ITT post hot leftists

ITT post hot leftists

so who is that really?

How do you not know of the beautiful BO for this amazing board?

that's not the bo

Probably a Holla Forumsack, who dragged himself up, so he can make fun of BO.

Stop posting pictures of me

yes it is

It's me

where is proof?

Is it really?


That is confirmed the BO of this board. Been common knowledge for the last year across 8ch.

I wanna fuck this idpoler

OP just posted a pic you newfag

It's a confirmed picture of me you stupid stupid slut

Of me


that's not proof of anything

Don't try to cover for the BO XD


go away checkers.


Theres a namefag I havent heard of in a long long time.



well i got proof that you're a newfag bitch


Why are white people so terrible at sex

do you have proof that this is the bo?

Its to be expected when we collectively have the smallest dicks only beating by asians

Hot damn

Is this idpol?

Because your vagina is so worn out from the dragon dildo's that nothing at all will give you even a glimpse of sexual pleasure

It's a damn snack actually

No I asked why white people suck at fucking

because you are a compulsive fornicator that enjoys meaningless sex.

hoochie just tell us your dad's commie kill count already


why tho

When was the last time you ejaculated

does anyone have proof that this is the bo?


You want my big fat meaty mom cock don't you user

Don't be ashamed

Some white people are good at it, but I can relate kinda.

Actually, come to think of it, it's kind of hard to remember the last white person I… wait, no it's not. This one guy… woo, every angle. He was incredible.

But you know, we're really just fucking awkward a lot of the time.

Post some pics then ask me again ;)


Don't be mean

Actually it's a pic of me


This doesn't disprove my point about white guys being sexually awkward.

Poe's law in action lmao