Zizek likes rick and morty, do you Holla Forums?

zizek likes rick and morty, do you Holla Forums?

Its OK.

Zizek is Harmon is Hamill

Dialectics at work

I genuinely cant tell if that's Harmon or Zizek.

then you have bad eyesight

this, because it's clearly Zizek

Harmonquest season 2 > Rick and Morty season 3


I enjoy it. Pretty funny cartoon. Wish people would stop obsessing/bitching about it so much.

Harmon Quest is pretty good. Some episodes suffer from shitty guests though.

For a sec I legit thought that was Zizek

Obviously Zizek

Zizek is sweatier and looks like he hasn't slept in a month. This man clearly showered.

Season 1 was good, season 2 was mostly good, season 3 was mostly shit.

Great show. Obnoxious fans

That's what happens when a man has a serious coke addiction…

What the fuck is happening with his hands?

Yes but I don't care what that fat retard thinks.

Rick and morty is probably the only thing in this world I can't enjoy cause of the fanbase

I watched the first episode to see what all the fuss was about and i couldn't get past those stupid voices. They're so bad, it was driving me nuts.

Didn't meant to reply to 2178218

I could almost second this if it weren't for Minecraft

I liked it at first, but now I just can't muster up enough of a shit to give. When someone told me it's Big Bang Theory + Family Guy, it just ruined the whole show for me and I can't unsee it.

I feel you man. I've had that same problem with Undertale because the fanbase was and still is cancer to the point that I could not get into the game. I will still try to enjoy it especially since almost all the hype has died down recently, but even now it's hard to look at the thing without thinking about horrific amount of cancer spawned from it. And that's not even including the fact that a inflation/fat/vore fetishist furry managed to insert himself into the game by paying Toby Fox $500 to put his fursona into the game as a secret boss. Obviously, I really really wish I didn't know that fact.

Rick and Morty suffers from the labor conflict between the animators and producers, but it also suffers from the Harmon Rot. Dan Harmon is obsessed with his story structure thing and with changing the characters over a series, but he forgets to ground the characters with permanent, immutable traits. What ends up happening with all his shows is that by the 3rd season or so the characters are almost unrecognizable from their original versions. Going back and watching season 1 of Rick and Morty or Community is surreal because of how different the characters are.

Most of the time the guests being shitty is because they don't understand what's going on. At least in season 2's premiere they rolled with it and Gillian Jacobs owned the joke that her character had autism.

I really don't get this tbh. Even some of the painfully liberal stuff like Steven Universe and Undertale is still ok with me. I never really got the deal where people don't separate a thing from its fans. Doing that with the creators is one thing, but if the fans turn you off something isn't that just social pressure and shame/guilt by association? Seems like pure spooks to me.

Wtf i hate zizek now

Some of the fan base is cancer but I tolerate the alternate worlds shit just for the fan themes and music that has come out of it.

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What's so liberal about Undertale? I've never played it or looked much into it.

Damn that is one of the most reddit images I have ever seen.

It makes if you have basic knowledge in psychology. It's called classical conditioning to be exact. So when someone comes into contact with cancerous fans of a product it is very easy to unintentionally cause a negative response due association with the product itself. It's just like when Pavlov rang a bell every time he gave his dogs food. The dogs eventually associated the bells with food and started salivating every time they heard a bell ring despite the fact they would not get food afterwards. The only difference is that the association and reactions become negative instead of positive.

Shit like that is terminal man.

Undertale pushes an anti-violence/pro-pacifism narrative because never fighting any monsters allows you to obtain the perfect ending and makes defeating the final boss of that path immensely easy whereas the final "real" fight of the kill everything route is significantly harder (though not as much as undertale fans make it out to be). In addition to this, the pacifist ending ends with everyone being happily ever after at peace with the rest of the human world and the genocide ending literally destroys the world

You also forgot how the monsters are trying to kill you first(even if some are doing it by accident) and how the game portrays you as Hitler if you even kill one person.

Flowey is the obvious liberal boogieman strawman and the best character in the game who got overshadowed by the lazy time traveling skeleton.

I said flowey not the goat kid.

It shills pacifism extremely hard while also enabling you to be sadistically violent in a "hidden" playthrough which it suspects/knows is what people really want (liberalism as fascist-adjacent). The main conflict of the game is your ability to figure out what actions resolve things peacefully and revealing that all the "enemies" are actually good guys deep down.

And it has a bit of a "diversity" thing with the lesbian characters and the trans-male (even though you have to do some digging to find out he's trans). At least it doesn't treat it like an issue, but it's there and kind of feels like the motivation was to be inclusive (especially since generally the game is pretty sexless). One of the two lesbians arguably (and retroactively) crosses the line into cartoonish bulldyke stereotype though if you do the side quest and find out she's a lesbian and not just a badass woman, so IMO it kind of backfires. It does the whole Samus kind of reveal where she seems masculine at first and then it's meant to be kind of surprising to find out she's a woman, but then it circles back to stereotype mode when you find out she's a butch lesbian. Can't be too subversive, I guess?

You kind of got it backwards, my dude. The "good" path is harder in general because it's the equivalent of a 3-heart challenge in Zelda where you never "level up" and have to beat everyone with 10 HP. The "bad" path on the other hand is easy because the leveling curve makes you outclass everyone very quickly and all the normal bosses die in one hit. The only difficult parts of the "bad" run are sans and Undyne 2.0 and those are each one-time difficulty spikes. The route is supposed to be easy (but grindy) except for those fights.

This part of moralizing is what indicates that it's a commentary on video games more than real life. Because in a game you could always just reset or re-load a save, so in that context it really is up to you whether you kill people.
No it doesn't. People will be mad if you kill someone they care about, that's about it. And he can't time travel. His pathos is that he's aware of the alternate timelines (like Rick actually) but completely powerless to do anything about it.

Not to say that this stuff doesn't bleed over into "this should affect how you see the real world" but I took most of it as a commentary on how violent RPGs (and games in general) tend to be where you kill most of what you meet.

I never much liked any of the characters except for papyrus, asgore, flowey and chara
Chara is more or less arbitrary
It's amusing how papyrus is so oblivious to everything going on around him
I sympathize with flowey because of how he's suffered and with asgore for the position he's been put in

the nose

I'm just shitting on the sans meme I know he can't time travel and only knows resets occur.
Yeah the meta stuff was nice and after the second genocide run the demon who comes when one calls his name is a nice nod off to us naming rpg main characters. It reminded me of when I played ff7 and imagine normal people facing shit like this and somehow ending up sane still which kind of makes the LOVE system make sense.

I didn't get it backwards, there's very few genuinely difficult fights in pacifist, the only difficult fight at all was muffet which you can skip by getting a spider donut
The two difficulty spikes in genocide make genocide as a whole more difficult than pacifist


I figured Papyrus had a very bad form of Stockholm syndrome and may have been like sans in that he realizes whats going on and tries to be optimistic in order to deal with it.

I liked Flowey because although he is a backstabber he encourages me to have fun which is more than what any other character has in the game and he even throws me some little hints for entertaining him though never really liked Asriel to much as his whole character is just pity to me while flowey doesn't need my pity.

Leftypol is the only forum where you can discuss undertale without pol coming in and going "Le Tumblertale" and going hurr reddit tale.

God I hate pol.

I didn't mean the game is difficult in general, just that it's more difficult if you don't level up. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be played by kids, so it doesn't throw too much of the bullet hell stuff at you.
Sure, but my point was other than those outliers it's a much easier playthrough, which is how it's supposed to be.

Asgore seemed like he was a Monarch in name only tbh. It's abundantly clear he doesn't want to be in his position at the very least. In the pacifist ending he appears to give that up.

Flowey's interesting because he's flawed while every other character in the game has to be a really good person deep down. It's extremely problem-atic that the only character who can be flawed is this way because canonically his literal, material soul is permanently gone.

As for Papyrus, I don't think he shows any signs of being aware of his situation and his child-like optimism can be attributed to his personality plus ignorance. At least, I think that makes him a more interesting foil to sans who is more aware than any other character possibly including Flowey. And I like the detail where when they die, Papyrus maintains his exact demeanor and full awareness of the immediate situation while sans seems to have trauma-induced psychosis.

And also where you don't have people sperging about fanfic and dumb fan theories. Honestly it baffles me how people even come up with that stuff. Undertale is one of the most straightforward, cut-and-dry stories. Nothing more needs to be told about the characters and none of it's "mysterious," just a bit open to interpretation.