Is Egoism and the great Juche idea compatible?

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Kim Il Sung

As an Egoist Juche follower, I have come to determine that the flame of liberation that is the Juche idea can only come to fruition when a Union of Egoists provides for all the people they decide it will be advantageous for them to provide for.


Egoism is also seen in Kim Il Sung's affirmation that he is interested in the prosperity and liberation of Korea (and thus, Kim Il Sung's own) and that Juche is an ideology of liberation filtered through a Korean perspective.

DPRK website:

The Korean people value the independence of the country and nation and, under the pressure of imperialists and dominationsts, have thoroughly implemented the principle of independence, self-reliance and self-defence, defending the country's sovereignty and dignity firmly."

Juche is therefore not a dogmatic form of socialism like the one Stirner criticized, but an ideology dependent on one's own situation they find themselves in.


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I wish Juche fags would fuck off forever. It's not based on Marxism, and it emphasizes national identity which is spooked as fuck. This is a bad thread.

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if great Juche involves states then no.

It's true. Nationalism/National pride is organic to the DPRK because it's both a reaction to and a method of defeating imperialism.

Only, if you're the person in power otherwise it is counter-intuitive

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Well, Juche/Kimilsungism is an ideology which seeks to implement socialism/the lower stage of communism. As of right now, implementing socialism requires a state. But ultimately the long term goal is full communism, which is stateless.

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Modern day DPRK pics.

1:Ceausecu and the The Great Leader Kim Il Sung

2: The Great Leader in some fab white threads :3

3: The gang of four in the black and white photo is Kim Il Sung and some of his buds. I think The Great Leader is the one on the far right.

No it's not compatible with Egoism. Sorry. .l.


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