China to be fully developed for Socialism by 2050

are all of you guys ready?

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Yeah that's not gonna happen

I hope so, user, but I doubt

no, they do not care about gommunism at all anymore. it's only a means to maintain power. their goals are practically imperialist at this point.

No one wants market socialism globally. It's great for keeping stability but other than that it can rip Socialism apart


Well iirc the official ideology of the CCP is that once it reaches a certain level of development it will then move on to outright socialism or something such as that

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Pick both.

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Workers owned cooperatives is socialism. State owned corporations are state capitalism.

Too bad about those pesky CEO and managers eh?

Idiot. CEO and managers are workers and the shareholders that own the means of production are bourgeoisie.

I think I have to agree with user-kun here. Lately I've been thinking that building Socialism is less about the infrastructure or industry and more about cultivating certain values in people, and it doesn't appear as though the Chinese government is interested very much in that.

Sure, just like slave master is a prole, like you and me.

Managers are workers even if they're given a higher position today. There is literally no reason you can't have managers as co-workers instead of as your boss.

Yes, and capitalism is literally socialism.

My CEO? Just my colleague, another worker like everybody since he works by wage labor.

Although they're proles they have a habbit of being class collaborators, ratting on you for the simplest thing so they look good for the higher ups.

If the workers elect the CEO and he manages the managers worker democracy is established. Workers can fire him if they choose to because they own the factory.

You convinced me socialism is when you have welfare and kill rich people it's not about ownership, production or even hierarchy It means no one can tell me what do to at my job! I'll just kill the people in needed position just because their position was being exploited in capitalism! 10/10 socialist theory guys.

its elements of capitalism and other systems that have been gutted and slowly reverse engineered (chinese expertize) to serve their cultural socialist revolution and peoples life

Chinese market-socialism less socialism then Scandinavian socialism.

How is China Market Socialist?

there you go lad.

L M A O it's like you've never interacted with chinese immigrants

Imagine the porky ass hurt this would generate if China just decided to seize all of the West's factories in their country.

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Chinese state companies don't belong to the workers and everything is not in their favor. It's not even like in the USSR. In Chinese rather like corporatism.
And socialism it not only state companies.

The Communist Party has absolute power over China. Im positive that they will turn to socialism when capitalism has served its purpose.

does China have an NHS? Welfare system? benefits of any kind?

The CCP is full of people who couldn't give a damn about communism. It's about power and commercial influence.

Not yet but they're moving towards it - and China moves fast - the reason being is they want to reduce the population's saving's rate which stands at over 30%.

The party leadership must change and it will if they dont hold on to their promises. CPC has 90 million members and everyone knows Mao and his theories.

Are they planning to go back to a planned economy without private property and explotation??

Thats what they say. 100 years of market socialism (state capitalism) and then socialism. 2049 is the year.


Won't the planet be almost completely fucked before we can even get to that year?

Deng stated:

Of the many lessons we have to sum up, a very important one is this: we should make clear what is socialism and how to build socialism … The primary task of socialism is to develop production forces and to elevate the standard of the material and cultural life of the people. Our twenty years of experience from 1958 to 1976 have told us: poverty is not socialism, socialism is to eliminate poverty. It is not socialism to not develop production forces and raise the people's living standards.[20]

thats the point

They aren't even that, they're capitalists trying to justify their capitalism by claiming they're just building the productive base according Marx.

No if WW3 doesnt kill us all.

He's slandering Mao here though, implying the economy didn't grow massively under his leadership.

The Chinese bureaucracy took the most sensible path given the situation it was in, but at the cost of building up a massive national bourgeoisie and one of the most degenerated nightmares of a police state the world has ever seen. Can the workers save the good parts of the experiment while eliminating the bad? We can only hope.

He says as his productive forces finish the honeymoon of their decline.

he's right, it didn't

China has lifted 700 million people out of poverty. Poverty is not socialism and even less communism.

Stopped reading right there.

But after great privatization like in nazi germany.

You cannot achieve socialism in a poor 3rd world country. Highly developed productive forces are needed for it to work.

Not really like Nazi Germany, no.

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Hardly! Their economic growth is just a massive destruction of capital. Consider the Three Gorges Dams. Totally uncecessary. And ruins the little horizontal land there is in China. But since they can use this creative book keeping, they can pretend that they are winners.

The day EU realizes that the chinese scholarship program for africans is bad for europeans in the long run, there will be a great game between EU and China for Africa. Maybe there will be proxy wars. But there will probably be some sort of informal alliance of countries neighboring to China and Russia. (Because real estate close to China and Russia is really hard to sell.)

Fuck that! You don't need exotic heavy metals. All you need is a solar reflector and a stirling motor covered in vanta black hooked up to a generator. Boom - cheap solar energy! Long range transfer of electricity is hard, but it can be used to create hydrogen from water and transport it in liquid form to EU. There's just a lack of political will to make North Africa into EUs solar plant and garden.


China will be the first to practice state enforced eugenics through human gene-editing and pre-natal screening for desirable genes.
They are currently the most advanced in the field and their culture is the most accepting of its application.

They will build the New Socialist Man and triumph through science while the decadent west degrades.

To be fair, he’s right. Mao was shit, at least Stalin actually industrialized the country he terrorized.

Except it didnt
Maoism is likely one of the only examples of M-Ls where it was a borderline COMPLETE failure

I was initially hopeful about this but in the recent CPC congress they said that they would maintain and expand the importance of markets in the Chinese economy.

What's the chance Uncle Xi accidentally stumbles into leading the world revolution? Remember chairman Mao's cultural revolution got out of control too. What started as a cynical power-grab almost became a mass proletarian communist movement. Amongst the western new left Mao was a youth icon on the scale of Hendrix, Timothy Leary and the Beatles, the GPRC certainly contributed to the euphoric revolutionary zeitgeist of c. 1966-69

A lot of the factories are already just lended to the West.

Fucking this. They're like hyper consumerist robots or something. Social status is sacred to them and they will fuck anything to obtain it.



The worker just becomes his own capitalist in that case, he then impells himself to work just as if he had a porky overlord.

This is the reason you see co-ops working 8 hours for roughly the same pay grade as a normal wageslave. The capitalist is just embodied in the workers collectively rather than one individual.

Lotta marksuccs think capitalism is nested in the capitalist when the capitalist is actually derived from the accumulation of surplus value aka the modern function of the market process.

You can't have markets with socialism because capital is still created and horded, at best, you can have a state capitalism, but capital inevitably subverts the state as seen in China and the USSR

Somewhere between slim and nil. Too many that harbors a grudge against the chinese.

I guess "socialism" is code for thick smog, human trafficking and government-run casinos

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