Will we become them?

It seems like we're gaining some relevance as a scapegoat among right-wingers, and while many keks will be had I'm afraid that we could, in essence, become Holla Forums. Aut-rightists don't exactly have well-thought-out positions, but rather believe the things they do to be contrarian and because their idiotic ideology is actually affecting the real world. If rightists fear us, will the "Alt-left" become a reality?

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There is no 'alt left' and there will never be. Holla Forums is rad left and rad left is nothing new in this world.

Hopefully never. Internet activism is a shit

jfc really? how do they think we're even relevant?

no such thing as bad pucblicity

Black pigeon made a video screeching autistically at us, and he has, what, 100 thousand subs? I'm pretty sure most of 4/pol/ knows about us also.

To be fair, all this notoriety we've been getting reminds me of my early days on halfchan where it was known as the "internet hate machine" and actually feared. Every other leftie space hates us, righties are spooked by us, the situation is excellent

They think this is a den of SJWs

this sounds like the most awful path this board could take, one of the only reasons I stay here is cause this board is self aware and doesn't derail into a torture chamber, if this board becomes pol but red I'd fucking dip.

Lauren Southern said some shit apparently.

Don't a lot of Holla Forumsyps get lost and end up at .pl anyway? That being said, what makes this board this board is the content and the users. If it stopped being leftist, I'd imagine another alternative would pop up or we would just migrate to bunkerchan or something else.

It wouldn't stop being leftist. It would be flooded by edgy teens who take our nuanced beliefs on idpol to their logical extremes.


We've been scapegoated by them for almost a year now. It seems to have just picked up some more intensity lately but earlier in the year before catgirl drama we were driving them into utter paranoia. It serves as decent recruitment and seems to drive dissenting voices to us.


Holy shit you genius


Another good thing to do is pretend leftypol is behind everything. It drives them fucking crazy and it's hilarious when one of your clearly false hot take shitposts boomerangs its way back to you.

looks like he soiled himself


It's nothing new, anyone who spent any time on Holla Forums knows that they're autistically paranoid about shills and whatnot. Their entire worldview is shaped around the fact that everything is a conspiracy.

This is hilarious, turns out those right wing meme magic mastertrolls are actually some of the most gullible/ trolleable people around. lmao they madd


I am a white man. I will reflexively shill for any underrepresented view.

Lauren Southern joked about going full NazBol

It's the cleansing fire of revolution m80

What are the chances that all of the retards now trying to google leftypol will fill up the dump board on .pl with an actual community of dumbshit lost Holla Forumsyps, forming a whole new board culture and everything?

From Holla Forums, two phantoms were born

Mah comrade.
I've been doing that for a while. Absolutely dialectical.


What's wrong about it? More people have to realize that right wing isn't a political spectrum of ideas and theories, it's organized crime. Lots of people use those vague expressions such as "Illuminati" or "The elite", but we fully know who these people are, there is no hidden government, they are all in plain sight for those who wish to see. This people have to be exterminated.
To reject violent revolution and the gulags is to condem the revoilution to failure right from the start. See what happened in Portugal in 1974 because the revolution wasn't violent, because there was no trials of the corrupted folks.

I don't think you can go wrong with taking "fuck idpol" to its logical extreme.
The real danger is watering it down with things like "except my particular identity" or "but it's useful sometimes".

Yes, mentality retarded YouTubers like BPS have no arguments other than "leftists make me mad" then he raids the wrong board lol.

It already is and you're on their board.

Why is one socialist hanging another socialist in that pic?

because the socialism of the guy that is being hanged is the kind of socialism that actually isn't socialism at all but just another sort of bourgeois-capitalist ideology that fucks over the workers

we aren't edgy assholes tho

We could be bigger than them. We should try to outmeme them. More people lean left than far right, they're just manipulated by the Holla Forums memetic propaganda techniques. Of course there is a quality concern if this board gets bigger, but a revolution needs numbers and something needs to be done to combat the rising aut right sentiment in the youth. A good step would be to disassociate "the left" from the idpol tumblr crowd because reaction against that is what draws a lot of those kids in the first place. I don't know if the flood of reddit fags and autists would be ideal though.

nah this place needs to maintain quality control

we do not need a flood of libs and pseuds

I was sort of a liberal when I came here. It was the outright resistance to the sort of stuff all the other leftists touted so obnoxiously that interested me, and then I read a book. They're easier to convert than you think.

Nah cunt we are sick of you cunts raiding boards and stating shit. Fuck offffffff

We are never going to fuck off no matter how much you complain. We're joined at the hip now, you're stuck with us forever.

Are you serious kid? You shit up every thread on every board and when someone with sense comes along and BTFOs you, all you do is cry leftypol and post debunked infographs.

Holla Forums believes we have a bot army spamming Holla Forums with porn and that we caused πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§emojisπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ to stop working.
At this point I think we could make a daiz style copypasta with all the shit Holla Forums thinks we did

No. I refuse to believe it.

Holla Forumstard here. Holla Forums is more of a name to point towards online activists/trolls trying to shill or spam Holla Forums. It goes alongside Shareblue and CTR. But since those screenshots showed up of this board actually planning such activities, it's not undeserved.
But generally people on Holla Forums tend to know that Holla Forums isn't a hub of sjws/hipster liberals, and some outright say that they feel there is decent debate here and ideological overlap.

No one fears you, it's seen more as an annoyance and a little bit as a source for cringe giggles.
The 'alt-left' is a term that is doesn't really even apply. Right now it's mostly used in reference to Antifa and other violent far-left groups, but as many have pointed out, they're not much of an "alternative" to the leftist establishment, seeing how they're a tolerated or downright promoted part of said establishment. With the education system, mayors and mainstream media seemingly using them as a tool, or as useful idiots, they can steer and use to shut down speech they'd rather not have to deal with, without getting their own hands dirty.

You argue like a Jew.

Had to check which board I was on for a second.

Hey, our board thinks that everyone who brings up a hot-button topic is an FBI agitator! We have a lot in common, don't we…?

Oh shut up you annoying newfag, fuck off and take your rote learned takes back to your hugbox.

No such thing. This post only confirms the delusions you're capable of. Holla Forums has done anything like botspamming or false-flagging, we're too mature and lazy for petty internet fight bullshit that accomplishes nothing.