When was the last time someone on the left actually killed some nazis in america ?????...

when was the last time someone on the left actually killed some nazis in america ?????? all i hear is nazis killing left wingers but never the other way around which is kinda disappointing

Neo-nazis wave both confederate and nazi flags both destroyed by american armies.

greek antifa do this constantly

Interesting, all i hear is about american antifa antics so nice to hear they are not as pathetic in other countries.

Militancy is important, but it's not as important as having a disciplined and long-term movement tbh worknig towards building a dual-power. The western left, of course, lacks either

They don't it's just persecution complex and part of their false reality.

i truly wish the left actually did some real shit against nazis but the media will always side with them and frame them as "innocent patriots just supporting trump" or some bullshit

Does apolitical Nazi masturbation fantasy blacks killing whites count?

It would be so incredibly stupidly unwise to go after Nazis to murder them right now. Do that on your own if you want.

You do that and they will use the fascist goverment to go after Antifa which is what they always try but they being the violent dumbasses they are themselves can't justify the state siding with them. Nobody wants to associate with them rn.

Wait will next year maybe. For now & forever really Holla Forums has always been is the worst enemy of Holla Forums.

Just let things accelerate, participate and support but don't use your personal power to kill like them. Right now Antifa have a great position, they're the good guys & nazis obviously the evil side. They make this narrative for themselves, we didn't have to do anything.

Dude, don't even entertain the idea of starting anything violent.
If you aren't some Holla Forumsyp false flagging then just prepare for the worst, train to defend yourself if needed and carry on as normal.

Even when nazis kill people the left is someone also blamed. The most recent example being Trump blaming the "alt-left" for right wing violence.

somehow* sorry for being a retard

Why not?

We don't need FOX and Trump using that as an excuse to push for more fascism to combat the Antifa "threat". Remember the Reichstag Fire. Just push and instigate the dumb rednecks to strike first, don't START violence.

Pre-emtively or what? Consider the podcast with Sam Harris and David Frum. They discussed Kathy Griffins stunt. Harris said that people may be sick and tired of Trump and his followers and may resort to this. Absolutely not, answered Frum. If we're going to defeat Trump, we must be super-respecable and super-legal.

Self-defense is another thing.

AFA, the swedish antifas seems to have become a private intelligence corps. They simply doxx nazis and have these constant friendly suggestions that nazis should confess. No one knows how many they are. They goofed hard in Gothenburg 2001. And their latest great hurrah was in 2009 when they was going go reclaim Rosengård in Malmö. During ramadan!

Don't know how many needed for this operation. Yeah, AFA is much more than that. But I would be surprised if they are even 500.


antifascism is a form of class-collaboration. read dauve.


Though I do think you have a good point regarding the Nazi flag. Even most actual white racists don’t want to associate with a bunch of genocidal losers. So the people who DO go around waving swastikas are the real scum of the Earth.

Nigger if you pull some dumb shit like this on your own you better write the most right wing manifesto of all time and LARP as a MAGAtard before you do

Are you being ironic or do you really take stock in what Meme Harris and Frum think?