The Postmodern Right

Why does the alt-right and their fellow travelers hate postmodernism so much?

I ask because they are probably the most postmodern ideology out there right now. I get how they can be scared of Marxism, which is an alien philosophy for them and was pushed as this boogeyman for the better part of two centuries, but it's a bit odd for them to have this hateboner for a philosophical tradition that serves as a cornerstone for their own worldview.

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They're projecting. You'll also find some right-wingers complaining about identity politics by which they mean liberal idpol, cause they love their own idpol.

Because they're a bunch of retards that don't actually understand any of the ideologies they espouse, they just blindly follow them because it 'feels right' or some supid shit like that.

Can you explain these statements? I don't see how that's the case at all.

To give an example, many reactionaries reject materialism and marxism cause they "don't believe in grand narratives". That's pretty postmodern.

Another example, them attacking John Oliver as "le current year man", mocking him for believing that there's a basic structure and trajectory to the progression of history. This is also pretty postmodern.

hell, even the original fascists were anticipating postmodernism, with their rejection of rationalism and universalism, and the idea of truth as a performative project. truth is what the will of the people is and the will of the people is what the führer's will is. submission to the leader's world for cohesion and strength is basic fascism

because they view it as Jewish

"Alternative Facts"

Postmodernism is pure capitalism the system they keep jerking off to.

How exactly do we follow a postmodern ideology? You mean just because it emerged recently? Is it just an issue of when it came about?

Because really up untill like ~1965 basically every single western country was a white ethnostate. Western Civilization = European/white civilization. I am using european and white interchangable.

I don't understand how Marxism serves as a cornerstone for the alt-right. It doesn't. You haven't given any explaination as to why it does.

Well yes, in places like America you have to embrace identity politics as someone from the alt-right. In Europe you don't have to yet, because it's still implicitely understood that to be Danish you have to be a white European, etc. Being against immigrants is an implict race and EVEN ethnical issue, because Cuckservatives in Britain while masturbating to the idea of an asian PM, are talking negatively about bulgarians, romanian and polish guest workers.

…. but the alt-right does believe in a grand narrative of sorts?

that's way too generally formulated

People in the alt-right aren't against talking about history and connecting dots and creating a line or theme.

well that has nothing to do with the alt-right, you are really talking very generally here

not an argument

Because people's notion of "postmodernism" is a half-assed understanding of poststrucuralism and anthropological relativism.

The funny thing is that the software engineers who form the backbone of nrx shit are the most postmodernist people around. Computer coding is mostly linguisitic deconstruction + bricolage, the internet is a rhizomatic network, and silicon valley "disruption" is full of horizontal management and other postmodern memes. People who complain about postmodernism are just really bad postmodernists.

I think the Nazis were definitely more modern, though I feel like the Italians had a substantially different character. Mussolini seemed to cherish certain ideals, while the Nazis cherished their conception of the national organism as a biological reality. To the Nazis, they had to cleanse their nation because there were pollutants like a disease that would damage its evolution. They were in a battle against dissolution, but also on the flipside in a battle for progress. For Mussolini, supremacy of the state was almost tautological. The nation represented the essence and will of the people, and in turn the state represented the same for the nation. It was for the good of the spirit of the people to submit to the state totally. The individual's interest was the same as the totality. This didn't give much lip service to a temporal narrative, except that Mussolini noted material conditions changed (nod to materialism and Marxism), and that the constitution of the nation or state may change on this basis. So basically, total traditionalism is self-defeating. The nation must evolve, but always within the fascist framework.


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Except I never claimed that. Are you confusing Marxism and postmodernism?

Here's Mussolini:

If you read many right-wingers closely, even the supposedly Christian ones who say they believe God's will is Absolute etc etc, you'll notice many of them are relativists.

I wish David Foster Wallace never introduced that word into the mainstream

For the alt-right, believe it or not, postmodern, Marxist, and SJW are all interchangeable. Their understanding of the left comes entirely from cringe videos of blue haired-feminists combined with videos of antifa. For them, postmodernism isn't a diverse array of thinkers examining a condition we find ourselves in after the "death of god," where we no longer believe in grand narratives. Its a nihilistic ideology stamped into all humanities and gender studies students (based on the Frankfurt school) which is hell-bent on dismantling everything conservatives hold dear (the family, capitalism, America).

They don't get that in dismantling the simplistic liberal idpol arguments, they are actually performing deconstruction, and being postmodern themselves. But I would disagree that they are totally postmodern because they definitely have their own grand narratives they're trying to push. They're more confused and ignorant than anything.

They think "postmodernism" = feminism, university professors, multiple genders, marxism, etc.

They are very misinformed teenagers who get political knowledge from unsourced Holla Forums infographs and Jordan Peterson talking about postmodernism.

That's very different from the idea of progress and viewing history as a process following an internal logic.

John Oliver is clearly being mocked because he believes in a form of this.

They really don't. If you look at the Nouvelle Droite, their underlying philosophy is all postmodernism. It's only the alt-light that seems to (rightly) disdain postmodernism, and I'm skeptical that much thought goes into it beyond cringing over campus identity politics.

Yeah no shit, because the OP said that it's postmodernism that you guys follow (which is at odds with marxism) and asked why you guys demonize pomo while conflating it with marxism

postmodernism and postmodernity are shit tbh

they're part and parcel of LSC now

Our idpol is just as valid as the strain of idpol from brown people marxist organizations have been tolerating and even encouraging since the 70s, in fact it is even more valid because the white race is the only one that progressed beyond spear chucking and savagery.

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I wish I were back in undergrad, this current era would make for some fire papers in my crit theory courses

racial egalitarianism is the spookiest spook of all spooks

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Metamoderns are defined by their reaction to postmodernity



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Oliver is mocked because he used it as a (failed) attempt at an argument.
It's equivalent to someone attempting to discredit Marxism because "come on it's 2017 get with the program".

Yeah, exactly. He's claiming that it's anachronistic, something that had (or at least ought to have been) been brushed into the dustbin of history long ago, because he believes in the (admittedly highly idealist, liberal version of) the idea of progress and history.

i'm reading this book right now and its fantastic.

pretty much every fascist movement rejected modernism as a sign of decaying culture. While you are right that fascists thought the nation needed to evolve, for fascists that evolution was meant to be a return to the so-called golden age of the nation's past.


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A largely fictional past, it should be noted. Their systems were nothing like the really existing past.

Have Peterson et al ever commented on this?

No they haven't read a single fucking book in their entire life that has a single thing to do with actual postmodernism.

Reminder Jordan Peterson id the biggest Postmodernist out there. “There are many truths” -Jordan Peterson.

so these are the right-wing intellectuals I keep hearing about


why isn't this reported instead of giving it a million replies

Is there a copy of this on libgen/somewhere or would a comrade be so kind as to upload their epub/pdf maybe?

Nvm just grabbed it, here it is for anyone who would like a copy

Yes, just wanted to tell you it's on libgen as a PDF and EPUB.
I just really would love for someone to ask Peterson about Jameson's thoughts on postmodernism. I'd be as hilarious as his "There are many truths" moment.

Thx for the reply fam, don't worry I'm a brainlet too but I also would love to see Peterson knocked down a few pegs. There is consistently some idiot on almost every board on cuckchan shilling their rudimentary understanding of nietzsche that they got spoonfed to them from their daddy whilst they clean their rooms

The Peterson shilling is immense, indeed. But I can certainly understand his appeal. Sometimes I think back and feel like I could have gone down that road of le ebil postmodernism and worshipping him and others.

We need to get a real philosopher from the left who understands postmodernism to debate Peterson and make him look like the brainlet he really is.