Out of curiosity how many of you guys do graffiti...

Out of curiosity how many of you guys do graffiti? I started tagging a while back and it's way more fun then I thought it would be.

If you do then what do you throw up? Is it commie related or is it traditional graffiti stuff? Maybe both?

Also what happened to Action Front

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I'm more of a ban evader.

Mods can't ban you if you're already bent!

Tell me why graffiti isn't fag shit.

I did stencils back in highschool. It was mostly artsy drug related stuff though, not really tagging. There where some vague allusions to Marx–one featuring Jesus being crucified on a heroin needle–but that was never the main focus.

I spraypaint and write Google Bookchin places sometimes

Don't spray on the floor unless it's under cover and never gets stepped on. Otherwise it'll last a week tops.
I spray/tag/write/whatever a lot. Used to just tag everywhere but that's a pointless circle jerk as no one other than other taggers reads them.
Since then it's been political graf. Calling out 'defence contractors' as the bloody handed arms dealers they are. Spreading the word about UK gov pedos. Lefty quotes. Anti tory art. Like op said, it's way more fun than you think. Just keep careful lads and remember, anyone can be just a random person stood next to some graffiti, just don't get caught in the act.

I used to do graffiti in highschool

I've tagged "Happy 100th 1917-2017" a few times, my favorite is under the stairs in the library where there's really dumb pro trump stuff like calling Bernie a commie I'll respond with "Lenin did nothing wrong" or whatever.

I'm watching a playthrough of Mark echo's contents under pressure does that count?

Grafitti under socialism will be abolished and could get you straight to the gulag.
Don't glorify ghetto culture

wrong, socialism means everyone can sip lean in public with no consequences, the trill are the new revolutionary subjects.

Spray on the floor and then cover it by pouring out a big pool of quick-setting transparent resin.

i was active from 1992 to maybe 2002. no political activism though, just writing my nickname on trains and walls. infact i used to kinda despise political graffiti writers, since graffiti was a fun thing for me, political activism on the other hand is serious. my crew consists (we still do crew reunions once per year and paint together a big piece) of poor people on welfare or working in construction, upper middle class/rich law and medicine students and even bankers, communists, liberal hipster art fags and conservatives from germany, italy, portugal, denmark and i believe an aussie was or is a member too. if we had wasted time with discussions over politics we would probably have never achieved anything in the scene and would probably have split after a short time.
personally i believe political graffiti does not help anyway, graffiti is straight up vandalism after all and most people won't even notice the message you're trying to bring across, they will just notice the vandalism, get angry about it and then they might associate the message with vandalism subconciously.

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it's fun

I've been thinking about getting a bunch of stickers that say "fight the system/end capitalism" and put them all over m town since there seems to be a lack of political graffiti/stickers. I don't know where to get good custom stickers though. I feel like I'd be a good way to bring attention and to show a left wing presence plus it's a small way to agitate because fuck it, you gotta start somewhere.

Just allow kids to paint murals and shit to prevent them from ruining the comfy looking communes.

I'm not American but I've heard you can get bulk packs of priority mail stickers from the American postal service for free. If your a burger I would suggest looking into that.

Another good way to get out there is using a paint marker. Their cheap and you can get them at at place that has an art department.

there used to be a huge "free gaza" piece in my neighborhood that was cool as shit, got painted over a couple months ago though
always wanted to get into it, but never really hanged with the right people, although i've always known people who did they were always on the periphery of my friend circle, might just start doing it alone someday not sure what i'd write though, don't really have a nickname as such and i tend to agree with other posters here that political shit tends to be real fucking tacky especially if its just tags

This thread reminds me I should get tagging again. Anyone got some good ideas for short, catchy texts?
I live in the Netherlands if that helps but the text doesn't have to be related to our political climate, I don't want to be some liberal who sprays shit about Geert Wilders being literally Hitler.

Nice digits.


Some good points.

You can make your own graffiti pens, any size you want too with the right materials you can find lying around anywhere. There's also this
And, if you want, you can try making stencil of designs and then of course spraying over them.
Chalk is something people don't commonly think to use. If you want to be an ass you can coat your tags in a protective layer of sealant. and if you don't know about Banksy you have no hope.


I wrote "Abolish the present state of things" of the wall once.




Wow. Are you still in school?
What's the average age around here now? Mid twenties here.