Tfw wanna be communist and agree with most socialist but cant become one because i dont wanna support d...

Seriously what do i do?

1. Realize that it is in your best interest to support your fellow workers rights regardless of whether or not you agree with them.


Maybe nazbol is for you.

You don't have to support it.

I think drag queens are stupid, but I reserve the right to not go to drag shows. Are you being forced to go to drag shows op?

Worry about your own fucking life dude

if you can't handle communism because someone you don't know wears makeup you don't like then you'd better get comfortable with either the wall or the gulag

Read pdf related and realize reactionaries are far more degenerate in practice than communists.

you don't have to do people's makeup to be a marxist lad

Why the fuck would you want to get rid of Jon Waters filmography that's such bullshit

But i arnt racist and there is no serious nazbol movement too

Guess i could go around raping children then becuse hey! Mind your own business!

Drag queens aren't hurting anyone

If you think Pink Flamingos is a bad movie you should be shamed publicly in the town square

But muh spooks

They are. Theyre mentally ill

Get the spooks out of your head or fuck off

spooks are spooks

Divine didn't need your bullshit then. She doesn't need your bullshit now.

I'm probably bi, i guess, but i find the whole lgbt movement aesthetically disgusting. It's no longer edgy, but PC and lame fodder for corporate advertising. Drag queens have been reduced to kitsch on the level of nuclear families in 50s Norman Rockwell coca cola ads. Yet, people keep falling for it. I feel an overwhelming urge to leave this clown world and never look back.

how the fuck are drag queens and pedos even comparable?

Divine os a spook. If dege neracy is a spook i guess i can rape children because consent and rape laws are a spook anywau

If nuclear families aren't offensive to your gentle aesthetic sensibilities why are drag queens?

Because dressing like a girl is pedo

Disagree with it all you want, your opinion isn't relevant to what queer people choose to do to their own bodies, anyway. Just don't commit hate crimes or sit idle while the state does.

Speak English

Your flag is a meme so its hard to take you serious

Tell me where the real fun is you spooked ex-Holla Forums nerd. Spoiler: It's western civilization, which is based on ( ( (Chrisitan) ) ) values that degenerated pagan Europe and then the rest of the world. Freedom, including sexual freedom and the things you call "degeneracy" are what we've been all along, and the major religions have tried to eradicate and suppress.

don't you fags find this stuff awfully patronising?

Why is anarcha-feminism a meme? Caring about women's issues doesn't necessarily equal not caring about class issues, too.

try killing yourself

satisfacción 100% guaranteed

fucking roastie whores think they can even come close to the perfection of boypussy.

drag queens are cancer and have nothing to do with communism

I'd have to be a champion of identity issues for that to be possible. Despite being bi, I don't give much of a shit about those issues. I'm concerned with class.

Someone post that pic of the homeless guy being ignored by people putting up pride flags.


you dont know what a pedophile is do you..

This is a communist board. No one likes corporate pandering shit here.

Read this
Ignore the communal raising, for the most part that failed

She's right tho.

Maybe, don't use flag then…

You don't "need" to support it. I personally don't give a fuck unless their are near me or where I live.

How are you guys gonna deal with Islam then that is gonna be boggest religion by 2050? Islam are more reactionary snd anti lgbt+

Like hoxha did.
Secularism at the barrel of a gun

How can i avoid them and make so my children (>implying i ever will get children though) to not get influenced by them?

We get these questions everyday. We're not liberals.

Who are they hurting and how?

Fixing material conditions. I mean this the best way I can, please visit the reading list thread and read first.

I've studied psychoanalysis through shitposts. You already have a 78% of having a drag queen kid from what i can tell this is a fact.

They hurt morals and thinking its okay to be mentally unstable

I only do it because it's funny to watch the vast majority of posters here (who seem to not give a shit about women's issues) get triggered when someone dares to label themselves a feminist

Stop looking at outrage porn. I've never met or even seen a drag queen or a tranny even at uni. Queers are an incredibly small minority overrepresented on the internet because there#s nothing that get people going like having the delicate aesthetic sensibilities offended.

What does this even mean?

Queers are not so common irl.
Just don't go to gay clubs and you'll be safe.
I do think that parades where people grop eachother (ethero or fruits) should be abolished. Even those are not so common tho.

You know what it means. Stop memeing

So do you really think that having contact with weirdos at a young age will set off some kind of queer chain reaction that turns them into drag queens?

Did you go to school to learn this or are you self-taught? Because this is ground breaking.

t. aspiring committee for public morality chairman

i find many of the imageboards autist gays/trannies are 'cool people', with similar opinions tastes and experiences. you probably feel alienated by the performative stupidity of politically correct late capitalist culture more than anything.

Do you know how easily influenced children are ? If they see a half naked mab at a pride parade of course they gonna be influenced by iy

yeah, they'll be encouraged to disrobe, not suddenly assume a complex liberal ideology just because they saw some dude's naked, englittered chest, you microbrain

nice ad honinem

this, getting butthurt about nudity is bourgeois Victorian morality anyway

identity politics of the lgbt variety follows the same logic of right wing identity politics. ARE YOU TRIGGERED? DOES THIS TRIGGER YOU? all the while turning yourself into a literal living stereotype in order to spite an imaginary enemy.

You're refusing to explain what exactly is the issue here other than them making you uncomfortable. Which is fine, trannies aren't exactly my cup of tea either but you can't go deciding this is a society wide problem that needs fixing purely based on feels

It does? That's news to me. I hate LGBT culture with a passion. It's superficial, corporate, and painfully white. I just want to be left alone, up to and including not being harassed by self-righteous tankies.

Women can be workers right? So if there workers we care about how capitalism or imperialism or whatever flavor of rightism we hate that day exploits them and all workers.

Your mistaken I hate your flag because mine is a lot better. You black/pink flag is just gibberish it means nothing.

Women are workers, yes, but workers seizing the means of production isn't going to make men less sexist. At least not right away.