Former rightist here

while I find that I'm more sympathetic to the views of communism than the reactionary and liberal politics of today there is still one major turnoff that makes me hesitant towards your cause: the LGBTQ package that you're immediately expected to carry as soon as you introduce yourself as a leftist.
I guess what I'm asking for are Holla Forums's personal stances on queer activism are?
while I don't have anything against two men engaging in sodomy, or two lesbians doing whatever it is lesbians do, I find it difficult to "be okay with" the kind of explicit behavior you see in gay pride parades, or the view that sex change is a solution to "gender dysphoria" (research shows that sex change doesn't affect suicide rates at all).
I think that these kinds of things should be retarded as mental illnesses that need to be treaded. I find it hard to believe that people are genetically predetermined to be queer the second they are born. There are more likely environmental characteristics than not involved with the development of a queer person which need to be explored and properly addressed, but I don't agree with reactionaries that shock therapy is a good solution (or any kind of therapy for that matter).
So what do you think? Am I reactionary for holding these views?

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Get with the times bigot

A lot of the problems arise due to capitalism. You really think the porn industry and everything shoved in your face by companies will exist under communism? Get rid of the consumerist culture, you get rid of the consumerist lgbt culture.

Damn sonny, so much liberalism in just one small post

you're preaching to the choir my friend
queer activism is retarded

There's probably social and environmental factors that affect gayness, but the same could be said for straightness. Social conditions can greatly influence sexuality of all stripes.

Gender is a spook. It's a social fiction and transgenderism is when an individual finds that they don't match up to the social mythology of gender, and assume they must be another gender. I'm not surprised that sex changes don't work, swapping out one set of social fictions for another isn't going to address the core problem of the fictitious nature of gender.

I wouldn't disagree that they go too far sometimes, but I think that with all forms of sexuality. Some things are best kept private, good fences make good neighbors and all that.

Also, a lot of this is the result of faux New Left activism which tries to posit a non-class based conflict theory of some description. Since this is a load of idealist nonsense, their activism fails to yield significantly positive results, their lives are still shitty, but they still act within the logical framework of their ideology and assume that they need to go even further with their activism instead of reevaluating their ideology.

And insecure. And petty. And obnoxious.

Get raped.

You're not reactionary, you just have a very poor understanding of the science supporting those things. For example:

How do you think people end up straight? When did you choose to be attracted to women rather than men? It is obvious to anyone with any knowledge of evolutionary biology that sexuality is ultimately determined genetically.

Read trap manga. Become woke af m8

I don't think you are inherently reactionary, and I don't think your views automatically bar you from becoming a leftist.
I will say though that while you don't necessarily need to be pro-LGBT you certainly should not be anti- either. A certain level of agnosticism is ok. But I have an issue with some of what you say, where u essentially say you are ok with gay people but don't like pride parades, and think it's a mental illness. I think the same thing about religious people, keep that shit to your. Should you give a fuck? No.
What I am getting at is people, and especially the alt-right, need a little more "live and let live". Why do you give a fuck a fuck if two dudes who bang decided to wear skimpy clothes and hold a parade? Don't watch it. Why do you care if some guy wants to cut his dick off and get fake tits? Ignore them. People will alway do stupid shit that you disagree with. So long as their decisions only really effect themselves and materially effect all of us (such as pollution) why do you guys get your panties all bunched up over it? I'm no super radical red SJW, i just ignore the idpol, it's easy


this, the moral outrage culture is cancerous
ignore shit you don't like
you share interests with LQBTQUEIRWQIR proletarians, don't let aesthetics and useless externalities distract from the politically relevant things


I agree that the answer is probably not that someone is 100% this thing and not the other thing, But also think that works the other way around. I think human sexuality is more of a gray area and has little to do with genetics besides making most of us really want to do the act of procreation somehow. As people become more ok with divergent forms of sex outside of heterosexuality will see people experiment and more "absolutely straight people" will have recreational sexual activities with same sex partners for fun. I kind of think this shift is already happening. But…

The problem is if I tell people I've had any kind of same sex relationship in a local social group I'm essentially cosigning myself to being "that gay person" forever even in this more tolerant age the idea that I might like sucking a dick once a year but slam jamming the pussy every other day is still not seen as believable or viable. BI people also are trusted a lot less and "straight" women despite wanting to experiment with everything in sight themselves will basically not touch men that come out as BI. This has been shown statistically before, they are extremely judgemental about men's sexual activities. So in that sense I think environmentally we have more hurdles than the genetic bullcrap we have to use as a defense because bigots exist.

I can easily say I wasn't attracted to women until about 9 years old.
and tits and ass were never even something I cared about until I was 13.
but like I said while I'm sure there is some predisposition to sexuality, predetermination is still a long shot.

because the dominating ideology isn't something that you can just ignore. especially not in the current millennium where information can now spread like wildfire through things like the internet and our now-500 television channels.

Which is why snails and humans are basically attracted to the same aesthetic features.

That isn't an argument. You didn't grow pubic hair until then either. Genetic effects can be delayed.
So you're saying that you weighed up the options and chose your sexuality rationally at age 9, with only a slight nudge from biology? Bullshit.

Discussing things with you people feels like trying to educate a particularly stubborn toddler.

that's not what I'm saying at all, you fucking illiterate.
I'm suggesting that environmental factors can potentially be a cause for gayness, how does that translate to "rational decision at age 9"?

Nobody likes your golden ratio curved spine. It's a bug not a feature.

My statement was admittedly a bit extreme, but I also think the statement that we're one hundred percent determined to be one type of sexuality based on genetics is also really extreme. I'll amend by stating I think genetics are less important than they're stated to be and in all else is equal world where bigotry doesn't exist these genetic arguments specifically pertaining to homosexuality/transexuality and other perceived aberrations of the norm probably wouldn't be as forced as they have been by "our" side.

If genetics were not the primary factor determining sexuality, there would be no selection pressure towards hetersexuality and hence any distribution of sexual preferences would be similarly likely. The fact that heterosexuality is the predominant sexuality by a huge margin suggests that natural selection does play a role in determining sexuality.

so then how does the "homosexual gene" even gain relevance in the first place? or any sexuality for that matter.

Being gay is the dominating ideology of our time? Son wrf are you talking about? Identity politics
Nevertheless you absolutely can ignore it. You don't have to go to pro gay protests if u don't want. You don't need to have a Facebook and don't need to get triggered by liberals playing the idpol game. You can turn off the comp, you know, and go for a walk every once in awhile


Gays can do as the please really. I would say the overlap between queer and Anticapitalist activism is damaging though, purely cos groups spend more time doing fat rights stuff than class stuff

There wouldn't be a single homosexual gene - it's likely to be determined by the interplay of a few thousand genes controlling brain development at the very least.
Men and women look very similar, so even a very small change to the pattern-matching arousal function could flip you from one sexuality to the other. A single small mutation across any of a few thousand genes could potentially cause a change in sexuality. There are likely to be many ways in which the genes of two heterosexual parents could combine to produce a homosexual genome even without any mutation thanks to the complexity of brain development.

Basically the ~90% heterosexuality rate is as good as evolution could achieve given the complexity of the problem and the ambient rate of mutation.

Relevance? That's not how genes work. But in case you mean how does the "homosexual gene" (in reality it's multiple genetic factors that influence develoment) are thought to increase family fitness. Since gays have a decrease tendency to reproduce it was thought they were essentially an extra set of hands to care for children. As close famaily members share large amounts of the genetics, a gay person would be indirectly seeing that genes they had are passed on, balance out by the fact that the progeny in question are guaranteed to have the specific genes in question

Gay Uncle Hypothesis: individuals with a gene do not necessarily have to reproduce themselves in order to spread that gene, it's enough to instead aid the reproduction of others who carry that gene. Hamilton's rule, it's alright to die if you're saving two brothers or eight cousins.
Tying into the fact that male homosexuality is correlated with older brothers, it actually appears the male homosexuality at least is actively an adaptation on the part of the MOTHER, chemical changes in the womb popping up to stop sons from actively fighting each other over women and leaving their net reproductive fitness lower than the same amount of children that are 1 boy and the rest girls.

Traps are actual shit. It's just futanari for people who want to feel 'taboo' by pretending to fap to guys.

I recommend suicide

satisfaction 100% guarantee

you are arrogant for valuing your unfounded presumptions so high

all of this shit is liberal in the vast majority. these people are not communists. they're extreme Clintonians.

Aight homie look, I had a lotta issues when I came to the left field too. I'd recommend you read "Society Of The Spectacle" it really changed how I thought about a lot of stuff. I think what a lot of right wing people (myself in the past including) cannot look past the gay aspect of these people. A lot of gay people are abhorrent sacks of shit, not because they're gay but moreso because they're just terrible people in general. Gay people are like WASPS when you think about it. There's a neurotic culture around this stuff when gayness in reality holds nothing implicit beyond the engagement in same sex intercourse. When you think of it like that you can separate the act of gayness from the neurotic culture that surrounds it.

This motherfucker has the right idea. There's big money invested in these ridiculous activities, and big profits too. Its lifestyle advertising. These peoples unpleasantness is analogous to a WASP in the fact that they wholeheartedly buy into a shitty worldview and try to explain everything through that lens. Not every gay person is evil. I know you're not an evil person either (otherwise you wouldn't be here) I hope you can start learning to contextualise instead of conceptualise. Immersion in mass media and the lifestyles and worldviews they pass onto us can fuck anyone up. Same goes for WASPS, Reddit Atheists, Holla Forums users.. Whoever and whatever worldview you subscribe to, the only difference with those people is you are not trained to bring their sexuality into the fold when contemplating their terrible aspects. Homosexuality is an extremely common genetic mutation, it has been since the beginning of time. Hate the spectacle not the spectator.

Given that scientists wrote a computer program that can guess orientation at 90% accuracy from looking at facial features that are caused by hormones in the womb, it's fair to say that it's almost entirely inborn, although not necessarily strongly genetic (could be environmental causes to maternal hormone levels - plastics and other chemicals that interfere with the endocrine system abound).

In terms of what to do with these gente, if you don't like gayness, these people, if liberated, won't be breeding much, so the problem will solve itself as anyone genetically susceptible to gayness dies out.


This occurs because of the hypersexualization needed in Capitalism in order to boost sales. Basically the age old adage: Sex sells

That and the moral indulgence people end up buying from these "tolerant" companies that seem invested in social issues.

None of these things existed in even the Socialist experiments of the 20th century. Just watch any american movie about Commies during the Cold War. They're all Spartan-like, prudish and singleminded in their objective to defeat "the decadent West", with the American heroes contrasting them with their more individualistic and libertine attitudes. You can tell how retarded and blind most rightards are when they want to revise history with "le commies have always been degenewates XD"

The prevalence of LGBT shit in today's Leftist circles is merely a distraction. Part of the miasma of politics used to take people away from the class struggle. Much like how reactionaries call you a race traitor or a jew cuck if you were to question Capitalism. Its all moralist smokeclouds.

Now if you don't like fags, just shut up about it. Because identity politics goes both ways. A Socialist organization should focus on class, not to go on fag killing crusades or LIBERATE ALL LGBTJXHLBFKKXJKGNLDFK FROM WHITE CIS OPPRESSHUN.


There's probably something nihilism generating and not giving a fuck about the future of your species generating about not reproducing and about being at odds with spiritual and medical ideals. There is something fundamentally wrong with penis in anus to the point where the body reacts against it. It's deviant because it doesn't produce young. There is something that inherently takes a person out of the established order about that.

My argument was a fucking mess but your rebuttals were even worse.

Queer activism is a non issue. Faggot culture invented in USA during the 1960's is capitalist decadence promoting mental retardation, consumerism and corruption.

is the naomi wolf in the third pic the one that was on the ali g show?

so sex and sexual activity is only non-deviant if it is for the sole purpose of procreation? what levels of christian idealism are we on?

Homosexuality is bourgeois fascist decadence.

Yeah no.

What a meme.

sounds hot tbh

You're supposed to do them together…

All sexuality is evil. I can't believe anyone can believe anything else. The only reason to even mildly tolerate sex is for procreation, and even that act is horrid to think about (you're basically condemning a life to slavery whenever you conceive a child).

Aside from that I have no particular hatred of homosexuals. It's still pathological IMO, but I don't see any particular need to cure homosexuality by force. I think many of them are just a type of sex addict, hence the disturbing behavior exhibited by many homosexuals. I should know because I'm an addict myself, and I've actually talked to homosexual men who hate being the way they are (although me being me there's obviously selection bias, almost everyone I talk to outside of family has SMI).

Most of the attitudes regarding homosexuality that are prevalent in society are liberal views, or pseudo-eugenic views (that's where the "gay gene" stuff comes from, mostly).

Fascism literally translates to faggotism. I don't see the issue

No offense but couldn't you get ~90% accuracy by just saying straight every time?

You probably feel alienated by the performative stupidity of late capitalist culture more than anything. Mainstream lgbt culture is an obnoxious spectacle like everything else under capitalism, but you will find many of the imageboard autist gays/trannies are probably not that different from you or me in terms of tastes, worldviews and opinions. You might even get along well with them IRL. The category of the homosexual is a modern construct that emerged when the state began to take an interest in people's sexual behaviour. many pre modern societies recognised a third gender, roughly equivalent to trans people. Today, 'identity' has become a reified instrument of management and commodity marketing. But it doesn't have to be that way.

you sound spooked af, op

despook yourself

You could argue LGBT has displaced christianity as the state religion of the west. Like the Kings of old recurred to the Christian Church in order to justify their Power, today's rulers, that is, Governments and corporations, turn to the LGBT church in their quest for legitimacy. LGBT is a religion.


Read Stirner u quqq

You might be too online

Maybe you could point me to his work where he talks about the modern LGBT movement displaying Christianity then?
I'm not sitting here saying LGBT is some shit that should be worshipped, that's liberalism, but ffs you're on some mental gymnastics shit I haven't seen in awhile by saying its a religion. Liberals gonna lib man, that's all

Stop being a prude

fact: a secret homosexual theocracy cabal is pulling the strings behind all major corporations and governments. Both the far left and the far right are actually homo-run controlled opposition.

Aight man im sorry for being an assohle. I think what the guy was saying is that people use the idea of the lgbt movement as a "human face" to justify and cover up their existence.

I think they are sick, but I also think fat people and smokers are messed up. Its mostly a wedge issue and of very little importance. Promoting lgbt is a meme that normies(liberals) buy into because its trendy, but it's not really representative of how most of us feel. Believe what you want about lgbt, just don't let it dictate your voting and you should be good.

Oh shit.

No reason to appologize man
But I'm not really sure what you mean. Why is they, what is the human face and what are they hiding from, more specifically?

you callin me gay?
pic related

If you undervalue the role taboo has to play in sexual arousal you're a retard. Also usually 'futanari' is always 10 inch monster cocks and massive cow tits, so traps are usually the better choice.

guess i'm technically bi, but I don't really identify with a bunch of empty signifiers that are mostly used to sell commodities and whitewash capitalist society

The Borgs, corporations, government.. ect. will adopt the image of social progressiveness (while maintaining the status quo which we all know is horrible) to make themselves seem more human, warm and decent. When in reality they're cutthroats. This functionally operates as a shroud, its the same thing with businesses adopting a Christian or moral image in the past, but instead they chose lgbt views to reflect the zeitgeist. Im not saying gay people are bad, im pro gay btw im not some pollack thats trying to subtly push his views and divide and conquer here. The main theme here is that borgs will use masks of all kinds to shroud their cruelty and justify their existence to common folks.

Which I should add is functionally the same as using religion to hide horrible practices. Its the idea in function and how the abuse it and not so much the idea itsself here.

Join the Nazbol cause brother.

Homosexuals deserve the same decency all human beings do, but queer theory was a mistake

Nothing wrong with being gay, but taking pride in your sexuality is something I don't really understand. At the end of the day you're celebrating where you like to stick your genitals or if you like genitals to be stuck inside you. It's a dumb thing to have pride in. Just fuck who you want. Same goes for straight people bragging about how much sex they get. Just keep it in your private life.

Not quite true. In workplaces and campuses, people are starting to talk about the need to be "affirming" rather than just "tolerant". In a related culture war development, recall the no whites on campus day controversy. The various bureaucracies that stifle us will require that we enthusiastically wave the rainbow flag, just ignoring it is already being a biggot.

lol wtf are you on about

don't mind me, i'm just enjoying my weekend, indulging on dissociative shitposting while high off weed, xanax and antidepressants. FYI I beat off to gay porn occasionally and feel weird about it afterwards.

sounds like a fun time comrade. everyone has their own ways of dealing with this late capitalist hell we live in.

Sexuality is fluid, people are not genetically predetermined to be queer or straight. There is no such thing as a gay gene. External factors are an influence in every single person's sexuality.

Genetic roles, social roles, and fluidity are probably all involved. What the fuck is so hard to understand about complexity.

The only relevance genes have in this is that they are used to justify that homosexuality isn't a choice, as is stated by anti-gay crowds. I'm gay as all fuck, but this argument is total garbage. It doesn't matter if it's a choice, people just need to mind their own damn business.

I never felt comfortable in queer societies at university or in pride parades or gay bars. I don't feel a need to put my sexuality on display, rather just live my life. More important to me is the sheer number of queer homeless. They are part of the class struggle, and no amount of showmanship or corporate pandering will help them.

That's because the modern post-fordist workplace demands total involvement and the erasure of the distinction between private and public selves. Capitalism needs to regulate and categorise everything and place everyone within well defined interest groups/marketing demographics. Whatever refuses to be categorised is a threat to our society. You could say this kills individuality in a way, forcing you to become yet another cog in the machine. Capitalism has to present itself as a rational vehicle for 'social progress' whatever that means. The world of media and managerial liberalism is relatively tiny, step beyond it and you'll find the Big Outside in which people struggle to get by amidst a collapsed social safety net and a hostile society made up of atomised units.

When you care more about this shit then you do about the US military you know you've been trapped in the spectacle

what if the military industrial complex is actually in thrall to the homosexual deepstate? btw the LGBT community also controls the fed and all the major banks.

I've always maintained this view too, and it seems to be incredibly rare in any leftist community.

Need to do liberation signaling

I don't understand why it's mandatory that the left associate itself with marches that have lost all political significance and have degenerated into cultural festivals and public bdsm/drag performances

maybe it guessed gay people 90%

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who cares individuals don't have to appeal to you

Sweet Jesus, I hope you don't see a dick on her when she turns around!

That isn't how that fallacy works, idiot. You have to show him that it is, indeed, conceivable that people can be born gay. But someone has yet to show that and we're still at least a decade, if not DECADES, away from showing that gayness is definitively caused by genes. To act as though that this idea has been proven beyond reasonable doubt its fucking laughable and it's why OP and other Holla Forumstards criticize liberals so much for it.

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It pleases my ego not to see hairy, sweaty, semi-naked men grinding on each other up on mobile podium's in broad daylight. What now?

Yes, she does have a nice butt. Apparently she's a Spanish stripper out of Madrid.

no one cares about your ego obviously

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It clearly pleases their egos to grind so what are you gonna do about it? Probably less effort to just not go than to fight them or whatever

25 dec 1991 best day of my life

Because The Left refuses to see that the old counter culture is dead. It still thinks Gay Pride (sponsored by Google, Starbucks, Apple etc) is subversive. People are still spooked by religion in that they don't want to be Saints so they choose to be Sinners.

Christian Morality does still exist in the west but it currently exists as this transgressive sleaze commonly seen in America. Anyone accusing others of being prudes, prigs and puritans are the most spooked of all (and probably proto-Fascist). It is no coincidence that someone like Milo thinks what is stopping him from sexually abusing young boys is feminazi PC culture.

do whatever you want. dictators always end up hanged anyway.

and you don't have a tank, no weapons, no power at all to subjugate. I do but I use it to liberate, you're below me LOL


you have no power. my personal power is stronger than yours, it's not difficult to be stronger than a dweeb anyway. you can't subjugate anyone in front of me.

Back to reddit before you get the wall, fag
To answer OP: pride parades are dumb, queer pride paradeers get the wall

My man, milo, as a greeknigger, and like all oliveniggers, is predisposed to being a pedophile
Read some plato, they talk about young lovers extensively in symposium
Oliveniggers are just pedophiles across the board, I swear

I think Zizek wrote about this

Mostly agree
Silly nazbol


Stalin was a fellow shitposter

that's bad spelling and bad practice

Pride parades lost any kind of political focus they once had way back as far as the late 1980s (in the west at least)
Take a look at that liberal capitalism baby
It's made even more bizarre with many of these companies connections to the middle east

but he was borned and raised in England. And it's in England that celebreties keep being discovered they were pedophiles after all

This. Almost EVERY single capitalist Neocon war criminal is a LGBT shill now that is acceptable and they don't have to hide it any more.

Perfectly said.

I don't like the whole trans thing, but I realize it would be more divisive to complain about it. As long as they support left wing socialist causes I don't care.

I used to hang out in some leftist circle where everyone would complaining about trannies instead of getting shit done.

wow really made me think

I also used to browse Holla Forums

t. tranny who used to shit up leftist circle

Defeating "capitalism" means "exposing" all of its victims.

It really makes this a simple topic for me.

how do you reconcile gender being a spook and sexuality being genetic? i think both are spoopy, just fuck anything that rustles your jimmies and identify as pansexual deviant

don't carry it then, who cares. are you trying to live your life or shopping for an identity?

what explicit behavior, and what's wrong with it?

well shit man, it's not like your life is a switch where it's either you're hunky dory or you're going to kill yourself, there's, like, nuance.

i snickered

sure, but having established, as you did, that you have no problem with gays having gay sex, why would you care?



Sir did you hit reply too soon by accident because I can't find a single argument in your post.

They're woke

no… acceptance and encouragement of gay pride is an aspect of liberalism which is the dominant ideology in the west.



That's a pretty big spook you got there!