Why is wanting an ethnostate for whites bad?

Would don't you support us?

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There is no such a thing as the white race.

Is the ethno state an excuse for class collaborationism?
Is the ethno state forced?

It's bad because whites themselves don't want white ethnostate for whites.

You do understand that the majority of wypipo see you aut right dirtbags as disgusting undesirables, right? Even in your sad little fantasy h'wite paradise, no woman would ever let you touch her.

May add also that race is not a problem, nationality is tho sometimes imho

Politically, everything is forced. That isn't the problem with an ethno-state.

Because wanting an ethnostate is bad.


Was any ethnostate before ~1965 forced?
Why do you think it has to be???

They do though, they had one untill recently and still think like that. They would have never democratically supported integrating guest workers. Statistics prove you false.

Also the lower their percentage gets, the more they want it.

That is just part of the Zeitgeist.
We Europeans were the first people to experience the Industrial Revolution and all its political connotations. Every "new" social phenomenon is going to happen in Western countries, in particulary their core first.
We were the first people to abolish slavery.
We will also be the first to abolish multiculturalism.

But is maintaining one bad, once you have one?



eurocucks out

Because I like rap, r&b and house music music, I like going to mom and pop cambodian resturaunts, I like having a friend from Venezuela, ect.
That's just the superficial shit. The whole white ethnostate desire is predicated upon "muh cohesion" and "muh black criminials". Yet it presumes 1) that crime isn't dependent on class, and that crime will magically dwindle once an ethnostate is established. and 2) that tension will magically dwindle once those pesky minorities are gone, and wouldn't simply be replaced by fighting between people of different cultures (implying the various European ethno-linguistic groups didn't fight centuries of bloody wars between one another). Objectively your goals are fucking retarded and do nothing to solve any world problems.

that's haplogroups and you can be of a haplogroup with being genetically a different composite.

i'm 99% european phenotype but have a mDNA haplogroup that is syrian druze. r1b for y-chromosomal though.

There's no correlation btw racial homogeneity and a good state. You can solve crime 1000x more effectively and less violently by eliminating poverty, not minorities.


e.g. North Korea is the most racially homogenous. It sucks. South Korea and Japan are next. They suck. Followed by Israel and it sucks.

You are literally chasing North Korea, Japan, and South Korea as models. It's a dumb project.

Sort countries by quality of life or life satisfaction not racial homogeneity and then figure out what makes those countries good. It's not hard.

Yes, are you aware of what communism is?

Where would this wh*te ethnostate be?

You should be inclusive!

I don't see how that will prevent you from having that?

The USA has similar crime statistics to Europe if you only look at european-americans.

I think we will never go back to that. Similar to how we will never go back to being absolute monarchies, having slaves or having religions wars like the one that wiped out a substantial percentage of the population of countries like Germany or Bohemia.

Yes there is. You just need to look at the statistics honestly. Look at Europe, how unsafe it has gotten with mass-immigration and the "refugee" crisis.

Race is important for community cohesion.

Those aren't white countries. The Alt-Right is a movement for the European race. You can't compare that to other races.

No, we are not.

Will it help me in creating an ethnostate?

In Europe.

USA is different. I am a European, not an American. Maybe they can give Florida to the blacks. They will figure something out.

get raped to death

But I am pro pan-european cooperation, peace, solidarity and brotherhood.

That's fine then. Do what you want European (Brit I'm guessing?) man. Your greatest obstacle will be convincing your countymen

Americans can fuck off

In Europe I don't believe the native population should be displaced by immigrants, it's the capitalists who are pushing for this anyway. Not that it's all a master plan like Holla Forums believes, it's just in their interest. In many cases the working class loses out because of this. I believe anti-immigration is necessary for leftist movements in Europe, but not hatred of immigrants as a whole. In fact I don't even know if the so-called 'far right' parties are even guilty of the latter, their problem is that they're capitalists seeking to capitalise on sentiment to shore up support for capitalism and coopt a genuine woking class movement.

I have to disagree with Tito here, there are plenty of decent people who would call themselves nationalists who aren't nazis or fascists. Anyone, even most liberals, call themselves 'patriots' now so it's been demeaned. Nationalism means different things to different people, and one of the reasons Communists are seen as 'betraying their country' is because when Communists oppose nationalism it doesn't mean the same thing to a ordinary working class person.

No, it was us British. You filthy Europeans had to learn everything from us. When we were developing parliamentary democracy and classical liberal economics Europe was mired in absolutism and feudalism. How dare you euros take credit for OUR achievements you are nothing but savages that were civilised by the influence of us anglos.

You see how far you taken nationalistic rhetoric when you get down to it?

Dude I don't think you'll find many people here on Holla Forums who think that unlimited, uncontrolled immigration is a good idea. Most of us see the need for controls on migration, we just don't want it to be the springboard for a divisive right-wing ethnonationalism that distracts workers from austerity policies with race-baiting and fear-mongering.

Switzerland is more enthically diverse than the united states. It consistently ranks above the US in quality of life.

Belgium is also more ethnically diverse than the united states and it sits above at or slightly below the US in satisfaction with life indeces.
Canada is MUCH MUCH MUCH more ethnically diverse than the US and it always ranks higher than the US in quality of life indeces.

Give an empirical argument for your project, it's just based on fear-mongering talking points and immigration stories.

OF COURSE immigration is a destabilizing force. Liberals and democrats acknowledge that. Obama deported more immigrants than any other president. Both Obama and Clinton voted for the border fence. It's the people on YOUR side (or who you hang around with), the libertarians who want open borders. Also the world gvmt communists want that but they are retarded too.

You can have an ethically diverse country and not let in people in droves creating crises.

That's nice that you think that, but evidence is not in your favor. Look at what is happening in Spain, right now for evidence to the contrary, what happened in Ukraine a few years ago. The difference between Catalian spanish and Castilian spanish is very small, yet they see themselves as distinct enough to promote conflict and succession. Ukraine and Russia are very similiar as well, yet underwent conflict. We can continue to subdivide ourselves, humans are good at categorizing, but it is inherently destructive and should be resisted.
And are those European/Americas who aren't committing crimes richer on the whole than the minorities you are comparing them too? Because typically this is the case. Correlation does not mean causation, especially when underlying factors such as income level play into the dynamics


No, diversity is a moral imperative.

t. actual capitalist

Let go of me you dirty fascist…

America should not be a white ethnostate. Reactionary bullshit.

Europe? I'd argue some of them are ethnostates already. Hungary, Poland, Slav countries, etc. The ones that are multicultural are because they chose to be. They had a choice and the people chose that direction.

Even Western EU countries you call "cucked" are still mostly 90%+ the native ethnic group. Japan is considerd an ethnostate and is 98% Japanese. If Spain is 96% Spanish is it not a Spanish ethnostate? What about people who are citizens that aren't of the ethnic group? What about fellow "White Europeans" immigrating to say Slovakia? If a Spaniard or Brit moved to Slovakia would it still be a Slovakian ethnostate? I don't think they'd care if the people moving there were "White", they'd still see it as infringing upon their culture or whatever.

Spain ofc has different ethnic groups too I just used it as a random example not meant to be accurate

That's blatantly untrue. No country had a referendum on this, and race riots used to be very common. Even today 75% of Brits want immigration lowered but no government will do it.
True, although this won't last long.
Well of course. "White" is an utterly meaningless term.

Rather than making excuses for 'diversity' and all that, we need to tackle the issue of nationalism and immigration head on and not let it be the sole ground of capitalists who merely seek to divide and conquer. Severe restrictions on immigration, coupled with initiatives to reduced population growth in countries that can't handle it as well as aid if it can be afforded, should be the answer imo. "Nationalism" is not necessarily evil so long as it is not an excuse to do harm for others for purely jingoistic reasons. Culture should be defended, provided that it is not a means of oppressing or suppressing the proletariat. Even tankies seem allergic to these elements. If a Communist party in a European nation adopted this stance, it would certainly make big gains and blunt the impact of anti-immigrant capitalist parties who seek to coopt such (justified) sentiment.

"White" is not an ethnicity.

I feel sorry for that baby…