Israelis Speak Candidly About Palestinians
Is this the true power of idpol?

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I hate arabs too.
But jews are worse. They are both shit.

The arabs aren't shit. The arabs are one of the few people on this globe that recongnize that americans are the real cancer that should be exterminated.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

True, that's the only reason why jews are worse. at least arab anti-americanism is good,
North korean too hate americans.
Russian too.

people who have been brainwashed by propaganda for their whole lives hate "the enemy"??


There is racism here, but in the general population it's frowned upon. I met very few people who genuinely hated Arabs.

guys pls :(

Yeah they just keep voting in a far right gov accidentally.



Missed opportunity.

Joke: The Jews deserve Israel because they're historical victims
Woke: The Israelis are engaging in genocidal actions in Palestine with American financial backing through the power of the Israel lobby
Bespoke: The Jews view non-Jews roughly the same way Israelis view Palestinians

and replaced with what, and arabic caliphate lmao?

How can a whole country have no self awareness?

There was one like that actually. I think this is a response or maybe even a coverup of that. The yarmulke looks like a shitty addition.

what do you mean, no self awareness? They're very aware of both the Holocaust and of their extermination of Palestinians, they just don't care about the latter.

I submit they don't care about the former either beyond its utility to them as a moral cudgel.

read Norman Finkelstein

Bibi isn't far right, Bennett and Lieberman are tho. And there are even more radical ones than them. And the current party isn't voted in because of hate for Arabs.
Also your pics are nitpicked Holla Forums style, literally a fringe minority would voice these things publicly. Most people don't have a problem with Arabs or hate them.

You're a fag who has no idea what he's talking about. I've lived in this country for most of my life and I'm not condoning what's happening here, but the depiction you and the OP are bringing up is downright dishonest.

shoo shoo hasbara

Netenyahu endorsed Trump, that shows where their politics lie.


is he, dare i say it, one of us?!

Why are Irish people and Jews so similar?

There’s one that says “I’m Illegal Border Wall RIIIIIICK!!!”

They project their own ignorance so much, especially that fat cunt talking about history when she clearly doesn't have the slightest idea of any actual history.

I know Israel was bad, but I never know it was this bad. It's truly a good for nothing rat state. I'm not an anti-semite, but seeing shit like this makes it understandable why some people are, especially if they think that all Jews are Zionist

take your meds

eat your burger

It's more like slow genocide and military occupation

ADL has for decades tried to conflate criticism of Israel and Israeli policies with anti-semitism even when it has nothing to do with race, so its no wonder some people do buy their propaganda, except in reverse.

reminder that the ADL and SPLC are working with Silicon Valley tech oligarchs to censor "hate" (so actually just any criticism of Israel)

I give up on the first world. Americans are dumb and hopeless

good grief

He did do that though.