How come so many SomethingAwful goons became left-wing while 4chan became right-wing

Almost all of the prominent Weird Twitter and ironybro accounts are SomethingAwful refugees and left-leaning to various extent.

Moot himself was an SA goon back when he launched 4chan which makes 4chan itself an offshoot of SA of sorts, and 4chan always shared its trolling sensibility with boards like FYAD.

So why did 4chan take such a different trajectory? Was there something about its format which made it easier for right-wingers to hijack?

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Hating on fascist or being a liberal or redliberal doesn't make you leftwing

Stormniggers always had a presence on the site but their shilling was never very effective until feminists started bitching about videogames. That sent incels into a fit of autistic beta rage and thus they adjusted their message to pander to them.
Then GG happened and that was just the right match to light the trashfire and we all know how it went down. That and moot was too spineless to do what he should have done, as in never reopen Holla Forums and enact a zero tolerance policy for their shit on the entire site.


4chan was not a demonstrably right-wing site until pop feminists made fun of motherfucking video games.

People forget how Holla Forums was constantly DDOSing Stormfront and raiding Hal Turner's show.

I never used Something Awful but become a lefty. In fact only used 4chan for a while.

Fascism really is the ideology for infants.

Hobby boards were mostly apolitical, because back then people had the smidgen of sense it takes to understand that there's literally nothing worse than politics and religion to ruin hobby discussion.
And of course fucking Holla Forumsermins just HAD to rage at feminists ruining their vidya, even though it was painfully obvious it was companies trying to cover up what kind of garbage AAA games were becoming by pandering to new demographics since they knew they had lost the straight white male one. But, no, it was all part of the "feminist agenda", 'cause they needed an excuse to get mad at women and they were gonna get it.
So now we can't talk about video games anywhere on the internet without being bombarded with Holla Forums propaganda about SJWs and libruls, fucking hell it makes my blood boil to even think about it. Fuck them and the reactionary faggots on youtube who enabled them.

This makes no damn sense.

Shift blame away from your game being shit as well as targeting newer audiences that aren't as critical of game design as gamers. Mass Effect comes to mind, broken shit game but no one cares about that because the idpol distracts Holla Forums and wins over the tumblr crowd. Developers can get by making a half-assed product because the controversy will sell it.

But user, the game becomes shit because the devs went full socjus, all Bioware are broken shit RPG but people cared for the stories and characters, now they shit on all that shit with SJW shit and the "newer audience" doesn't buy the damn games either because SJWs don't buy games.

This is company shooting themselves in the foot instead of sticking to their core, milk-able audience.

Bioware stories are shit and the characters are bad. Even BG2 is full of trash writing and cheesey bullshit only saved by a breadth of content and autistic modding community.

So bioware games have always been shit, nuff said.

Now bioware game sex mods and ERPG, now that's socialism.

Bioware games stopped being easily moddable with Dragon Age 2, which is a steaming pile of shit no mod coupd fix. There will be no socialism in EA games.

Who cares, NWN1 alone has shitton of ERPG and sex mods that are better than the main campaign.

That's not saying much, NWN was shit even by bioware standards.

SJWs might not, but EA's profits have risen year over year for the past several years, user-kun. They publish their yearly financial reports online and you can see that their games division is more profitable than ever.

At least, this was so the last time I looked, a year or two ago I believe? It might be different now.

I don't have any evidence to back it up, but my belief is that the big game publishers are benefiting from the same market consolidation that the big media companies are benefiting from, in that they are so big that it doesn't matter if they release a "quality product" or not, because they have such a commanding market presence that these big-name products like Call of Duty or Star Wars "crowd out" higher quality products from smaller competitors in the minds of the general population. Does that make sense? I'm trying to say that it's like a violinist trying to compete with a rock concert. The virtuoso might be a better musician, but his competition is so loud that he just can't compare, even if the rock band is mediocre at best.

user-chan, tell me more :3c

Well, the socjust games aren't selling.

Bioware is going to get canned by this rate because their latest title underperforms massively.

Dunno about the sport games, those games have always sold, and Battlefields 1 is well-received despite the socjus shit because people want a WW1 game.

It's DLC season passes making them money. By bundling DLC together into one package they're able to sell more at release than hoping players will come back after a month or year, thus almost doubling the revenue for selling a game.

DLC is actually smart business since it's actually apolitical, it's just damn greedy though.

If it wasn't they wouldn't keep doing it. Unfortunatly it's killed expansions and stuff like the New Vegas DLC is a rarity.

This is my Chan history blog…for anyone who might be interested in an oldfag path from 2003 era SA to present. I used both SA and 4chan, many years ago, when I was a forever alone virgin loser. SA was pretty great at first. It had boards for pirating games, movies, music, and porn. It was a bunch of very nerdy guys who didn't care about social justice or being politically correct. SJWs did not even exist in 2003. Then Lowtax got rid of all the pirating boards, as a precautionary measure, not too long after I joined. Then SA made the gradual but continuous progression into pure faggotry. The last straw for me was when I joined some goon guild in a game and made some Sperglord joke and an officer told me to cut it out because people would be offended. I was like "WTF, who gives a shit?" and left. That was in like 2010 or so. I don't think I've even logged on SA since then. I started visiting 4chan back in the Desu spam days of 2008 or so. And 4chan also gradually became insufferable, so I moved here a couple years ago. Now I'm a red-pilled forever alone virgin loser. And I can't stand SJW shit…along with all the literal faggotry that came along with it.

Nonsense, expansions live on as DLC. If the games are big and sell, it's gonna get a big expansion DLC, that's common practice now.

Lowtax got banned from Twitter for saying somebody should pour concrete on Baked Alaska.

Not in terms of size. Mask of the Betrayer was the size of at both big Skyrim DLCs, which was one of the larger recent ones I've played. I'm dismayed at the loss of those huge chunks of content delivered at once, Ashes of Malmouth for Grim Dawn or White March for PoE are the only ones I can think of.

Lowtax is a bitch. He almost got softly bullied into sorting out SA by kiwifarms but at the last minute he got cold feet and it was at the same time as kiwifarms going down so he took credit for it so the SJWs at SA could circlejerk with him.

he definitely lacked backbone.

Shilling and astroturfing, duh.


No they didn't.
Yes, Bioware went to shit after DA:O, but gay romance options were always an annoyance at best. If you think that's what made DA2 and ME3 hunks of shit, you're Holla Forums.

That's your opinion, but their games become shit when they try to pander to the SJWs.

New Vegas has gay (and even anarchist) subtexts, fucking right wingers still bought NV.

DA2 and ME3, nah.

is tru

Yeah, who cares that they were watered down, uninteresting, barely functional imitations of the originals on all levels, "muh sjw" all the way.
Keep saying that you hate idpol Holla Forums.

They weren't watered down or uninteresting, that would have been acceptable.

They were unintentional straight down hilarious stereotypes, meant to pander to the SJWs.

But of course, if you badmouth the SJWs and the corporation supporting SJWs, you are Holla Forums.

Because they download their from torrents. It approximates communism. They better then capitalists.
And what do you want buy games from the capitalists?
They need to be used in their favor. Don't buy games. Get games for free from torrents.

Anyone who seriously believes this needs to be shot.

If you think that having some harpy bitch shrieking into her irrelevant blog on tumblr that nobody reads is "forcing" you to go to war, then you are such a massive fucking manchild that there is no way you can ever do anything except leech off of and degrade literally everyone around you.

They are the one who declared war on us. And they should suffer the consequences.

So completely optional gay romance ruined a game with this guy as part of the main story?
Who did you say they were pandering to exactly?

It would be fine if that were all they did. But they are dramatically shifting the demographic being targeted by game companies. And they are causing insufferable changes in games. We can't just sit back and allow them to have their way. But outside of some niche indie games, it may already be too late for the industry. They already drank the faggotry-spiked cool-aid.

Once again I am reminded that Holla Forumstards deserve literally zero sympathy.

4chan & SA were in constant rivalry, this is the natural ultimate result. It could've gone the other way, but stormfront wont pay for SA accounts to shill with

Video games were insufferable to begin with

That shit has been happening since fucking 2004. It's already going back because game companies realized that these people screeching about others playing games are in fact not in the slightest interested in actually playing them, and are not profiting off of marketing to them.

SJWs don't even play games, let alone torrent them.

They do much more than post opinions, and you know it! They are no longer impotent whiners. They have destroyed the industry and won't be content until all the old companies go under.

Video Games are shit and should be banned


This is what happens to your brain when you live for years locked in your room, pissing in bottles and browsing Holla Forums while listening to anti-feminist propaganda on youtube.

I think they play a few. But only the most pozzed shit you can imagine.

Apologies for not enjoying being told how to think how to feel and how to act by some infinitely wealthy elder of zion

btw pol says the americunt civil war is about to start >>>Holla Forums10779124 since soros liquidated 78% of his assets (18billion$) and dumped them all into open society foundation

Funny how Holla Forums would constantly defend these fuckers when even the fucking corporations self-censor to please them.


George Soros Video Games Jews George Soros George Soros George Soros Gamers Rule

No I'm not defending them, I'm just not defending you

We're not defending anyone you dick wart, just pointing out how stupid and deluded you are.

Defend me, for what?

Well, it's factual that companies self-censor themselves to earn SJW good points, it's very well-documented.

Good thing these companies also shoot themselves in the foot in doing so.

something happened to somethingawful back in 2009-2011 i forgot the details

Defend you for being outraged about a hobby for literal children

Moot was always left leaning. Liberals are self defeating because they openly invite the forces that ensure their damnation. /n/'s composition in the very beginning was 35% libertards 20% liberals 5-10% actual leftists and 30-35% conservatives of various guises. The opening pool of stormfront raiders was very small and took years to grow to an appreciable size. mostly by shilling at /k/ and encouraging crossboard shitposting which has ended up destroying most of the site in tandem with the rise of smartphone usage.

Well, it's my hobby and I invest in it.

Consider this: it's shit stop it

Cry me a fucking river, like you would actually play any of their bog standard open world shit fests if you got your tits back. You're just outraged that video game companies are not your champions anymore because you're such a sorry excuse for a human being that you completely identify with the one hobby you have.
Kill yourself.

GG was cool until it became fixated on white idpol.

No, why?

I actually play plenty of tit games, so thank you.

Smh fam if you're gonna revise history at least get basic chronology correct.

moot deleted the predecessor to Holla Forums (/new/) for being too racist and then reinstated it while most of the gamer gate crowd were still shitting their pants in middle school playing cawl ah dooty

Also stormfront has been shilling on every corner of the internet since the 90s but never got much traction, WN flowered on 4chan because of anonymity, edge Lord culture, reverence for Japan's ethnic homogeneity and because demographic winter in general for white people and multiculturalism started to become a real problem just like storm niggers warned in the late 90s but nobody believes them

t. knower

Yes, I'm sure that EA went and purged dozens of game companies to earn SJW brownie points (that they suddenly value more than money despite being a for-profit business) in the early 2000's because they were literally prophetic about the rise of SJW's ten years later.

Read a good book about your problems instead.


Why? I prefer vidya games.

Read you bitch


instead it was right wing sensationalists who took advantage of situation where feminist idpol thought it could fuck over eternal neet
real right wing idpol like spencer are laughing stock to og gg

We only hate white men because a lot of them think they deserve a bigger piece than everyone else. Stop bitching about media representing people who aren't you, start taking an active role in dismantling white supremacy and capitalism, then we can talk.


If you're not going to even read any basic bare bones theory then why post here

Cuz I like vidya and want to talk about leftist politics?

Nowadays EA still purge companies, but they purge companies that do not make money (by pandering to SJW brownie points).

So yes, they are fucking stupid, but at least they know where to cut the cancer.

It would be better if you read the source material instead of forming your opinions from the mass of what this board's consensus is.

Well they do make the companies unprofitable first. EA seem to only make money on staple franchises like FIFA, NBA, and The Sims and DLC. Any other series they pick up they run into the ground by pandering to the wrong demographics of people who are historically interested in those franchises. Like, for example, Syndicate becoming a FPS, or C&C becoming a DOTA/mobile game.

Truth, actual reason.

Wishful thinking usual Holla Forums mental masturbation.

Well, I don't know if bioware panders to SJW on EA order or they do it on themselves, but either is fine.

I don't actually play bioware games because they never tickled my fancy, I just wanted to give my take on EA.

It's not wishful thinking it's true fax. Especially considering the post that I was replying to was a literal lie totally unconnected to the actual history of Holla Forums cobbled together by some butthurt red liberal that probably only found out about the chans after last year's election.

There's no need to blatantly lie Holla Forums. People will correct you.

It's wishful thinking

To make a long story short, Holla Forums was the key.
Holla Forums is manchildren central, and the most easily manipulated, with the biggest motivations to have strong kneejerk reactions to anything.
Holla Forums is what Holla Forums needed to have access to 4chan as a whole.

It's exactly why Holla Forums "fuck NEETs they're retarded" attitude will always, always ensure that you guys will never take this site back, or even roll it back to a more moderate position, because you don't resonate with boards like Holla Forums and /a/.
And if you can't manipulate them, you're always going to be seen as outsiders, and people won't listen nor trust you, so Holla Forums will always win over you.

that'd be like fighting over a piece of trash, why would anyone want Holla Forumsirgins and /a/utists on your side???

Because they're the springboards to influence the entire site, you incredibly simple brainlet.
They're the building blocks that spreads the users to all the other boards, remember that 4chan originally WAS just "/a/" under the first "Holla Forums - Anime/Random" board, shit drips downawrd from them, to everywhere else and they're the most culturally influencing on the overall political climate of the entire site.

You shit on Holla Forums and /a/'s NEETs, you lose the site.
You shit on 90% of RL leftist movements, so you lose support of normies.
You shit on leddit, so you lose even more normies.

What's left?
Who backs you up?
It's so stupid and makes you so small it almost makes me think this entire board is nothing but undercovers from Holla Forums making sure the site stays at far right as possible by making you all look like incompetent litigious fools while they have all the dank memes and are alluring and inclusive (and don't bring up "hurr but they racist how is that inclusive", you know EXACTLY what i mean by that).

i just came

Wow what a heart breaking loss

Do you think most of us even use this website only to communicate to people. The only retards who actually find that tolerable are retards like you who find this place pleasant.

/a/ actually held out for a while longer, as they were always extremely hostile to outsiders coming into their board without at least going through the bare minimum gateway anime and learning proper board etiquette.
Haven't been there in a while, how are things? Can't imagine it being any better than the rest of the site.




This board. I like it.

wow, amazing


You're delusional and arrogant.
You need numbers to do ANYTHING, and everything you do makes sure you stay small.
It's incredibly retarded, sometimes i really think it's nothing but a Holla Forums puppeted sham.



sperg more

capitalism is a thermal impossibility, I only wish but to live long enough to see it fail

Buddy, this website doesn't have numbers that matter to anyone and half of you have lived lives so terrible that you'd humiliate us with your association, I think we're fine if you just fuck off. We're not losing anything substantial by not playing Mother for /r9k/ and Holla Forums.

/a/ was shit before gamergate.

Go to most boards outside of Holla Forums, Holla Forums or /r9k/ and you will find people tired of rage culture

Not that I disagree, but what good would it be to get 4chan on board? What good was it to the alt-right even? The second they step out of their online circlejerk they sperg out and embarrass themselves and everything they stand for.

/a/ was never good.

Every time a group of entitled albino nerds gets mad, a portion of them become nazis in response. Some hopeless dipshit is becoming radicalized off the Rick and Morty McDonalds sauce

It's strange for me also, that these people are supposedly so proud and have so much self esteem from their skin color, albino happens to be the insult that pisses them off the most.

I just come to Holla Forums to have fun, man.

Not the user you're responding to, but it's a high-traffic website with lots of young people and lots of people with exorbitant amounts of free time on their hands. There's obvious benefits in at least siphoning away some of them.

And the adults who post on it that much have lived lives that would only severely damage the reputation of the people who use them.

Yes, but the left often needs the support of young people (probably helped Corbyn a lot), and it's dumb to let the right siphon away too many of them.

Plus it's just good strategy to convert people when they're still young and impressionable. Sure, some of them might change their views as they grow up, but there are still obvious benefits to preventing them from going down the wrong path in the first place.

We don't need 4chan to get it. You just admitted it yourself, Corbyn was hardly pushed for by Holla Forums or Holla Forums.

I actually think that's a really fucking bad idea.

We've seen how hard it is to keep their autism in check. Honestly sounds like a risky investment that could backfire hard.

GG was a poison pill for nazis. It filled their "movement" with adult male virgins and other useless people who will only serve to bog the whole thing down with their numerous insecurities and inadequacies.

4chan is much more popular in the U.S. than in the U.K. though. Also, I can't even name any prominent "Alt Right" figures in the U.K. It's largely an American/Canadian thing.

But based what I've see online, the broader right-wing (including Alt Light types like PJW and normie conservatives like Ben Shapiro) seems to have more momentum than the left.

I mean, compare. Who are the most popular content creators on the left? The Chapo guys? Looking at the average number of listens their podcasts get on Soundcloud and their number of Twitter followers, it pales to the number of views that, for example, the average PJW video on YouTube gets. Shapiro has like 800k followers on Twitter while I don't think any of the Chapo guys even break 100k. Even fucking Jordan Peterson has over 200k and his popularity only took off this earlier year.

Sure, Chapo is the most popular Patreon, but they still have less than 20k patrons. That's not a lot of people overall, and pales in comparison to the number of subscribers many right-winger YouTubers have.

Protip: Stop being so online.

Hendren is funny when he isn't depressed or trolling old goons

The new left that Chapo is a part of only gained momentum when Clinton crashed and burned in the US and Jez destroyed the Tory lead in the 2017 campaign. Where managerial liberalism has managed to cling to power (Canada, France) you don't really see a left willing to contradict their centrist masters on economic issues, health care or migration
Infowars and Breitbart types have had years to take Koch and Mercer cash and build infrastructure with it. Where you don't see some parasitic billionaire pulling the strings you see right-wingers fighting each other for patreon donations

If you really want to help the left by interacting with Holla Forumsyps do everything possible to get them to fight and excommunicate each other. Otherwise concentrate more on making contact with people who are normally apolitical or disillusioned with politics

Jagmeet Singh is pretty much the brown Bernie Sanders. Melenchton is to the left of both of them.

Yes, this works well, and I legitimately believe that IF there actually were paid shills raiding Holla Forums as some Holla Forumsyps sincerely believe, they could render the board useless very quickly. You could probably do so by just posting endless threads which contradict the right-wing narrative and break their echo chamber, and by having enough people to constantly bump those threads. It's the latter which is key because right now such threads tend to just get slid off the board rapidly.

What exactly makes nerds entitled in your mind?

Getting mad that a video game features a non-white male protagonist is a pretty big sign of entitlement.

I don't know about the Chapo podcast itself, but the subreddit is full of SJWs. If that attitude is reflected on the podcast, that might be why it's unpopular.

When has this ever happened?

And that's why feminists/SJWs are horrible. Because they can't differentiate between ideals and people of flesh and blood. Beach ball boobs doesn't hurt anyone.

The M.O. of the feminists/SJWs and the mass media, stuck in their eternal now, was as such:

1) Pick a group that can't defend themselves.
2) Single out the worst aspects and members of them. Disregard all history, context and diversity whithin it.
3) Present yourself as the sole savior.
4) Constantly shift the goalpoasts. And Texas sharpshooter.

Yeah, dudebro vidya is seen the most. And it may be disconserting for a little old lady to buy vidya for the grandchildren when NEET McNeckbeard is yapping about splatter effects. But the clerks know how to sell games to children. It's not like NEET McNeckbeard is stealing vidya from women, girls and children.

And this phenomenon isn't new. In the 80's Moral Majority etc bullied companies by just being loud.

Have you ever visited another board on this site or halfchan in your life?

Yes. Give an example.

Taken straight from Holla Forums.

Gave me a kek.

Everyone knows Holla Forums is retarded. You can't find it outside of that.

And they're already nazis in the first place.

You fuck up by assuming that "making the beliefs of Holla Forums hivemind the beliefs of a general population"(be it on imageboards or IRL) is a good praxis that will amount to anything in the long term aside from probably making this board a piece of shit beyond salvation.

don't know about the rest, but putting a negroid man on the cover of your wwi-themed game was obviously ideologically motivated. which is what people react to

To be honest the right has created more social justice warriors than the left ever possibly could

That's a sign you should be worrying about more than fucking ethics in tits in imported video games nobody even gives a fuck about in Japan

Why do people always assign more agency to liberals than to aut-rightists? They both acted shitty but you people always frame it as the latter group having no choice but to act like retards because the former group made them.

If you are upset over the loss of an EA game you're beyond redemption to start with

i'm not. i don't play games. just pointing out what others think

It's because the alt right are literal children and people feel the need to treat them as if they're infants with no agency

Other people can be stupid

stupid people can also be correct about some things. broken clock, etc

If you're looking for a broken clock to be right once you might as well buy a functioning fucking clock


oh ok. so it's appropriate that a game based on an event often called the first european war should use a non-european as a representative of that event. because when i think "european war," "black man" is the first thing that comes to mind

Why is a putting a black guy on the cover any more "ideologically motivated" than putting a white guy on it?

/lit/ was the only halfchan board to ever not be shit anyway

No, it's a video game for a series full of fucking microtransactions (which might as well be classified as gambling at this point ) that nobody sane was going to buy anyways, but people are outraged about it because of course they're outraged about it.

If anyone was hoping this video game was going to be historically accurate, that was their fault.

Why SA out of all people? You will expect people who can burn 10 a month to shitpost will be shamelessly rich and therefore libertarian or conservative,
But after listening to the chapo guys I assume trust fund babies become leftists to atone for their classes sins.
SA is our enemy anyway, their are the bourgeois that alienate us from the memes of production

$10 of disposable income makes you rich

PJW with Sargoy filling in for the "alt-lite" portion.


are you retarded? it's 10 for an account, not 10 a month.

because "whites" were the majority party during that event

it's like putting a european on the cover of a game about the liberian civil war. just doesn't follow

Bernie is nominally to the left of Jagmeet because he his proposals are more radical """"for his own country""""

But there were black soldiers in world war one. Why does it offend you?

Someone should do that

The subreddit is garbage because the sub got too big and got flooded with /r/socialism fags who openly admit they never listened to the show

If you're looking at video games for historical realism something went wrong.

That is a lot of money for some people, specially if they are spending it in something so bland as SA

explain why

But you still pay a monthly fee, right? Still quiet elitist.

$10 isn't a lot of money for anyone.

No it was just the 10 bucks the one time

They have a content filter for information that's more effective than what image boards have. So you don't end up with people drooling at the mouth over Breitbart neoreaction. Just a tiny bit more sophisticated neoreaction.

At least it used to be anyways, Something Awful always had better jokes.

Niqqa its just $10

again, i don't care about the actual game. the issue is that people in that industry decided "there needs to be a black person visible." it speaks to and illustrates a particular culture of race mania and obsession with "diversity." actual history and reality is deemed "too white" or "pr0blematic," so it must be altered and made "acceptable"

it doesn't offend me per se. it's just dishonest and stupid

Everyone knows that people got banned for arbitrary reason so the admin could make money from suckers who were willing to pay for another account after having been banned. In addition, there were a ton of other paid features. It's a forum for suckers.

This is unironically how communities on the internet should be created. The freedom of anyone and everyone to speak on the internet leads to disastrous social consequences down the line.

Bingo, it's the result of how the two work as systems of memetic evolution. Image boards tend to favor the production of a high quantity and low individual investment in memes, analogous to r-selection in biology (think of how frogs create a ton of offspring with little parental investment; pepe is a great mascot.) Traditional message boards favor a low quantity but high investment/effort in memes, analogous to human parental investment tactics (we spend a great deal of energy on each of our children.) SA is notoriously the latter, outright banning people for low-effort posts.

These two memetic strategies are also discursive and anti-discursive. Discursive memes gain their survival advantage by leading to valuable/interesting/useful conversations, while anti-discursive memes subvert discussion in favor of self-reference. Rightism is intrinsically anti-discursive, questioning and inquiry are the death of conservativism. Anti-discursive memes are parasitic, subverting human agency to propagate themselves. The fedora meme is a famous example, it is a blatant attempt to derail criticism of religion.

The degeneration of rightism into fascism is the result of exponentially increasing cultural change due to the internet. In order to preserve itself rightism must pull harder against change, to spam culture with bullshit to derail the natural self-organization of society away from it. This trend will only continue, and discourse will become even more fascist until the collapse of social organization is the only option left, or the reality-distortion field of rightism collapses and society rapidly evolves away from rightist idiocy.

But you're not getting my point. The game itself was never going to be historically accurate even if they had a white guy on the front of it.

Banning people arbitrarily is good?

Perhaps it might've something to do with Dubya's presidency? Back then internet was strongly on the liberal side, aside from Paulbots here and there by the end of Bush era.

People should be banned 24/7. If someone isn't banned in an hour, people aren't learning what is and is not socially acceptable within an environment.

It would have been more historically accurate. No game is completely historically accurate.

Holy shit that's retarded.

So some historical accuracy is more important than other bits of historical accuracy. I say that's bullshit and nobody should be interested in it

That's how the internet, used to work. People got banned, they pouted and they took it. Now everyone has to scream, kick their feet, and whine about their free speech rights on the fucking internet.

again, no
you pay 10$ for an account and that's that
you can buy shit like avatars and avatar text for yourself or others, and access to the archives
and that's it, there's no "monthly fee"

Not really. People should be banned more often.

People no longer take it because they got alternatives so they no longer have to deal with the pathetic motherfuckers who typically serve as forum moderators.

Banning people for arbitrary bullshit is not going to improve a community.

If they want to go on facebook they can go on facebook, but if they can't take a one week ban they shouldn't leave facebook

When discussing this shit it seems you boil down to three groups:

1-People that don't know what's going on and don't understand chan mechanics and only use the internet within their safe space bubble.

2-People that know what's going on but don't want to do anything about it because they think RL will change by itself due to shit they've read in a book once, and imageboard aren't relevant to RL anyway.

3-People that know what's going on but are too lazy/tired/numb/indifferent to do anything about it.

It will certainly create an invested community then it would create a deinvested one.

I don't understand what you're trying to say.

Are you niggas millionaires or something?
Where I live the minimum salary is 1.30$~ per hour and 10 dollars buy groceries for a whole family

Found the goon!!

Sounds terrifying

Found the goon!

Could be

So the other user is right, its a site for suckers


$10 doesn't make you a millionaire.

you're not getting mine. the game can be as accurate or inaccurate as they like, but let's be honest about what motivated them to put a black person at the forefront of their marketing

i just want honesty

No, but does make you a sucker when there are a ton of free alternatives and the forum has a reputation for banning people for arbitrary bullshit.

Again, where I live that's a lot and I imagined in yankland it was a lot of money too.
What else can you buy with 10 in yankland?

Because if they want to put up with a ban and still post, they probably want to post something that matters once or twice at least. This would also be a great way to get rid of mobile posters, by banning wherever mobile area they're coming from.

The way you're making it sound, a fucking car apparently

That's a fucking retarded idea. Are you a former SA forum user trying to rationalize having used a forum for pathetic suckers?

There should be a cost to posting.

see here:


Look at how 4chan turned out with less moderation.

Cost being, serving bans or something unreasonable, yes

yeah like 1‰. please stop posting, leave and never come back.

That doesn't answer my question

A book, a lawn chair, a cheap fan, food


And look how SA and Facebook turned out with more moderation.

Facebook isn't comparable, and Something Awful, it created better jokes.


not an argument. please leave this board, you have zero knowledge about the topics you talk about, it's painful to read your posts.

I mentioned that here 10 dollars buy groceries for a family, i should add those could be 2 weeks worth of groceries stacked in the house.
Your comment really doesn't help me to make a compassion.

jokes seem to be the goon equivalent of what memes are to Holla Forumses. Both are ideologies anyway.

4chan created great long lasting jokes like, our best friends, pepe and wojack! rage faces that fucking reddit children abused. cancer

Something Awful had terrible jokes like that one totally unfunny time a moderator tried building his own house and fucked up terribly, insulating his own stairs

Jokes are ideologies. I'm smart now.


Groverhaus was not a joke……………..

Are you even familiar with the marxist definition of ideology?

If you think 4chan created better content than fucking Groverhaus you're a retard

Apparently to you, it's jokes.

But wojak is from polish chans.

You're clearly not interested in debating or having a sincere conversation.

It was pretty funny when one of SA's most vehement Marxists was outed as a materials engineer paid ~$150,000/year to design boxes for Hasbro toys

Nice joke.

Go away Holla Forums

It's from Krautchan's /int/, it was posted by a pole but the site is german.

The world would have been better if Something Awful existed and 4chan was never born.

it's painfully obvious you don't belong here.


Not really, the face itself, "that feel when" phrase and that fucking retarded attention whore are all from vichan, which used to be a main polish imageboard in 2009-2010, they just got exported to kc/int/ in the similar manner memes from sosach or ylilauta were.

You're saying that's bullshit because you are too stupid to understand the difference between historical inaccuracy to make gameplay possible and historical inaccuracy for the sake of political correctness.

It's a fucking big budget video game, it should be criticized for being a big budget microtransaction video game, not anything else that distracts from the fact of its own existence

This is what you get when a leftist paranoiac has no life except internet discussions.

I've seen far worse said on this terrible website

As opposed to a rightist logician


Always get a chuckle out of you mongs not realising that you're the very NEET/incel types you mock on 4chan.

I've never seen an internet community with so little self-awareness and so much unwarranted self-importance in my entire life.

You all deserve to be raped in a deep, dark cellar.

Some 30 something year old from Holla Forums already killed their parents this week.

Some 30 something year old from Holla Forums already killed their parents this week.

You've never been around white nationalists?

Nice one pal but there's a board for that type of post >>>/yourpersonalblog/

I don't care about a video game having a big budget, I don't care about it being boring or repetitive, I barely play them anyway. I do care about SJW's rewriting the past to make it conform to their diversity quota's.

Sounds more like ironmarch, if it happened at all.

I've never browsed 8/pol/ properly, but on 4/pol/ a good deal of posters realise that they're fucking idiots, or at least not that intelligent, it just doesn't bother them.

Everyone on this board seems to think they're a genius, with ludicrously inflated egos to match. Personally, I find that far more obnoxious.


Look user, just be humble like the fictional burgers you just invented at 4pol and admit you're a dunce.


The humbled posters of 4/pol/

Sucks, we could have been friends :v)

Perfect example of the attitudes I'm referring to.

You're a bunch of dipshits.

;_; don't call me a dipshit ;_;

You're a hot head

Mother of god.

I'm dipshit???

Haha, I almost forgot that happened. Why didn't we shill that more? It's far worse than what Sam Kriss did and look how much the Aut Right crowd is talking about him and inflating his importance.

Has infowars said anything about it?

Talk shit, get hit.

Plz give me source for that , because if thats true then I'll laugh my ass off

The humbled users of 4/pol/ everybody


The "pedophiles" part makes me doubt this was really someone from Holla Forums or someone similar. Stabbing your parents based on reading something on the internet about leftist pedophiles is mental illness that is not reducible to ideology.

That's it, keep proving me right.

Was Anews cool at any point in time

There isn't a single place in the first world where the salary is that low. For the vast majority of the people you interact with on a site like this it's about an hour's salary from the whole year at worst.
With that said, it was absolutely a waste of money which is why I included the pic I did.



Lmao maybe where you live. In most places in burgerstan that is absolutely no the case.

Sounds like Holla Forums in a nutshell tbqh.

He posted on r/T_D, which is basically entry-level Holla Forums. It is very likely that he was a Holla Forumstard,

His posting history was also chock full of references to posting on 4/pol/ and 8/pol/

The guy who ran over Heather fucking abused his wheel chair bound mother and choked her because she took away his video games.

This guy kills his parents

What the fuck is this Freudian shit going on at Holla Forums

Don't forget:

No it doesn't and if you believe it does you're deluding yourself for the sake of wanting to belief bad things about people you hate. The real crazy nazi's capable of murder aren't on Holla Forums -they don't get enough attention there- they're on ironmarch.

r/T_D has I think around a million posters or so, Holla Forums has around 2000 at best. I don't see the likeliness.

But…they did

And the person made frequent mention of posting on both 4 and 8/pol/….so…..

Squealing like a cornered rat

Yeah, it's not like Holla Forums doesn't promote plenty of batshit conspiracy theories like Pizzagate and Seth Rith and doesn't constantly cherry-pick data and incidents to foment hatred, resentment, and paranoia.


It's almost as if fringe/radical politics attracts maladjusted abnormal weirdos

But nobody here has actually murdered their parents in cold bold. Or shot at a random bus. I mean the most you can accuse us of is punching someone or pushing over a trash can.

There's this ubiquity of parental abuse in Holla Forums and I don't see it here.

Holla Forumsitically and economically illiterate

Happy people don't care about politics.

…so…provide some evidence of that

Some people scour through thousands of emails, instagrams and news reports to find a pattern that makes it clear there really is some evil stuff going on among the elite (Jimmy Savile, Epstein). Others dismiss this on the grounds of it not simply being a thought-stopping cliché like "all bourgies are simply zombies of Capital so don't look into it because all you need is marx's word".

Stop making excuses for a board that harbors literal murderers bud.

They can only talk about what their ADHD lets them user

He posted on /ggrevolt/

Unhappy people don't just abuse or murder their parents. That's not an excuse.

Because Holla Forums is in no way comparable to half/pol/'s size or importance


I mean, I don't think it's coincidental at all, to be honest.

Moderate your board better then to try and weed out potential murderers. You could do that. I don't know.


was Anders Behring Breivik the fault of Holla Forums or does destroying the brain with paranoid nationalist shit just ruin people?

Holla Forums is the Hell's Angles for mentally retarded people

Inclusion at last

4chan was made by Something Awful weebs

It became more than it ever should have been.

And SomethingAwful had what, three convicted murderers posting at one point or another?

Again, extreme politics attracts maladjusted weirdos looking for a moral framework to justify acting violently

Yeah, but they weren't in the span of a single year. Holla Forums. What are you going to do about this.

Thanks for at least admitting Holla Forums is only occupied by maladjusted freaks.

He was literally an 8/pol/ poster. His leddit posts are evidence of this.

4/pol/ are AUTISTIC! Hahahahaaa!


I miss moot. I wish he actually had that type of moderation.

This. Old imageboard culture is dead now.


Thanks, captain obvious.

I wonder what those 15 pics were.


And he hired one of those "I'll speak whatever you type for a price" internet people to advertize /ggrevolt/


So yes he was a Holla Forums poster and yes he did stab his father to death. In the same week some other Holla Forums weirdos shot at people.

So what's the plan? Do nothing and wait for class consciousness to emerge spontaneously in the population?

Pandering to smooth retards on Holla Forums will do something I know it!

She can't keep getting away with it!

He literally said it's good if we lose the support of normies.

I mean, I happen to agree with him, but only because I don't believe we're ever going to have a revolution and that the best end we can hope for is the mass extinction of the proletariat. It isn't a very optimistic stance to take.

Because normies often insinuates the facebook using false consciousness addled dipshits who join the demcops and whine about rape culture. The average working person completely alienated from everything is a far larger demographic and our natural ally.

Not to mention the fact that we don't want the board to become mainstream. We want our ideology to.

Holla Forums doesn't represent anyone who's worth arguing for.

SA is a liberal shithole these days, whatever leftist element was once there has long since been purged.


came directly from the chans.
Most of them didn't give a fuck about the right years ago.
If you talked about fun or any of that shit, you would rightly get called a faggot.

There's actually some value in understanding the demographics of the working population. Do you have any good sources?

Unfortunately I just have a lot of anecdotal evidence and experience. I'm from a small town in North England that has always been a Labour stronghold and nobody here has a clue about internet drama, happenings, personalities etc. Like fascist rallies crop up and there's very little about it on the internet and still we have counter-demonstrations, and Momentum is a good example, you'll see hardly anyone here mentioning them and they're hardly mentioned on twitter (and the Americans have co-opted the name to add to confusion) yet they're the biggest political movement in Europe. They produce some good OC too, they were making some really good stuff around elections, some of it was posted here.
Momentum knock on doors and recruit people every day, that's their strong suit. They have dedicated people who will take a day out to get people on side, and put their point across on the doorstep. They almost swung the election on a shoestring budget, with Labour HQ funds (squandered by Blairites) they would have been able to knock it out the park. As far as I see it, the internet is only really good for minor coordinating and archiving texts, as well as propagating memes. However, this is just a very minor part of what's needed, what's needed is people actively engaging people in person, face to face. Most of the interactions I see online are by ideologue outliers who both refuse to budge.
tl;dr: Sorry I have no sources but it seems the internet should only be used as a tool secondary to face to face communication

I don't know man, the /k/ retard that made chlorine gas to test out his new gas mask was pretty fucking funny

Maybe stop cherrypicking for 5 seconds and realize both sites have their ups and downs in terms of humor

Was there a follow up to that thread? Did anyone find a news link or anything?

Not that I'm aware of but I could be wrong.

Thanks for the detailed post. It's interesting at least.

I don't think I could actually hold a political discussion with the average voter in person without ending up committing murder-suicide. Just imagine having to politely listen to the most retarded bullshit and then pretend that you still have a shred of respect for their opinions.

iirc it was faked.

Yeah well it's Britain and the population is a lot more cynical despite the media barrage. People here used to yearn for a man that stood by his principles and so on but it's become apparent that a good chunk of these people were talking about people like Corbyn and another were talking about Hitler. Luckily the Hitler camp has become increasingly mocked and marginalised as well as the majority of youth holding them in contempt due to austerity.
The benefit of engaging face to face is people won't engage in the ridiculous attempts to "win" the debate you see online, like the thread we had earlier where someone attempted to argue that tsars were better than soviets because in pure numerical terms they killed less people through hunger, despite being multitudes worse percentage wise. Labour is in a lucky position here since the biggest rightist complaint they'll hear is immigration, which can be won quickly with the current platform that mass unskilled migration is a neoliberal ploy to undercut the British worker and the Tories have promised to cut that out but seen it grow by massive amounts. Simply addressing this on the doorstep will win you the vote of the average struggling kipper or working class Tory.

Your average SJW has enough technological prowess to use shit like an unmodified iphone, or Windows 10 applications. These are the same people who write for shows in Hollywood, like the gem of a scene from CSI where bad ass empowered female expert used the line “I’ll create a GUI interface using visual basic to track the killers IP”. To these people this kinda shit flies. They are no different than the morons back in the day on the news talking about the “infamous hacker known as anonymous”.

Here's a few more:

Oh, forgot this one.

That picture with Le Gay Man and Blackbird etc is old. Here's an updated one.

I was falling into the Holla Forums altright rabbit hole but then I realized the real enemy wasn't the "Jew" or "BLM" or whatever, but instead the corporate elites that have slowly consolidated more and more power since Reagan. The right is responsible for the shit heap in this country today and these divisions the right pushes just serve to distract potential revolutionaries from directing their anger at the real enemy. The real division isn't race, but class, and the elites want the working class divided and fighting amongst themselves because then they won't target the real culprits. Holla Forums cherrypicks leftists from tumblr, anita saresian, etc. who touched their precious virgin hobbies like video games as representing the entire left and combine that with cold war era anti-communist propaganda and a political education solely through memes you create a misguided bunch of teenage reactionary useful idiots thinking they're counter culture fighting a threat that is far less significant than they think it is.

Is there any *actual* proof Lauren Southern's been with at least one black guy or is that just Holla Forums rumours?

it's a meme

she dated some skinny white guy with the "fashy" haircut iirc

Did they though.?


Video games are mainstream as fuck these days, they're not some super-niche thing only targetted towards loser virgins or whatever it is you're implying.

Virgin detected

People who get outraged over "game journalism" or women playing games though are loser virgins. Just playing a game is fine, but letting it influence your political worldview is pathetic.

This happens all the time though, and it's not just loser virgins who succumb to it. There's subtle political messages in lots of media.

Yeah of course. But these gamers are largely outraged over women getting involved with their hobby which reeks of some sort of sexual insecurity.

This meme was either made by Holla Forums as a joke, or by the Sinead McCarthy crowd who call the Alt Right Jew shills and faggots on twitter.

Just saying.

Shut up, newfag shitposter.

Is three years of shitposting credentials really a newfag?

Our project is human emancipation, not overgrown hall monitors telling people what they can and can't say.

Getting outraged over self-appointed censors is common sense, regardless of their gender. No one except her sycophants genuinely cares that Sarkeesian is a chick; we care that she wants games banned and devs blacklisted if they don't adhere to her narrowminded idpol.

If you're going to defend the "games I don't like are ruining society" crowd you're always going to lose Holla Forums. You'd be much better off pointing out when Holla Forums succumbs to that tendency themselves than defending slime like Sarkeesian and treating Holla Forumsirgins as your inferiors.

Mods aren't enslaving you. Calm down.

cumskin too for whatever reason.

But they are

Explain to me how mods banning people because they think they'll do something bad IRL ("to try and weed out potential murderers) is compatible with leftism. It seems destined to be hierarchical and arbitrary as fuck.

did sarkeesian ever explicitly call for banning/blacklisting?

I can't believe many posters ITT unironically believe Holla Forums turned other boards on 4chan racist
/an/ is the most racist board on 4chan by a country mile (They are thirsty for genocide) yet they are racist for completely different reasons than Holla Forums
/an/ despises asians and other nonwhites because of their extreme cruelty to animals and their extreme destruction of ecosystems, not because of muh interracial relationships like Holla Forums

boards like /an/ or /ck/ generally keep their shit contained whereas Holla Forums is genuinely evangelical about it
Holla Forums is an infected, swollen appendix leaking pus into the rest of 4chang and the rest of the Internet

Blacklists yes, repeatedly. She's even suggested not blacklisting people who disagree with her is male muh privilege or something like that, wish I saved the tweet but I can't be bothered to look.

Bans I'm not as sure about, but she sure as hell doesn't complain about them when they happen to the games she whines about. Not sure if she's done open advocacy or just wink-wink-nudge-nudge stuff.

Listen to me

Because it's good

It's a pity that /an/ doesn't convert other boards to their cause
White environmentalism is the only way to save the world

This sounds like an insult not a movement

How? Whites need to band together to save the ecosystems and extinguish the destructive nonwhite hordes

anonymous used to be anarchist.
well it is.

just not in 4chan anymore. but anywhere else it is. they have always wanted to have a free internet, never caring about anyone's policies.

White people HATE CAPITALISM, and other truths

Animal lib and PETA isn't in any way left


You need money to be a leftist, and Goons have mad dosh.

The thing I don't get about white nationalists the most is they hate leftists with a passion but they'd rather have white leftists in their country than black people who agree with them? How does Holla Forums rationalize this?

They just kill both

Jargon aside, there's something to this explanation. When they're badly losing an argument, a Holla Forumsyp will frequently derail the discussion by resorting to some meme like Carl the Cuck or a Fedora as a way of saving face.

gamergate still seems so ridiculous that I can't believe there wasn't some sort of money behind it

Like I just… it.. just…

leftypol was born from gamergate too dumbass, I wouldn't have found it if it wasn't for GG. Most people just hated SJWs, the right wingers were smart enough to be the only people who just didn't condescend away their sentiments. Ultimately it was just an opportunistic con.

Base campaign for nwn1 looks like gold compared to todays turds. the fucking dialogue trees. TREES not little binary shit not really affecting the story. It affects how others interacted with you dialogue you got from them. Most Rpgs produced nowadays barely have any kind if involvement or player agency. the best or the closest i saw was that recent shadowrun which was a short game but damn it had some interactions. Most rpgs are constrained by voice acting. forcing binary choices. because muh voice acting is supreme.

Gamergate was to some extent a Bannon psyop.



But hey these are the same people who make petitions calling for social justice to no longer be taught at 'universities' and dismiss entire fields of research out of hand because muh narrative

leftypol is 95% a reaction against managerial liberals and idpol

It was going on for weeks and being shut down on half the web before Breitbart even bothered covering it, IIRC. GG would've been better off without them.

Most of Milo's articles were writeups of Holla Forums and KiA threads, sometimes with a modicum of journalistic effort thrown in. The one important thing he did was publish the Game Journo Pros leaks. It's frustrating how many people (on both sides, plenty of hero-worshipping tards in GG) started treating him as a prime mover and his website as important.

Literally nothing wrong with portraying a black guy on a cover of a ww1 game where they were present irl. Fuck your salty semantics.

This is true, GG had organically started with the Quinspiracy far before anyone serious had started covering it.

hello reddit

The most infuriating thing about what Breitbart and their fellow travellers did was redirect GG energy to take down their political opponents. Games journalism is absolutely infested with pay-to-play, publishers will freeze out journalists who give bad reviews, and because it turned into a crusade against the SJWs nothing much changed.

Remember, the most any game reviewers did was publish voluntary ethics guidelines that have no teeth. That's it

Fake News.


No it isn't

You do realize we're currently larger than /r/Socialism, right?


A large core part of Holla Forums fucked off and cuckmoot and co noticed a dramatic decline in content other then spam cancer. Who would have realized a echobox is bad for business. Same reason why reddit didn't take a total delete and censor everything approach, a new one like voat rose like wildfire and all it did was having users spill out into other subreddits, create new users accounts and have raids across their community causing a decline in content which directly impacted revenue generation.

It's also funny as fuck that gamergate exposed the corruption and inherent bias reporting in gaming journalism, yet they failed to go further and expose the entire corrupt media as a whole which took us several years and a election to mortally wound.

You forget nigger, we started /new/, sa/ng/reddit cancer simply came over and became the majority which is why we splintered out to Holla Forums because the mods became insessant sjw banning cucks. Then Holla Forums mods got taken over and pushed for more cancer so we fucked off, just like we are going to fuck off from this site because of the cancerous mods.

provide the source, user.

To be fair, liberals made it incredibly easy for Breitbart to exploit the movement. And even then it was just Milo and even then, before he saw the opportunity to jumpstart his career through them, he was a nobody, who had low opinions of gamers like any non-gamer, especially conservative ones.
Part of the problem was the mood back then. The word of Anita was basically law (no longer the case nowadays). Libs thought they achieved absolute victory and didn't put a liberal backup news outlet as support for GG, just to prevent right-wingers to monopolise the movement for themselves. As a matter of fact, they counted on it. It didn't worked out, as these pesky gamers proved to be resilent and they did reach what they want. Steam did an update which forced reviewers to disclose their relations with the pubs and devs.
BTW, they did the same fucking mistake later with Clinton. So cocksure were they about her winning against, Trump, they didn't even care about wooing "BernieBros" and Bernie States, which ultimately broke her neck and made Donald Trump president. DONALD FUCKING TRUMP. I know this guy since the 90ies and I still can't believe it. This is on the Democrats!

last time I checked, yeah.
we're at ~1000 posters on average while they usually have around 500.
you can correct me if I'm wrong about this, I haven't checked the numbers recently and I'm too lazy to do it now and take screenshots and such for evidence.

Gamers are already too opposed to us. They fell for the le physical removal communism is bad meme.

Before GG, how many people even knew or cared about Anita? From the way GGers talk about her, you'd think she was a member of Obama's Attorney General or some other official with huge amounts of influence but this couldn't be farther from the truth. She was a relatively obscure cultural critic.

Holla Forums so desperate in their obsession with NOT BEING Holla Forums will side with AAA video game corporations pushing blatantly neoliberal politics to prove how not reactionary they are.

i really don't know why your kind continue to remain on chans. twitter is almost entirely controlled by leftists, yet you insist on poising every corner of the internet. if you want to complain how people upset about their hobbies being co-opted are neckbeard bigot virgins, there are plenty of journalists and celebs who will validate you on twitter

nah. except Wolfenstien. Kill more Nazis.

sure thang pal

Fuck off salt right reactionary


Your ideology literally defends corporations.

this is your brain on Holla Forums


Well there was this but I don't really see moot as a non entity in the site becoming filled with right wing reactionaries, after chanology he actively banned people with outwardly political viewpoints that weren't meme ideologies or reactionary hatred and he constantly capitulated to news and pol users, until he tried to slightly back up on them at the worst possible time optically to do so during gamergate and by that point it was too late.

He also actively encouraged political users to fuck off back to plebbit, but never told bile filled retards this.

Hol up hol up, so you be sayin' a dozen of elderly Stormfags managed to magically turn a bastion of enlightened leftists like 4chan into hardcore Nazis in just one year?

If it was so easy, why don't YOU do it?

4chan was more just edgy liberalism back in the day, kinda like occupy.

shut up you dumb bitch

Most of the footwork was done by hundreds of shitposters fueled by non-stop torrent of rage from Breitbart/Milo. Really helps when the Mercers are happy to throw millions of dollars at you

Soros' cheque bounced, obviously

Never underestimate the power of group spamming and shitposting

Whoa, I didn't know the EVIL RACIST SEXIST woman hater NEONAZI Milo was huge in 2010, thanks for informing me. I learn something new every day in this enlightened board where TRUTH is the core principle.

Wait, so you're saying the 2000+ Holla Forums intellectuals plus 800,000 reddit leftists got outplayed by a ragtag group of DUMB, TRUMP-LOVING, BANJO-PLAYING REDNECK HILLBILLIES from Stormfront?

you do know leftypol only had about 200 users originally right

I meant that they thrive in places with little to no moderation

they want to market to black kids who play videogames maybe?


So you're saying that leftists can only thrive in heavily moderated places where discourse is highly controlled by a caste of moderators and their friends, and dissenting opinions outright banned?

It's a lot easier to blame your problems on a scapegoat than it is to have a nuanced discussion about them. Leftists thrive in an environment where there's norms that encourage ridicule of people who don't know what the fuck they're talking about (which absolutely wasn't the case with most of 4chan at the time the stormfront shilling was going on). Look at which boards were the last to fall to the Holla Forums autism: /lit/, /mu/, /sci/, etc. The one characteristic they all had in common was a healthy culture of elitism.

Why is the left illiterate concerning fascism?
Not only being illiterate concerning their ideology but also on what causes people to adhere to it


You mean like blaming a nebulous all powerful cabal of Stormfront shills?

Yet they failed to thrive on 4chan…

(which absolutely wasn't the case with most of 4chan at the time the stormfront shilling was going on).
…because of said mighty Stormfront shills that were magically capable of blocking the independent thinking of millions of anons?

So do Holla Forums, /g/, /jp/, /k/, yet they are Holla Forums satellites. Can you explain the discrepancy? And since when lefties love elitism?

There absolutely was an attempt by white nationalists to spread their ideology by Stormfront. I'm not blaming anything on anyone, that's just what happened. Obviously the prevalence of reactionary thought online isn't entirely their doing.
Actually /lit/ and /mu/ were pretty leftist back in the day.
I never claimed that Stormfront had a magical ability to convert people, that's retarded. My claim was that they shilled like crazy, which is true. Then they spread like cancer to other boards.
Lmao, those boards didn't have anywhere near the same level of elitism though, and the elitism on those boards tends to be more focused on group identification than one's knowledge of the subject one's board is about.
Holla Forums was more about arguing about video games than it was about discussing the medium. I didn't browse /jp/, but I'm under the impression that it was kind of an /a/ offshoot? I dunno about /k/ either tbh.
I'd argue that /g/ used to have a more lefty vibe to it, even if it tended towards a kind of naive quasi-liberal cyber-anarchism.
Well I guess that depends on the leftist, but leftists have been into elitism since forever. Studying leftist theory and political philosophy is fun, but it's even more fun to do that socially. The best way to do this is through discussions and debates, which both entail elitism to some degree. Holla Forums happens to be one of the more elitist groups of leftists since imageboards lend themselves to that type of discourse.

Holla Forums rage culture and the 2016 election actively made 4/jp/ less tolerant of Holla Forumsyps. See, most people dont actually enjoy being constantly assmad about globalists removing our titty sliders from our vidya, so after more than a year of Holla Forumsyp grievance seeking a lot of oldfags and regulars are sick and tired of the drama. Go there and post your dumb MAGA awoo girl and see how quickly you get a site wide ban.

8/jp/ is a dead board.

Legitimately: something awful has this bizarre tradition of "toxxing" where you "toxx" that something will happen and then if it doesn't happen you get banned and have to spend 10 bucks to reopen your account. This is entirely voluntarily, there is no benefit except smugness if you get it right, and yet hundreds of people do it every election.
Hundreds of people lost toxxes for mccain and singlehandedly shifted several subforums from right leaning to lefty echo chambers.
This combined with the reverse Holla Forums effect in laissez faire, where the ron paul containment zone turned into the ironic third world maoism zone turned into the unironic third world maoism zone.

p.s. if you don't believe me, here's an archive of a recent 4/jp/ thread. About 80% of the posts are sitting on Holla Forums and Holla Forums by proxy. They also unironically value the board's elitism as a way of enforcing some measure of quality control. For instance greentexting outside of using it to quote others is frowned on, and several people in the thread praise this elitism for helping them write better.

also the name comes from a user who said he'd duct tape his dick to his balls if his thread got enough replies, and it did, and he didn't, and he got banned after plentiful warning

That thread is interesting because they are just making Holla Forums and Holla Forums to be the boogeymen.

/jp/ too would get in arms when their favorite eroge get censored.

Holla Forums rage culture is enthralling because it gets shit done, apatheticness does not solve shit. In essential, /jp/'s "elitism" by these posters is about being shat on by people as much as possible while actively fighting people who are friendly to their cause i.e. Holla Forums and Holla Forums.

Holla Forums has failed to radicalize the weeb boards precisely because there is no "censoring" going on. No one watches dubs or uses official releases except for faggot casuals.

Pic related. Holla Forums has been spamming it on /a/ for months and always gets told to fuck off.

Holla Forums undoubtedly did a bunch of stuff, but it never stopped to question why it did what it did. If you stop to consider what Holla Forums actually did it becomes clear that it was just a bunch of self-important nonsense that didn't actually achieve anything they claimed to stand for.

There's a fair bit of censoring going on with /jp/ since SJW actually go censor their visual novels.

On /a/'s case, they bypass it because they get stuff straight from Japan, but when they cannot anymore, that's when they will get radicalized too.

The censorship cancer is ever present and one you cannot ignore.

No way, is that real?

About video games

So nothing gets done and its over nothing but spectacle

Holla Forums did the pushback of SJW and makes it actually mainstream to shit on them.

Before GG, feminists are something to be respected, at least in mainstream media.

They're shit. They are fucking shit, you'll never make them better, and you need to stop feasting on other people's shit

Holla Forums is about video games, so they should do stuff about vidya games yes.

I don't care

Fucking disgusting, what a terrible idea for a board

an interesting theory, but on the other hand, every single post on Holla Forums

on the contrary, Holla Forums is the closest to ye old 4chan with the unironic racist humor and conspiracy rambling style.

The other boards that hate Holla Forums do behave like leddit and tumblr while accusing Holla Forums of being leddit and tumblr.

Holla Forums was responsible for the intensification of SJW culture. They literally gave feminists the boogeyman they needed to take off into the stratosphere. If Holla Forums had responded without the rage and with some intelligence they might have made things better and not worse like they did.

You were born after 1995 you don't get to say shit about "the old internet" fuck off I'm tired of listening to people in high school talk about how fucking awful that website is now being good

Just stop boasting about how much you love eating up bullshit, it's annoying everyone

Impossible. Unlike gaymers and Holla Forumstards, weebs are actually quite technologically adept and competent at life (at least with respect to getting access to the media that they want.) They've been doing it for decades now I don't think they will stop.

On the contrary, Holla Forums is responsible for basically half of the internet going against SJW, and now you can be made fun on mainstream media for being a feminist.
Yeah, like the comic industry. Nope, just nope.

that's not any closer to old 4chan because on old 4chan it was IRONIC racist humor. Non-racist humor and unironic racist humor are both a step removed, just in opposite directions. Frankly the death of old 4chan is entirely at Holla Forums's feet, non-poltards don't want to get confused for poltards so they toned down on ironically doing what Holla Forums does unironically.

i mean if you watch dubs you deserve everything that happens to you

You don't even understand the point is both are obsessed with identity politics. I was around when the reddit criticism

was about the age of posters posting, nothing more nothing less

It's changed into, what is it, a bogeyman? You've completely lost what the criticism was

People who now criticize reddit were the people in direct criticism at the inception of it all

When Japan i.e. the source gets cucked and starts to shill for diversity and liberalism, then the weebs gotta fight for their interests.

Old 4chan was ironic about everything you faggot. It also was what you would call "reddit tier" in many ways so just shut the fuck up.

I don't give a fuck about consumer activism fuck off

The leddit criticism is because leddit is a circlejerk where anominity is shamed, posts are upvoted and they delete posts like flies.

While you can have fucking commies and anarchist threads on Holla Forums.

It was literally about how fucking old you were, this shit was an afterthought. You weren't even fucking here in 2008 fuck offfff

The whole ironic racist is a revisionist meme.

The same with newfag.

There's no proof that old 4chan was this liberal, nigger-caring website.

We were literally all, fucking there. You were not.

I was on 4chan since 2007 actually.

Been there since 10 years until moot cucked out and started censoring GG.

That's when I decide 4chan lost the ball and need to find an alternative.

It didn't care about niggers. But it also didn't care about muh white nationalism either. Caring about things isn't ironic. It's post-2015 Holla Forums faggotry.

I'm a 2007-channer here.

Go on, shock me with your revisionism.

This literally isn't true. Holla Forums only inspired a small group of people to be loud and obnoxious.
Lmao, you're a literal meme

You've shown me that you fucking aren't

It cares about western culture and it has always hated the hurt-feeling sentiments promoted by liberals.

Liberals didn't stop that of course, and everything went rightward.

old 4chan wasn't liberal no, no one is saying that, because guess what, liberals aren't down with ironic racism either


Bitch are you for real old 4chan didn't care about "Western Culture" and you're fucking moralizing go suck a fucking shotgun

Dear god

The clearest giveaway of a newfriend is the constant accusations of being new.

Man, I do not know what you have been, but I actively post comments and shit on feminists in mainstream journo sites and in real life now.
The comic industry is a sad joke because they refuse to stand up to SJW. I'm glad I was never into western comic.

I dont want people spammimg and trying to drown me out with with nigger and nazi memes when im trying call some dipshit out on his bullshit.

Old 4chan was actually a contrarian place, it hated Bush, but then again, nowadays they still hated Bush.

And even then, the root of Christianity was growing, and debate of atheism vs religion were made daily. After atheism was embraced by socjus, the religious side wins.


You are so easily mad, how can you call out anyone?

Old 4chan literally went around calling people carefags for having positive opinions about things, they did not fucking care about western culture, except perhaps through mild antipathy, because old 4chan had at least mild antipathy towards literally everything

Sounds like 4chan started getting populated by spoiled American children, just like what everyone was worried would happen

Gross. Fuck off

Old 4chan does care about western culture.

I mean they shit on modern western culture and love jap culture, but they have always had respect for the classic-feudal-enlightenment era.

Guess what? You're one of the members of the obnoxious minority I was talking about.
Lol you're doing a bit, right? Let me guess: you also think that sci-fi has been feminized and watered down recently. Wew

Man you were full of shit before but somehow this tops everything

This is why Something Awful will always be better. There's always someone as insipid as you that needs to be taught how to act with a nice one week ban.

Everyone should experience, and take, a one week ban, at least once.

4chan is an american site.

Even fucking old Holla Forums was spamming greco-roman arts.

Jesus man, I really doubt you were a channer-back then.

No, it literally wasn't. lol

It was spamming child pornography, I've never encountered greco roman art bullshit until after 2014

Breitbart hijacked GG early on and turned it into a right wing liberal recruiting tool. Without Bannon's support GG would have fizzled out pretty quickly (at least in the public's consciousness.)

Yeah, getting authoritian now? Needing the mod to lend a hand?

The truth is I'm not.

I was there as a spectator, in truth I was thinking the more logical side i.e. atheism was gonna win.

But then, atheism plus happened, and that was a proto-GG era.

Don't powertrip too hard there, Mr. Hot Pocket

The greco-roman arts were the memes back then.

Remember the thinking man? No, not the brain guy ones.

How can you not be mad at them? Theyre idiots. They dont listen, they think if they can semanticaly dance around shit while randomly posting 5 kb artifacted cropped out Autism Level charts and blacked cuck memes does anything. Im sick of it

Yeah. Banning shouldn't be as hard as getting a broken arm. You take the ban for acting like a complete retard, and you think back "How can I stop being a retard, and stop letting my ass get fucked on a daily basis"

You relax, compose yourself, sit back, drink some tea, and come back one week later a little more thought out.

If it irritates you too much, you should consider not posting at all.

Dude what? I recall a lot of porn, roll threads, and meme threads (cock mongler was my favorite) but no unironic "greco-roman art threads." How fucking old are you? 15 is my guess.

Also, the ban messages are usually pretty funny

Bitch it's just a ban lmaoooooo how can you be a part of "OLD 4CHAN xd" and never experience a fucking ban

Get out of here

go back to reddit if you want to suck mod cock

Dude, just think they are words on the internet.

Then again, I'm not on the losing side of the culture war.

SA was a site for paypigs and other masochistic types. I get that you enjoy it, but it isn't for everyone. 'chans generally have laxer policies

No, mods are and always have been necessary. Go to Holla Forums if you want unmoderated discussion

The greco-roman arts were used as memes.

Remember that painting that had "Read this? You are a fucking faggot?", even back then, 4chan had an appreciation of beauty.

They didn't in the past. Things were better when mods actually had the ability to ban.

Anti banning is political correctness


use as a meme is completely orthogonal to respect or appreciation

Now that's revisionism.

Pic related, the original thinker.

Don't you remember? Holla Forums was the place where all the high class, smartist, 300+ Autism Level members of the internet congregated to talk about Astronomy and quantum physics and rocket heart surgery

I didn't ask what they were like in the past, moron. You're missing my point. People on chans generally prefer lax moderation because they aren't boot-licking paypig cucks. It's fine that you are, but don't try to criticize others for not being into that.

They were used because those pictures were beautiful, basic instinct of 4channers.

They weren't ironic.

Literally nobody gave a fuck that it was greek art lmao. I never saw this in mass use before like, at least fucking 2009? 2010?

What are you talking about

nah, 4chan was designed so that it could be moderated by the posters. if you don't like a thread, don't reply or sage. thats part of what set it apart from forums

It doesn't matter what they prefer, in comparison to what they need to survive as a community. What they needed, was what we had. Strict rules for discussion.

Well, I'm a 2007 guy and thinker was used until what? 2010.

And nobody gives a fuck, but they use it anyway, showing their instinct of favoring western culture (when they have no jap culture equivalence).

hahaha blow it out your ass nobody respected western culture in 2007

/jp/ has gone through decades of feeble censorship campaigns by the LDP. We get our VNs straight from the source and know that nothing will happen. Do your anki reps, niwaka
We don't have a cause and multiple people openly stated that they hate how modern can culture takes things too seriously. It's obvious you barely post on 4/jp/ since the board's motto is "Take it easy!"

Like I said, nothing is going to happen and we don't pay attention to your fear mongering. This is a country where loli eroge are openly sold online and in major retailers despite Ishihara's reign in Tokyo.

I miss being told I was banned for three days for "Replying to godawful shitposting"

Can confirm as a /jp/sie. Mods were almost non-existent in 2013 and the result was a spamming plague of niggy and Japanese birds cooking spaghetti

People who freak out about fucking DUBS are casuals whining about nothing and are rightfully laughed out of threads. Holla Forumsyps post so much they can't even bother torrent a fucking .mkv file


And if you go back to pre-2006, there was this incident where everybody hated furries, and roleplayed as War40K space marines to exterminate them.

You are stretching

You're wrong and dumb. SA sucked donkey dicks.

What does that even mean?

I'm not talking about SA. I'm talking about chans actually enforcing what they used to enforce.

Banning off topic threads, making bans scale in severity in relation to not appreciating the rules.


Yeah, but Japan has not embraced diversity and liberalism, yet. If history shows, it's not the conseratives that will massively censor, but the liberals will force the authors to self-censor.
Take it easy is a meme, when people shit on you, do you take it easy?
I mean, Rapeplay was banned, and the 2012 Olympic is coming.

What are you thinking my man

Thinking about how much you hate being banned

It's fact.


This is an example of a man who would have been banned ten posts ago.

Because you touch yourself at night.

Any statement by moot or some other, saying something like this?

Most smaller boards and /vg/ prefer an active moderation to clean up off-topic nonsense. With the growth in popularity there's more crossboarders refusing to keep on topic.

Why are you so authoritarian?

It's fact but it had nothing to do with Holla Forums as it is today. It happened because deviantart fucking sucks dick and nobody wanted to see that shit


Because I come from a time on the internet where people got banned and didn't whine like a fucking spoiled child about free speech rights about it, and those that did were mocked for being such a whiny bitch.

So, to me, you're pathetic. You're low. You're really sad and annoying.

The ban message that he inevitably would've ban evaded and posted a screenshot of would've been HILARIOUS

Deleting off-topic threads and banning people for breaking rules doesn't even come close to SA's moderation style, which you claimed was better than chan moderation styles were. You're backpedaling fam.

Well, imagine if nobody want deviantart to take over the industry.

Now replace that with SJW.

I'm just showing that even back then, the channers were siding with space fascists.

Sure, I agree with that. I definitely don't agree that SA-style moderation is something to follow, discussions there can be incredibly obnoxious even despite the stricter moderation.

You sound really triggered, friend.

I come from a time when you aren't banned for saying bad words.

True, but then again, it was better than nothing.

It should have been embraced around 2012.

Says the person comparing getting banned to having your free speech rights violated

SA is not actually strict, it's just arbitrary, because the primary punishments are widely regarded as No Big Deal

Yes, I do, because I get my free speech right violated.

What have I done you wrong, friend?

No, they didn't like deviantart because the art was drawn by autistic people and looked god damn terrible and tacky

You're fucking stretching so hard god damn dude

Your opinions are irrelevant. SA's moderation style didn't catch on because it was bad and autistic.

you have a right to speech, you don't have a right to a platform
unless someone is coming by with guns to literally stop you from opening your mouth or putting pen to paper, you can speak all you want

hahaha this nigga thinks getting banned is a rights violation

It doesn't matter if it didn't catch on, what matters is it clearly should have caught on.

It's way stricter than 4chan or Holla Forums, you wouldn't get away with nearly the amount of shit on most boards there as you could here. It definitely can be arbitrary at times though.

actually, SA's moderation is hilarious and it didn't catch on because of unrelated issue tenbux



Yeah, I'm just speaking though, who gives me a podium here?

So they don't like deviantart.

So they roleplay as terminators purging furries.

Yeah man, really, really stretching here.

This should be accurately rephrased as



Yes, you are stretching

No it was phrased fine.

You're the one accusing us of being mad lmao

Always remember Holla Forums

You're posting because we allow it. If you get too sketchy, you can be banned at any moment.

SA's mod style promotes the kind of annoying, insular culture that eventually lead to SA's decline. If you want an annoying culture that nobody outside of it understands or likes then SA's mod style is great!

Let the spectators be the judge.

Yeah, I'm not the one crying for daddy to come help.

Ah, but this is a free speech board?

Holla Forums is giving you a podium. if you were on something awful something awful would be giving you a podium. when you are on 4chan 4chan is giving you a podium. You do not have a right to any of these podiums, because right there alongside free speech in the first amendment is free association, people have a right to not want to be linked to whatever nonsense you're spouting out.

You can still get that game though. You just can't buy it (if you live in an area where it is banned.) That's the difference between weebs and gamers. Weebs don't need to be spoonfed. Also a lot of the "censorship" comes from Japan itself so it cannot be blamed on le SJWs or "the jews" which makes it way harder for Holla Forums to wind people up over it.

Spectator here:
You're full of shit

This isn't Holla Forums. No.

It's in my spectator's opinion that you should finally just shut up

This is a ancap board, the boards are the petty fiefdoms of the Board Owners

Nobody cares about free speech.

No, you can't that game legally in Japan.

You break the law by getting it.

Despite the fact it was legal years before, weebs know of this, but because they feel Japan is still safe, they still want to remain ignorant regarding the future.

But the future looks bleak if the SJW cancer isn't stopped in the west.

tenbux lead to SA's decline

Hand 4chan over to Lowtax.


So do we all have a podium here?

I'm not asking you to listen to me, I'm just speaking, man.

Someone screencap this post.

Would serve as good Holla Forums screencap.

You don't have freedom of speech rights on the internet.

I'm not even joking, you and I both agree that it would be good if 4chan was owned by Lowtax.

That's not the only reason it declined. There used to be a more people who were willing to pay ten bones to post than there are now.

But the board's FAQ?

the difference between 4chan and anywhere else is ultimately in the inability to spot repeat offenders. Sometimes there are things that are acceptable when done occasionally, but when someone won't stop doing them they become a problem. Anonymity makes it hard to spot 10 people doing something once vs 1 person doing something ten times, whereas in other places the latter might get banned, giving whatever it is greater prevalence on chans

Yeah, no, that dude got boxed by Uwe Boll.

Fucking Uwe Boll.

"freedom of speech" doesn't exist unless you are free from consequences. the internet is probably the closest you can get

He still knows how to run a website into the ground and that's exactly what 4chan needs right now.

Which is why every major push to censor in Japan is coming from the openly nationalist Abe government's right wing faction
You can still buy it in Mandarake and pirate it online. No one cares enough to enforce a ban on a cartoon
It's a fairly accurate state of mind and a good explanation for why /jp/sies don't get in autistic arguments all the time anymore
And yeah, I really don't care if people are shitting on me on the Internet. It's the Internet, most of it is pointless, forgive me if I'd rather spend my time jacking it to big milky Karasuma-sensei titties than getting mad at strangers online.

I hate to say it but even on 4chan, there's lots of people who just don't take this fucking vidya crusade seriously. You're wasting your life on something pointless and probably not even playing vidya since you're too busy posting and getting Mad Online

you are asking Holla Forums to publish what you're speaking though, and thanks to the wonders of free association that is not an obligation on their part


And so, consequences must be reintroduced.

I'm not asking to push shit.

You just pirate it bro.

they slowly are, by social media corporations and angry mobs

Every post is a request to publish your thoughts on 8ch dot net, for "free"

Your fault tbh.

Every time you click the new reply button, you are asking Holla Forums to publish your speech

If i walk into a bar full of bikers, approach one of them and call him a faggot. He proceeds to best the living shit out of me. Was my right to freedom of speech violated?

freedom of association doesn't exist unless you AREN'T free from consequences

maybe, on the other hand if the bouncer breaks it up and kicks you out of the bar, no

Abe faction wants to ban lolicon, the SJW want to ban way more and they are more active in social media that shame and force artists to self-censor, it actually has happened recently.
Yet they care enough to ban it when it was perfectly legal before, just because SJWs in the west complain about it. And Rapelay is a vidya game.
But the autistic argument was what made /jp/, the NEETbucks, the tripfag war, the Japan political discussion. The modern /jp/ where everyone is drowned in idol culture and kancolle and Touhou (that no one even know the lore) are actually much faker than old /jp/.
It's not the internet I'm speaking about, it's actually about censorship that ruins things for everyone.

I'm just posting man.

Banning rapelay was a token ban that the LDP enacted to signal to religious conservatives. I think it also happened shortly after an otaku went nuts and stabbed several people in akiba
Keep in mind, porn is technically illegal in Japan. You can't show genitals. People get around this with mosaic pussies and black bars on dicks.

No one cares. Stop worrying and take it easy.

there is no such thing as just posting unless you are stapling posters up to posts (which people are entirely free to tear down without any violation of your free speech)

Stop saying bro and man you sound like a faggot I want to slap in the face

Can do user.

Explain that image too me

Someone breakout the Ben Garrison labels.

the ice fairy froze a bunch of pepes in ice

Rapelay was banned because SJW actually wanted to ban it.
It was not a move from the right.

The Akiba stabbing happened in 2008.

Stop historical revisionism.

Yes it was.

I'm just doing what the board is about, posting contents.

And it's not the "people" who take down the contents, but the authority ala the mod and janitors.

I think you're overstaying your welcome.

Jesus, are you seriously saying that /jp/ was better when every thread was derailed with tripfag drama, niggy spam and endless blogposting about your piss bottles?

No, it wasn't.

Here I quote again:

Equality Now is a western socjus organization.

The frogs are fucking dead.

Yes it was.

Yes better than now when people barely fucking post intelligent contents but Cirno is soo kwaateee.

He is saying that


Okay, I will let our audience judge again.

Post on another board dumb honkee american

I stopped going there due to how unbearably cliquish it was, and realizing how retarded some of the mods were. That and the discussion surrounding the 2016 election was complete cancer.

Yeah, that's why I go to Holla Forums.

/jp/ back then even went far as discussing the political discussion in Japan.

Then fuckin go

If you go to Holla Forums for the discussion consider going anywhere else.

You can say that about anywhere tbh. That election was the worst thing to happen to society since the first atom was split

I actually miss the NEET and piss bottle discussions.

And I'm sure a moral panic stemming from a violent otaku stabbing people less than a year before did nothing to get people to demand action banning immoral otaku filth

Oh and Taro is a member of the conservative LDP.

I regret insulting the jan-man all these years, you people are infinitely worse.

All because Trump won, haha.

Even one was expecting a Mitt Romney, even 4/v/.

If it did, it would have happened earlier, no, it happened because a relentless socjust organization was pushing for its banning.
He wasn't Abe, and he did it because the SJW tells him to do it.
Fuck the jan, I'm an old /jp/sie, I'm stronger than him.

Remember athens.

The 2016 election was garbage no matter who had won.

No, all that because of the entire election cycle

t. liberal.

If you're at all leftist you should know where podiums being owned and governed by a small number of unaccountable individuals leads.


Nowhere, which is exactly where the internet should fucking go.

If you enjoy posting your opinions on the internet, I don't trust you. Nobody enjoys this

Taro Aso was less radical than Abe, and only Rapelay was banned, because the socjus organization just focus on Rapelay.

Doesn't matter

I remember 2012.

I'm glad 2016 was not another 2012.

It matters because under fucking Abe, a literal far right in neocon cloth, nothing was banned.

Maybe, but it wasn't so much because of the general obnoxiousness that usually surrounds presidential election discussions, but because it really showed me how pervasive the neoliberal bootlickers were there.


Yeah, we are countering the socjus cancer.

Want to join us?


You are the socjus cancer Holla Forums

Don't know how much influence they had but they sound like a liberal organization to me

The irony is that Holla Forums would not want to ban Rapelay.

They are a liberal radfem SJW organization.

Seen many of them in the west.

No shit white sharia Holla Forums wants that kind of stuff.

Hello sudo, are you still a fat fuck?

Nah I'm going to enjoy my life
You have to be honestly pathetic to think that you can change anything of importance by being extremely online and always mad and posting

I don't care.

Referring to censors with ideological terms when the censorship movement itself crosses partisan lines is shooting yourself in the foot and suggests your real motive is ideological mudslinging.

Idpol of every form is cancer, but that kind of rhetoric only alienates people who might otherwise support you, because their "team" supports this censorship. And also encourages you to look the other way when moral majority types (without whose tacit support the SocJus crowd would be powerless) lead the charge.

To be fair, a good portion of /a/ doesn't want Holla Forumsyps even nowadays.
The issue is that Holla Forums and Holla Forums crossboarders are everywhere now.
That also explains the overall decline on quality lately.

dont be retarded, nazis nowdays aren't hillbillies, they're autistic fatasses with fedoras in their basement jacking off to lauren southern in between overwatch sessions

Given the outrage I would even endorse if every main character in vidya for next 20 years was black just to spite retards who think culture is serious business and that they are perfectly equipped to enforce their own "dress-code" on entire industry, whether they're SJW or Holla Forumsyps

Yeah, like 5 threads with less than 10 posters each, all in 2013. The fake narrative that not only you super enlightened leftists got outmaneuvered by the "dumb CIS white redneck scum", but also succeeded where high budget marketers and shills failed is laughable at best, disingenuous, dumb attempt at deceiving newfags at worst.
That's true.
Disagree, compared to most leftist boards this is the LEAST elitist and most open.

Retarded lie, the vast majority of anons regardless of board are adept at getting the media they want. For instance, Holla Forums is autistically good at getting information (no one has rivaled how they combed thru massive Wikileaks dumps during the election) and gaymers and their homebrew/hacking scenes are way ahead technologically of what weebs do.

The cost of posting is the effort you make by tapping fingers on buttons and moving your grey mass between ears to constuct a lazy shitpost bait that get one, at most two (you)'s.

Self-defense against weaponised shitposting does not equal elitism.

it was unironically trad hating


as a spectator i advise you to stop posting forever and to contemplate on the subject of suicide


The elitism gave the boards a natural defense against weaponized shitposting. You're misunderstanding

Where did these subhumans come from? The Leftytrash/Chapo cyclicals and everyone in them probably need to be destroyed with fire.

This is bullshit though.