Austria's Based Alt-Right Leader

Saw that Richard Spencer and the rest of the Alt-Tight are celebrating his election. Can someone explain to me how these retards deal with this level of cognitive dissonance?

because he's anti-Muslim immigration, also, many far-rightists want to separate Jews from society by sending them to Israel at some point in the future.

How fucking stupid are they? He's not even their guy, that'd be the Freedom Party. I guess that answers your question OP, they're mongs.

Well, Spencer sure does think he's their guy. Which suggests that Pro-Israel is in line with ALt-Right ideology, which means the Alt-Right isn't alt at all.

Damn…this little turd with eyes looks like Patrick Bateman.
Anyway no he has nothing to do with the alt-right, he's just the common radical centrist pro-EU and pro-european federal government

Why was Spencer's mentor a Jew, just like how Trump's mentor Roy Cohn was Jewish?

Are you blind?

Spencer must be a spy who is trying to trick wannabe nazis into supporting a less radical ideology, and succeeding. At least nazis want to replace the establishment with themselves well, to an extent aka not really, but these faggots don't even want to do that, they just cuck for standard centre-right capitalists. Absolutely pathetic.

Spencer also believes White muh privilege is a real thing and says it's a good thing and he wants more of it. He doesn't even argue with the other side, he seems to just play the role of the villain.

And people take him seriously?

I don't why I'm surprised, I guess I still have hope for humanity somewhere in there but that's rapidly disappearing.

The media gives him plenty of interviews and attention, as does antifa, thus tricking retard neo-confederates and lowbrow racists into supporting him the same way they supported Trump.

Austrian here. Spencer and Holla Forumsreddit are now shilling for Kurz? What?

FPÖ will totally make Austria a racially pure fourth reich and not just settle into typical corrupt neocon bullshit like they always do when in government

80% Bateman
20% Alfalfa from Little Rascals

Copying the haircut and wearing the suit does not make you look like bateman.

80% Alfalfa
20% Bateman


Kurz isn't Alt Right or far right. He's a mainstream conservative politician who just adopted some of the popular anti-Islam rhetoric in reaction to the refugee crisis.

And yet the Alt-Right loves him

the alt-right at this point are just zionist neoliberals endorsing zionist neoliberals while complaining about other zionist neoliberals

Supporting Israel isn't an anomaly for the alt right so I'm not sure what your point is

That's why it's so "weird" to see Holla Forumsreddit loving him

No what they'll totally do is look at for the le middle class working man :^)

My point is that Holla Forumstards are literally supporting the people they claim to be against. It's insanity.