Man In Kansas Private Prison over Pot, Left to Have Own Brain Eaten by Infective Fungus


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“It feels like something is eating my brain,” said Marques Davis to infirmary personnel at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility in December of 2016, according to The Kansas City Star.

What the fuck


And someone is making money off your misfortune no less.

Fucking private prisons holy shit

Can you imagine if this shit happened in North Korea? The US media would not shut up about it.

If it happened in anywhere else in the world it'd brought up as justification for regime change.

How the fuck can they get away with this without getting bankrupt from legal fees

Jesus god damn christ

We have to stop Sharia, also pack up everyone who ever smoked pot into private prisons with brain eating fungus.


remember that time Sheriff Arpaio locked a pregnant woman in jail and she was forced to give birth while locked in shackles?
remember that time when Sheriff David Clarke let a guy with mental illness die of thirst while in prison because he refused to give him water?
remember that time a prisoner in Florida was locked in a hot shower for two hours and burned to death?
remember all those news stories about black people in jail mysteriously turning up dead only for it to be ruled a suicide without any evidence?
If this kind of thing happened somewhere else we would be calling that country a dictatorship. But this is the price of freedom in America.

"Freedom isn't free, it costs folks like you and me", I slur, drooling, as fungus slowly consumes me

America disgusts me.
I'd rather live in war-torn Syria or South Sudan than there.

It isn't this guy's fault he died.

Plus its Kansas. Being in a PRIVATE PRISON in Kansas already sounds like a nightmarish fate by itself.

We all have an ethical obligation to burn the injustice system to the ground. Nobody deserves a fate like that.

Private Prisons are so ethically fucking bankrupt they should justify another nation going to war with us.

Nobody implied that you dolt.

No, but the American electorate thought it a good idea to vote in politicians who implement these barbaric laws.
Revolution is needed in America, but the American people are too apathetic/ignorant.


One less nigger.

I agree with you there, but I think anyone who isn't a mentally ill Holla Forums poster is going to read this and think what in sam hell is fuckin going on

I only hope that we don't need more disturbing reminders of the private prison industry before public outrage kicks in, because I believe with how negligent they are it can.

These little shits bribe judges and governors to see things like this happen. Every single sentence you're outraged at is the result of the prison industry stuffing itself full for state funds. They are criminals.

Of course Holla Forums would defend this

You're a sociopath

The connection between Ancaps/Capitalist Apologists and Fascists is striking

I could seriously murder someone with my bare hands over telling me this.

Reminder that idpol is a parasitic brain worm and that exposure to Holla Forums makes you vulnerable to infection.

Good job you'll:
A) Never hear them from outside of snippy comments on the internet by people with social issues
B) Never enter the elite where it's acceptable

Nice, I'm glad I'm here and not there.

At this point giving a convict ten lashes and letting him walk is more humane than the US private prison industry

Fucking caning someone to broken legs is more humane than the private prison industry.


The only way to deal with companies like this is to catch the CEOs on the street on camera and disembowel them.


If this happened anywhere else it'd be on blast over ever news network with talking heads foaming at the mouth to bomb away. But because it's America, a private for profit prison and a black person, silence.

Heres some Advil, now shut your mouth or we'll throw you in the hole





Big if true.

What are you suggesting, my dude?
Americans have guns and a gun obsession but it's just for showing and having guns as a decorative object. They don't actually use their guns for real.

First excuse would be:

He already smokes pot so the brain-eating disease already got to him

hahahaha xddddddddddddd



"Human rights" are spooky as fuck. Half of them are liberal dog shit and deserve to be violated.

I think having your brain eaten by fungus for just smoking a joint is one of those things that shouldn't happen in a society.

but burgers have been using human rights as a political weapon against other countries for decades. It's obvious that no one in power actually cares about these things.

says the christcom.

The hot shower one was worse. They taunted him the entire time, then forced another inmate to clean up all the skin that was cooked off. That'd actually one of the reasons it was found out, because the inmates realized they were being forced to clean up human skin. Who even knows how many of these kinds of murders goes on.

hoochie, your posts mimic that brain-eating fungi.

Next thing you know I'll be making you drink your own pee

God I love that fucking image so much. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

God I really do hate this fucking country.


I just have to wonder what the people who do things like this (as well as those that are aware it's happening and do nothing about it) have going through their heads. Is it dehumanization? Do they just not give a shit about their fellow human beings? Are they doing what people like Eichmann did, bow your head and just get through the day, don't consider what the consequences of your action/inaction could be? It's shit like this that fill me with such rage. These people choose to work in professions that serve only to oppress people. Cops, prison guards, soldiers, etc. In the case of cops and GIs, it makes me doubly mad, because these people are supposedly "heroes"! They kill to defend state and capi interests, and our culture tells us that these are the people that are worthy of veneration. Y'know what else? This isn't a simple matter of pigs being pigs either: there were nurses and other prison personnel in some of these cases that were aware of what was going on, and they did nothing about it. What the fuck? Are people so fucking wagecucked that they will let people DIE just because they are afraid speaking up about it will cost them their job? It's most likely that they also, like the pigs, have adopted a view that the people they work with are less-than. This is a real shame too when it comes to nurses; some of the kindest, most gentle people I've ever met were RNs,CNAs,LPNs, etc. How horrible capitalism is that it takes something people do out of love and mutual aid, and degrades it. Makes it filthy, and venial. I've seen it myself, a healthcare worker that has no sympathy for their charges, and for whom their profession is simply a means to get that cash. God, I hate this spectacular world we live in….

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I and plenty of other anons here, like black people.

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Who cares?

It seems like plenty of people on this board care, you're not particularly special for being edgy and thinking that being eaten alive by a fungal infection of the brain in a private prison is funny.

Nobody wants you here

Some of them are ok tbh.

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Why do you care so much about niggers again?

Don't make this topic a race argument. Stop, right now. Private prisons are fucking heinous and deserve discussion you shouldn't bog down in identity politics.

Because unlike you, they don't deserve to die painfully and slowly.

Mods just ban this fucker before he derails another thread.

Nobody deserves anything, bro.

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Literally so American you defend having more prisoners than China

They are niggers, they are basically agricultural tools that got given rights man.



What do I do though? Everybody where I live has the opinion that criminals should just not do crimes.


You're right. The private prison industry should be held accountable. And all their prisoners freed.

Remember this kid?

Imagine if they had found his brain had been infected with a flesh-eating fungus instead of just being deprived of oxygen

How did the norks manage this fuck up again?

They either tortured him for information (and went to far), accidentally beat him to death as a form of punishment, or he tried to hang himself and succeeded only partially.

I feel like they'd tell us in this case. Though I guess it would also be pretty embarrassing that they let him do it at all. If I ever have a political prisoner from a foreign country I'll probably keep a good eye on him.

the government certainly can't say they have troops in Niger to "teach them human rights"

Rule #1: Never get caught.

They were probably way to overly paranoid about the entire situation. They didn't view it as some drunk kid taking a poster. In their eyes it was combination of dealing with a possible foreign agent/aggressor, plus the fact they wanted to send a message about the fact that the US fucking with them isn't tolerated.



America complains about how the Ruskies had gulags but then they go and pull this shit.