What is my problem?

The more I frequent leftist spaces, the more I absolutely despise leftists in general
I just got banned from a marxist FB group for using the word "trap" to refer to a crossdresser, jokingly of fucking course, I would never disrespect an actual transgender
Why the fuck there is so many of these preposterous assholes on the left anyway?The kind of people that just gets unreasonably triggered over some fucking mundane shit and just starts calling you random names when you dont understand what is their fucking problem, then just fly off like it just received an Oscar or something when you just leave him to complain because its obvious that there is no use discussing with these idiots
This isnt really what I expected when I started really getting into leftist theory, I thought I would find nicer people, maybe I'm just looking into the wrong places, maybe I'm just secretly one of these right-wing scumbags and just havent realized it yet, who knows
What are you guys' experiences among leftist spaces?Hopefully they are better than mine

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Because you're on the internet ffs. You're talking with the outcasts, not the ones who are actually doing any sensible work.

Ignore them, use internet only to read and discuss theory, and join online groups only when they are based on real world activities. Everything else is drama and coping.

join the post-left gang

Are you a transgender person?

I found you're problem OP


this tbqh. Only leftist org I can tolerate is wobs and even they have problems.

So why would you care if you disrespected somebody who is transgender. If you have no affiliation to any transgender movements and haven't identified yourself with the cause in any capacity, who cares.

Nah mate don't worry, hating most of the left doesn't make you a rightist, it's actually kind of commonplace.

I just think everyone deserves respect, and trans people get enough flak, no reason for me to be a piece of shit to them

Because this pleases the CIA and strengthens the narrative of the ones profiting from the status quo situation.
Also if you pay close attention whenever SJWs get to appear on camera you'll notice that the overwhelmingly majority of them are members of the exact groups that are most attacked by SJWs (cis and white), not because they are brainwashed into attacking themselves for free but actually because they know exactly what they are doing. It's all a huge cointel operation.
Only Holla Forums anti-idpol instance could save us from this cancer but unfortunately we are too small to do anything relevant and also they are here already trying to disrupt shit, some of them are even in the moderation.

Leftbook is notoriously bad. So that's your first mistake. But yeah, especially if you're from Canada or the US, you would be correct in stating that the so-called left is pretty ridiculous. Holla Forums is one of the few places that is better

Nothing is wrong with you user. A lot of the left for some reason are so fucking unreasonable and will bite your head off for the stupidest reasons. I wouldn't let that scare me away completely away from the left tho

I feel your pain OP I remember when I was talking with some random UCLA students I referred to one of my friends as gay and it was silent as a crypt. As if they didn't know what to say, some people are more sensitive then others, but not all leftist folk are like that.

How is calling someone a trap disrespectful? It's just another internet phrase for transgender person. I don't think it's disrespectful, really.

Wew lad. Big if true.

That user said that "trap" did not sound disrespectful to him, and that he generally respects trans people. You are conflating 2 different point of views (the one of OP and the one of crazy fb leftists)

That user wasn't OP? I'm just curious about why OP was banned for saying 'trap'. If he isn't a transgender (apparently the person who said that isn't even OP), then who cares, trap isn't even disrespectful.

Don't worry, it's absolutely normal, most of those tards are college students bleeding hearts and other types of cultists detached from reality
Protip: if you have a possibility, you might want to look for people engaged in economic/quasi-economic issues rather than gay pride parades. Of course, such people might not have opinions on industrial output in late 1920s Russia nor about maotist guerillas in some Asian shithole, but that's even better since they are not tainted with any strong ideological kool-aid.

Well, that was his point, he was complaining about it and fb leftists.

I was exactly complaining about how their reaction was total nonsense

Literally every online leftist group (not page) on facebook is SJW garbage except

Slajov Zizek Discussion Group
Communist Vape Club
one other one I forget

Because leftists are faggots

leftbook is almost exclusively college students from the Obama era of politics where LGBT was the only thing that people knew of as left

then they made this awkward and insincere lurch into class politics when Sanders got popular


I've been there and you loop right back around to hating fucking either party equally.

Read vampire castle and stay off of normiebook

Murray Bookchin's Fecund Meme Garden

Which is why nobody right on his mind never touches leftbook. For retard talk there is Holla Forums, for high-level stuff there are those semi-obscure theory blogs like platypus society.

don't make me laugh.

There is no secretly good underbelly of obscure trot/comunization/post-left or whatever blogs. Study on your own, come to your own conclusions, make what propoganda you can, and slowly realize you'll always have to be somewhat performative no matter what org you're in or movement you're a part of.


you're a miserable cunt, obviously.

the vibe I get is that individual IWW groups are fine, bu the organization at a macro level is a bunch of bureaucratic trash

we've been considering telling them to fuck off when they bother us about paper work

For context, I am a member of the Australian Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, Sydney. We're affiliated with the International Workers' Association-AIT (as in CNT-AIT), and have ties to the Wobs too (and while we're in a sad state, the Wobs are even sadder D: )

Unfortunately comrade, paperwork is an important pillar of anarchist discipline. Like the old platitude, total personal autonomy starts with doing your own dishes - only when we have transparent and well-recorded 'bureaucratic' processes can we build any kind of anarchy worth living in. Only when we have the self-discipline to throw off State and Capital's discipline will we win an end to the wage system.

When Franco's army was approaching Barcelona, the CNT burnt their documents and sent huge pillars of smoke into the air for days - because the anarchist 'bureaucracy', the people's records of the people's struggle, was deep enough to do that. Don't underestimate the need for a bit of paperwork.

You aren't a true leftist till you hate a good majority of leftists

this is what you get for trying to be 'allies' with people who have no desire for class consciousness.
They want to be respected untouchable bourgeoisie on a pedestal.

SJWs are the problem you're having.


Why don't you just send your name and political affiliation to the FBI and CIA? Same results desu.

this is depressing

Come to Holla Forums, we are fun there.

Nobody likes you.

The right is just as full of embarassing dipshits

this neo-nazi dork bought 5000 followers and didn’t even get the “they will fave your tweets” package

can someone tell this guy that he is using the anarcho primitivism flag ?

Could he possibly pander harder?

I can sympathize to some degree, OP, there's a lot of self-described leftist groups out there that are incredibly obnoxious to deal with for one reason or another.

If serious, read: