My kingdom for a pizza!


i understand him fam, they just opened a domino's pizza in my town and god damn, it is fantastic


it's much better than the shitty homemade ones, like wtf they don't even know what oregano is

What a fucking american

what state do you live in? if you ever openly admitted to eating Domino's pizza in New York you'd get laughed at.

domino's is what you order when you're high at 2am, it's not good pizza. There had to be better things for stoners to do in even shitty liberal bureaucratic socialism.

I'm not american

Are you in New York? World's best pizza is at a tiny hole in the wall across from the Burger King on Queens Blvd. in Rego Park.

Domino's is my favourite fastfood, primary because they are right next to me, and I can get fresh pizza for half the price.
And I'm Russian BTW. Socialism can wait I guess.

Is pizzahut /ourpizza/?

If you lads are ever in philly you can get one of the best cheese steaks at Campo's at Market and 2nd.

man when we have socialism we should have tables outside of stores so we can kinda keep restaurants, restaurants are by and far the best part of capitalism tbh.

how would restaurants work under communsim? i mean all these nice businesses we enjoy under capitalism, how could we enjoy them under communism?

poor gorbachev

you can't even into cheese, never mind the other ingredients. 'go 'za is a fucking abomination

Does your pizza look like this by any chance?



I had pizza in England once and it was garbage
And Italian Pizza isn't even the same food, its so different


you don't know New York you fuck. We don't make Pizza like the rest of America

yes you do

"new york style" pizza is basically the basis for north american pizza chains and even then it's barely able to touch Napoli pizza

Chicago "pizza" is a casserole and needs not apply

Dominoes isn't "new york style" Pizza, hate to break it to you.

Except, everyone outside of NYC making pizza in the US are poorly imitating the style you cunt

burgers mad that their regional fat fuck food isn't being recognized as significantly more different from equivalents than it actually is
you literally click thin crust on chain pizza orders and bam

and NYC pizza is still a piss poor take on naples

Based mick tells the truth. Americans in this thread are pathetic. I'm Italian and I ate both so called chicago pizza and NYC. I hated your country even more after

bullshit, I had pizza hut in NYC one time and it wasn't any better than usual

I believe in New York one can eat very delicious pizza. After all it has lots of italians who learned with their familes how to bake real pizza.

I grew up in small midlands village in Ireland. We had one restaurant where the head chef was Italian. He made terrific pizza, I've had pizza in Milan and his pizza held up to the pizza back home.

So you make pizza wrong then.

Do you include more CheezWiz or something?

its thin with a wider and fully browned crust at the edge

so its basically a fucking setting on my pizzaville order that americans take irrational pride in

You can get plenty of good, authentic pizza in the US. You're just not gonna get it for 5 bucks at the local shop


I beat you've never actually been to New York or Chicago either



*Dodges to make himself look like he knows what he is talking about*

I've been to both chicago and new york

NY is a fucking disgusting capitalist wasteland and is more deserving of a nuke than any other place I've ever been

west coast best coast faggots

What is the difference between New York and Los Angeles?

the crust is perfectly thin and has no vomit-inducing soft dough on top
it's not too crunchy
it doesn't taste like crushed fucking tomatoes, the sauce is actually seasoned
pepperoni isn't as tough as a rock so you can actually bite your pizza without it collapsing
try saying that about any other pizza on the planet. I bet you can't.

well… cascadia best… there is no rhyme here

fuck off


sounds like

I can fulfil all of that criteria with a 1 Euro frozen pizza from aldi, not that special

where did i lie

burgerland frozen pizza is another level of exceptionally shit m8 like u don even kno and I hope you never have to learn

Oh so you're a liberal larping as a leftist. Well, that explains a lot you faggot!

PS I'm from the south so I like to have my cities to be honest rough places that have heart and integrity instead of polished torture chambers that try to hide their flaws like the west coast does. In fact I'm very glad that North Korea's missiles can reach LA, Seattle, and Portland so they can wipe you idiots out!

but also

you mean you like living in shit and are proud that your municipalities dont even pretend you do

The south lives in poverty because the federal government wishes it so.

Instead of restaurants they should just have like massive picnics next to the stores, now that'd be cool

What? I didn't say american pizza was "better". I just said you can pretty much get italian pizza all over the place. Stop being so butthurt and learn to read

Literally the worst

No, everyone outside of the Liberal coast unlike you actually acknowledges they live in a shithole then think that placing coffee shops there will make it "better." Sure, we have gentrification, but we actually can put up a fight unlike you twiggy coffee shop liberal pussies.

You know…there's plenty of people out there who have a genuine passion about cooking and sharing those dishes with others. Restaurants can still exist under communism.

I imagine restaurants under communism would be like garage diners where everyone knows the guy in the neighborhood who likes to cook for people and serve them out of there house or there would be dedicated spaces for eating where people can set up what they want

Does anyone else like tomatoless pizza or is that just me?

but with varying quality of local ingredients, the quality of the pizza will vary.
I would trust an Italian chef in Norway, New Zealand and Ireland over an Italian chef in Russia, Brazil or the USA

like how? Flammkuchen? i love flammkuchen

idk it's ok sometimes but I literally never see that shit not be either dry as fuck or swimming in grease

Just a normal pepperoni pizza without tomato sauce. My family used to think I was crazy for liking it until they tried it.

I always thought Italian pizza was a meme cause how hard can it be to make a good pizza but they really are better.

Yeah I agree pretty much, it was more of a response to the people trying to excuse going to their super special local dominoes or shitty hole in the wall for pizza because "muh new york style"


I would eat that, I don't see the problem

Pizza bianca master race reporting in.

NYC pizza seems like a meme. I had several slices of pizza while I was there and it was almost the same quality as the pizza place at our local mall, which isn't saying much. I don't know if I'd say dominoes or papa johns is "better", but it doesn't seem worse. There are definitely local places that make better pizza.


Good job, annil. I have to say, Umaru was a good choice.