Europe hate thread

When will this meme end? posters from continental europe are some of the most racist, classcucked people ever.

4chan's /int/ is solid proof of this

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Does the communist party of USA elects senators for the congress in Washington? No? Then shut the fuck, because we do around here. The actual communist party, with the hammer and the sickle as symbol. 16 elected members in parliament.
What does teh communist party of USA does? Ah yes support Hillary.


Lol. American dog detected.
Go back watching bill maher and cnn.
Also no shit. There are a lot of people who still live in rural shitholes. Our city do not expand like yours. You know the average income for a czech citizen? Less than a grand a month. Some places are still really backwards. Those place are still immune to your Mcculture filth that you import tho

Literally proving OP's point.

nice spooks

Woof woof. In america you don't have one so you don't understand and you call it spook. World is beautiful because it's diverse, it diverse thanks to culture. Your culture is corporate bullshit, that's why you hate it

Euro here tbh in my country (italy) there are two fascist parties that are somewhat relevant. Dunno if it's because of the particular history of my contry. Also lots of fascists and I never met a single genuine commie in my entire life. It's not that americans are worse or better imho, I think is more that USA politics are more centrist while euro politics are extremely populist, at least where I live, a lot of politicians either ride yhe immigrants tide or present themselves as "the only rational alternative" and the latters are usually neolibs with very very vague succdemon traits. Honestly if euros think they have less spectacular mainstream politics than usa they are just delusional

this is the best criticism Holla Forums can come up with towards their dissenters?
sure seems like an intellectual powerhouse over there.

Noi siamo un caso a parte. La nostra politica è diventata spettacolo grazie al silvio. Come tutto in questo paese, grazie a berlusconi, si è americanizato.
Se ci pensi silvio ha fatto più danni di mussolini in questo paese.
I partiti fascisti poi qua, oltre che essere illegali, contano poco e sono poco pericolosi. Il vero pericolo ora è la gang di renzi, che non è differente da quella di silvio.

So let me get this right.

You hate America…

But because of "degenerate culture"

stalin was too soft on you dicks. nazi scum

I hate america for all the other reasons too.

It's nice to see a fellow leftist from europe.

How do you deal with the massive amount of rightwing fucktards in your country?

It's bad in America no doubt, but you guys seem to have a problem with autistic rightwing idiots coming out of the woodwork as well.

finally, the americans have arrived and are shitting up the board. thanks op!

Europe have real conservative movements and american "conservatives" are just neoliberals.

Beh forza nuova e casapound sono fasci, solo che ovviamente le leggi del cazzo contro il fascismo sono solo per far dire " o emme gi non posso fare il saluto romano alla faccia della libertà d'espressione xd" comunque si grazie silvione per aver reso l'italia un cesso, è colpa sua se ora la nostra politica è una buffonata

Honestly I don't know what the fuck should be done. I became leftist lately because I only discovered lately that real leftism is not "big gubmint", I think that the shift right is pretty shitty and serious, a lot of people like the anti immigrant rethoric. Personally I think the only thing that would create a real shift or at least a good right destabilizing would be a relevant leftist organization not linked to the old parties. But I don't know man

you say that as if that's a good thing

Euros are pretty racist towards gypsies. I found it kind of weird.

Fuck Germany

Can America relegalize Slavery but only engage in the shipment and trade of Germans

classcucked maybe, but way more liberal than us burgerfats. Romania is the ideal model to follow, both in its Fascist era and Communist era. heavily socialist, heavily leftist but that doesn't mean letting in a bunch of migrants into bumfuck you.

muh memegrants

silly Holla Forumsyp, here on Holla Forums it's americans that are the boogeyman responsible for everything bad in life!

t. Amerifat

actually go outside you you internet dwelling sp0rg

A grand a month is more then I've ever made working in America.

Average income a shit. It's grossly distorted by the bourgs. Seeing the average income for different chunks of the population would be much better.

What do you guys think about based Diego Fusaro?

We need more leftists like him

Who is that

I don't hate America, I hate white America.
Your country was founded on slavery, genocide and unwillingness to pay taxes.



Shitskin GTFO.

/int/ellectual here.

/int/ likes picking on Americans because they're extremely easy to bait and troll. They lose their shit over the most pathetic, unimaginative baits, they're that insecure. They have zero self-awareness. They're not funny and they can't banter, they're just annoying and cringy. If they weren't so easy to rile up no one would pay attention to them.

4/pol/ arguably has the largest percent of American posters on 4chan. Needless to say, it's an absolute shithole. Americans on 4chan are just painfully retarded.

Must be the German admixture.

Germans are unfunny to the point they actually become funny.

Do you have an archive link of that thread?

Much appreciated anonfriend.

Please just take them.

Gypsies are a massive pain in the ass. Seriously. Hated by everyone.

Jesus no. Fusaro is an idiot. Pretentious idiot.

Idpoling faggot kys. Americans are dogs no matter the colour of their skin.

OP is right but since this board is mostly edgy reactionary eurofags that worship Stalin all this thread will get is hypocritical REEEing.
Reminder that this board would be so much better if it was hosted on literally any other Chan than Holla ForumsHQ, because then all these "anti-imperialist" tankie putin shills would fuck off and stop trying to pin all of capitalism on a single country across the pond

have you ever met gypsies?
I lived in houston for a while and started seeing them there. Just about everything Euros told me was confirmed, except it seems here they haven't established their camps yet.

Europeans are more class conscious, but also more racist.

This is true.

You banter a European and they banter back.
You banter an Amerifat and they spam your thread with charts and Wikipedia links.

Americans are the equivalent of that kid in high school who would go into autistic rage when somebody threw a wadded up paper ball at him.

They may be more xenophobic, but they aren't more racist.

This is so stupid. Obviously a country that wasn't build on immigration is a bit less open to others than the fucking us. Such a retarded concept of racism

t. doesn't quite get it yet



You know what is the pinnacle of indigenous white European identitarianism?
Latching on to a philosemitic heresy of a heresy like a starved limpet.

What do you think the Talmud is you dumb brainlet? It's a codification - as well as commentary on - the beliefs, practices and laws of Yahwehism (Or Judaism as it would become known as later). The main differences between the Tanakh (i.e. the Old Testament) and the Talmud is that the latter was codified after the first. They're essentially based on the same faith and culture as described in the Bible, even if people disagree with the commentary written in the Talmud.
Even Jesus, also known as Yeshua - who's frequently depicted as a blue eyed Aryan™, even though he probably looked like your average Arab or Sephardi, and likely was no lighter than your average Syrian - stated that his intention was to restore the old religion. (I.e. Yahwehism/Judaism)
I bet you don't even know that Saul of Tarsus (Apostle Paul) - who was one of the biggest influences on early Christianity - was a full-blooded Jew.

You "Natsöc" Christians are such a bunch of retards. Not surprising though, considering how much you love your zionist God Emperor.

No. I hate America and every american because they want to destroy my culture and force me to adopt american "culture".
I don't give a shit about private prisons, treatment of workers, the racism, etc. That's internal policies, that's your fucking problem not mine. Each country choses the way they want to be.
Forcing the people in my nation with almost 900 years of existance to become the exact copy of yours planting McDonald's all over the place, and forcing me to listen to your music is what bothers me.

post somewhere else



it's always the same thing with this barbarians. On Holla Forums the barbarians think that because in Germany and England there's too many terrorist attack, it means all europe has a lot of terrorist attacks

I just have to look at the number of homicides in USA to know that americans are way, WAY more racist than in my country. You hate each other, you all live in it's own bubbles There's palces for african-americans, palces for italo-americans, irish-americans, jew-americans.
You have 0 understanding of how a propper nation operates, where people greet each other on the street, where people leave their doors unlocked at night.

In USA…you're damn right i don't.

And they want us to be like them.

You're stupid. Selfish. Near sighted. Ironically most of the things you bring up about Americans.

jazz musician in USA

jazz musician comes for a mini tour in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and France

No wonder Nina Simone shat on you guys and moved to France kek

Jazz formed itself in the United States regardless. This liberal interpretation black jazz musicians would be thankful for their white European friends is retarded.

You're retarded. Most of those are black people killing other black people, where does racism enter the picture?