wtf I love Distributism now!

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But what if I don't have a family because my family disowned me for being trans?

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you're a man, so it's possible to start your own family if you stop cross-dressing and sort yourself out.


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Distributism is retarded, mutualism is outdated and utopian aswell but atleast makes more sense. How the fuck are you going to distribute heavy industry? Will one person get a whole factory while another gets a patch of land? How many solar panels can you give one person so that it equals a certain patch of land? How is government organized?

Even in pre-capitalist times (with small-scale manufacturing) it doesn't make sense as you still have huge windmills, ships, shipyards, mines etc. which can't be the property of one person.

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God literally kills some people for withholding some of their land from collectivization in Acts 5:1-5. How do they reconcile this with private property being a fundamental right?

Stopped reading right there.

owning your property is your right, lying and embezzlement are not. the couple from Acts 5: 1-5 secretly kept back part of the price while portraying as if it was full; they lied to the church, they wanted access to the common fund portraying as if they had nothing of their own. a deception happened Greek, ενοσφισατο, fraudulently secreted, or purloined, part of the price — they were liars and hypocrites in striking contrast to the unreserved self-sacrifice of Barnabas, which happened earlier.

give up your property

What does distributism say about class struggle?

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read Leo

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basically if everyone submits to the church, society will be the same as it is but people would be magically happier with each other and exploitation would end because people would be happy to be exploited by a fellow christian.

It wouldn't end exploitation in the Marxist sense, but distributism advocates for a society that respects what it calls human dignity - the right to live well - meaning affordable healthcare, freedom of labour association, universal living wages, social safety nets, community bonds etc.
Pope Leo, it should be pointed out, was deeply critical of free-market capitalism, rightly recognizing that–in the absence of guard rails–the machine of capitalism would careen out of control and bring our entire economic system down (fairly prescient in the light of 1928 and 2007). One of the more compelling sections of the letter talked about how workers should not be caught in a race to the bottom with regard to earnings, and should be paid what has come to be called a living wage.

Essentially it's trying to institutionalize capitalism with a human face through faith in our lord and saviour.

tl;dr christian succdems

how do you stop concentration of capital


which regulations
and how do you stop capital from controlling the regulatory bodies

a certain organisation with a devout following of the church doctrine might help

how do you stop that organisation becoming capital itself or being controlled by capital

Jesuit indoctrination

aren't Jesuits one of the most 'practical' catlick organsations? wouldn't they be relatively easier to subvert?