How do we address the creep problem in leftism?

How do we address the creep problem in leftism?

Virgins, nerds, and schizos are still our comrades, but how do we get them to stop being weird in public?

You're asking here of all places?

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That's a difficult question. In my experience, the more one knows about leftism, the bigger the sperg they are. This is a big problem because lefty normies might achieve organizational positions of power that they shouldn't have.

I've thought that it would be worthwhile to sit down and teach myself social skills in the future at some point. It seems to be an unavoidable and important part of revolutionary organising. I suppose though that only the revolutionary cadres need to be educated in both theory and social skills. Most normies will not dive deeply into theory.

dont ever associate with tankies, MLs, Nazbols and the like. You will never have dweebs around you, it will make us look very good.
Let them dwell in the internet forever, so long as they don't appear irl we're good.

Muke appeals to normal people very well. I'm rooting for him.

Leftism needs to become a viable option in the eyes of regular people like it used to be.
Since leftism is seen as somehow outside the norm, the title of 'socialist', 'communist' or 'anarchist' tends to attract neurotic SJW types, tankie school shooter types, black racists etc., none of whom actually are leftists.
The problem is escalated by the fact that these people form a big proportion of self-identified leftists due to the lack of leftisms mainstrean appeal.

Make masks mandatory for all public gatherings.

How about you stop bullying?????

being a creep is revolutionary

Who gives a shit, OP? Sage.

I believe the virgin problem can be solved by offering OP's ass to every virgin in the left.

For the good of us all, OP!

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OP is bait but seriously I've had to deal with my fair share of unsocialized freaks when organizing. At least try to learn the basics of social interactions before joining an org.

hi cointel!

I've met my fair share of awkward individuals but "freak" is a little harsh, don't be so judgmental.


Wish I was nigga. Having to deal with barely functioning people that don't want to or can do anything puts a lot of stress and additional workloads on you.

Encourage them to watch Jordan Peterson videos regarding the topic.

Yeah look at these nerds

Can't, the left is fucked. If anything they're helpful to us since their alienation is in a form that's not dangerous yet is still so abrasive to normies they butt rage for days. So they can't be ignored.
They can't be shamed into blaming themselves like our culture has successfully managed to do to addicts. If anything we should be encouraging them and help articulate their greviences better.

There's not a single thing in this post that isn't completely wrong.