Guys I'm living in a neat welfare state and I'm disabled

Guys I'm living in a neat welfare state and I'm disabled.

Why am I supposed to believe in revolutionary anarchism or anarcho-communism? Maybe the welfare state won't last, but currently it is providing me with everything I need. The anarchists are especially scary, if they abolished the state, the state wouldn't provide me with a pension, healthcare and medicine anymore. I'd have to rely on the niceness of some random workers or a council rather than on a rigid bureaucratic structure, scary as hell.
Anarchists seem ableist. I would rather believe in Leninists etc being able to help me.

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statists confirmed from brainlets

Your disability is probably produced by capitalism, thus whatever amount they pay you is mere compensation to keep you contained in your comfy autism and away from disrupting the real players in the game so you wouldn't get any ideas about going into autistic violent rage fit.

Don't pay any attention to the anarchists. It's literally impossible to abolish the state, because the state is everything, not just the central government and the state departments that provide you with such things. The state is everything, to abolish a state, it means killing everybody within that state.
They are retards who speak with their bellies filled with food that someone cooked for them.

You don't, I guess?

Not everybody is going to benefit from Revolutionary Socialism. The vast majority that is the proletariat, however, will. And that is what matters.

Sadly, a lot of groups in the Left are incredibly idpozzed and overemphasize trying to appeal to groups that, quite frankly, are politically irrelevant, like transexuals and the disabled.

imagine being this spooked

You could defend fascism (in the literal sense) with the same argument.

Hey, maybe they're going to murder and/or discriminate against some minorities, but the ideal workers will be better off than under a liberal democracy!

Marx btfo.

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you're not incapable of any and all labour
you can give back to the people who care for you in some manner

That is true, it is capitalism's fault that the choice is between a 40 hour week in a shitjob and not working.

But that wasn't like the point. The point was that centralized state structures may be the best way to care for some special needs in the absence of a market - eh, frankly, for some less special needs as well. Who will see that the rare medicine or tool needed by some will be produced and distributed, if there are no central state-like structures.

Oh wow yeah haha I guess I'm the exact same as a fascist because I advocate violence towards a certain group of people.

Socialists want to abolish commodity production and private property. Fascists want to maintain Capitalism and resolve the issues of class society through class collaborationism usually in the form of Nationalism.

You can make everything sound the same by being a pedantic faggot. Who knew!

disabled people shouldn't exist. hopefully your death at least won't be painful when the revolution comes

fuck bud maybe ask Leninists who's gonna take care of you once their state withers away?

Noone gives a shit about you.

Why am I supposed to try to convince you in something, when you are a pathetic NEET that won't in any way affect the balance of power in society?
t. MLM

Well, they have a period of time where it can be figured out…

Anarchists don't.


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statecucks theory so underdeveloped that they need a rest period to figure shit out after "they" are in power

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Don't worry OP us socdems have got your back.

Read Lenin you dumb fuck.

most lefty anarchists I meet just want to replace the state with their own SJW hyper-dictatorial state.

Socdem ftw

socdem gang assemble!

Yeah social totalitarianism is really strong among anarchist circles. I think at some level it is their attempt at reforming society without abiding by the dialectical process outlined by Marx.

It's just that the circles claim to be leaderless, which means they don't have to have democratically elected leaders, which means the leaders can't be held responsible, can't be questioned, and turn their personal politics into their future utopian state

Scandinavia is NEET paradise
Don't let these "revolutionaries" convince you otherwise 'cuz it's obvious from this thread they don't care about you

Husbands? People eating at restaurants?

Neogaf gtfo

Read a book.

he's right though, as soon as you gather and start to make rules for forming a gvmt, that is a gvmt

anarchists are just people who want a new gvmt and don't want to use parliamentary means

or they are actually retarded enough to think society can operate without some hierarchy from representation

And why

are you so



with a thread length

or visual formatting

choices of other people?

So, are we to feel sorry for you?
Because getting rid of people that literally leech off the state isnt going to make me lose sleep, I assure you
It isnt state charity that we believe in

You shouldn't exist, you pathetic piece of shit.

Then what's going to happen to the disabled once the state is abolished? OP might be a neet, but he might also be physically or mentally handicapped to the point where he can't hold a job even if he wanted. UBI?

believe it or not, some people do not enjoy watching others suffer of hunger and cold even if they are retarded

weird but it's a thing

You have mental retardation.


Neither do I, why are you making that assumption? I'm curious as to who's going to take care of them when the state is gone. Did I word it wrong or something?

I already told you, people who don't like seeing others suffer hunger and cold

Oh, jesus I'm stupid. Sorry.

This thread has literally turned me into a SocDem. Communists fucking suck.

The state is not only for the social safety net. It also settles conflicts over language and other social standards.

Most anarchists who aren't post-leftists are pretty okay with specific forms of governance though.

Sorry user, he who does not work shall not eat

Hi I'm an anarchist. I understand your concerns, but rest assured that we would take care of you just as well as any Scandinavian utopia does today :)

As a scandi neat I take offense to you implying I live in paradise

There is a difference between a state and a government, despite all the obfuscation.

I hate dealing with the welfare system as it exists today and I won't lie, if there's a revolution the shit's going to hit the fan and the disabled are going to suffer. But, I can't imagine a post-revolutionary socialist society killing off the disabled. Even Soviet Russia did some things for the disabled not long after the revolution -

Anarchists just don't know what the fuck they're talking about. Don't mind them.

ON this blessed day we are all disabled

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