Why does practically everyone love to shit on Generation Y so much?

Why does practically everyone love to shit on Generation Y so much?

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The bourgeois fear the future because it has no place for capitalism

It allows them to perpetuate liberal ideology

its not the econimy's fault things are bad, it the people's fault —Dumb Liberal

Because the rate of profit is falling, credit and personal debt are becoming unsustainable, consumption isn't keeping up with production and porky is getting panicky as fuck about it. Blaming the young for not being sufficiently good consumers is a mechanism for things going to shit.

Just saw this in my feed lol

Because they have all of the entitlement of their boomer parents with none of the organized labor power to back it. I shit in them too

Because the majority of them hate their guts.

fuck meant to say coping mechanism.

Pip pip chap, well said my boy. You've really done a number on those types, tally ho!

Then invest in crypto, Bitcoin just passed 6k.

Gen Y didn't spend their countries into oblivion and aren't the ones that will be demanding nearly $100 trillion in payouts in the U.S. alone. Nobody is as entitled as boomers.

So I decided to read this and it's not bad, just typical liberal fluff. It more or less diagnoses the problem properly, mainly that we aren't loyal because businesses don't provide new workers with even a bare minimum of job security or benefits, let alone what boomers enjoyed 20 years ago

But then the author offers up neoliberal genius brain solutions such as "Send them on work-related field trips such as visits to customers or to off-site locations" or "Two-way dialogue is essential"


Didn't everyone love to shit on the Baby Boomers, too?
Don't they kinda still?

Anyway, we're in clickbait era. This bullshit gets amplified. "Millennial" itself is pretty much a marketed identity or set of identities - positive stuff about generation y is clickbait bullshit, too. They give people an identity or a target, and harvest the clicks appropriately.

But generation y does suck. It's not entirely our fault, but then it never is. We're definitely infested with absolute shit-tier idpol + a fair amount of garbage like "poptimism" and associated ultra-bourgeoisie identity rubbish. The identity also came with a sort of delayed adolescence - the shame of my generation, rebranded as pride and then mocked again.

This last field blurs extra hard with the "blaming a generation for their economic circumstances" thing. All the childish shit about millennials is marketed consumerism and horrible cultural sheltering compounded by a lack of work - and it strikes me as having a rather sinister undertone. Children are easier to control, and for much of the past several years at least it seems like it's been pushed that young adults aren't really, and this has been rationalized with looks at what are actually economically adapted and learned behaviors.

Helicopter parenting is a real phenomenon, and what gen y was dropped into was not only something they weren't prepared for, but something most of their folks had zero experience with. Everyone was told to ignore it - both the lasting impacts of the '07 crash and the effect of the idiotic idealism and sheltering imposed on millennials. Protected from experience, drugged; given a bunch of data, warnings, and stories about becoming something when you grow up. A lot of us got there without connections, with no experience, with the world increasingly monitored and sanitized, with jobs unavailable and wages stagnant… the drugs that kill us were marketed legally, the predators who pick us off are cops, and by "choice" we often live with our parents because we just don't wanna move out and not because we've come up in the middle of an economic turning point in American living conditions.

What the hell is poptimism?


The above doesn't really do it "justice," though - basically a relic of Obama-era happy snarky shit. Think ogling over Rihanna and Beyonce and manufactured pop as high art and/or the music of the people (regardless of who actually paid for airplay), and at its height insinuating that certain other styles and musical outlooks are somehow patently "reactionary."

Because cold war propaganda doesn't work on them. Socialism isn't a scary no no word and they think Fox is a joke outside of a few neets/neckbeards.

I didn't even read it tbh. The Globe and Mail, while being the newspaper of record for leafs like myself, is quite liberal and represents the interests of the bay street financial elite.

I dont wanna read this article anymore

Are you retarded? If everyone only invested in Bitcoin everybody would starve and the economy would collapse.
You realize the whole point of an economic system is so that people produce shit for consumption and production?

That's not profit though. That's just speculation.
When bitcoin hits 6k, 10k, 20k, 100k or even 1 million, no "value" is being created. It's just money sloshing around. Value both in Marxism and the Energy Theory of Value cannot be created in exchange.
This scheme can go on as long as they can find people willing to invest money in boosting the market cap, hiding the fact that outside of a few niches (anonymous transactions of illicit goods and money laundering) bitcoin and other cryptos have no utility.
Once investment stops, expect the market to crash with every speculator looking to sell their electronic tulips. If people buy the dip the party continues, if it doesn't it ends.

The reason fiat money works and maintains it's exchange value is because you can force people to use it to exchange vital commodities. The petrodollar is a great example of an entire monetary system being held up on that principle.
Bitcoin doesn't have that advantage. And when it comes to doing these sorts of transactions it's actually quite inconvenient. It's exchange value is also extremely fluid, which sort of precludes it's use by actual legitimate consumers and producers.
Bitcoin advocates promise the heavens, but none of them can actually point out what will sustain this market cap once multi-billion $ investment drops off.

Scapegoating and ignorance.

like clockwork.

they cant write about anything important (theyre trapped in their own personal prisons so they cant even comprehend what is important) so of course they'll just copy what gets hits by other writers

Look who is pushing the Boomer vs Gen Y narrative…

…Gen X… wake up. . …

I miss gen x, millennials dropped the torch of rock music. I miss grunge.

They will never be a 90s kid
They will never enjoy the internet in its prime
If I was in their shoes I would be jealous too

rock is dead you fucking faggot

Because they're shit. Deal with it or stop being shit, but you'll just bitch and moan like some entitled little baby like any other millennial.


It's a way to destroy their self-esteem so they submit to the government.

rock is fucking boomer dad music

I've never understood punching down at generations younger than you. If anything, you should be punching up at the people who raised them and built the world that shaped their behavior. They hold more responsibility by simply being around longer.

Hi dad, didn't know you browsed here.