How do we get Holla Forums off of /his/?

How do we get Holla Forums off of /his/?

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/his/ was my homeboard. It's a lost cause. I came here after months and moths of holocaust denial debunking.

we can't, 4chan is a circlejerk like reddit now and Holla Forums controls the majority of the boards, if not all, i haven't posted there in more than a year.

What's that pic he posted that got all of the replies?

The post was made by based OG Marxhead user



Hahaha that thread, everyone is replying to the Marxhead pic with UHHHH NICE STRAWMAN


I saw that, you learn to filter out brainlets like that after a long period of imageboard use. It's funny watching the few non-retarded posters stomp on everyone though.

/his/ is unfortunately a lost cause in regards to the Holla Forums cancer.
It can take upwards of an hour for Holla Forums shit to be removed after being reported, if it gets removed at all.
Plus Holla Forums bait tends to rather consistently attract posters.

I just use it now for Kaiser and Julian shit-posting.

Kek, this one though

If you find out, it'd be nice if Holla Forums could get off /his/ as well on the same occasion. &Humanities was a mistake
t. concerned /his/ poster

Moot fucked up by bringing in more vectors that imageboards could seep into the outside world with, namely Holla Forums.

The first image attacks Marx for never running a company or holding a job (the latter claim is false considering he was a journalist who, among other things, was a correspondent for a leading American newspaper) and then turns around and mentions Engels being "the son of a wealthy factory owner." It conveniently omits that Engels ran that factory for a time, and backed Marx's economic theories based on his experience (as well as prior participation in the British and German working-class movements.) How many modern economists can boast of having been literal capitalists?
It would be difficult for Marx to hold political office when he was a political refugee from a government that habitually outlawed socialist activity. Even in Britain he and his associate Engels faced suspicion from the authorities. But to say he never had any political responsibilities would be blatantly untrue, considering his overall leadership of the First International and activity in German democratic and communist organizations.
Your "Russian Communist 1950" (besides being influenced by the ideology of someone you just attacked as a loser) was justly proud of a military that defeated Nazism and existed to defend its own country rather than engage in imperialist plunder abroad.
Furthermore, patriotism in the Soviet context was qualitatively different. As Stalin noted: "The strength of Soviet patriotism lies in the fact that it is based not on racial or nationalistic prejudices, but on the peoples’ profound loyalty and devotion to their Soviet Motherland, on the fraternal partnership of the working people of all the nationalities in our country. Soviet patriotism harmoniously combines the national traditions of the peoples and the common vital interests of all the working people of the Soviet Union. Far from dividing them, Soviet patriotism welds all the nations and peoples of our country into a single fraternal family. This should be regarded as the basis of the inviolable friendship of the peoples of the Soviet Union which is growing ever stronger. At the same time the peoples of the U.S.S.R. respect the rights and independence of the peoples of foreign countries and have always shown themselves willing to live in peace and friendship with neighbouring states."
Henry Ford was a capitalist who spied on workers trying to organize in his factories, so I don't exactly know why I should care about his Jew-baiting. Maurice Samuel was a Zionist, an ideology prohibited by the Bolsheviks. I'm not sure why Bobby Fischer is an authority on Jews or why having a high Autism Level means anything in this case (not like people with high Autism Levels are generally known for anti-Semitism.)
The image "Commie Jews Behind Stalin" includes his arch-rival Trotsky and Trotsky's associates Joffe and Radek, and also includes Yagoda who was executed, but more importantly the image doesn't actually establish anything, it's just "oh hey look a bunch of Jews." Could just as easily make an image listing all the "Commie Latvians" or "Commie Georgians" or the most numerous of them all, the "Commie Russians." It lists Heller, an obscure journalist, as "President of Birobidzhan," an office that didn't exist, just in case you needed further evidence of its dubiousness.
And William Casey was an anti-communist responsible for the butchering of many millions of third world peoples for the crime of living in socialist-oriented countries, so again I'm not quite sure what you're getti

Is this autist doing nothing but posting this same shit after getting BTFO over and over for two years now?

Post that in the thread in question

holy shit I didn't even notice that
it must actually be the same fucking guy

It's incomplete and partially irrelevant copypasta.

Maybe stop using /his/ to push your ideological agenda

Fuck this. I was on /his/ and YOU are the guys pushing you agenda with holocaust denial threads.


All of 4chan is Holla Forums now, just let it go.

I had a hearty chuckle


This is my exact story as well, /his/ was my homeboard and my used to be favorite board until polyps came along and ruined it with every thread being about jews or africa.

Seriously. Plus there was this shit poster who derailed threads with stuff like "This is isn't your safe space swj, go back to Holla Forums"
that's how I discovered this board.

Funnily enough we actually made a point of acting like we were behind all the ills of the internet for a while to make stormfags salty and namedrop us all the time.


Don't go on /hist/ in fact get the fuck off of most chan board anyway
Pic related

I have nobody else to talk leftist politics with.

what the fuck does that even mean

It's an idiot whose real life social group are retards, nobody questions what he says and then he goes on the internet and thinks he is clever.

Is this a joke? Are you people actually deluded enough to believe this?


I've made similar posts like this after 8ch went to shit and the fun dried up, the fact that this board even exist and is distinctively different from any of the bigger boards here in content and discussion makes it appealing to be here. This board is shit, but refreshing at the same time.

How is it wrong?

You don't. See the responses to

Same here, I stopped browsing it and started browsing /lit/ instead to discuss philosophy but that got taken over by Holla Forums too.

Holla Forumsacks on /his/ always insist that the board is flooded by Holla Forumsacks while the opposite is true

dude this board is probably the only board where people get something out of it and learn new things, sure sometimes people shitpost but alteast there is some actual arguments being discussed here

I mostly just appreciate that, compared to other boards, we have a disproportionately smaller, or less defined circlejerk

Although I worry that things won't stay that way for long

Better question: how do we get Holla Forums off of every board?
They've infected literally everything, I even see them on /g/ even though they cannot claim to support FOSS without being logically inconsistent
Mods really should get more ban happy on 4chan imo

great answer!

This shit is so common, it's fucking everywhere and it triggers me so much. Nobody ever says "shit, okay, you're right", nobody fucking concedes a single point, they keep pointing towards stupid shit or just stop replying.

Tbh the only poster I ever saw giving a point and saying shit like"yeah you are right" was hapa stalinstache and he was one of the worst shitposters on this board


I've started browsing this board a few days ago for the very same reasons, except I think your overreacting. There's plenty good on /his/ such as the book threads. Also if the leftists retreat from the board it's basically conceding the board to Holla Forumsacks when as far as I can tell, the Holla Forumsacks rehash stale arguments and memes time and again and usually get btfo.

I mean you could also take a good look at a t-bone by sticking your head up a bull's ass or you could just ask a butcher.

nah man. they woke up the next morning realizing you were right but they couldn't accept it at the time

humans man

He was, yeah. Though do you remember what exactly was under discussion then? It can't have been "we shouldn't genocide burgers", I doubt he'd make any concessions on that.

I wish mate, discussions irl which finish with the usual "well I dunno" dead end are either never brought up again or repeated. It can't be any different online.

He's saying that the left is based purely on emotions and that the right is based on Logic™, Evidence©, and the Real World®

Satellite nations, the invasion of afghanistan, holodomor, etc. These directly contradict that statement, so you'll have to explain why those are somehow respecting the rights and independence of the peoples of foreign countries, or deny them.

Just don't be surprised if non-tankies, and especially non-leftypol individuals aren't impressed or don't take you seriously


the afghan government asked for soviet help against pakistani/iranian/american/chinese-supported islamist rebels, wouldn't call that a particularly aggressive action, especially not an aggressive action against another 'people'. The soviets were scared of encirclement by hostile nations, the Americans that the soviets would seek to increase their influence towards the Arabian peninsula
the soviets committed only material aid for years but it was clear that the government would go under if they didn't put actual military units into battling the insurgency
Afghanistan was a fucking mess from the start, the Soviets ended up backing a wilful, inefficent and corrupt government, then a failed palace revolution against that government and then invading in support of another inept and self-destructive government.

Reminder that basic redflags are liberal and anti communists

I just want to talk about vidya man

Are you guys operating under the delusion that the russian invasion of afghanistan was as imperialistic and savage as the american one?


i'm not understanding your convoluted metaphor

Lmao I never stated that I believed that the famine was intentional. The goal of my post was to try to explain what was probably thinking when didn't seem to understand what he was alluding to.

I'm so sick of this shit.

I mean, surely they'll get sick of their own shit eventually… Right? … Right?

I g-guess I'll just go outside then…

Forgot to take off my shitpost flag

Just checked /his/ again after quitting it over a year ago cause it was too Holla Forums. I've seen people mention us three times so far, how come? Are we starting to become a boogeyman on 4chan aswell?

This, better not waste time on this sinking ship.

been that way for a while already

see you here tomorrow faggot

Stop posting that image. Post pic related instead to respond.

I remember once arguing with a Bulgarian nationalist on /his/ who insisted that the idea that Bulgaria was originally ruled by Turks named Bulgars was Turkish/Soviet propaganda to reclaim Thrace for Turkey/bring Bulgaria closer to Russia by saying they came from Siberia.

Holla Forums is simply more attractive and cool right now than rational communism. Bringing forth the revolution requires thought, reading, thinking, not something Holla Forumsyps excell at.
We really have to focus on direct action. Marx is a boring old white guy from a previous century. It's boring.
Punching a Nazi is exciting and cathartic. The more direct action we can get, the more popular we become.

Where do you think all of the well-read posters went to over the past few months? Reddit? Left twitter? No, they went to focus on things in their lives after responding with multiple paragraph posts did nothing to alter the quality of this board.

have you ever thought the guy was trolling you?

it's not. plenty of people listen and are moved by good arguments on /his/. you are being overly pessimistic, if not downright elitist tbh. changing hearts and minds requires a persistent and steady effort. it doesn't happen overnight. the problem is that it can be tedious work. what's required is more historical reading and more nuanced answers. i've found that people on /his/ like novel historical arguments and perspectives and even takes on contemporary politics and society, because they're tired of the memes and the stale historical tropes or Holla Forums arguments. why do you think there's threads dedicated to making fun of one's old misconceptions about history and normies who repeat the same old phrases like "history repeats itself", or "you know that hitler was gay?"