Background Images: Holla Forums edition

Post and rate desktop background images. I'll go first

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using Mint Linux

Stop recycling new wave aesthetics.
It's hyper capitalist trash.

fug u


Can OP post the original pic for his background pls?


Do you want me to call the fire department now or later?



sabocat with snek in mouth, red background, "WELL, I DIDN'T TREAD" captioned underneath

Here you are.

I love that one.

Did Schnitz make these?

What did he mean by this?

Vaporwave is a symptom of hauntology and capitalist realism.

None of it is really leftist except the PFLP one.

This is reactionary tbqh.

I dig it.

OP, why aren't you using i3 as your desktop/window manager?

I've installed it, but haven't figured out how to use it on this machine. I'm running Ubuntu in a crosh environment, so I don't have the usual login screen where you would select it from. I'll probably figure it out if I actually put more than 5 minutes of trying into it, but I've more focused on other stuff.

My background also OC.

Nice, mine as well actually.

where did you find the lain stuff?

I don't have anythin that looks like leftpol on my computer. Just looking at the center of the milkyway.



I sadly don't remember. Might be able to find the artist's site/blog with a reverse image search.

On this site there is a link to a drop box share with a bunch of lain

Does it always have to be leftist? I got one which isn't exactly leftist that I just like

Nah just post whatever.

This, it's literally New Wave/Synthpop aka the whitest genre of all time. Pure garbage.


Looks cool, shitty philosopher.


If vaporwave is critical of capitalism, is "laborwave" a subtle way to claim that the USSR was state capitalist?

First leftist Pepe, now leftist Fashwave……..

Will you guys ever come up with an idea of your own?

Off yourself faggot

It's almost as though "fashwave" is a derivative of something else…

I, too, was 14 once.



are you retarded? the origins of vaporwave are explicitly leftist.

Lmao I remember when he was just sadfrog.

no clue who made these, I've just collected them slowly

I know this is bait but Pepe only got adopted by the far right like a year ago