Capitalist atheism

I think the rise of atheism in capitalism has been very negative. Online the skeptic Community formed off the back of the atheist community and created people like Sargon that reach thousands of people with Their videos and spread misinformation about leftism. Then outside of the web it has created a Swarm of apolitical nihilist youth that care more about what X celeb is doing then the shit that's going down around them.
How do we stop this shit?

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we don't. Their following is just a buncs of edgy teens who will either grow out of it, or become fascist but then they get the wall anyways so who cares
this is such a non-issue.

I think the best approach would be fighting fire with fireā€¦ sort of. The way the atheist community would critique religion was pretty effective (the edginess isn't necessary though). Sargon-types are ripe for that same sort of skeptical picking-apart since a lot of their claims are bullshit and/or empty rhetoric.

Eat shit.

Aeheism as an ideology doesn't have much to do with this bullshit. Stop trying to insert your shit into this, christcuck

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atheism is not a belief, but an absence of belief. By itself, 'atheism' can't provide a coherent worldview. New Atheism was born out of a very specific historical context, ie. the bush administration, the war on terror and the rise of the religious right in the early 2000s. Ideologically, New Atheism is a synthesis of end of history liberalism and the vulgar positivist fetishisation of 'science'. Many new atheists were former protestants, unable to get rid of the cultural baggage of protestantism despite rejecting its theology.

The Obama administration represented a victory for 'progressive' secular liberalism, and as such, it led to a crisis for the New Atheist movement, which suddenly found itself without an external enemy to define itself against. both 'left' and 'right' wing atheists/'skeptics' are philosophically illiterate liberals with little in the way of historical consciousness or class consciousness. they take the same basic liberal ideology in opposite directions. 'Left' nu-atheists have embraced performative intersectionality, while 'Right' skeptics cling to a performative 'classical liberalism'. They can only exist in response to each other and wholly within the realm of the spectacle. The appeal of 'skeptics' and the broader anti PC movement is a result of an hyperregulated yet absurd and nihilistic society in which impersonal bureaucratic norms mediate between neurotic, atomised individual units.

Life has become so alienating, commodified and jaded that Capitalism needs le hedonist atheism to justify itself cus "nothing matters xd I'M PICKLE RICK SZECHUAN SAUCE".

Just like how it used Christianity early for its protestant work ethic

Devote yourself to the Vatican to stop capitalism


Thanks for the answers.

Honestly I think we are seeing the community collapse right now due to the contradictions it makes. Atheists who supported Trump, for example, now have to face the issue that Trump is actively trying to bring back that active Christian culture that they were so much against. Atheist reactionaries are pulled in the other direction of the most sexy theistic reactionaries. In a year or two, when you see someone like Sargon and Armoured Skeptic convert back to Christianity, you will know the movement is dead.

The Vatican is anticapitalist.

New Atheists are just dumb Feuerbachians who don't realize it turned to the most avid defenders of American imperialism

Also religicucks should get the gulag.

Rightist lurker here, most sympathetic to market socialism and syndicalism.

What I worry about rightist atheism is that it will make the market interests, and thus porky's interests, paramount above those of others. Though I have many qualms with the russian revolution at least Lenin and many in his crowd lived basically like aethetics and promoted that kind of lifestyle. Godless consumerism only has your own value and enjoyment, and those institutions that hinder that are to be discarded.

Indeed, some neocapitalist neoatheist reaction could damadge the faith more then communism has.

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Religion is a good thing for society and an integral part of the human experience. Socialists shouldn't be opposed to it since no religions advocate for any particular economics.

We need to find a way to increase compassion and empathy.

Oh and I thought this was going to be a serious thread about "divine right" and Spectacle but you are just whining that a subculture is shit


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I have been thinking a lot on Zizek's idea of christian atheism, what entices me is the prospect of christian philosophy complimenting marxist philosophy, especially in topics that are underplayed in marxism like ethics. As pointed out by the new atheist wave was philosophically hollow and fails to explain more elaborated concerns related to the human condition, post modernity killed many schools of philosophy and now we're left with christianity to fulfill holes in the intellect of our society.
Still I think the church is a sore in the human society and religion a farce.

Absolute and utter bullshit
Distributism is the official economics of the catholic church and many protestant churches are shameless defending capitalism.

Sounds nice but still its pure ideology



Not to sound like Hitchens (a self-identified Marxist no less) but capitalism poisons everything.

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