
2. Evaluated based on impact on society, and banned, controlled or free based on that
3. Sexuality/gender are politically irrelevant
4. Dysfunction itself would lessen or at least radically change, as all the pathology caused by alienation would be removed or changed - not much incentive for stealing when necessities of life are easily reachable either as personal property or usable collectively
5. Unnecessary, idpol liberals are only a problem as far as they are a distraction and prevent revolution, in a revolutionary period they are irrelevant

I met some people online who started to get me more into leftist ideas and politics. Too bad all my irl friends are drunk on idpol and the alt right shit, funny that they're all legit fat/skinny neckbeards who havn't worked in years.

you need to go back.

WE NEED SOCIALISM thread on Holla Forums right now. We need to defend our viewpoints there. Unironic capitalism defenders out in full force.
>>>Holla Forums 10792622

Without looking at the thread, I'm going ot bet 100 bucks they're calling you a jew, saying communism is jewish, saying that socialism is ebil goberment steelin' money and that anything free is bad because niggers get watever is free too


user, you were spot-on. If only someone could show them how kosher capitalism is…

its even more fitting now that Laci has taken the 'red pill'

I'm waiting for you there. Fite me.
you probably wont be very successful, considering that most times i pose actual question about socialism here, everyone in the thread suddenly leaves

All according to plan…..

*plan means keikaku

Why even bother? Once classcuck always a classcuk

Are they literally this fucking cucked?


This shit writes itself fam


No, you don't.


This is where 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Capitalism🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 lands you, being completely subservient to slavery for wages. We should up our presence on Holla Forums to spook any newfags that come there out of this line of thinking.






Define alienated work for me then m8.

It got deleted…

Any kind of work whose objective has been disconnected from the worker.
I actually meant to say surplus value in the first post, but linguistical differences made me mix those two concepts accidentaly

Really makes you think!

It was me. I was just writing a reply but it got deleted. Oh well.
Sadly i'm gonna have to leave now to do some chores.

Hm… It's as if the moderation doesn't want the white man to wake up to the truth of capitalism…

Rest In Piece. Next time mods fall asleep, we can try again.

How are you going to do something about it? In Nazi Germany production for exchange and wage labour still existed.


Mainly because it was in a state of war, and meaningful industrial reforms would cripple the industry short-term. There was, however, part of the nsdap, the ex-junkers, who were in favour of a corporativist economic model for an indeterminate amount of time. Those were also the first to betray Hitler once the war started going sour.
However, they still made a significant progress in that context with the volksich movement.

Also, are you talking about surplus value or alienated work? I'm assuming it is alienated work.


Yup it's basically the entire plot of the series.

Well you can post your reply here if you want to continue the discussion

Do you have your old post?
I forgot its details.
It was something in line that the laws of commerce, on a non-communist society can only be replaced by central planning, and how it has lots of other problems associated with it.

The first part was considerably longer, so i can't recall about it in its entirety.

Oh then it probably wasn't me you where talking to, I think the last post I made was about how coops have to extract surplus value from their workers to maintain competition on the market.

I think that was also me.
That only works because of the point i was going to make: surplus value exists because in normal conditions, the average workers can't consolidate the division of work on their own.
On farmer cooperatives, a topic which i am more familiar with, the landowners only really pay the "surplus value" to the point that they can, as a collective, properly set up their own means of distribution of their goods. eyyy fams join this discord, just made it now, specifically for converting polyps

*raises glass*

I used to stay on v way before gamergate and I just goof off here while at work to get a few kicks out of watching r the Donald do something stupid in real life to ruin their lives.

People blow their time with this shit because it helps them feel less powerless.

Well, if there's any time when a fully planned economy is necessary, it would be a situation of war. But of course, they didn't achieve that either before the war.
Why do you think that the next fascist movement won't be subverted and used by capitalists, like it happened in Germany, Italy and every other fascist state? It is obvious that in a time of crisis, communist movements will also emerge. The capitalists will definitely find a movement which isn't primarily centered around class very useful to keep themselves in power.
I don't know what do you mean by your true corporatism that has never been tried, but from what I heard about Asser, he still went for some sort of state-integrated labor unions + some coops combo (correct me if I'm wrong about that). This still wouldn't be socialism, because the state isn't directly planning production, thus things like capital or the extraction of surplus value would still exist
Both of them, because they are important elements of capitalism.

For any former Holla Forumsacks here, I say,

Welcome back to humanity

Workers do receive the full value of their labour power though.


imagine actually believing this

You confuse labour with labour power.

Then where does profit come from?

It comes from the difference between the value of the labour power, and the value effectively created when using said labour power. This is Marxism 101.

It's nice seeing how tides have started to turn ever since Trump won.
Nowadays I can successfully make a case for socialism on halfchan boards like /r9k/ and /int/ where I would've been swamped with Holla Forums a year ago.

This user is right. The English language sort of confuses people on this aspect, but in romanic and germanic languages it is much easier to make that distinction.
labour power is how much the market is actually willing to pay you for your work, and the merchandise(condensed form of labour power) being how much it actually is worth.

Meh I was only on /pol cuz 4chon went down. Always kinda Nazbol anyhow.

I became a nazi at 14, because I was already leaning way too far to the right and the idea of looking at myself as a member of a superior race and movement sounded pretty appealing, of course I believed in all the conspiracies .life was pretty shit since I spent most days frothing about some imaginary jewish conspiracy and felt extremely confused for being trans. I read marx and was pretty shocked at the extreme lack of anuddah shoah and cult like collectivism which spurred on an interest of radical socialism. at 17 I started my transiton from a nazi to commie. After reading more theory I went from Asser to lenin. I must say that my life is actually a lot better now that I dont think the jews want to kill me, I also finally came to terms with my sexuality and even will get hrt soon.:)

Pls no user don't do that. You won't like the results. Just be gay and be fine with that smh

traps are the ultimate expression of the dialectic get against the wall.

Trump has been the best god damn thing for the left.

All my normie friends cal me horrible for being happy with all these recent events, butTrump has revealed the Alt Right for what it really is an empty narcissistic spiteful movement that has no policy. He's gonna cut their welfare and kick out immigrants until people catch on that he's just handing their money to the rich. That people who come in lies that the "dreaded foreigner" are just trying to distract you while they pick your pockets. I'm even running into lolberts who want a mixed economy. It's only a matter of time.

Organize, recruit, prepare. My fellow comrades times are moving faster than we thought.

traps are gay

Also a former Holla Forumsack here. I remember becoming a Holla Forumsack because I organized the anti-racism demonstration IRL but became disillusionised after I witnessed how fucking unforgiving the liberals are in their echo chambers and a bunch of backstabbing idiots. I saw this as all there is to leftism so I thought I'd rather turn to Holla Forums. Was a Holla Forumsack for a year then saw that many people there are just braindead morons (as eurofag, I have to say very america-centric too) with no intellectual curiosity. I discovered Holla Forums from Holla Forums threads and decided to lurk that boogeyman myself. Made some posts then realized "wow these guys are really neat and know stuff that Holla Forums doesn't" and just stuck here. Now a proud Holla Forums lurker and occasional poster for half a year. I visit this place almost every day. Thank you guys for bringing me over to the right direction. I cannot say I am a full-blown revolutionary but I feel like my opinions and thoughts have much more substance and truth compared to earlier when I believed in so many lies, propaganda, ideology and fantasies. Not reading theory yet, the most I've done is listening to Žižek and Wolff, and I've loved what they have had to say.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate this community beyond words. When revolution comes along, you can count me in, I'll fight at your side, fuck the fascists.


Pick one

But he did.


your gay


some hate religion/militant athiest, some are neutral towards it, some are christian leftist.
Dunno, most wouldn't have a problem with it, except some social conservative/ moustache posters. I personally am in favor of legalization of marijuana, and decriminalization of other drugs, users of hard drugs should be sentenced to rehab.
LGBT already have all rights, they can even get married now. What rights do gay people not have in the first world? This issue has been taken care of already IMO no one even cares about gay things anymore, the main issue is with transgender people now.
people's militia
leftypol isn't leading a revolution anywhere, its a bunch of NEETs reading left wing theory and shitposting. Anyway if you see a liberal 'round these parts tell them to fuck off back to reddit, thats how we take care of them. also they get the bullet too