Islamic fundamentalism is right-wing

How do we meme this hard enough that people start associating Islamic terrorism with the right-wing as they should? We all know that the Islamists share lots of common ground with Western reactionaries, but lots of normies don't make this obvious connection.

Rojava has helped with this to a certain extent, though the sheer inattention paid to the ME by most of the left in the west doesn't exactly help the situation.

Gas the progressives defending burqas and the problem should solve itself.

You do realize the people in the middle are supposed to be the ones who are fighting it, and wouldn't endorse it at the drop of a hat if it was profitable


Define right wing.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say

You know some of them seriously consider White Sharia. However Christianity is obviously an obstacle.

This is true. Israel is the closest country today to Nazi Germany. A proud entho-state, militaristic, closed borders, economic interventionist government.

You've spent too much time online. Only braindead fox news grandpas and MAGAtards unironically think ISIS are anything but hard right.

They want to do away with the Jew fiat currency and revert back to a gold economy

I'm aware. They're basically the Ron Paul memers of the middle east.




They already do.

The only people who deny this are western right-wing devotees. There are similar people who will claim the KKK (and, of course, the Nazis) were left-wing. Most people see Islamism as a right-wing ideology - in the west, it's simply seen as a foreign one.


The aut-right are just edgy wannabe nazis who actually just support neocons and Drumpf. They are different to radical Muslims, don't be stupid guys. Islam is fundamentally very different to any Western ideals, no matter how many similarities you think you can see on the surface.

Stop being liberals.

It doesn't really matter when "the left" in Europe is doing all it can to assist islam.

Aut-right nationalists turn into neocons the moment they are exposed to power

True…and that's why USA is using the muslims as muscle to destroy Europe.
The americans know that europeans would show their humanist values because of world war 2 memories of destruction, hunger and displaced people and would gladly receive the refugees in their nations. So that's why USA created ISIS in order to create chaos in the middle east and force the arabs to run to Europe with ISIS soldeirs hidden among them.
USA and their inferiority complex of being a state, but not a nation like european nations has always been a stone in their shoes of their plans to destroy every culture in the planet to fully achieve their empire where everything is american and everybody thinks like an american.
Has ISIS ever attacked on US soil? has ISIS ever attacked one of the many military bases they have in the region and rest of the globe? I rest my case.

Religious fundamentalism in general is collectivist and conformist. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.


TBH this would only help them

And besides most well-read Fascists already know the connection between them, as the have a common enemy : the kikes