How is communism possible

How can you produce things solely for use-value when there is still a division of labor?
If X persons is producing Xg goods and Y persons is producing Yg goods wouldn't there still need to be production for exchange-value to balance everything out? How can you ensure who produced what?

Products moving from one place to another doesn't mean an exchange occurs.

How can you ensure who produced what? A: CENTRAL planning. It can be to some extent decentralized in that all sorts of people have input into forming the plan, but planning has to be computed centrally and apply to the system as a whole. The big plan can be split into sub-plans, the sub-plans form a hierarchy with necessities of physical survival at the top and luxuries at the bottom, allocation of resources to the sub-plans happens from top to bottom. This doesn't mean that first the entire world works on the essential products and then moves on to producing less important things, but the resources in the inventory (not the inventory of this or that room, but the storage space of the entire system) are prioritized for higher sub-plans and only what is left over goes to the less important stuff. So some units of a resource X that is requested for processes belonging to a higher sub-plan A and a lower sub-plan B only gets assigned to B if either sub-plan A is fulfilled 100 % or there is a bottleneck in producing A with another resource Y lacking so that A getting more X wouldn't help increase the fulfillment percentage for sub-plan A.


Machines produce and divide everything equally until they become sentient and kill everyone.

so what defines commodity production then? what makes communism different from a barter economy?

I give you something and you give me something of equal value is barter. I give you something is not.

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The division of labor has nothing to do with making things for their use value aside from a very tenuous connection given the subject matter of economics and Marx/every thinker after him actively argued against extreme divisions in labor where not necessary. That being said, it's still necessary as certain resources are geographically linked to their locations and specializations would exist regardless of other factors in an economy.

Co-ops are as efficient if not more at coalescing resources into a cogent commercial product. There is nothing magical about materials, redistribution and trade under capitalism that wouldn't also work under other forms of society.

You know that Murray Rothtard and other "great" capitalist thinkers argued against the need for any need for any division of labor at all and that he saw no reason why people couldn't become "generalists" that "specialize" in engaging with every form of trade and material accumulation possible. Probably one of the most utopian statements ever made and yet "realist" no "feels" rightists make similarly untethered to reality arguments against globalization/internationalism and the division of labor all damn day.

gift economies

Completely fair remuneration is impossible, but it is impossible under any system. Which is why communists argue for distribution based on need rather than specific remuneration for for specific input.

Actually, there are distribution algorithms that do obey certain precisely formulated fairness critera. For instance, people can rate tasks based on how obnoxious they find them, and then everybody gets assigned a task mix that has the same subjective score, that is, I get assigned a task mix that has a weight of say 20 % of the entire burden based on how I personally evaluate those tasks, and you get assigned 20 % based on your evaluation (the point is not a particular percentage, but that each person has the same number here, even if the task mixes can be very different).

If a wild widget Z appears, it's assumed to be a store of a standard amount of man-hours (to be determined by the Communist Party), and so is exchanged for equivalent store of man-hours.

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With machines you can. Well perhaps not a few minutes, but you get the point.
Also consider that a surgeon has to train years. Meanwhile even a kid can be taught how to make bread.

You shoot the one that tries to exploit the workers. This continues until the workers organize themselves.

There's more than enough food in the world to feed everybody.

If the surgery required 2 cups of water and a rolling pin, I guess a communist would consider it a fair exchange.