What exactly is a spook and why is spook bad?

I am actually kind of pro-spook

Religion is actually right about SOME things. Human civilization didn’t exist for 6-8,000+ years for nothing. I think theres some science, philosophy and deep logic in religion.

Translate: disease is natural balance

Translate: homosexuality, like diseases, spread from people to people

Translate: Masturbation is counterproductive behavior which leads to depression and infertility/erectile dysfunction

Translate: Well, what I think this means is we should value family-raising more than just sex and partying, because sex is a procreational ritual. You aren’t supposed to pull out evolutionarily speaking. Also I think this applies especially to cheating.

Yeah I know theres some wierd rules like dont circumcize, but circumcision prevents stuff from growing in foreskin, and then theres a rule that you must obey god…

One, that was made by porky monarchs and two, that rule was made for rebellious teenagers.


So why are “spooks” spooks?

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Respect my spooks. People died for these spooks, you know? What do you think would happen without spooks?

A spook is an ideal that is directing your action. Just read the first couple of pages of ego and it's own (or whatever the new translation is called). Stirner asks what is in the interest of the nation, of humanity, of god etc? It's always themselves. When you uphold God, you live for what is good for God. When you uphold the nation, you live and die for the nation's interests. So he says, in basic terms, he wants to find out what it means to live for yourself just like all of these other things ask you to live for them.

But the gist of it is more that a spook is "bad" is you don't realize you are living for it. In the start of the book Stirner also does a little sketch of the development of a child to a young adult to an adult. This is just for rhetorical purposes, and it is mostly charting Stirner's ideological growth, but as a child you take things as they are. As a young adult, you start to believe in big ideals with a passion like humanism, god, progress or whatever. As an adult you realize that the ideals aren't "real", and you only consider any ideal insofar as it relates to your interests.

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Dont take it personally, it's their favorite word hear. But, you are being pretty stupid. I mean, "being gay spreads from person to person." They can be annoying but they're not vampires you know.

I mean their behaviors abd influences spread..

You should read the book, if you want to know: libcom.org/files/Stirner - The Unique and Its Property.pdf

Is it? Is that why 3rd world children die from preventable diseases, while those in richer countries don't? Are you saying its "god's will" or natural balance by killing all the poor blacks in Africa? Interesting…

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Anything in excess can do this. Drinking, I mean fuck, even excerising too much is linked to cardiovascular disease (increasing risk):
The idea of a sin is outdated and antiquated, you can search for diamonds in a pile of garbage but your probably better off in a coal mine

sex feels good. I fuck my fiancee all the time but I can't afford a kid right now. Should I stop? Should I only have sex if I am trying to have kids? Why? And if I am not in a relationship, how is it any different if I am?

Honestly man this is all just mental gymnastics. Its not helpful. And its not even spooks, which are concepts that are entirely societal or mental in origin in which would put meaning into. Without the meaning we put into them, they are nothing, yet we prop them up because of tradition and because we are psychologically conditioned to do so.

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Society encourages this. Also, what's honestly more gay than capitalism? Nothing. Amirite?

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While that may be true, doesn't mean it's right. Religion may have ideas based around scientific principles but it amalgamates them with their own interpretation of the world to make some half truth.
It's probably better to get one's answers directly from science philosophy and logic instead of relying on the word of some spooky church.


Spooks are "fine" until you keep following them when doing so is retarded. For example, still being anti-casual sex when (hypothetically for this thought experiment) all STDs have been eliminated. To be spooked is "follow the principle for its own sake even if it might be irrational to do so" syndrome.


looks like someone missed the entire point of stirner's philosophy

moral concern for poor Africans is a spook

what if it's in my self interest to help them tho

I agree with OP.
It is the selfish people, unwilling to commit for society who pick up Stirners ideas.

Then you have false consciousness.

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Unless you’re an Egoist you can hardly claim to be opposed to spooks. There are so many non-Egoist posters who’ve watered down the concept of a spook to “an idea I think is bad”.

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What do you even know of superiority or obligations? Truly you speak like someone who has never in their life held position of responsibility that comes with power.

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Says the guy that watches anime, aka drawn spooks since the characters are not real.

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Whole point of one punch man is critiquing unjust power you fuck, not the whole structure but rather supporting it.

If it's in your rational self interest or to abide by these spooks then what's the problem?
Fuck nature I don't wanna die
If this is true, then whatevs. I ain't got a problem being gay
If this is true then it acts in my rational self interest to not wank.
If I wanna have sex I will. Spooky ideas about procrational rituals be damned. That said, I don't wanna cheat on someone or have sex with many different people anyway.

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You will not poison MY mind with spooks, Holla Forumsyp.

seems like it is already poisoned considered you don't even understand stirner

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It can mean 2 things: Social constructs like the NAP or religions people cling to for dear life like they're the laws of nature or a buzzword Holla Forums posters use as a catch-all argument to justify any fucked up thing they love, but makes others uncomfortable.

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The whole thing about spooks was about how people who have allowed confusion from their early religious training to consume them – so much that they go crazy and forgo their ability to reason.
As an adult you must learn to develop your own priorities, yet it's useful to have some insight into how other people think. Some people truly want to serve humanity as a whole and don't make too many decisions at the individual level. Just because YOU choose not to live that way, don't project your preferences onto everyone else. Don't be so deluded that you're convinced that YOUR way is the best way for everybody and whoever doesn't follow your way is living an unfulfilling life.