Based Professor Norman Finklestein arrested and forced into Psychiatric evaluation

the fuck? why?

smear tactic

Maybe black people are just constantly ooking and eeking disproportionately in Nassau county, as they do pretty much everywhere else did ya ever occur to you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Leftism is a joke first a tragedy then as a farce

Your guess is as good as mine. This anti-Palestine/BDS neo-mcarthyist BS is getting fucking insane especially in New York with Gov. Chris Cuomo and his blacklist of pro-Palestine activists.

Sounds more like a rich part of New York.

but how can they enter his home without a warrant, then forcibly arrest him without cause? makes no sense

The actual story he posted is that he was mysteriously arrested in the dead of night, and decided not to put on clothes as a statement about the absurdity of his arrest. For this, the judge is putting him under psych evaluation.

This is really serious shit. What kind of excuse do they have for arresting Finkelstein? Who will they do this to next?

yeah i mean america's a free country, right?

He is against BDS. I know him personally.

None. He hasn't even been active in years. Last time I saw him doing a public talk was 2011.

Finkelstein is fucking great too

he's a dead man
nobody would take a diagnosed person seriously in the court
and he will be diagnosed, that's just the way how it works

also topkek at all the burgers screeching land of the free in this thread
as if things any different in any other part of the world
diagnosed person is not a juridical subject. Period.
journos being diagnosed and locked up when they stick their nose where they should't is a common practice worldwide

Because he's an ABSOLUTE MADMAN

They learned from the best ;)

sounds legit

what does that have to do with his trial? wait a sec, is he trying to play the JEW card and say he's being racially profiled? oh boy, now he's off to get psychoanalyzed by Dr. Freud? How ironic.


I think he just made a remark about how the criminal justice system targets blacks. Don't know how you reached the conclusion you did

this is the brize of freedom :DDDD

he said "Nassau County is a filthy, racist enclave where the entire criminal justice system, from judges to district attorneys to prison guards, is whiter than the Ku Klux Klan…" Nassau County has over a million people and he just called it filthy, racist, with too many white people in power. He's a jew. The KKK and white-racists aren't usually fond of jews, so it's possible he was playing the jew-victim-card, I dunno.

It's a bizzare comment to make, specially since everyone knows blacks actually do commit more crimes than any other demographic, whether its due to social or genetic reasons or gang reasons is another question.

Finkelstein gave no explanation as to what was even happening. His blog was:

ya, I'm doubting his story, its incomplete. Or maybe Alan Dershowitz called in another favor, lmao. Finkelstein has a habit of upsetting the wrong jews.

Well he's probably still upset after being arrested and showing up in court in his undies

They're targeted more and frequently get harsher sentences, which is presumably what he was alluding to.

Had something to do with standing up for one of his friends in court. Lawyers can really fuck with you and present a cause for arrest out of thin air.

targeted more for good reason;
higher sentences is hard to establish due to variations in the mix of offences, mitigating and aggravating factors judges have to consider, chance for repeat offense, whether a defendant pleads guilty or not-guilty also makes a big differences, Blacks have a tendency to plead not guilty and get tried by juries. Last time i read about this stuff I found the race didn't make much difference in most crimes, except in drug related offenses, but like I said there are so many factors a judge has to consider (or jury).

Lol, you think poor blacks plead not guilty when they can't afford a lawyer and know the courts are biased against them. This is fucking rich. I take it you've never encountered the legal system yourself? I've seen this horseshit in action myself; chances are, if you're poor you're going to be found guilty of something, even if you can prove your innocence beyond a doubt (they'll just find SOMETHING to nail you with). If you're poor, the system likes nailing you with a charge so they can take more of your so-called freedoms away from you or at least make it difficult to live your life peacefully. The only way out is to never encounter the police (which makes people live in constant terror and produces the desired effect that people don't exercise their freedoms for any meaningful end), or have money to essentially bribe judges.

Because he pissed off our most oppressed minority and they're going to crush him

Legal system provides them
more poor whites than any other demographic


No, fellow whites. Know the difference!

fuck off retard

Not really, no.

Public defenders don't defend shit, it's part of the farce that is our legal system.
Blacks are more likely to be arrested in the first place, and urban arrest rates are higher than rural / suburban arrest rates. Once it goes to court though, the courts only care about nailing the accused with something or getting bribes, at least as far as I've experienced the system, and they aren't particularly concerned about the race of the accused.

Thought crime bullshit. Revolution soon. Corrupt pieces of shit all around shutting down thinkers.


It's America, that just happens and will happen till the whole fucking place is carpet-nuked.

And most of America thinks they don't have any prisoners of conscience.

Come to think of it, is there someone tracking down how many America has?

Rundown on this guy.
Did she try to play the jew card against a jew?