Brainlet here. Who is Jordan Peterson and why is he so hated?

brainlet here. Who is Jordan Peterson and why is he so hated?

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He's like academic agent but somehow he's wound up working in a university.

Neo-libs are mad at him because they know he is right

hello brainlet

He is a professional antisoviet and anticommunist propagandist, who saw the opportunity to pick him up from the dust in a modern political climate. A reason why a communist community would hate him is obvious.

henlo kot


He's a wannabe daddy figure to a bunch of directionless kids who feel a grand sense of paternal abandonment on a civilizational scale.

He's hated because he's talking a lot of bullshit but gets lots of positive attention including money, and appears to be a useful propagandist for the right. The reason he's effective is he understands how to work the social/storytelling/associative part of the mind and he has gotten pretty good at it. If you turn off your logic and reason thought processes he comes off as deep and powerful, but if you subject what he says to scrutiny the actual content of what he says varies between fuck all and projections of his own disorganized throwback psyche onto the outside world. He's like a living TED talk but for faux traditionalism instead of trendy STEMshit.

I tough academic agent also works at a university

he is a neolib

I hate him because he promotes american logic and it's scary how many young people from my country are turning out to his ideas.
The typical retard who claims to care about Western Cultureâ„¢ and Traditionalismâ„¢ but that actually means comodified Anglo-Saxonic culture.

He talked against the Canadian government and the bill C16 + google tried to purge him.

He may be oposition but I don't think he is that my boyo.

The penny will drop any second now.

daddy jordan whispers sweet dreams brainlet, it's your friend.
don't use words if you don't know what they mean.

He's a right-wing post-modernist and a social conservatism warrior (SCJ).
He attemps to undermine the concept of objective reality by shilling a subjective definition of truth (through a kind of pseudo-Darwinist utility argument), in order to justify his obsessive-compulsive and fanatical religious mania, which he knows to be false (in an objective sense) because of his intelligence and education.

My bad
banning hate speech is for true intellectuals

You don't have to act like a faggot because you just don't know what neoliberalism is


useless brainlet



Ideed my friend
join the party

yeah, as a janitor.

Pls dont bully brainlets like me. Alot of us become rightists because of how leftists treat us

I'll bully you

There are no brainlets, all intelligences are equal. Everything that one can learn can be learnt by anyone else.

and then has the balls to shit on postomodernism for its relativism

Jordan Peterson is an anti-communist postmodernist neoliberal complaining about other anti-communists postmodernist neoliberals.

Ain't easy being rational enough to dislike bourgeois pseudoleftists but too irrational to give Jesus up.
this basically

Some non-phoneposting comrade please make the following into a may may image:
Image: the face of a displeased Jordan Peterson (along the lines of )
Text: "When the bourgeois postmodernist moralistic hysteria is of the wrong flavour"


He crusades against "post modernism" without even knowing what it is and ironically being post modernist as fuck himself.


It's always amazing how uneducated brainlets call classical pragmatism "postmodern", or can't recognize that truth is always entangled with both subjectivity (utility, aims) and objectivity (reality, prediction) components.

you're already on the right. what matters is how you react to being challenged

Hello brainlet friend. Sorry for the bullies in this thread, the culture here tends to discourage people from making claims about things that they haven't studied. They don't mean anything by it, it's mostly just a reaction to having Holla Forums constantly come here to spew bullshit.

Anyways, Zero Books makes nice videos for laypeople that I think you'd enjoy. Zero Books is a good gateway drug to becoming a non-brainlet tbh. Here's two videos they did on this subject:

on a scale of explicator to Jacotot how emancipated are you?

hes a pseud who knows nothing about philosophy or history, but goes on teenager tier rants about the soviet union. This is what happens when people talk out their ass about areas other than their expertise. He might be a good psychologist (idk, not an expert there), but he is an absolute fucking brainlet when it comes to philosophy, i'd be suprised if he even has read one thing by marx

So cute.
One would expect a person making this much noise not to confuse epistemology and metaphysics.
These are very basic things, user.

"Hate speech" means speech critical of neoliberalism, user. Don't you pay any attention to how said laws are enforced in Germany and Eastern Europe?


I'm just a disciple.