JFK Files

I guess soon we will know if Oswald was a USSR infiltrator or not

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how soon?

Link to tweet:



By the way, these articles were written before this recent tweet.

I belive the official deadline is the 28th of October.

Never mind. Fuck me I guess

It's pointless, i've seen how those documents are usually released to the public. At least the UFO invistigations conducted by the US state more than half the things are always covered in black ink.

I cannot wait for the baby boomers to die off and take their obsession with that invalid with them.

Besides, we all know that this is just another distraction to hide his massive failures from his base.

isn't it like a known fact that he moved to the USSR, married someone, and got kicked out because he was nuts?

Nothing will come of this.


That's right. They take out all the useful information or anything that could be used to hold someone responsible. Half the time you wonder why they bothered releasing anything at all!

Fuck you.

like clockwork

this is the world

Top lel

Why are Gen-Xers, Millenials, and Generation Z all so mean and dismissive towards older generations of workers?

You could write many long essays about that but it's basically how they lived through the period of greatest economic opportunity ever seen by man and wasted it. Then when the later generations are struggling because essentials like housing, healthcare, and now a college degree cost multiples more after adjusting for inflation, wages have stagnated or even gone down, and the requirements for even basic secretarial jobs have gotten ridiculous, they shit on younger people claiming they are lazy and entitled.

A large part of it is how detached they are from reality. They dont know about the crazy requirements and bullshit application process required for entry level jobs. They think that if millennials didnt have smartphones and laptops they could buy a house not realizing you need to save an order of magnitude more money than the cost of those things to buy a house now. They diverted any money the government spent helping young people on themselves and destroyed worker's rights that were paid for by the blood of their parents. They destroyed the country and arent even sorry about it.

And they expect us to thank them for it.

Its nothing if Trump declassifies it. Hes a good little porky.

catch a noose, red liberal

teeth gritting


I expected this apologia for boomer hate and generational conflict narratives pushed by the media. It’s not really a new thing, boomers once made a movie about putting everyone over 35 in a concentration camp.

I know bourgeois of all generations who are just as clueless as the boomer stereotype. Working class boomers are people who busted their ass for decades to retire on a pension that can’t pay the bills and gets less valuable and secure each year. My friends Dad is a boomer and he gets paid minimum wage to help out at a golf course despite decades of experience managing golf courses.

People overrate the Post-War boom tbh talk to anyone from a working class background who grew up back then, they’ll probably tell you that shit wasn’t nearly as good as it was cracked up to be. The improvement in the standard of living wasn’t even monumentally better than the 1920s-40s we’ve just come to assume that since living standards have been stagnant for many that made the boomers some kind of special muh privileged generation. Even the 19th century saw improving living standards for the masses, at the cost of high inequality but it still happened.

I wouldn’t say that a porter in 1890s London was living the life cause he had it better than an 17th century farm laborer. Working in a 1960s factory wasn’t that amazing either, that was part of the reason there was an explosion of working class anger in 1968 DURING a capitalist boom.

It'd be funny if the CIA whacked him for this.

did you respond to the wrong post?

The chances that he's going to take charge in releasing this or even read past the first page are vanishingly small

Fuck right off with this bullshit. Nearly half of boomers were in unions. A man working in a factory could afford a children, a home and a car on a single income with a high school education.
Factory work may have been shitty but it's still less shitty than working several part time jobs that all require bachelor's degrees and still either living alone or with your parents because your to poor to stay a family.
Fuck off, can't wait for you dumbass boomers to start winding up homeless because you put a reverse mortgage on your home. D

It may be unfair to stereotype all boomers, but the reality is the majority of the remaining anti-communist, anti-labor, pro-status quo demographic in America is all older people born during the baby boom. They're the only ones left who still own homes, have good legacy jobs with benefits or unions, and thus are able to sustain petty-bourgeois aspirations and defend capital and the state. The majority of Donald's economic and electoral support came from white, property-owning boomers. People their age will be the first to support a hard right-wing government, if for nothing else than to protect their meager homes and investments from the hordes of young, brown "Others" who they see as undeserving and evil.

And even if they lack property, investments and good jobs (which many boomers do), they'll never be good allies of the Left. Boomers have been fed a diet of strawman anti-communism and toxic individualism for their entire lives, they've never had a chance to develop class consciousness and that's not gonna change for most of them, so late in their lives. They leave things to their kids, but the idea of collective class struggle is fundamentally alien to them. Maybe you can convert some to soft socdems at best, but I don't think any sizeable amount of Americans over 55 would support a revolutionary socialist movement, even if it was in their best interest.

Are you suggesting that most boomers were bourgies when they were of age to work?


Who cares about the past tense. They're thoroughly reactionary now.



'boomers' is a psyop

does this make anyone else think the majority of hardline leftists boomers died from state violence, homelessness, drugs, lack of access to healthcare? Is there a slow purge of activists that is mirroring the New Jim Crow?

/ourguy/ did nothing wrong

Really starting to think that Kennedy deserved it.

what the fuck? did they also have a committee for the top 10 anime betrayals?


Wait, is that the actual picture of Oswald? Huh. The actor they got play him in that Stephen King Hulu miniseries really does look like him…also, yeah, Kennedy was scum, like all our leaders have been since at least Eisenhower

What do you think the Red Scare was? Unions, media, academia, k-12 education was purged of leftists and, if not that, the conformity and anti-communist hysteria of the erly Cold War shamed many into silence and apathy. Not to mention the Communist party's total disintegration and the failure of any hard left parties or organizations to take its place. We're talking about a generation or two of no serious organization, agitation or education, though I suppose I might be exaggerating from my lack of reading on the subject.