Why is rape so ubiquitous among the powerful

It seems as if every other powerful man regardless of what they have power over (leftists are certainly no exception) comes out as a sexual predator.

Not only that, but semi-consensual sex acts are required for women to move up in a lot of industries.

It seems as if once a dude gets even a little bit of power they want to violate other people. I mean recently it came admist the Weinstein shit that Terry crews (a huge black dude) got his dick grabbed by a Hollywood exec

It seems like once someone has power, all semblance of morality and human decency just goes out the window

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Such is the nature of man
Under Capitalism.

Yes. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely

rape is class struggle on the sexual plane

They've got enough money to bury anyone who tries to sue and can ruin careers, so they can get away with almost anything. They're probably not all rapists, but the ones who aren't probably embezzle or do other shady shit.

*Under class society

Nice deflect, but this shit happens in all societies.

In fact, the anti-capitalist leftist circles are the most predatory of all.

Meanwhile, the right wingers are forever-alone and virgins so none of this shit happen to them.

Because power is alienating and creates the illusion that an individual's personal will is all that's needed to move the universe, and when you believe that the universe will acquiesce to you just because you wish it, you become a moral authority unto yourself, since if you weren't obviously so special the universe wouldn't be rewarding you with wealth or fame or power. And to the "special," the "non-special" are gifts from the universe to serve their wishes. People become toys, and violating a person becomes no more objectionable than popping the head off of a plastic doll.

That is what I think anyway.

This. The problem is obviously rooted in the existence of hierarchy and domination, not something unique found in economies built on M-C-M'

The anarchists rape as well.

Quite frankly, it has to do with the fact we crave sex.

obviously the solution is to give the MoP to the sadists and trun all masochists into proletarians

switches go to gulag tho

That can't be the only thing. If you're that rich and famous, certainly you can find someone who wants to fuck consensually.

And they do…for a while, but then they eventually get bored and then they lose all sexual pleasure from standard sex and have to find new ways of reaching orgasm.

To be fair anarchist circles are not in any way non-hierarchical or free from power structures, they're just more subtle

I think not, my ghastly brethren
Do you think Stirner was a switch?

Don't need to be rich and famous in order to rape.

Just need to be rich and famous to get away with it.

If you give people power over each other they will want to use it. If they live most of their life in that context they will think it's normal and it will probably extend to various areas of their lives, including the sexual aspects.

And it's not a man -> woman thing. It's a powerful -> powerless thing. I experienced this sort of thing within my family growing up, where I (boy) got abused by my sister because my parents were spooked on the gender thing and let her get away with a lot and punished me for trying to stop her (don't hit girls etc.). It's all about context really. The reason you see more men abusing women is largely because social context puts more men in those positions of extreme power. Trying to see things from too broad a context is a mistake, IMO. These interactions happen between individual people in their own small social context, which has all kinds of intricacies beyond "who's rich and influential?" Situational social advantages and leverage come into play a lot (and predators learn how to take advantage of these). I'll end on the point that the notion that [group] aren't or can't be abusers is a powerful shield for potential abusers in that group.

1. Because they can
2. Because pedophilia in particular is used as a form of blackmail for entry into powerful circles so that people can be controlled. Intelligence agencies use similar tactics.

All the more reason to remove power of others over you. Or at least to propose to democratize it, lets you have a say, let's others have a say, allows things to be argued in the open.

Yeah, for example women engage in higher rates of child sexual and physical abuse then men which I can only guess is because woman mostly tend to take "caretaker" or teaching jobs compared to men which puts them in a trusting position.

Btw OP, not trying to make less of the situation becuase abuse in positions of power it is a big problem but "every other powerful man regardless" is a bit of an unreasonable statement

I don't know about the gradual losing interest in sex thing…a lot of famous and rich people are also sociopaths ie feel no guilt or have other personalty disorders that fame and wealth make worse

I sincerely believe that the richest and most powerful people on the planet keep each other in line by pushing new guys into fucking kids on camera, giving them the ultimate blackmail. The pedo ring is not only real, but a part of the system of governance.
I have no proof of this, but that's why it's so thrilling to think about.

Darwinian principle. It's possible to do (not even difficult really) and confers obvious and significant advantages. Someone has done it at some point (we know now that this practice was done with gays in the Nazi party for instance), and given the advantage of employing the strategy, it should become dominant in a competitive environment (global power struggles).

Women crave sex, too, but you don't see them raping men at near the same rates as the reverse. This explanation makes a hell of a lot more sense.

Do you have any evidence for this besides the recent CWI scandals?

I've read this before somewhere

I'd like to try out raping but only consensually because otherwise it would be rude.

Literally who is surprised by this?
But rape is the collective fault and responsibility of all men amirite

Women are naturally submissive. Men are naturally dominant.

nice spooks nerd

only among trots


The Pink Ballets of Belgium? Pure BS. The myth says that theres CP of the orgies, wich keeps them in check.

Even if we assume it's true that there was "pink ballets" in the 70-80s. And even if there's ample documentation preserved. Who cares? Or, who could benefit from it? That's some 35-40 years ago, and how many of them could you blackmail into anything.

If you can bear it, read this article. It mixes from everything. A serial killer that could get away with it because the police of Belgium is dumber than soggy french fries. Notoriously violent and bad robbers. And pederast parties with the belgian elite.


tbqh there are a lot of leftist guys whose only game is to go deep into feminist politics and appear super "leftist" to "leftist" girls and a lot of these girls are pretty fucked up so the guys take advantage of them pretty easily. It's fucked up but there's almost always a few guys like this in every org I've worked with.