Anti-americanism is essential for a succeful revolution in europe

I found this article and a manifesto that is essentially a pledge for the american cock.
I do think that anti-americanism is essential for a successful democratic revolution in europe. This doesn't mean that anti-americanism should be consider the new anti-semitism (aka capitalism is wrong when a jew do it, not when a aryan do it). The only way to regain control of europe and brake the chains from american imperialism and politic influence is to fuel hate against the eternal eagle. If europes start to boycott products from america and every state friendly with them and americans in general our chance of a succesful revolution get higher. What do you think about americanism? Is anti americanism a good idea in europe?

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is this supposed to be some divide and conquer psyop? compare

Anti americanism important on this board, anti europeism is a forced meme by butthurt americans

why do you consider it important to divide american proles and their european counterparts?

Because americans are subhuman scum who ruined the world, that's why.

explain how american proles ruined the world any more or less than their european comrades. also why are american workers lesser human beings than european workers?

So, what happened to Internationalism? Its "Workers of the World, unite!", not "Europeans who hate America, unite!". Fuck off with this divide and conquer bullshit, how is stuff like this not Idpol trash?


Look, butthurt americans. OP asked a specific question, nothing to see here americans.

too obvious. cancel operation, i repeat, cancel operation.

What is wrong in using anti americanism as an excuse for national liberation?

There's enough obvious ideological propaganda in America without having to be intentionally deceitful.

Also, no. Anti-Americanism is stupid. There's nothing inherently evil about the United States, other countries would do exactly the same shit America does and probably worse if given the opportunity. And it's stupid for the same reasons antisemitism is stupid, it calls people to blame their problems on some "corrupting force" rather than the inherent injustice of the logic of the system.

No, this is totally wrong. People here are so goddamn smug about America that it actually blinds them to the shit that goes on in their own continent. You get shit like, "Haha, America is a plutocracy! Our democracies are nowhere near as influenced by money, aren't we great?" America being so shit lets Europe get away with being a tiny bit better (or just as shit with better PR) and present that as the pinnacle of humanity. Additionally,European media is still a representation of the American Spectacle in many ways, which leads people to be strangely misinformed and delusional about their own nations as they assume shit that is the case in America also exists here, which creates a sort of double false consciousness.

Antiamericanism would probably be the same as antizionism. Only issue is I fear it would devolve into antisemitism by reactionaries. In other words, playing with fire. But that's not say it doesn't have value, I personally just think antigovernment in general is probably a better praxis. And I don't even mean from the anarchist perspective, just mean anti-bourgeois government and any cooperation between them should be opposed. Anything that promotes unity between the proletariat of separate nations NEEDS to be fostered, however or it devolved into nationalism

I hope you mean antizionism in the sense of Hezbollah where it's specifically about ideology and the eradication of the zionist state rather than anything dumb and cheap.

Americans are good people, they're just systematically brainwashed and desentized to behave like human cattle. What happened to Americans is sadly happening to the whole world right now.


maybe trying to be """good people""" at all cost is the problem.

Antigovernment is part of Americanism.

Is this the power of free speech?

this webm. mein gott.

Hmm yes, let's fuel the flames of nationalist fervour in Europe during time of crisis. What could possibly go wrong

Look at Merkel and Trump. Merkel is a soulless, porky bitch on the war path against the European proletariat and probably on her way out of office, but she takes some shots at Trump and suddenly she's a liberal darling.
Although, Canada needs to be included along with Europe in this regard. They use Amerocabashing to cover up their own ruthless exploitation and murder of minorites, but Canada is totally not a racist place u gaiz.

There is nothing wrong with left-wing nationalism

Top kek, Americans are retarded

Anti-Americanism is fully justified because America is the heart of Capitalism. Any Capitalist nation is ultimately subservient to Washington. Also most Americans are fucking retarded, it's not even an exaggeration

It already has to some extent, rather than being against America as the USA some of anti-americanism is against the burger proletariat. While I doubt we burgers have to fear a holocust from some yuropoors, I'm chiefly worried about crypto-nationalist sentiment worming its way into the larger socialist movement so instead of getting communists we get edgy nationalists who like red.

Not practically. The same fags who cry about big gubbermint will turn around and suck off cops for burning a man alive.

As a Britbong who lives in Texas controlling my rage can be hard sometimes. What’s really disconcerting about American politics is how both liberals and conservatives will talk about foreign countries as if the people there don’t exist. I got really into it was a group of Democrats about how they all wanted to remove Assad fro
power. I kept asking them why America has the right to make that decision for Syrians but their response was muh American exceptionalism. The scariest thing about America is how there is no mainstream anti-war opposition. Also their nationalism is incredibly chauvinistic

America has been a blight on the planet since the 1860's. None of our culture has significantly progressed since then in any way, only been repackaged and sold back to us.

European chauvinism. The Europeans are just as imperialist as America. The communist revolution is anti-European and anti-American.

I have a hard time dealing with my hatred of my fellow countrymen as a burger. It's so easy to write this country off as a lost cause better off to be nuked by Kim.


Fuck off


I pretty much hate almost everyone in this country. Blacks, whites, Asians who love to kiss white ass, spics who do the same, Cubans and Argentinians who live here and act like they are 1000% pure Castillian blood, me, a lot of people from my city (New York) that I overall love. American niggers are the worst fucking niggers. Wal-Mart brand white people in hunter camo need to be made into a slurry along with chicken tenders.

Exactly, I'm glad you agree with me.

God damn it grilledkambing

Because American accept and love american globalism. They aren't even in the slightest worried that people all over the world are becoming americanized. They don't care that their taxes dolalrs pays for guantanamo bay, wars, military bases all over the world, drone killings. In fact american love Obama! Even nowdays they keep saying if Oama runed for a 3rd term, they would have voted a sociopathic murderer again. Look how many american voted for Hillary Clinton dispite her blantaly saying she was going to bomb Iran and make Syria into a no fly-zone. More than 60 million americans agreed with that! They just don't care!

If we were to account for all voters in America, the winner of the 2016 election would have been no one. This isn't to even touch om the assumption that yuropoors are somehow better when they voted in Merkel, Macron, May, those retards in Spain, or the wave of reactionaries in slavic states.


There were violent protests against Trump on his inaguration.

See this is the problem. They were protest against the fact that trump is "raycist". Today america fighting is all about idpol.
It's trash.
No one protested obama no one protested violently when it came down to wars. They protested for triggering statues.

This. All of Trump's faggotry, minus the gay shit, so far has been seen in Obama. Obama's gigantic expansion of the Patriot Act, corporate-supported butchered healthcare bill, massive use of war, concessions to the elites and so on.

People forget that under Obama, all the worst aspects of Bush were continued, they were just given a happy spin by the media. A man heavily involved in the fucking GFC was his financial advisor, ffs. Not to mention the tens, possibly hundreds of thousands slain by expansionism.

Europeans and Americans are not the support base for communists. America and Europe must be destroyed.

I've always wondered if he lurks here

Maoist fuck out of here


But we did protest against Wars the MSM just doesn't cover it.

Proves my point.
Antiwar protest
Liberal idpol protest


I was there and there was more then 20, we met up with more people at Union Square.

I'm not a Maoist, or a MTW. Here's a fact: no communist revolution has ever taken place without a crisis that destroys the bourgeois state. All communist revolutions have involved throwing the symbols and ideology of the bourgeois state into the dustbin of history. The USSR didn't keep the old Russian flag, they renamed St. Petersburg, and so on. The Bolsheviks actively agitated for the defeat of Russia in WWI. The only way communist revolution will happen in America and Europe is a crisis of capitalism, and a subsequent destruction of the entire bourgeois state. America and Europe must and WILL BE destroyed.

I'll add one more thing. The model for revolutionary change in the USA and Europe is the DDR. America and Europe (NATO as a whole) have killed millions upon millions of people. The same process of 'deNazification' must take place at all levels in Western society. The history books will have to be completely rewritten. The anthems changed. Massive, centuries-long reparations programs must be payed to the whole world for the crimes and exploitation that the world has suffered at the hands of the West (just as the DDR payed reparations to the USSR). And reactionaries must be silenced and systematically hunted.

Literally identity politics.

Why is it bad that burgers are being pushed left by a president who dogwhistles to reactionaries?

They did, it just didn't get the coverage.


WRONG, Europeans wont be successful at anything more than succdem BS til they let go of this /int/tier faggotry youre obsessed with
Mods should really Clean up this counter-revolutionary meme garbage


east asian commies were a mistake

american will almost certainly become fascist before it becomes socialist


America is already more or less fascist.

You're insane, the caricature of what Holla Forums and the normies think we are.

Antideutsche >>>/out/

nah just neocon, don't fall for liberal name-calling

Besides the blatant empire building all over the world, the massive military-industrial complex, cultish militarism, pledging allegiance to the flag every day from a young age, everything even being draped in the flag, no, it's not fascist at all.

Actual fascism would see this taken a lot further and involve suppression of rights, etc. Nobody will take you seriously if so say the US is fascist because it isn't.

t. citizen of the gulag nation

What about Slavic people, who were mostly subjects of other Western powers?

It’s ok, In another 20 years Western Europe will look like Pakistan

America is de facto China through an economic conduct, and in turn, cannot be fascist because its produce is manufactured abroad, infringing upon the core idea that all output must be domesticated.

Ignore the meme to the right if it triggers you, but your demographics are worse, and you've got less whites.

user, that is the left.

Uhh, no it isn't?

incentivize the rich
Oh my god i love Americanism

Pretty sure he meant the meme face to the right of the chart in the pic.

Chisnau manifesto is better.

You'd unironically have better luck with Islamic Communism and reading Sayyid Qutb.


Yeah, totally not Holla Forumseddit.

Let's end all D&C, embrace your oligarchal overlords. Revolution is for fags.


Literally nothing wrong with this post.

Man Europe get's hard cucked by the US on a daily basis.
No one cares
Europe is dead
Europeans get mad at the immigrants.

You probably don't even know where europe is, let alone know how things are in here.

Same with every group of people.


No, the United States is the only country in history to achieve world domination.

Goddamn it. It's all that McDonalds.

Big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Stop posting this shit graph.




why would they be worried, globalist domination is their national interest

Fascism is national interest in a sense too. Why people should be worried about it?