Daily News Thread 10/22

Trump Expands Edict, Lures Retired Military Pilots with Cash

U.S. President Donald Trump, on Friday, issued an executive order to remove a legal limit, which will allow the air force to recall additional retired aviation officers to active-duty.

BMW raided in cartel investigation as Daimler claims immunity

BMW’s headquarters were raided by European Union officials investigating an alleged cartel among German carmakers, it said on Friday, as rival Daimler claimed whistleblower status in an effort to avoid fines.

Japan election exit polls point to thumping victory for PM Shinzo Abe's coalition

Exit polls from Japan have suggested an outright win and a return to office for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ruling right-wing coalition, following a snap election in the country on Sunday (22 October).

Labour will back Tory rebels on Brexit deal unless Theresa May changes divorce bill

Labour could unite with Tory rebels over Brexit unless Prime Minister Theresa May accept changes to the so-called 'divorce bill', the party shadow Brexit secretary has claimed.

Israel says it will intensify response to Syrian fire

ive projectiles from Syria set off air raid sirens in Israeli towns on Saturday, prompting the Israeli military to say it would step up its response to stray fire from the Syrian war that has repeatedly spilled over the border.

Italy referendums: Lombardy and Veneto vote on greater autonomy

Two of Italy's richest northern regions are holding referendums to ask voters if they want more autonomy.

Vladimir Putin's critic Alexei Navalny leaves jail and heads to protest rally

Alexei Navalny, Russia's most prominent opposition figure and a vocal critic of President Vladimir Putin, has been released from jail after a 20-day sentence for calling an unauthorised demonstration.

Raqqa: US coalition 'wiped city off Earth', Russia says

Russia has accused the US-led coalition of bombing the Syrian city of Raqqa "off the face of the earth" during the fight against so-called Islamic State.

Trump Has No Plans to Block Scheduled Release of JFK Records

President Donald Trump says he doesn't plan to block the scheduled release of thousands of never publicly seen government documents related to President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

California judge tosses $417 million talc cancer verdict against Johnson & Johnson

A California judge on Friday threw out a $417 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.N) in a lawsuit by a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer after using its talc-based products like Johnson’s Baby Powder for feminine hygiene.

Fox renewed Bill O'Reilly deal despite harassment suit

Former Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly was handed a new contract in January, despite the network's parent company knowing he had recently settled a sexual harassment case.

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‘Fake pics, limited use of force’: Spanish FM downplays police violence during Catalonia vote

Spanish police used only “limited force” against Catalonians during the October 1 independence referendum, Spanish Foreign Minister said in an interview with BBC, claiming that many pictures showing police violence were “fake.”

WHO cancels Robert Mugabe goodwill ambassador role

The World Health Organization has revoked the appointment of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador following a widespread outcry.

Indonesia demands answers after military chief denied U.S. entry

Indonesia intends to send a diplomatic note to the U.S. secretary of state and summon Washington’s deputy ambassador in Jakarta to explain why the head of its military was denied entry to the United States, Indonesian officials said on Sunday.

Jimmy Carter says he would go to North Korea to help ease tensions

In a wide-ranging interview that covered topics such as the relationship between Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, Carter told Dowd he was eager to partner with the president on a diplomatic mission to North Korea.

Modern day slavery? Haribo ingredients sourced by workers under ‘inhumane’ conditions – documentary

Germany’s prominent confectionery producer Haribo is in hot water after a documentary reported that workers extracting ingredients for the company’s iconic gummy bears are doing so under conditions “which can be called slavery.”

Neo-Nazi leader quits movement after coming out as gay & revealing he’s Jewish

A prominent neo-Nazi and National Front organizer has come out as gay and revealed his Jewish heritage. He made the revelations about his violent past while renouncing far-right extremism.

Nordic neo-Nazi group & antifascists face off in Finland

Four people were arrested in Tampere, Finland when counter-protesters faced-off against members of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement.

Anti-fascists protest new office of Greek far-right Golden Dawn

Anti-fascist demonstrators gathered at the offices of the Greek far-right party Golden Dawn to protest the opening of its new premises in the port city of Piraeus.

Jimmy "Venezuela has the best democracy on the face of the Earth" Carter going to NK.

Gon b fun!

Is it just me or has there been an uptick in posts about how dumb conspiracy theories are, coincidentally now that some files on the JFK assassination are going to be released? I've seen it here, on Facebook, on reddit…

I've noticed it too although I highly doubt anything substantial will come of the JFK release. It'll surely either be altered or redacted into oblivion. Maybe possibly unlikely redacted just enough to have people be able to fill in the blanks though.

Even if it was a conspiracy they'd just release pages and pages of black bars so it wouldn't make much of a difference.

Did he actually say this? Damn, Jimmy is based.

Israel trying to build a case for bigger interventions I see. Just more evidence that Assad is winning.

It's a response among the liberal thought-leaders to Alex Jones' movement into the mainstream courtesy of Trump and Mercerbux.

WaPo came out with a flow chart showing how Trump's bald-faced lie lead to an entire week of troubles.

I know it's not anything of consequence, but it is fascinating to see how shit quickly crumbles in the Trump administration.



Jimmy has gotten better over the years, yeah he may have some flaws, but Im kinda happy to have had a president from my home state.

Good lord, what a mess.

Holy fuck lmao

how does he keep fucking up the simplest shit

I'm so glad this moron got elected.
Say what you will of Dubya but he wasn't this much of a public fuck up. Good god these are the morons that capitalism pushes into being our leaders.

I think a lot of people don't really give a shit about the spectacle anymore. His base would legit put up with anything from him short of clearly breaking his promise on the border wall or reversing course on immigration

Reporting on the results of electing a president with advanced brain pockets is important in deconstructing the idea that he's in any way competent but it will never be enough after 2016. People want good policies and jobs and healthcare which should be the core message of the left

Thank you newsanon

Any good opinion pieces floating around out there?

You''re underestimating how many Americans are sick of his god damn shit, and it's not even been a year

As of right now, in the eyes of Trump fanboys he can do no wrong. This whole alt-right/Kekistan thing will be viewed as MLP-tier cringe in the relatively near future, but not until Trump finishes his presidency.

That's not a large portion of the working day to day population that have to worry about every time this asshole opens his mouth about health care

True, but I doubt the Dems are going to nothing except run on "we're not trump" for 2018 and 2020 because clintonism is a hard to remove brain parasite

Tfw I am ashamed to be American… Again…

Zuckerberg might have a chance at beating him if he turns it into a dick measuring contest of who has the bigger/more efficient business and offering average Joe's in key swing states money in exchange for votes (or not participating at all).

No need to be. Nationality is a spook.

I feel like Jimmy Carter legit wants everyone to be cool but has too much faith in porky.

Zuckerberg getting the nomination would be proof that were all former leftist guerillas that got killed and sent to hell for killing jesuits

what a shock!

It proves that capitalism isn't a meritocracy. Puerto Rico, calling families of dead soldiers and offering them money, it could be the simplest of shit. They're calling you a racist? Give shitloads of your own money, show up to PR and give them highly publicized aid. Instead, he spends all his time sperging out about how someone was mean to him. Tomorrow he could hire a ghost-writer for his twitter and instant bring his approval writing 5 points.

It turns out handing out fortunes to random spoiled white kids is a terrible idea.

I disagree. Someone hand me a fortune.


I want this image to become reality.

why even bother lads?

Dems are allegedly purging berniebros. Left cucked again, republican-lite party is working hard for Trump reelection.

Patrician tier. Imagine MetroLancs.