Inherently Violent: The Truth About the Right-Wing Mind

Has anyone here read Corey Robin's The Reactionary Mind? I might to be able upload a PDF if it hasn't been already. He makes a good case that an enthusiasm for violence is long a deeply ingrained part of the right-wing tradition. My main gripe with his book is that he doesn't go nearly far enough into the right-wing canon to buttress his argument, which is mostly accurate. You can find a lust for violence in every major right-wing thinker from Burke, Maistre, Carlyle, Treitschke, Legarde, Chamberlain, Maurras, Spengler, Juenger, Schmitt, Heidegger, Evola, Mussolini, etc etc. And it should go without saying that many White Nationalist texts like The Turner Diaries and H.A. Covington novels celebrate violence and mass murder.

Likewise, violent street gangs and paramilitary groups have a long history on the right such as the Black Hundreds, the Ligue des Patriotes, the Camelots du Roi, the Squadristi/Blackshirts, the Falange, the Freikorps, and so on. Modern U.S. groups like the Oathkeepers, the Proud Boys, and the Alt Knights are clearly in this tradition.

We need to get people to start taking the Violent Right seriously since too many normies are still hesitant to admit that the right-wing has a much worse problem with glorifying violence than the left does.

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Post a pdf, I've heard of this book and have wanted to read it for a while.

Here you go.

Thanks user.

Rightards are a bunch of self-righteous moralfags that think the entire world is plotting against them (muh jews, muh white shoah, muh niggers). They're always the first to escalate into violence as they genuinely think they're defending Ultima Thule or some gay shit by shooting up a bus or running people over.

They're more akin to a scared critter than a fully conscious person. Unironically subhuman.

it's all sexual pathology and blind hatred and propaganda pushed by billionaires (robert mercer, fox, breitbart, heritage foundation etc.) that drive them. low Autism Level swine.


they are brainwashed scared little boys.

What if I'm sick and tired of real life nazis and their semi-nazi supporters?

That's not really a convincing argument. Current left tend to prefer control, but they aren't against violent actions at all.

That's not the argument.

can you guys go 5 minutes without making thread about le alt-right boogeyman. you are shitting up the whole board.

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The OP is not just about the Alt Right. It's about how the broader right has historically celebrated violence. Once you notice the pattern, the rhetoric (muh Day of the Rope) and behavior (the recent murder and shooting) of the Alt Right becomes much less surprising.

The left celebrates violence just as much as the right, I fail to see what point you're trying to make..? Unless you're one of those hippy gandhi types who believes in peaceful protest.

The right supports violence against innocent people
We support violence against people causing violence to others, not innocent people based on skin color.

Black people must be reactionaries then huh I always suspected they were fucking BASED but now I have confirmation.

No, on average, this isn't true. And the leftists who do embrace violence usually see it as a means to a particular end. This is different from what you find often the right, where violence is glorified *for its own sake.*

If you both Robin's book (PDF above) as well as many right-winger thinkers and statesmen throughout history – in their own words! – the pattern on the right becomes obvious. It's not a matter of cherry-picking because it's a trope that appears among right-wingers across time and place and can still be easily observed in the present day.

The Left supports violence against legitimate targets, the Right just spergs the fuck out against whatever offends their particular spook at the time.

Leftards are a bunch of self-righteous moralfags that think the entire world is plotting against them (muh white men, muh patrìarchy, muh capitalism). They're always the first to escalate into violence as they genuinely think they're defending equality or some gay shit by shooting up a concert venue, or killing a Congressmen. They're more akin to a scared critter than a fully conscious person. Unironically subhuman.

The Right doesn't see their violence as being against innocent people. They see you guys as wanting to commit violence against innocent people. You all are not very good at looking at things from a different perspective.

Yeah, they do. They may have a different attitude for but they celebrate just the same. If you're not prepared to slit your grandma's and rich people's throats then what are you even doing as a communist? All communists regimes throughout history a standard feature has been intentional mass genocide and murder. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but you guys could really learn from actually reading right-wing thinkers, you're not very good at understanding what they think.

What makes Leftists targets more legitimate? You do understand that the Right-wingers think the exact same way about leftists? You guys are so different politically yet your mentality is exactly the same, it's very funny that you think you don't have a lot in common.

t. "We had to beat up people wearing MAGA hats to protect non-whites from being possibly persecuted at some undetermined point in the future"

Haha yes, those pogroms organized by the Black Hundreds a century ago were totally because some random Jewish bystanders posed a mortal threat to them.

Some of actually have, which is how we concluded your side is sociopathic.

So blocking ambulances in the street, and attacking people with bike locks in a fit of autistic rage is your idea of legitimate? Lmao.

I'm not a right-winger. But there's no difference between violence between the two sides. What about all those innocent nuns murdered by the anarchists during the Spanish civil war. Politics is inherently violent, brutal, and destructive. If you want to criticize the right-wing then you should do it from a different perspective, I'm saying making moral arguments isn't going to be effective.

it doesn't even make sense

It's not as though we refrain from joking about the wall or discussing the need for guillotines. This criticism is weak af unless you're a pacifist or a liberal.

The point is that you don't find left-wing thinkers writing shit like this as you do on the right:

"In war the true human being makes up in a drunken orgy for everything he has been neglecting. Then his passions, too long damned up by society and its laws, become once more uniquely dominant and holy and the ultimate reason.

Now the task is to gather oneself. Yes, perhaps it is a pity. Perhaps as well we are sacrificing ourselves for something inessential. But no on can rob us of our value. Essential is not what we are fighting for, but how we fight. Onward toward the goal, until we triumph or are left behind. The warriors’ spirit, the exposure of oneself to risk, even for the tiniest idea, weighs more heavily in the scale than all the brooding about good and evil."

Ernst Juenger, "Struggle as Inner Experience"

This might strike you as extreme, but our point is that you can find very similar sentiments – the celebration of the "warrior spirit," the necessity of "hardening" oneself in combat, the need for danger violent bloodletting as a cure for "degeneracy" and materialistic comforts – in right-wing thought *across time and place.* It's not a sentiment limited to Juenger (who was and is popular among the nationalist right).

On the other hand, you can't find that many left-wing or liberal thinkers who write shit like that, and you can't plausibly argue that it's a pervasive belief among them like it is on the right. That's simply not true, no matter how unwilling you are to admit that.

I'm just trying to give you guys some advice. I'm not political at all, but if you want to criticize right-wingers you shouldn't do it from the perspective that they're more violent and bloodthirsty, I'm telling you that won't get you far at all. Why does it matter what political theorists thinks, I thought you guys were all about the 'material conditions'? The reality is that any sort of large societal change will be violent and you can see huge amounts of cruel and brutal things committed by all political types throughout history. What are you going to do, count up all the innocent people murdered by Mao and Hitler and try to compare them in a graph and show this to people to convince them? "Hey guys, we only murdered 50 million compared to their 100 million". That's whats required to 'win'. You have to kill your enemies. I thought you guys wanted to win, don't you?

I'm definitely not a tankie, but if you read Marx and Engels, you'd know that they advocated peaceful revolution where possible and violence as a last resort.

It should be *very obvious* that's a different sentiment than what I posted above by Juenger. You have no argument here because you haven't even read the people in question and have no clue what you're talking about.

Can't speak to the other boogey men but this is what defines a leftist no?

That's clearly not the case throughout history is what I'm saying. Look at the huge death tolls of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot. So everyone on here believes in a completely peaceful revolution? That's not the vibe I get at all, you must be in the extreme minority. How are you going to seize the means of productions without violence? Do you think the bourgeoisie are just going to hand over their wealth? Didn't Mao Zedong say "Political power comes from the barrel of gun"? That's completely right, politics is violence, there's no getting around it. I'm just saying if's a poor criticism against the right-wing if you want to gain followers. It's the type of criticism a liberal or someone who is interested in defending the status quo would make. It's pretty clear that people on here are blood-thirsty, humans in general always erupt into conflict through violence. I don't see the point of condemning violence if you want to be a revolutionary. That's just my opinion, you can take it or leave it.

It was for the memes lad

Memes aside, this board is incredibly fringe and is not representative of any broader left.

Furthermore, the left is not limited to Stalin, Mao, and their ilk. I consider SocDems and DemSocs part of the left as well, and they don't have the same body counts that the authoritarians do. I feel like you're attacking a straw man. You'll probably complain that I am too because you don't know what you're talking about, but my point all along is that the ideas about violence I mentioned are found throughout the broader right, and across time and place. No cherry-picking or straw mans are necessary.

Gee user, calm down. You might end up killing your parents.

How many people have been killed by antifa? Oh wait, zero.

Like how some rightard killed PM Jo Cox a full year before the Bernfag in America?

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Everyone on /lefypol/ thinks everyone on the right thinks like Holla Forums

Everyone on Holla Forums thinks everyone on the left thinks like Holla Forums

Visiting boards like this really makes me appreciate the fact that I had a healthy childhood and a healthy social life.

I just don't get your point. And yes, I have read Junger, De Maistre, and others, and the right-wing obviously takes a different stance towards violence and "warrior culture", that's not what I'm trying to say. But in the end, does it matter? Violence is physical and unavoidable, it's the most physical thing imaginable. And if you know about Junger then you should know his experiences were shaped by fighting in WW1. I think the attitude some right-wing thinkers is healthier because its more honest, to paraphrase De Maistre life itself is violence, its an immense altar of sacrifice, and if you want to be involved in political or societal change I think you should recognize that. I mean even Democratic Socialism is violence and exploitation, even if it's just not as directly apparent. Unless you're a hippy or a religious type, which is respectable, I don't see the point of looking down on using violence to accomplish your goals.

The fuck are you on about. Polsters are so braindead they think anybody to the left of them is a feminist or any sort of idpozzed liberal that likes to complain about tits in vidya or smt.

Anytime they make a thread, all they do is apeout about socjus shit thinking any of us care.

Yes, because there's a big difference between

"peace and cooperation are good ideals to strive towards even if humans often fall short of them"


"violence is a positive good and we need to embrace the warrior spirit"

They differ not only in the kind of policies and solutions they'll manifest as, but also in how they condition humans to behave.

Think of the Stanley Milgram writ large. If those with authority teach their subjects to be aggressive and ruthless and to give free reign to their worst instincts, then it becomes much much more likely they'll behave in barbarous ways.

did you get a couple too many lemon seeds in your tea?

You don't think the right-wing believes in peace and cooperation too? They say the exact same things that you say against them towards you guys. A lot of people on here seem to have very little self-awareness, it's like you think it's a battle against good and evil or something. You guys are still stuck under morality, unless you're religious then you don't have anything to back you up. Except if you want to live in the wilderness as a farmer then there is no peace and cooperation. If you want to take part in politics, or even live your life in a capitalist society then you either dominate or be dominated, every day you exploit and enact violence against others even if it's not direct, which is why in reality outside of idealistic theorizing all communist regimes have required a lot of violence in order to establish. Which as I say again, is not a problem, you should just know what you're getting into. If violence isn't your thing then consider a different area to invest your time into. There are some men who want power, and they'll do anything to attain it. You don't actually believe in some sort of communist fantasy utopia where everybody does what they want and is fulfilled and there's no reason to hurt other people ever again do you? The garden of eden was destroyed long ago.


except Holla Forums's consensus on the things listed in that post is completely different, we don't blame patriarchy or white men, we are still not SJWs or liberal feminists which all of you would find out should you manage to read the FAQ
then again if you could read you wouldn't be right-wing anyway

Is killing your parents in an autistic rage your idea of legitimate?




The entire fucking point of this thread, if you bothered to read it, is that NO, they don't. Furthermore, this is NOT me slandering the right. This is what right-wingers themselves fucking say if you bother to read their own words. Does the the Juenger quote above sound like someone who believes in peace and cooperation as good? Or if you want another example, here's Heinrich von Treitschke, a highly influential conservative in his day, on "THE GREATNESS OF WAR"

WHAT am I getting wrong here? By what possible interpretation is Treitschke NOT arguing that, yes, war is good and peace is bad. There are his own fucking words, you dimwit! And I can get even more if you want.

Don't understand what your point is. You do understand that you guys think that you're good and the right-wing is evil, and the right-wing think's that they're good and you guys are evil right? This is very basic stuff that should be obvious, if you've spent any time with right-wingers then you should know that they think they're improving the world. And it's not like the users on here are gandhi buddhas who only want peace, I see leftists display bloodlust rage and desire for violence and to eliminate their enemies all the time. And this is a good thing if you want to win and be in control, it always comes down to in-group vs out-group at the end. I'm just trying to give you all some advice, you're not going to get anywhere if you think that you're somehow more "moral" than others. Consider trying a different tact if you want to attract followers.

No, i don't. The right-wing isn't political theories and ideas, it's organized crime. They enjoy sucking american cock, keep the nation in the EU.
And yes i do believe in a communist fantasy utopia, but that can only be achieved after decades of sending corruption apologists to die in the gulag. There's far too many cancer out there…

Good. So you believe in slaughtering and imprisoning your enemies. I hope you can win one day and take power and control.

What are you talking about? Did you get too BTFO to come up with a coherent response?

I'm just calling you a retard lol

I don't understand? I'm just saying I hope you win, you clearly know what's necessary in order to achieve power so that you can enact your wishes upon society which is to fight a mass war and kill and get rid of those in your path so there's no one to stop you. If you know what's necessary, then you're more likely to accomplish it. Good luck.

user, a lot of Socialists understand Socialism will be instituted via violence. It is one of the hardest red pills to swallow, a democratic transition is very unlikely. Inb4 even imblying revolution isn't democratic
Here you believe you are building on some held view, but I doubt many leftypol users at all accept the premise this is built on. It is patronising and it really is like watching reruns of Socialist criticism.
Top lel. Don't even really know what to say to that. Their actions do not create peace and cooperation so even if they did truly want what you speak of it would be a shitty version that I would reject.
This, other than reddit spacing.
You're being embarrassing. I don't know how to explain to you how many people come on here thinking they have something to teach and just make an arse of themselves like this.
That means nothing, no shit we disagree and see each other as different.
You're engaging in the exact thinking that is being critiqued/noted in this thread. Violence isn't some amazing action that fixes things. Get it through your head that Socialists do not reject violence as a group.
I tried to be nice and skip over insults and this was some of the most unfun writing I have ever posted to this board. You are a faggot and I only hope you will one day regain the rigidity of your spine that you have surely lost after sucking your own dick this much.

Not at all. You have absolutely no understanding about the intellectual lineage or historical context of right-wing thought. How much do you know about history of Christianity? If you continue to underestimate your enemies then you are going to lose, bad. I hope you can take my advice, because there are many on the Right who have seriously studied Communist theory and strategy and they are very prepared to do what is necessary.

For someone who apparently reads allot you certainly have poor comprehension skills.

I am sure if I posted that on Holla Forums some fool would say the exact same thing except call me left wing.


Right-wingers 100% believe in peace and cooperation and virtue and morality and they want to enact their utopia on the world, just as the same you want to enact yours. If you continue to stay oblivious to this fact then you will fail over and over again, and you won't understand why.

You're just a liberal dumbshit who is saying "BUT YOU BOTH HATE EACH OTHER? WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE"

Fuck off retard read a god damn book

No, they don't, and we've already provided evidence above that they don't, which you keep ignoring.

Nobody ever says that here and you're showing your new as hell

Is this satire?

liberal 'centrists' support capitalism and are thus right-wing, user

Then why do right wingers keep accusing us of these things and telling us they believe otherwise?

So what? Obviously rightists aren't trying to create some hell on earth. How do I get it through to you that their ideas of "peace and cooperation" are shitty, and that I reject them, as do many if not most Socialists. We aren't two groups both working towards the same end goal, just because we work towards the same word does not mean we have even remotely similar goals. I hope you are trolling for your own sake.

Yeah, they do. I already said you were delusional and you have no understand what motivates men to action and great deeds. Do you understand the context that Junger was writing in, why he believed the things he did? Do you understand the fundamental conflict of modern right-wing and left-wing thought, which is a battle between atheist Jacobins and Christians? I'm just trying to give you some advice to look beyond moral arguments. I wish you all luck. I think a lot of you would be more cut out for the spiritual life if you're not prepared to understand basics of human power organization.

I wonder, why is "go read a book" such a common insult on Holla Forums ?

Do you think you are some intellectual giant because you read Das Kapital in your twenties?

You are irrelevant to the world and any social or political movement, always will be.

I never implied that. Obviously Right-wingers reject your definition of peace and cooperation, and you reject theirs. You have different ideals. I'm just saying you should try to gain more understanding if you want to win your us vs. them battle.

It's less an insult, more a suggestion I guess.
No. Still doesn't hurt to read it.
Gr8 m8

Its a common insult because if there is one thing commies of all kinds have been good at it was ending illiteracy. So go read that book faggot.

Because you know nothing and need argue without understanding jack shit.

Understanding of exactly what you gigantic nigger. Lay it out right now. Teach everyone in this thread exactly what is wrong with current leftist thought, and how exactly to change it.

Yeah and so was Charlamagne so does that mean an imperial theocracy is a valid system of governance.

I know enough to understand Karl Marx was a anti social cook who based his entire political philosophy off a false premise.

because seriously go read a book stupid poltard

You want to end illiteracy so you must be like a theocrat

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Have you checked out the literacy rates of Angola or Mozambique? Or the several other communist nations in Africa?

I do not think you have

What about the Eastern Bloc, or does that not count.

I never said that, but thanks for straw manning me.

Im begging you to expand on this. "bigly if true"

His premise was based off the assumption that humans in their natural primitive state had no concept of private property and shared the fruits of their labor equally.

Totally false and you cannot blame him because anthropology was in its infancy during his time, that is not the case today.

Let me tell you how I know you haven't read a damn thing about Marx

and what was that 'premise', pray do tell

Do you have any clue what you're talking about? Most of the energy on the contemporary right is among irreligious right-wingers. At best you have a few Christian LARPers. If your ranks were limited to the sincere Christians, you'd have hardly any young people on your side and would be totally fucked.

but there literally wasn't
nobody said "I own this land and everything you produce on it belongs to me", private property literally never fucking happened the way it does today.

Explain how that defeats the idea that Capitalism is doomed to collapse from its own machinations. How does that disprove that there are directly competing interests between different Capitalist actors that will result in its collapse?
Not to stop you, but it doesn't disprove anything of note. You read this off of some snippet and now think all of Socialism is based off this and this isn't merely part of his explanation on history/development

So fundamentals of human nature should not be taken into account when trying to figure out a better way of doing things?

It does not disprove that, humans will always compete and attempt to destroy their rivals or even their tribe/kingdom/country if it can personally benefit them. Do you think the same thing does not happen in communist or socialist countries? It does.

All civilizations are doomed to collapse and wane in and out of power regardless of their economic practices. Capitalist countries just tend to have a longer shelf life than fascist or communist ones.

Read a fucking book.


you don't want to be called a fascist because you don't want to take responsibility for being a fascist despite clearly being one

you sound exactly like Holla Forums. fishhook theory really is legit

No one actually supports Nazis. All the public wants is to just criticize people like Zoe or Anita without being called a fascist. Joshua Conner Moon was a true free speech advocate who helped fought for the brave white race against evil SJW trannies that seek to shove their LGBT bullshit down everyone's throats. Unfortunately for him, his website was shut down on January 21st only a day after Trump's inauguration. He was a true patriot who fought to protect his country from Orwellian unfair internet laws.

Donate to his website and help him out! Show the world that we will not be shut down by the International Jew. Let the world know that the right of expressing yourself and criticizing others is more important than fulfilling the needs of a few triggered minority ethic groups.



That was not a post. Try again. HE TAUGHT HIMSELF HOW TO CODE!!!!!

fishhook theory proven right again.
why do you think fascists and other rightists love "centrists" so much? you're effectively just right-wing propoganda tools sloppily dodging around the historical baggage a named ideology gives you

Yes, that's why the left always attack the right when ever the right decide to have a rally

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oh yknow all those people antifa killed.
i mean you can't be talking about spencer considering he was only limply punched and is just a cia, soros-funded hologram anyway, right?

Look Holla Forums, I’ve seen plenty of people on here looking forward to using violence against rightists and excusing the violence of the USSR, Maoist China. Are you guys rightists in denial or do you need to examine your principles a bit more closely? Otherwise you’re about as consistent as a fascist whining about being punched by antifa.

Capitalism hasn't even been around for a thousand years yet.

Pretty much every trump rally
Etc, Etc

We're talking about overall violence, not murder

Tankies are a fringe of a fringe of a fringe on the left and you know it. Whereas the right-wingers cited in OP were influential figures in their time and continue to have a following on the right.

Whats the exchange rate on punches to murders? I want to check your math.

Did the counter protesters ram a car into the other side with the intention to kill?

that's not a reference
LOL you mean where /yourguy/ ran over 20 people? try again, retard
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yes, using violence against your enemies is absolutely reasonable. is this supposed to be a dig at the right?

seems the only real fascists are the ones that don't embarrass themselves by publicly explaining the core tenants of fascism. weird how that works.


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Look idiot, violence isnt a bad thing. The state has a monopoly on violence. Any actual revolution needs violence. You arent going to overthrow the elite with snarky twitter tweets.

In his article, The Victory of the Counter-Revolution in Vienna, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, No. 136, 7 November 1848, Karl Marx wrote: “… there is only one means to shorten, simplify and concentrate the murderous death throes of the old society and the bloody birth pangs of the new, only one means – revolutionary terrorism

Edvard Radzinsky, a Russian author of popular history books, in his biography of Joseph Stalin noted that Stalin wrote a nota bene — "Terror is the quickest way to new society" — beside the above passage in a book by Karl Kautsky.[7][8]

Lenin, Leon Trotsky and other leading Bolshevik ideologists recognized mass terror as a necessary weapon during the dictatorship of proletariat and the resulting class struggle. Thus, in his The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade K. Kautsky (1918), Lenin wrote: “One cannot hide the fact that dictatorship presupposes and implies a “condition”, one so disagreeable to renegades [such as Kautsky], of revolutionary violence of one class against another … the “fundamental feature” of the concept of dictatorship of the proletariat is revolutionary violence.”

I mean yeah you're going to regret prison. There's a chance it's going to be a private prison and you really don't want that.

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We're talking 20th century history here, once you go far enough you just look positively desperate.

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Spain was only ever able to get a hold of Latin America because 99% of their conquistador armies were made up of local conscripts and the person who gave them the idea was a brown girl.

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nah, beating the crap out of nazis is one of those big tent kinda political positions



Now you're talking shit about the most Socialist people in modern times?


They are deal with it you jungle person

2017 Hanoi plumbing still isn't on par with ancient Roman plumbing

No they aren't

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they literally aren't. nice fanfic

We look nothing like each other.

The Norse, obviously


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having read this a year or so, I can't say I disagree, but what's the big deal? radical leftists advocate violence too, the difference is that we take it for granted that the targets of revolutionary violence deserve it on the grounds of (historical necessity | injustice of capitalism | various *isms | the will of the proletariat ).


The radical left and right both agree.

The subject of history is always permitted to break free from structural restrictions. Read Exodus.



its really impressive how the self proclaimed apolitical centrist in this thread managed to argue completely around the point of OP

if the point wasnt obvious, right wingers actively wish to engage with violence because of its inherent glory while the left doesnt reject violence as a means to move history forward but obviously a peaceful transition is preferable if it is possible. the left does not engage in violence for the sake of doing so. it is done as a means to an end. there is an obvious and relevant diffetence here.

and the discourse in this thread has only proven that dichotomy

I'm no fascist. Me and my alt-right buddies are the sole defenders of FREE SPEECH!

Centrism only exists within the minds of autists. Racism is the best form of government. Make America REDNECK AGAIN!!!

what the fuck

I agree comrade time to put the Red back in redneck.

gets the old noggin joggin

They’re a fringe on the left as a whole, but are common here on Holla Forums. And I’ve seen non-tankies here advocating for revolutionary violence too.

All sorts of radical groups were influential in their time. You can’t compare the modern left to the right of the 1930s, or the reverse. Both Marxism and Fascism were once highly influential ideologies, whereas now it’s mostly just a bunch of losers expressing their impotent fantasies online, and occasionally meeting up IRL to beat each other up.

Almost every thinker listed in the OP belongs well in the far right, and is rejected by mainstream conservatism. Even a huge portion of the actual far right today don’t actually share much in common with the ideology of these thinkers. It’s utterly absurd to try to compare a small portion of the right wing to the entirety of the left wing. It seems clear that both the far right and left have no real political power. The very fact that people like Trump or Nigel Farage are considered far right neo-Nazis and people like Sanders and Corbyn are considered far left Marxists shows how little influence the actual extremes have in politics.

Well, it's true.

The rights are fascinated by violence instead of repulsed by it.

They are not willing to spread it, but they always want a good fight if push comes into shove.


Nice strawman!

The same could be said for pretty much anyone…

The aut-right is really making me think here.

It's just so easy, isn't it?

His excuse is that he wanted to show The Promise Keepers what he's made of. Just remember that a… a… a WOMAN in BDUs told him to fuck off!

wait the what about the memes guy is the guy on the right? holy shit lmao karma is a bitch.

Don't be scared Nazi kun, we're all punks like your leaders say right?

You might confuse "violent" with "competitive"

If any of you faggots could read you'd see that the argument is that the right glorifies violence for its own sake, not that they justify violence as being good when used against acceptable targets. If you want to argue that this is also true of the left, be my guest, but don't just half ass a "no u" and think you've said anything insightful. The novel observation that "you guys want to fight your enemies" is so asinine that the fact you think that this is the point of the thread or a new idea you're bringing to the thread is acutely embarrassing.

Did Afrokangs become right wing over night?


Ignore the black menace like the MSM.

Stats don't lie



Black people aren't left wing by virtue of being black, and the topic is about why right wingers glorify violence as its own end, not why they commit or justify more violence



Donny Long is that you?

Has Breivik ever explained why he shot up social democrats when he was paranoid about marxists?

I only consider violence acceptable in self-defense. Genuine freedom cannot be achieved through celebrating oppresion or enabling it by rolling over when it happens. Whoever strikes first gets the bullet, no exceptions.

Its highly relevant what our political opponents do and think.

He was a pretty terrible Catholic, barely one at all, and he obviously didn’t kill people because of any influence from Catholicism.

Nigga what? As far as I’m aware he was completely nuts and /x/ tier, going on about gold and mind control and some sort of language conspiracy. All very nuts but nothing Christian as far as I know.

Not seeing the Christian influence.

next you're going to say hillary clinton is a radical communist

fuck you, nigger

So a typical burger conservative christian.

He obviously wasn’t a typical burger conservative, closer to being a Alex Jones type conservative, and even then he was clearly much wackier than that.

come on, he was a communist who was only expelled from the party because he was pro war
not a right wing mind at all
plenty of choices, no need to be wrong about history

during his socialist period he was also pacifist
he later become something like a national syndicalist, and they aren't communists by any definition

This is total bullshit though, because people with real power and influence in America like Steve Bannon and Peter Thiel have spoken fondly o the far right thinkers I named above, like Evola, and claimed inspiration from them. And people like Milo have made Holla Forums mainstream by posting their memes and ideas on high-traffic sites like Breitbart (the #1 right-wing media outlet in 2016, surpassing even Fox News). There was an article a few weeks ago detailing how Milo and Bannon were mainstreaming lots of racist and far right ideas on Breitbart, and receiving lots of fat Mercer cash to do so.

There's no analogue for that on leftypol, and you know it. Bernie Sanders would be considered a moderate in any Western European country.

You're either a Holla Forumsyp or a brainlet or both.

This is straight from THE DOCTRINE OF FASCISM, which Mussolini co-authored with Gentile.

>Granted that the XIXth century was the century of socialism, liberalism, democracy, this does not mean that the XXth century must also be the century of socialism, liberalism, democracy. Political doctrines pass; nations remain. **We are free to believe that this is the century of authority, a century tending to the " Right ", a Fascist century.** If the XIXth century was the century of the individual (liberalism implies individualism) we are free to believe that this is the "collective" century, and therefore the century of the State.

Again, his own words, in a document intended as the official statement of fascist ideology. It was a right-wing movement through and through and people at the time knew it.

And just for fun, here's another excerpt from The Doctrine of Fascism:

Now compare it to the Juenger quote here

and the Treitschke quote here:

Are you beginning to see a pattern?

Fascism requires big government and most conservative or libertarian ideas like shutting down the bank involve cutting government. Fascism in 2017 isn't real bro.

What unites the right-wing is a rejection of egalitarianism (Robin's book also elaborates on this – feel free to read the PDF above), not any coherent ideas about "big government" vs "small government."

When conservatives and libertarians say they reject "big government" they primarily have in mind government programs designed to alleviate poverty as well as federal enforcement of civil rights. *In the context of America* it was often the federal government who had to intervene and impose upon the state/local government in order to protect civil rights, such as Grant sending in troops to suppress the KKK and Eisenhauer sending in troops to enforce school desegregation. Hence U.S. conservatives and especially neo-Confederates talk a lot about "states' rights" (a concept developed by the slavery apologist John C. Calhoun).

Wow he really showed us "red scum"!

What does their religion have to do with their crimes though?

a b o u t
t h
m e m e s


lol no


Kek, glad I'm not the only one that thought it.

tl;dr: Too smart to be in touch with reality

No, you.

Proof that anarchism doesn't belong on the left-right spectrum

In the case of Robert Dear, it was because he was motivated by anti-abortion. I think also the images are saying that it's not just Muslims who go out and shoot people. Personally, I couldn't give a fuck what religion they are, I have no problem with Christianity.

If you want to see the autism of the right-wing on full display, here's Julius Evola's "The Metaphysics of War":

Reminder that Evola was a perma-virgin who founded the NoFap movement and spent much of his life in a wheelchair.


Was about to do this.

You know the proper analogy should be "How many people were killed by leftists?"

Antifa doesn't suddenly represent the whole of the Left when it's convenient.

Some people were killed by leftists. The cops killed by that BLM ex-military, the dude who shot Scalise and others, etc.

Pure whataboutism. Pointing out that "the other side does it too" is deflecting from the original contention: that your side does it.

So many people replying to a post whose contention I can't read. Thank you, mods, for protecting my feeble mind from whatever it was the fascist had to say. Otherwise I'd start defending censorship and other right-wing values like he does..

You're the man now, dog.

I've been having good fun tricking right-wingers into throwing the first punch by taunting them publicly. If you call them a pussy or something they lose it instantly, it's very easy. Once they've thrown a punch in front of witnesses anything you do is self-defense here in the USA. Have fun.

not in an economic sense

but he collaborated with an anarcho-syndicalist, Sorel.

I don't mind violence (depends on context) so I don't have anything to talk about, but… I've never heard of the alt knights but the proudboys and oathkeepers are both pretty fake groups.

I don't fall for that trap. I can troll people IRL and online. its pretty easy. anyone who punches me gets it worse.

This is a meme. Right-wingers across the board are almost universal in their support for the police and the military as institutions. Even amongst the libertarians there are a significant chunk who would say that a government with low taxes and stripped of social services but with a strong military and police to be small government, despite those being the most authoritarian institutions of the state.

You people are fucking retarded. Most of the Weimar Right advocated some form of Prussian "Socialism." Have you even read Spengler? He makes very clear how his "socialism" differs from any left wing variety.

Maurras's collaboration with Sorel was very short lived and Sorel himself was an eccentric figure who was more obsessed with bourgeois "decadence" than with creating a more equitable world. Sorel even dabbled with monarchism before Maurras.