20,000 Nazis march on Kiev

Why is this not in the news but 30 aut-right chuds is? What's with nazis and torches? And why is Ukraine filled of braindead nazi retards?


Last weekend saw Ukraine’s biggest Nazi march of modern times. Yet, the Western media and its numerous correspondents in Kiev completely ignored the story, even on social networks. This is as clear an example of press bias as you will ever encounter.

On Saturday night, up to 20,000 far-right radicals honored the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) – a paramilitary group led by Stepan Bandera, which actively collaborated with Hitler’s Germany. They brandished lit torches, smoke pellets, and flares as they chanted fascist slogans. And some participants openly gave Nazi salutes during the rally.

The leaders of the procession included Oleg Tyahnybok, an associate of US Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy, who has called for Ukraine to do more to halt the "criminal activities" of "organized Jewry.” He’s also demanded Ukrainian citizens should have their ethnic origins stamped in their passports.

Earlier in the day, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said the actions of the UPA fighters would always remain an “inspiration” and an example for future generations. This conduct included the slaughter of tens of thousands of Jews and Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia from 1943 to 1944.

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russian funding

they fund alt right and neo nazi movements in europe to destabilize the west

It's not news because Ukrainian Nazis is redundant.

Ukraine confirmed to have more free speech than cucked countries like JewSA, France and Bongistan

Stalin was too soft

Ukraine is very isolated it doesn't matters. It's the most racist place in the world rn. 2nd it's USA, 3rd is Canada.

What this means is that it's almost over for neo-Nazis. We don't have to worry about Ukraine because Russia will.

Worry about Spain, Greece, USA, Germany, Sweden, etc.

America funds the neo-nazis in Ukraine.

This shit has been happening since Maidan

God, I wish that there were Nazi gatherings in Ireland, so that I could punch a few of these scum.

The Russians are not funding the severely anti-Russian nazi groups in Ukraine.

Europe's energy depends on it's gas lines.

They aren't being reported because the US is funding their asses

Ukraine is kind of a shit hole

Because the America media at least feels that Neo-Nazism is Europe is a good bulwark against Russia, and racist and nationalist ideas in general as a good way to shore up American influence in Europe against Asia and the Middle East.

The US supports the neo-nazis in Ukraine and hopes they take over the government there so that a war for Crimea can be reignited.

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They are NATO proxies.

I visited Kiev, Berditchev, Medzhybizh, and Uman back in summer 2016 with a group of Hasidic women. When we were in Uman, the rebbetzin told me not to venture anywhere in the city outside of the Jewish tourist trap area, told me Nazi scum were everywhere in that fucking country and they will attack anyone whom they perceive to be Jewish, Russian, or a commie.

I should also mention "Aryan" racial theories are huge in Ukraine.

right, putin built a time machine and convinced hitler that art school was for nerds and that's why we have racism in the west.

So they admit their country is a shithole because they are inferior and ought to be replaced with Germans?

Believing jews and immigrants are your biggest problem when your country has african living standards has to require some pretty dense ideology.


Goyish Ukrainians believe they are the "original Aryans", and that the Indo-European race began in what is now Ukraine.

Ukraine will be the new Weimar Republic. I'm petrified with fear.

Dude Putin is funding movements like the Donestk Peoples Republic to defend against these motherfuckers.

Here's something: if you don't want to get attacked by nazis DON'T FUCKING GO INTO THEIR TERRITORY.

t. neoliberal

Woah… so this is the power of advertising on reddit, huh? Not bad…

The West is using Nazis, just like they used Islamists 40 years ago.
This will hopefully bite them in the ass again, although they will probably try to make political gains with it again by attacking unrelated countries.

I hate to play the double standards card, but if Bektashi Muslims were prevented from visiting the sites of their saints (yes, Sufi Muslims have saints) buried in Greece by Chrysi Avgi, there would be an international uproar. Everyone from the Saudis to Iran to Malaysia would go apeshit and there would be endless attempts by PoMo grad students to deconstruct the modern Greek identity to highlight the Islamophobia deeply rooted inside. But, you know, if it's Jews then you immediately assume our motivations are nothing but superficial; like we don't have any spirituality, just meaningless self-gratification. Also, fuck you for victim blaming and Nazi-shielding.
Oh, never mind.

why do you think so, it would be a brilliant move
I mean if Putin can fund anti-Putin parties and protests then why not anti-Russian groups

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Idk I think they can be ok

Antisemites during the 1910s:

Antisemites during the 2010s:

I don't see anything wrong with the second one….

It's okay, they're pro-US nazis, and Obama's administration helped them into power so the press can't use it for domestic political attacks either.

Just goes to show you how disingenuous all this "alt-right" panic from liberals really is. If they really cared about fighting nazism, instead of partisan mudslinging, they'd be calling to disband the CIA.

I was making a point to demonstrate hypocrisy.

Also, modern Iran bans communism or any leftist ideology they see as too threatening or secular. If you're going to praise the ayatallah you might as well bite the bullet and go full NazBol.

The Jewish "religion" is literally just rules-lawyering God with bullshit technicalities



You don't understand our religion, bucko.

Now I know you're just shitposting.

These man are against NATO imperialism, and are just doing a peaceful march, and you want to label them nazis? SAGE for burger propaganda thread.

Does any other religion view its relationship with its own morality like a lawyer looking for a loophole to get his client out of prison?

LOL is this a joke? both christianity and islam are like that in practice, only they couch it in bullshit language.

Neither goes anywhere near as Talmudic as Judaism about it, though

Putin did 9/11

One shouldn't dare put good gas in a bad car, but I'll do my best to humour you: every aspect of our faith has layers upon layers of meanings. We have an exoteric explanation but also a plethora of esoteric ones. Nothing in our faith is one-dimensional or done only because "HaShem said so".

I have no issue with NazBols who admit they're NazBols; what I do take issue with are people calling for race-based land reform who refuse to see the nationalist connotations with their proposals.

one holomodor wasn't enough

Because the U-crane is a insignificant shithole and a Non-country at this point
Half of it is a Giant russian Base the other a giant NATO base

Wtf no?
The Nazis were/are funded by the US to hurt russian influence
why do you think Novorossia is a thing?
its because the Ukranian Neo-Nazis gov attempted to launch a genocide against russians in west-Ukraine

remember to stand with Novorossia against US imperialism

To add: I would take an Israeli anarchist who loves being Jewish, observes mitzvot, keeps shabbat, keeps kosher, etc. but who spends their time protesting the apartheid wall over a whiteboy Hizballah LARPer who makes a huge deal about being anti-Zionist but who possesses no sense of emotional discipline nor participates in any kind of meaningful direct action.

Of course you would, you chosenite. You race is vile.


I lose more faith in this world every day.


I'm pretty sure muslims fucking hate sufi's, but you're delusional if you think you have it (jews) anywhere near as rough than muslims

if anything it's the western allies supporting shit like this. Russia is trying to get rid of these fuckers.

Catholicism definitely does

Ideology is one hell of a drug.
The ethnic difference between an Ukrainian and a Russian is so fucking tiny you could simply say there's no difference at all.

Which "Muslims" are you talking about? Palestinians and Syrians are not the same peoples as Senegalese or Indonesians.

Also, in case you're that dense, my statement was an analogy to demonstrate hypocrisy. When it's Muslims - even heretical/antinomian ones - being restrained from ritual worship for whatever reason it becomes a major issue, but when it's Jews essentially no one cares except NeoCons. Why? Because it's about whose repression is politically useful. Look at how Caliph Erdogan made threats to invade Myanmar over the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya all while he continues to repress the Kurds and other ethnic and religious minorities in Turkey.

Fucking based Ukrainians are fucking based

Ukrainian nationalism essentially boils down to: "We're not Russians, guize!!!"

Are you an American Jew?

Canadian. My Jewish ancestors came from Germany and Scandinavia.

That explains it, most American Jews have a weird reflexively anti-Russian obsession

Kiev is full of swastika graffiti. I saw a man on the metro with a black sun tattoo. Granted, I don't "look Jewish" so I didn't run.

Thought I should dump some pics.



Sofiyivka Park is quite beautiful.

I have Nordic, Dutch, and WASP genes mixed in, that's why.

Here's Kiev.

Nice pics, you know you don't need to post one pic per post right? Specially at this size.

They're of different towns.

on how many levels of bullshit are you on?

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they're Americanized so yes

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Jesus Christ Europe holy shit.



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Europe has always been a battlefield of ideologies. even since the first revolutions, little by little people are waking up taking down any absolute power where it stands. Kings, then the fascist/nazi Dictators, then "socialist" dictators. It's slowly making it's way to freedom, learning slowly that nothing is sacred or stays forever. Even through it's all grey I'm positive about Europe, there is nothing to worry about there imo. Antifa is x100 stronger there than in USA & in USA it's larger than the Nazis and growing so…

Yes, it's clear that the world is facing accelerationism. Finally. They needed enemies to unite against something.

because the only thing worse than a Nazi is a RUSKY! Remember the Cold War!

t. hillary clinton


Stalin did not kill enough Ukrainians, is what I've come to realize over the years

Sometimes I wish the """Holodomor""" was actually a thing.

b-but muh free speech or sumthing.

The weirdest part is that some of those European countries have laws against being a nazi on the books and still voted against the resolution. It's pretty much proof that they are funding neo-nazis in Ukraine.

So almost every highly developed nation in the world either abstained or voted "no". Wtf

Also dunno what the fuck Canada is doing. I thought Sargon of Akkad said it was a commie sjw paradise where you can get gulaged for using the wrong pronouns

If the vote was before November 2015, then it's because the previous Conservative government really hated any kind of hate speech law

Most European countries have crypto-fascist parties as well (FN for instance).

wtf belize isn't actually red in that map
the 4 that voted against were the eternal burger, the eternal leaf, the eternal kulak and… Palau
source: un.org

Neofag please.

they're the bourgeois. what do the bourgeois want? a return to monarchism if possible.

Fascists/Nazis & Capitalists have that in common. It's a desire to return to harder hierarchies: oligarchies like Aristocracy, Monarchy, etc, a bigger separation between the "superior" (actually inferior since they depend) nobles and "inferior" peasants (actually superior since they work).

Imperialist invasion breeds nationalist sentiment? Color me surprised.

BTW, cool Putin apologism, guys.

Ukraine has been crawling with nazis for decades.



They are pushing neo-nazis as the leading force in Ukraine to present entire Ukrainian government as torch wielding nazis and legitimise their occupation of eastern territories

Listen to Jews, get the fake news.


Because Ukraine are our precious democratic allies against evil Russia. Didn't you see the articles on how they were tearing down the statues of that evil Russian dictator Lenin and replacing them with statues of a Nazi collaborator? Ukraine is a friend of the Free Word!

EU will never let actual fascist government go through with accession and that's precisely the game here

so you believe NATO would support nazi fringe instead of neolib reformists

Putin is literally imprisoning white nationalists and has long ago declared holocaust denialism a punishable offense. GTFO Rebbit.



Killing gays and Russians is covered by free speech and freedom of expression :^)

Why is putin such a cuck? Better question, how did Drumpf manage to hoodwink the American far-right into becoming total shills for Israeli interests?

many far-rightists support Israel because they find it an admirable model and because they want somewhere to send the Jews to so that they can be separated from their societies.

good tune, too bad it cuts out towards the end.

This is some "anuddah shoah" level of delusion (and/or word misuse).

Ehh, forgot about the wordfilter.

Ukraine has a fascist government so it's not really surprising.

And yes, most of the European far-right is on Putin's payroll, it's a public secret. Ukraine is special because why the fuck would Putin pay Ukrainian nationalists when he's so busy supporting the Russain separatists there?

so this is what happens when neogaf goes down huh

The far right like Israel because they kill Muslims, directly and indirectly. That's literally it.
Also "Putin" is doing a great job getting the USA to isolate itself internationally vis-a-vis Iran.